Sunday, February 17, 2019

TRP! (2/15/19)

  • "The Left loves humanity but hates people!!!" ...Americans remain casualties of the "illegal invasion" thanks to the "open-border treasonous Democrat party!!!"
  • "How much is one America Life worth to the Left?!?!" ...The precious Angel Families remind us all why we fight to secure America from illegal invading vermin!!! ..."The Angel Moms should corner the Ole Bag Pelosi and confront her with pictures of their lost loved ones!!!" ..."She doesn't even have an ounce of remorse or the decency to meet with them!!!"
  • "DJT the America First & Protecting America President" is properly declaring a national emergency to keep America safe and is stopping criminal disease carrying illegal invaders so we can then expand healthy productive LEGAL immigration!!! ..."DJT the RULE of LAW... Pro-LEGAL Immigration President!!!"
  • "To the Left human lives are just statistics!!!" ..."The Democrat Watermelon Green New Deal (green on the outside red on the inside) is a blueprint for genocide!!!" ...Ask the Ukrainians about quotas... 
  • The Left's great collectivist idea of the week: "To stop global warming we must all stop eating meat to prevent cow flatulence!!!" ...What's next!?!? ...How many people will they sacrifice to stop human flatulence!?!?
  • (TCB) "That Cortez Broad" is the Pied Piper of the bottom-feeders!!! 
  • "Thanks to the 2nd Amendment no one has to go to their death at the hands of the Left!!!"
  • "Those who are not stu-dants of history are doomed to be vic-dams of history ...for history is a cruel and unforgiving task mas-tor!!!" ..."History does not always exactly repeat itself but if you follow it closely enough you too can spot the tendencies of the Left!!!" ...Their plans always start off sounding so sweet and nice and end in a cloud of dust...
  • Ama-zun bails on plans for bringing 25,000 jobs to NY!!! What does TCB care??? ...She's all set now and has it made... ...She can't blame Republicans for this one... ...Just look to "Leaderless Leather Face Cuomo..." 
  • Down goes the playfully quaint Liberal High-Speed-Rail Pipe Dream in California...
  • No member of the Right has ever been assisted by media propaganda... The Left lives off of and were born out of propaganda... Hitler, Mao, Stalin etc. and today's Left all were made possible by the media... They have always had the media in their pockets... The Right on the other hand has always won on the merit of the issues and have had to take the truth directly to the people... 
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Sunday, February 10, 2019

TRP! (2/8/19)

  • "TCB" (That Cortez Broad) is out of her Left-wing fanatical mind!!! ..."This insane media created creature is the new crackpot figurehead of the Left!!! ..."TCB is the gift that is going to keep on giving to the Right!!!"
  • Luckily we have the proper counterbalance in "our great President DJT the Man of Action & Truth!!!" 
  • "The America First President" gives us an incredibly moving, rousing, uplifting, & awe-inspiring State of the Union speech!!! ...Frank was moved to "tears of joy" when he heard the following: "No force in history has done more for the human condition than Freedom!" ..."We are alarmed by the new calls to adopt Socialism in this country!" ..."America was founded on Liberty & Independence not government coercion, domination, and control!" ..."We are born Free and we will stay Free!!" ..."We renew our resolve!! ...That WE WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY!!!"
  • "Standing Firm!!! Standing Tall!!! and Standing proud!!! guarding our Liberty from the demented Left-wing hungry beast of Socialism!!!"
  • "The 2nd Amendment is the final safeguard that protects our Liberty & Freedom!!!" ..."Our insurance policy against the plague of Socialism!!!"
  • "Socialism is Something-for-Nothing-ism!!!"
  • The Left follows Moloch the ancient pagan god of child sacrifice!!! ...They want postnatal infanticide!!!
  • "The Democrat party is proving it is overflowing with racists and sexual predators..." ..."The same hypocrites that tried to persecute the honorable Judge Kavanaugh!!!" ..."The entire Democrat hierarchy of the once great State of Virginia are corrupt racists and degenerates!!!" ...Washington & Jefferson are rolling over in their graves!!!
  • The Left wants to control every aspect of your life!!! ...They are anti-technology anti-human-progress pagans!!! ...The "Green New Deal" is regurgitated Marxism 101... ..."Watermelon policy" on the outside red on the inside!!!
  • "Ole Bag Nancy Pelosi looked like she was on anti-depression drugs with her glossed over eyes and all her lip pursing and fidgeting!!!"
  • "Pocahontas/Lieawatha" has been portraying herself as a Beringian since at least the mid 80's!!! ...Trying to exploit & piggyback their victim status to advance her career!!! ...She is all but finished as a candidate!!!
  • Frank senses the "hidden hand of the Clintons" ...They are outing their own Left-wing degenerate competition in an attempt to clear the field!!!
  • "All women deserve to be believed!!! ...Unless they are victims of Democrats!!!"
Plus a Very Special Interview with: Dr. Onkar Ghate, Chief Philosophy Officer, Senior Fellow, and board member at the Ayn Rand Institute. Contributing author to many books on Rand’s fiction and philosophy. Leads ARI’s intellectual development program, serves as a senior editor and instructor, and provides philosophic oversight for the Institute's projects.

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

TRP! (2/1/19)

  • "Insanity has taken over the Democrat party!!!" ..."They are self-destructing!!!" ..."As they go down hard they will make sure to take you with them..." ..."Hold on to your firearm as they pillage and destroy everything they can!!!"
  • "Frank predicts DJT will win in a cakewalk in 2020 despite all the cheating that will go on!!!"
  • Not the "radical Left" it's the "extreme Left!!!" ...How come they never say "moderate Democrat???" ..."Where are they to denounce these lunatics that have taken over!?!?"
  • "The Bolsheviks walked into the Duma with guns and just took over... ...they seized power!!!" 
  • Today's Democrats are now the "Neo-Bolshevik party!!!" ..."Violence, Force, and Coercion is all the Left has!!!" ..."We will always oppose them with Reason, Ideas, & the Enlightenment!!!"
  • The Left is now for "post-natal infanticide!!!" ..."Socialism is the Cult of Death!!!" ..."Do you think they will just stop with the death of the innocent?!?!" ..."First infanticide then genocide!!!" ..."To them human life is worthless!!!" ..."Socialism is their religion and the State is god!!!" ..."People just can't wrap their minds around the number of murders Socialists have committed throughout history, it's like trying to wrap your mind around the size of the universe!!!"
  • "The Democrat party is filled with fanatical Pagans, Mohammedans, and would be murderers!!!" ...They do not reason or rationalize!!! "They threaten, they disrupt, and they take no prisoners!!!"
  • "They are Jacobins!!! Left-wing reactionaries!!! Luddites!!!"
  • "When looking at the Left you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy!!!"
  • "There can be no cooperation, compromise, or coexistence with these fanatics!!!"
  • "To the Left death solves all problems!!! ...No man no problem!!!"
  • "There is no political opposition to the Left... they are either dead, in jail, or they fled!!!"
  • "The term political opposition to the Left means someone to be murdered!!!"
  • "More people have died because of "class warfare/genocide" than any other political construct is history!!!"
  • Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam is "a racist" and must step down!!! ...Of course the racist pictures from his college yearbook were covered up by the "media criminals!!!" 
  • "That Nutcase Cortez Broad's" only real world economic experience comes from her only real job... that of a bartender!!! LOL!
  • John From Conn calls in disgusted and outraged about the treatment of our "Solutrean Man of the Week," young 16 year old white Christian hero, Nick Sandmann... ..."Our children are no longer off limits to this Left-wing scum!!!" ...Nick proudly stood his ground against the barbarity of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's "noble savage!!!"
  • "The gay actor from Empire, Jussie Smollett, concocts a phony story (as many on the Left have done before him) that he was attacked by two white guys and they put a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him... The "TRP real story" behind the media assisted cover-up, is that he was out late cruising for a companion and met up with the wrong two mates..."
  • Help George the Atheist & TRP correct the public record and restore George Washington's birthday!!! ...Honor and return the father of this country to his rightful pedestal!!! 
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Sunday, January 27, 2019

TRP! (1/25/19)

  • "The Ministry of Lies" left-wing media sinks low enough this week to make you commode hugging sick!!! ..."They truly are evil and are Public Enemy #1!!!"
  • Fake News 101:  They ran with an edited online viral video and out of hatred tried to make some innocent young white Christian conservative teenagers wearing MAGA hats look bad by saying they surrounded a Beringian tribal elder and mocked him as he played his drum... (This was an utter lie. In reality a Beringian acting in a perplexing way walked up to the teens as they waited for a bus near the crowded national monuments. Just prior to this a small group from a radical black Israelite cult start screaming vile slurs at them. ...The boys responded with chaperone approved positive school cheers to drown out the hate of the black racists... Then one very composed and well mannered young man, 16 year old Nick Sandmann, calmly stood his ground as an ex-con Beringian savage [a man that lied about his military service], looking like a wild-eyed vagrant banging on a drum, went right up to Nick singling him out. ...He continued to bang on his drum right in his face. Nick does nothing but nervously smile and stand there quietly in a non-confrontational way wondering what the heck the Beringian's intentions were... ...That's all... ...But, for this "thought crime" he is immediately demonized, his group is called racists, the Beringian savage is turned into a victim, and they are literally threatened by the Left, the Left-wing fanatical lunatic "media criminals" and "Hollywood degenerates!!!")
  • If only all young Americans were as composed, intelligent, and thoughtful as Nick Sandmann!!! ...We are very proud to make him our Solutrean Man of the Week!!!
  • For the truth about the Beringians see our Solutreanism page on the TRP main site!
  • The Left always says it is for "the innocent children"... But not if they are innocent white Christian children!!! ..."White people remain the Kulaks of this country!!!"
  • Those that tweeted and verbalized threats against the teens should be arrested and sued!!! ...Where the hell is law enforcement?!?! 
  • "Mueller though sends 30 FBI/KGB swat team thugs in night goggles armed with machine guns, for former TRP guest, 66 year old Roger Stone, who doesn't even own a gun! ...We only wonder why they didn't line up a column of their panzer tanks to make the arrest?? ...CNN is conveniently there at 6:00 am when the politicized left-wing military style operation commences..."
  • We remain fully confident in DJT "the Make America Safe Again President!!!" ..He is "DJT the Champion of Liberty!!!" ...He agrees to reopen closed government agencies until February 15th so a deal to stop the humanitarian crisis on our border can be reached...
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Sunday, January 20, 2019

TRP! (1/18/19)

  • Mr. "Foreign Occupier" ..."TEAR DOWN YOUR WALL!!!"
  • John's great opening proves that TRP remains the "Fountainhead of the Right!!!" ...We grow weary of saying, "we said it here first..."
  • Yet another lie from the Fake News Avalanche: DJT "the Backbone of Steel President!!!" asked Cohen to rig some silly poll...
  • "Those Toilets!!!" ..."CNN MSNBC should have their FCC licenses revoked!!!" ...They are not news agencies they are just Left arms of the Demshevik party...
  • Like a little kid all excited waiting on a bus to go on her field trip... "Our Great President DJT the Man of Perpetual Motion!!!" checkmates the Left once again by cancelling her unneeded and wasteful trip to Europe!!! ..."He made a fool out of her in another beautiful stroke of "political one-upmanship!!!" 
  • "The White House remains the People's House!!!" ...Thanks to the "Hard Working Man of Action President DJT!!!"
  • Frank predicts some of the Demsheviks will boycott the State of the Union speech...
  • "Ole bag Pelosi" reminds Frank of the standard old shaky-handed substitute teacher we all had in grammar school...
  • "That Cortez broad" wants to lead a new student prank day by going to Mitch McConnell's office and shouting him down...
  • Anti-semitism springs from the Left not the Right!!!
  • Minnesota is a nut house!!! ...Electing another hateful radical scumbag!!!
  • Government is legal organized crime!!! ...In the ole days it was the mafia that controlled drugs and gambling... LOL. ...Next the Left will legalize heroine...
  • "DJT the Nutritional Genius President!!!" gives the National Championship Clemson football team exactly what they wanted and needed... Health food!!! ...The Big Mac has everything a young growing student athlete needs... (the bun for carbohydrates, the beef patty for protein, the cheese for calcium, lettuce pickles onions for fiber, and sesame seeds for antioxidants!!!) ...Plus he served them abeetz!!! ...All on him while the Federal funds are lacking... what a man!!!
  • Uncle Warren sends in some great musical soundbites in honor of Robert E. Lee's birthday on Monday... He proudly celebrates "Robert E. Lee Day!!!" ...He refuses to support "communist Michael King Day..."
  • John From Conn sends in the prophetic speech from the 1998 Movie American History X written by Liberal scum (clip #13 in the new soundbite archive on the main page)... ...In it Ed Norton speaks the truth, "common sense Americanism." ...But, of course the movies' aim was to paint that common sense as a "white nationalism!!!" ...Afterwards the group goes onto to trash a supermarket in frustration... ...No need to trash anything today!!! LOL!!! Our great President DJT "the Make America Fair & Safe President" is finally defending us and it only took 20 years!!! Beware of Liberal Scum!!! 
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Sunday, January 13, 2019

TRP! (1/11/19)

New Democrat Recruits
  • The Demsheviks spew the same lockstep talking points as they continue in stubborn refusal to deny what is obvious to the reasoned mind... ...We have a humanitarian crisis on our Southern Border!!! ...John plays all the Democrat soundbite hypocrisy and sets the record straight in another tremendous opening!!!
  • From the Left is willfully blind file: 23% of Federal inmates are illegal immigrants. Border arrests are up 240%. In the Great State of Texas, between 2011 & 2018, there were a total of 292,000 crimes by illegal aliens, 539 murders, 32,000 assaults, 3,426 sexual assaults and 3000 weapons charges.
  • "This is our country and the Left is trying to take it away from us and turn it into their own hellhole under the guise of caring about people!!!"
  • "DJT the Keeping America Safe & Secure President has a Backbone of Steel!!!"...He gives an impressive address to the nation about the illegal invasion and explains the humanitarian crisis we now face... 
  • The Left always glosses over the victims of the illegal invasion as they rush to prop up "the invading vermin" knowing they are soon to be Democrat recruits...
  • "How many more Americans have to die before these traitors admit the truth!?!?"
  • All of the pathetic Democrat 2020 hopefuls are trying to "out Left-wing extreme" one another...
  • That Sandy Cortez broad gets coronated with the acronym AOC by the "Ministry of Lies" but yet they still fail to recognize "our great President DJT!!!" ...Only Democrats seem to be worthy of this honor... FDR, JFK, RFK, LBJ, MLK...
  • Kamala "the African Giant" Harris shows off her vicious catholophobia!!!
  • "The White man is the Kulak of the 21st century!!! ..."The Left's template is to first dehumanize a group ...then to eventually commit genocide under totalitarian dictatorship!!!" ..."You are expendable!!!" ..."They have an insane hatred for white people!!!"
  • If you say anything positive about white people you are automatically demonized by the "Media Criminals"... Representative King spoke honestly when he noted that white men built this country!!!
  • "The Democrat party is like the Titanic... they have leaks and don't even know it yet..." ..."They are writing their own political epitaph!!!"
  • Mr. "Foreign Occupier"... start by tearing down your wall around your estate!!!
  • "The Left doesn't want to spend money on the wall but have no problem giving free medical care to illegal vermin..." ..."The Left has cheapened the value of your citizenship... Dishonoring all that have fought and died for that right!!!"
  • Joe "Liberal" Lieberman is not extreme enough for the Neo-Bolsheviks!!! ..."Left-wing revolutions always eat their own!!!" ..."The more extreme they get the more they start purging those not extreme enough!!!"
  • Uncle Warren sends Frank a couple of great emails including a soundbite of Tucker Carlson using Frank's Hadrian's wall reference...
  • "The Left employs the old Communist technique of self-criticism sessions!!!"
  • The Democrat party is crawling with every conceivable form of degenerate!!!"
  • Clearly under these circumstances the President has the right to declare a national emergency...
  • Chuck and Nancy looked like aliens had taken over their bodies... in their feeble response to our Great President DJT's address...
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Sunday, January 6, 2019

TRP! (1/4/19)

  • The Left have finally given up calling this the "Obama economy" ...So all future success officially belongs to "DJT the Economic Miracle President" and his tremendous policy decisions!!! ...From now on the Left will not be able to avoid this!!! 
  • 312,000 new jobs!!! October and November were also revised upward!!! ..."The Ministry of Lies" though is silent!!! 
  • OH NO useless Federal Government agencies are closed... ...Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Interior, State, Transportation, Treasury and Housing and Urban Development – as well as several smaller agencies. Those are the departments and agencies that are impacted by a government shutdown...
  • This is why in a Republic we have redundancy!! The State governments are more than capable of keeping domestic law and order while our wasteful and over-bloated Federal government properly makes protecting the American People their number one priority! Give the President the necessary funds he needs for the Border Wall! ...American Security First!
  • Remember... those Federal government employees are mainly Democrats. Big deal if they are sad and thinking only of themselves!
  • Elizabeth Warren, "I'm gonna get me a beer.." ...Just like John Kerry, "I'm gonna get me a hunting license..." ...Boy they really speak like us... the plain folk... now I've been convinced they are one of us...
  • "Harvey Milk was a filthy degenerate pedophile... An icon of the Left that they deify!!!"
  • The more the "Ocasio-Cortez broad" speaks the more foolish she sounds...
  • Those of us on the Right refuse to be on the Ship of Fools ..."The Left would kill you if they could!!! That's their level of hatred... ...They continue to "dehumanize" white America!!!
  • "Trump Hatred" will never save the Left... DJT "the Nerves of Steel & Iron willed" President chews them up and spits them out!!! ...He is putting stake after stake in the heart of the supposed Obongo legacy!!!
  • The Left sees a racist under every bed!!! ...Try checking under the beds in the ca-mun-a-tay!!!
  • Betsy Devos is a heroine slashing harmful Left-wing Federal education policies!!!
  • The Southern Poverty Lawless Center is a radical Bolshevik entity!!!
  • Hate speech when it comes to class warfare has become acceptable thanks to the wreckers on the Left!!!
  • Jane Fonda was a supporter of Jim Jones and the People's Temple!!!
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Sunday, December 30, 2018

TRP! (12/28/18)

  • "HAPPY TRUMP YEAR 2019!!!" ...It was another year of fantastic accomplishments for the American People!!!
  • The Sky was falling in the "Ministry of Lies" when the stock market briefly turned downward. But nothing by them when the market immediately followed up with a soaring one-day record gain in the DOW (1086 points)!!! ..."All they do is spew out a constant tirade of propaganda!!!"
  • The "Pro War Democrat party" freaks out when "the Prince of Peace DJT" heroically brings our troops home from yet another shit hole country!!!
  • "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations--entangling alliances with none!" --Thomas Jefferson
  • "We are not going to be a stupid country anymore!" --DJT
  • "Liberals have to lie because facts and logic do not support their positions!" --John of SI
  • "Our beloved President DJT the Iron Backbone President" is not giving in to this vermin!!! ...He has honorably forgone his Christmas and New Year's plans and has hunkered down in DC to fight for America during these oh so critical times!!!
  • Another "illegal invading criminal devil" & piece of human garbage murders a "legal immigrant" young police officer Ronil Singh in California!!! ...Pelosi and Schumer have his blood on their hands!!! ...Where is "Crying Schmuck" for him!?!?
  • "Give our beloved President DJT the Man of Steel Nerves!!!!" the funds he needs to secure our border and protect American lives!!!
  • "Don't cry crocodile tears for the two young junior invaders that died in ICE custody. They shouldn't have been here in the first place!!!" ..."They were deprived of water by their parents that dragged them here sick with the flu!!!" ..."Who knows what other diseases lay in wait in the bodies of the illegal invading hordes..."
  • The Left are "political pedophiles" that always use children for political gain!!!" ...They constantly attempt to barrage us with a bunch of BS sob stories...
  • "The Left spews the same vomit re-puked everyday!!!"
  • "DJT is the Man of Action with the Nerves of a River Boat Gambler!!!" ...He will not cave in!!! 
  • "The Left is ready to seize power in Congress on January 3rd..." ..."They have an agenda of self-destruction!!!"
  • Alexa's favorite Talk radio hosts are John from Staten Island & Frank From Queens!!!"
  • John & Frank once again humiliate our "token National Socialist buffoon" and rabid Jew hater Scott of Florida...
  • "Get rid of the head of the Fed!!!"
  • "Liberalism is the cult of death!!!"
  • "Neo-Nazi... No... Neo-Bolshevik!!!"
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Sunday, December 23, 2018

TRP! (12/21/18)

  • It's a very merry Christmas Spectacular 2018 here on TRP!!! 
  • "Our great and beloved President DJT the Man who will WIN in 2020" continues to do what is right for America... despite the evil/unfair/biased/obsessive onslaught by the "Left-wing Media Criminals" and "Hollywood degenerates!!!"
  • "The Left is only interested in vicious hateful vendettas!!!" ..."They don't give a crap about the safety of the American People!!!" ..."The Common Good..."  ...LOL... All they care about is lining their pockets and seeking to destroy "our great and beloved President DJT!!!" with their hateful poisonous agenda... ..."Greedy Traitors!!!" ..."Unfortunately, we pay their salaries..."
  • Has the Left ever shown compassion for "the victims of illegal criminal invading vermin!?!?"
  • The harder you hit "DJT the Fighting Back President..." ...he hits back twice as hard!!! ...He has a "steel will" to stand up to the scum of the earth!!!
  • End the "Schumer/Democrat Shutdown!!!" ...Fund the Wall!!!
  • The Left fears a border wall precisely because they know it'll work!!!
  • The conglomerate of evil emanating from the Left is called the "Hate Trump Network!!!"
  • "Gorilla Cookie" shows off her petty little attitude as she utters the gutter hood trash slang “Bye, Felicia...” when pondering her last thoughts after meeting DJT & Melania in the White House at the end of the "Foreign Occupation Regime." (The classless line is from the 1995 Holly-crap movie Friday starring Ice Cube and is often used in the ca-mun-ah-tay to sarcastically or snidely say goodbye to someone you think you are better than.)
  • Of course it was just fine when the Democrats used "the nuclear option..." in November 2013, when Senate Democrats led by piece of human garbage Harry Reid used it to eliminate the 60-vote rule on executive branch nominations and federal judicial appointments...
  • "The Left is dancing on the deck of the Titanic and they don't know it yet..."
  • From the "Liberalism is Death" File: John exposes illegal invading criminal vermin Gustavo Garcia Ruiz's reign of terror!!! (California cops ‘frustrated’ with sanctuary city laws stopping them from working with ICE over the twice-deported illegal invading criminal vermin!!!)
  • John From Conn gives a xmas gift to the TRP Faithful by paying homage to TRP & DJT.
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin is "High Priestess of the Big Government Cult!!!"
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  1. Our Great President
  2. Our Glorious President
  3. Our Beloved President
  4. The Man of Action
  5. The Can-do President
  6. The People’s President
  7. The Great Economic Revitalizer
  8. The Kick Ass President
  9. The Fighting Back President
  10. The Get Things Done President
  11. The Straight Talk President
  12. The Pro Tax-Payer President
  13. The Hard Working President
  14. The Man Who Does What he has Promised President
  15. The Honest Straight Talk President
  16. The Counter Punch Knock Out President
  17. The Great Protector
  18. The Take No BS President
  19. The Results Oriented President
  20. The Prodigious Working President
  21. The Economic Miracle President
  22. The Knock Em Out with One Punch President
  23. The Man Without a Party
  24. The Kicking ass and Taking Names President
  25. The America First Last and Always President
  26. The Man Who Loves America
  27. The Alpha Male President
  28. The Man Who Loves Liberty
  29. The Man Who Speaks for the Unspoken
  30. The Moving Forward President
  31. The Man who never stops moving
  32. The Man of Constant Action
  33. The Representative of the People
  34. The Triumphal President
  35. The Titan of Industry
  36. The No Holds Barred President
  37. The Whirlwind Economic Superman
  38. The Tax Cut President
  39. The Knife in the Heart of the Obama Scam Mandate President
  40. The Crusading President
  41. The Bomb the Crap out of Isis President
  42. The Energy Independence President
  43. The Speaking the Truth President
  44. The Man Who Can Do Anything
  45. The Fearless President
  46. The One Man Economic Power House
  47. The Working Man’s President
  48. The Prosperity President
  49. The Bang the Drums for Liberty President
  50. The Walking Tall & Standing Proud President
  51. The Warrior for Peace
  52. The Future Nobel Prize Winner
  53. The Real Man in the White House
  54. The Man of Unsung Triumphs
  55. The Eviscerater of the Left
  56. The Negotiating Diplomatic Genius
  57. The Prince of Peace
  58. The Making the World Safe President
  59. The Economic Champion of America
  60. The Stable Diplomatic Genius
  61. The Modest President
  62. The Force of Nature
  63. The Political Juggernaut
  64. The Strict Constructionist picking Pro Constitution President
  65. A wonderful friend but a fearsome enemy
  66. The Promises Made Promises Kept President
  67. The fearless Man with Backbone
  68. The Break Water against the Forces of Anti Americanism
  69. The Nationalist President
  70. The Making America Safe President
  71. The Iron Wall President
  72. The slashing Regulations & Jobs President
  73. The Defender of the Borders President
  74. The Legal Immigration President
  75. The Free Enterprise President

Saturday, December 15, 2018

TRP! (12/14/18)

  • John's great opening to start the show points out all the hypocritical Left-wing flip flopping when it comes to the "illegal southern invasion!!!" 
  • "DJT the Secure America President" wants transparency in government and as always will do whatever it takes to protect America!!! ...Slimy Chuck & Nancy were exposed!!! ...They want back room deals conducted in secrecy!!! ...The cowards couldn't even look "DJT the Man of Action" in the eye!!! ..."Isn't the life of one American citizen not being murdered by illegal invading vermin worth 5 Billion dollars!?!?" ...Don't they remember one of their own, big Lib Woodrow Wilson's line, "Open covenants of peace openly arrived at!!!"
  • Remember Hadrian's Wall!!! ..."WALLS DO WORK!!!"
  • Elevated street garbage like "the Foreign Occupier" always use the silly ebonic term "disrespected." ...But, anyone of any real education knows you can only "show disrespect or be disrespectful!!!
  • The "Demon-crats" will hang themselves over the next two years with their "do nothing agenda!!!" ...Their only aim is to impeach "the America First President!!!" ...They are so filled with maggot withering corruption and hatred!!!" ..."END THE LEFT'S WICKED WITCH HUNT!!!"
  • The French people are tired of this climate change crap and the oppressive taxes that are being put on them by these globalist Left-wing crack pots!!! ...As always, all while the elites do whatever they wish!!! ...It's time to storm the Bastille once again ...Revolt!!! 
  • Read Barbara Tuchman's A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century. ...When an uprising against the French nobility scared them to death!!! 
  • "We are all equal under the Constitution!!!" ...But, to the Left, as George Orwell said in Animal Farm, "all animals are equal but some are more equal than others!!!"
  • "Comey is the best friend the Republicans ever had!!! ...He is so nuts... he is hoisting himself by his own petard!!!"
  • "DJT the Economic Miracle President" has harnessed the greatest of all engines... The American Free Enterprise system!!! 
  • The American Republic (not democracy) is supposed to be "a glorious conflict of cacophonous voices... out of which comes consensus!!!"
  • The Left only accepts diversity when it comes to race ...not opinion!!!
  • The "illegal invading caravan" wants 50K a head to return to the cesspool they came from!!!
  • "Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom." --Thomas Jefferson
  • Most of these crazy Libs look like they haven't slept since election night 2016!!!
  • The Left loves show trials and show "funerals!" ...Let's hope they have another one soon, with plenty of pageantry, when Ruth Ginsburg becomes "a good red!!!"
Your phone calls and much much more!!! @1-718-761-9996!