Saturday, October 14, 2017

TRP! (10/13/17)

  • "Don't piss away your money by giving it to Hollywood!!!" ..."Don't give it to the cavalcade of degenerates, whores, whoremongers, pedophiles, drunkards, drug addicts, perverts, rapists, molesters, and scum of the earth!!!"
  • Frank continues his long standing call to boycott that Left-wing vermin!!! ..."Hurt them in the pocket book!!" ..."Starve the beast!!!"  ..."Nothing but a modern Babylon!!!" ..."BOYCOTT the maggot withering corruption that is HOLLYWOOD!!!" ..."All those hypocrites are complicit in the crimes of that filthy fat slob and huge Democrat Party contributor Harvey Weinstein!!" ..."Not one of them spoke out!!!"
  • "The light is on the roaches and the roaches are scattering!!!" ...As the great Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus said, "let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!!!" ..."They are just like the hedonistic Dorian Gray!!!"  ..."Always remember folks, in ancient Rome, an 'ack-TOR' was considered lower in social status than an a prostitute!!!" 
  • "The 'crooked ole bitch' is a serial enabler for the denigration of women!!!" ..."Scratch a pervert and find someone in the Democrat Party!!!"
  • The Lord sent "DJT the-man-that-keeps-his-election-promises President!!!" to save this great nation!!! ..."He is like a whirlwind slashing down the 'Foreign Occupation regime's' Socialist edicts!!!" ..."The 'Foreign Occupier' deified himself as all megalomaniacs do and left a legacy of ashes!!!"
  • (LHS) Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage cannot conceive of what we disseminate here on TRP!!!
  • White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly listens to TRP!!!
  • "America's Pastime!! The great game of baseball is far more compelling than the crumbling NFL!!!"
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Saturday, October 7, 2017

TRP! (10/6/17)

  • No shock to the TRP faithful... The Left rushes headlong into politicizing the massacre of 58 great white Americans!!! ...John calls on every "red blooded butt kicking American" to "get their gun" and hold on tight from the "ghoul party!!!" ...They are not really interested in "saving lives!!" ..."The Left's long term goal is to disarm us all so we fall to the tyranny of their obsessive dictatorial agenda..."
  • "Our Great President DJT!!" ..."The Man who loves America President!!" has been a rock of stability!!! He has had a most calming and soothing effect on our heavily wounded hearts!!!
  • Frank thoroughly dissects the Vegas massacre!!! ..."Casualties of the next American Civil War!!!" ..."This smells of the Left and Islam!!!" ...Don't fall for the "his ole man was nuts" theory!!! ..."If you are not a 'stu-dant' of history you are a 'vic-dam' of history!!!" ..."This is straight out of the Leftist playbook!!!"
  • More pie on the face of the Left: The "Foreign Occupation Regime" OK'ed the dreaded "bump stock!!" in 2010!!
  • Hitlery is not a "has-been!!!" She is a "never-was!!!" ...She got "Trump-ed!!!" ...The "crooked ole bitch" dares to wave her finger in indignation!!! 
  • "Our 2nd Amendment right along with all our individual rights are not given to us by man, but are given to us by the Almighty!!!" ...Frank will "stock pile and protect the compound!!!" ..."From my cold dead hands!!!"
  • Typical example of Liberal scum, CBS lawyer, Hayley Geftman-Gold, terminated for writing what they all think. They are "not even sympathetic bc country music fans are often republican gun toters!!" ..."They are vicious vile cold-blooded vampires, leeches and vermin, low-life political parasites sucking the blood out of those that were sacrificed!!!"
  • Another member of Hollywood's finest!!! The sexual filth and scumbag Harvey Weinstein is exposed!!! ..."Will lunatic Ashley Judd screech her nasty anger and self-righteous indignation about him the way she hysterically screeched out against "Our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The truly patriotic President!!!"  ..."Will the Left picket and boycott Miramax!?!?" ..."One person at that concert is worth a million of them!!!"
  • "TRP recognizes and honors the greatest explorer of all time!!! The one and only Cristoforo Colombo!!! The one that made it all possible!!! One of the greatest achievements in history!!!" ..."If you dare to denigrate him you denigrate all of our history that followed him!!!" ...The truth about the savage Beringians does not escape the great "He of the First Blood!!!" ...Columbus reclaimed "New Solutrea!!!"  ..."What would the world look like without him and without the United States!?!?" ..."1492 also the year that Spain expelled the Muhammadan hoards!!!"
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Saturday, September 30, 2017

TRP! (9/29/17)

  • The desperate Leftist scumbag "media traitors" try to paint Puerto Rico as DJT's "Katrina"...but to no avail!!! DJT stands tall once again!!! ..."Have the scumbag Left forgotten about the campaign for Puerto Rican independence?!?!" ..."What about a mention of terrorist Oscar Lopez?!?! What has he been doing for his beloved PR?!?!" ..."Do they still want to be independent from their behemoth "capitalist oppressor" to the north?!?! ..."The generous and kind United States has once again stepped up to be their guardians, while to be expected the Communist filth is no where to be found!!!" 
  • The "brown people" would have been relics or ruins without us and "DJT the man who never stops and is always in motion President!!!" ...He is right on top of everything like a well oiled, heroic, and compassionate machine!!!
  • Puerto Rico's "free spending Socialism" drove them into despair far before any "hurri-cun" hit!!!
  • "All the 'media criminals' do is lie and propagandize because that is what traitors do!!!" ...Their propaganda cannot work on "our Great President DJT!!!" ...our "Straight talking, Hands-on, Can-do, man of action President!!!"
  • Frank predicts that tomorrow night the Left-wing fanatic bags of human garbage from Saturday Night Live will spew forth their vomit like no other night in their history!!! As the hate that has been welling up in them the past few months while off the air is going to burst out without any embarrassability!!! ..."That crap is not entertainment it is propaganda!!" ..."A flood of hatred posing as satire or comedy!!" ...Same for "the 4 has-beens on Will & Grace!!!" ...15 out and out attacks on DJT last night!!! ...A "political limbo" of who on the Left can get lower!!!"
  • The Left is digging their own graves... they think (as if it were possible for them) that their "ginned up" propaganda is going to have an effect...but they are sadly mistaken!!! ..."They have such contempt and disdain for middle America!!!" ..."When they insult DJT they are insulting those that voted for him!!!" ..."DJT is doing the people's business!!!" ..."DJT speaks to the people!!!" ..."NOT like the 'Foreign Occupier' that speaks at the the people!!!" ..."It will all backfire on them once again come election time!!!"
  • Oh no DJT called the overpaid, under-worked, unpatriotic, disrespectful NFL protesters (black or white) "sons of bitches!!" ..."Without the NFL they'd be eating out of garbage cans!!!" ...Not one low-life on the Left including the supposed Right-wing Fox brought up what "the sainted" JFK famously said during his big fight with the steel industry, "my father always told me, all businessmen were sons of a bitches, but I never believed it until now!!!" ...same words...yet Class warfare is acceptable!! Defending with love those that fought and died for us...NOT acceptable!!! ..."DJT loves America!!!" ...Have the "hate-tors" on the Left ever truly loved anything?!?!" 
  • Continue to protest the NFL as they have their favorability cut in half!!! Watch those cowardly owners squirm!!! ...This never was a "First Amendment" issue!!! They don't have a right to protest on "our time!!" ...They are "at work" and forcing their opinions on us on an inappropriate stage!! ...At least the "Left-wing" White National Socialists took out a public permit first before they started their protests!!! ...Kneeling during the National Anthem is no better than flag burning!!!
  • Rahm Emanuel is the "white monkey" for the "Foreign Occupier!!!"
  • The "status-quo Republi-can'ts" are liars and frauds!!! ..."The 'infamous 4' that voted against the American people need to be replaced!!!" ..."Stand by America!!!" ..."They are not bigger than the country!!! ..."We are not just tax-paying drones to be manipulated!!!"
  • "PASS DJT's Tax Bill!!!" ...Reignite the power of "Free Enterprise!!!" ..."Bring prosperity back to the American people!!!
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Saturday, September 23, 2017

TRP! (9/22/17)

  • "Every Freedom loving American was busting their buttons with pride!!" "our fearless man of action president DJT!!" ..."The man who loves America and loves liberty" was "kicking ass and taking names" before the "UN tribal assembly!!!" ..."What a relief!!" ..."What a cathartic effect!!...after 8 years of that traitorous scumbag bastard" ..."the Foreign Occupier!!" 
  • Frank stands firm in his prognostication that "Drunk, Fat, and Stupid" will be knocked off by his own people!! ..."They will not be obliterated for him..." ..."The United States will no longer be extorted by him and his nuclear threats!!"
  • How could you have the contradiction of a "communist monarchy" in NK?? ...The bum that never worked an honest day in his life, Karl Marx, is spinning in his shallow grave!! ..."North Korea is not a "fascist government" as the Left is trying to portray!!" ..."It is Marxist Kim Jong-un-ism!!"
  • Where are the "Ban the Bomb" demonstrations from today's Left-wing "communist front groups?!?!" ...Where have these ole wretches of the past gone?!?! ..."For to them only the United States had to ban the bomb not their own Bolshevik heroes!!" ...Why does "Drunk, Fat, and Stupid" NOT have to ban the bomb?!?! Why NOT "the lunatics with filthy towels wrapped around their heads in Parthia?!?!"
  • "Cheap douchebag" Chelsea Handler wants to swap "Drunk, Fat, and Stupid" for "our Great President DJT!!" ..."Why doesn't she go there first!!" ..."Dumb, stupid, ignorant, vile, low-life neo-Bolsheviks!!!"
  • "Our enemies are terrified to be wiped off the face of the earth!!!" "our fearless man of action President DJT!!"
  • "This all started with Harry Truman's ineptitude!!" ..."and when his Secretary of State Dean Acheson issued a policy paper stating that Korea was outside of the United States' defense perimeter in Asia!!" ..."The Communists took this as a green light to invade South Korea!!" ..."It's finally time to set this history straight!!!"
  • Frank mentions the book, The Dark Side of Camelot, by Seymour Hirsh as he uncovers the long list of lies, myths, and distortions from the Left about the Kennedy's!!"
  • Jimmy Kimmel is another "media criminal" ..."he is a whore and a stooge!!!" he pushes Bolshevik propaganda supporting "Obama-scam!!!"
  • "George the Atheist" calls in right before "the Queen of Talk Radio" Cheryl from Spotswood NJ!!
  • "Get those son of a bitch NFL National Anthem protesters off the field!!! Fire or suspend those disrespectful bastards!!!" ...That is not the way to ignite conversation!! Show respect for those that fought and died for your freedom to play that game for a living!!! 
  • Frank & John recall the great Twilight Zone episode The Obsolete Man!! in reference to the tactics of the Left as they "eat their own once again" with Nancy Pelosi being attacked by "the Dreamers!!" ..."Logic is an enemy!! Truth is a menace!!!"


Saturday, September 16, 2017

TRP! (9/15/17)

  • Hitlery is out of her frigging mind "babbling like a crack pot mental patient!" ...She just won't go away!! John predicts she will be running in 2020...
  • The "enviro-pagans" kept pushing their global warming alarmism but as the great Frank von Queens predicted last week, "hurri-cun" Irma was not going to be as bad as we were told!!
  • Frank was slumming the dial past CNN, as he can only put that piece of crap on for a few seconds!! ...Unlike the CNN inane commentary, Frank gives us some in depth historical analysis as he references the book of a former TRP GUEST, Rana Mitter, Forgotten Ally: China's WWII 1937-1945!!
  • Is "Drunk, Fat & Stupid" suicidal!?! ..."This juvenile is playing with the big boys now!!" ..."He is the 3rd one in his family to illegally govern that country!!" ...The dichotomy of "the first royal government in Marxist history!!" ..."a communist aristocracy!!" ..."South Korea will aid the North Korean refugees if a war breaks out!!"
  • The Left always talks with their haughty, supercilious, and patronizing "professorial tones" as they spew their crap about the "contradictions with capitalism" ...But we on TRP know... "Marxism is the true contradiction!! It is nothing more than an 19th century pseudoscience!!"
  • DJT, "the kicking ass and taking names President" is unpredictable and that is one of his greatest strengths as he keeps our enemies in a panic!!
  • "China doesn't want millions of refugees ...but we do!! ...It's alright for us but not for them!!" ..."They are not this giant we were led to believe!!" ..."Don't listen to the constant propaganda of the 'media criminals' that want to elevate our enemies and denigrate America!" ...China is just another communist entity that will collapse!!
  • What is the "Republi-can't" majority doing?!?! They have turned out to be the true "Never Trumpers!!" ..."Don't tell us about Schmuck Schumer or Pelosi!! ...Blame the "Republi-can'ts!!" ..."Don't be distracted...they are the real failures!!!"
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Saturday, September 9, 2017

TRP! (9/8/17)

  • This week Frank was busting his buttons with pride in "our Great President DJT!" ..."the Man of Action!!" ..."Immediately he mobilized our forces to help the people in Texas!!" ..."This wasn't New Orleans!!" ...Matters are also well in hand with regard to Florida and the coming "hurri-cun"...thanks to the "Big-Hearted-Empathetic-with-Results President DJT!!"
  • If only "hurri-cun" Irma would take a turn to the Left and hit Cuba. Then we could see how once again the "wonders of Socialism" deal with natural disasters ...
  • The Left of course blames the chimera of global warming/climate change... "They are like ghouls jumping on the calamity!!"
  • Lock Frank in a room with "Drunk, Fat, and Stupid" for 30 seconds and after 10 seconds there won't be anything Left they can identify!!"
  • China wants North Korea festering as "the thorn in the side of the United States!!" ...Don't believe the "Left-wing Chi-com propaganda!!" ...China's banks do business with the "organized crime of the North Korean murderous regime!!"
  • It was refreshing NOT to hear Jeff Sessions say or use the Left-wing word manipulation..."undocumented workers/immigrants" ...he called them what they are... "illegal aliens!!" ...or as we on TRP would say, "illegal-criminal-invading-vermin!!!"
  • Frank and John remember the "terrorist attacks" on 9/11/01 and recount their own moving stories from that day! (John's wife Angie worked in the Towers and narrowly escaped. Also, former TRP producer, the great Rod Coppola, perished from the greatest "hate crime" we have ever seen...)
  • The "original American Left-wing," the "liberals of that time," were just as devious as any Lib today! Hamilton, leader of the "Left-wing Federalist Party" was "the Founding Father of Big Government!!" ...He started the idea of a "living breathing document!!" ...The founder of the GOP, "the original and greatest Republican," started his national opposition to "Big Government" the very minute he became Secretary of State!! ...HAIL the immortal Thomas Jefferson!!!!! Hero of the "productive class!!!" ...Always remember folks..."The greater the debt the greater the taxes!!"
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Saturday, September 2, 2017

TRP! (9/1/17)

  • As expected the Left immediately tried to politicize Hurricane Harvey!!
  • "Investment is BACK in America!! Overall Economic growth is swelling!! Evidence of momentum and expansion is all around us!! Real unemployment is down to a 16 year low!! Companies are ramping up output and we are growing once again thanks to one man and one man only, "Our Great President DJT!!" ..."The Can-Do President!!" ..."Really we can thank ourselves for voting him in!!"
  • "Obongo tried to make us a 3rd Wurrrrllld toilet!" ...DJT is smashing down with a sledge hammer the cruel legacy of the "Foreign Occupation Regime!!" ..."The malaise is dead and buried!!" ..."8 years of a deranged megalomaniac in the White House!!" ..."His plan was to 'de-caucasian-ize' America!!"
  • "Right away the Left goes to the pity card to avoid justice with the illegal criminal invading vermin!!" ..."If you are not a nation of laws you are not a nation!!" ...As Bob Grant used to say, "what are you doing in myyyy country!?!" ...Say goodbye to DACA!! ..."The Left is so hallucinatory that our asking for the enforcement of the laws is worse then their crimes!!"
  • $3000 a front row seat for Hitlery's book signing tour!! ..."If the Left can afford that they are rich enough to sign themselves into a private sanitarium!!" ..."Just think for a minute what it would be like if it were President!!"
  • The Left talks about the First Ladies' high heels before they talk about why the Democrat mayor of Houston ordered a stand down!! ...The Foreign Occupier is the one that really failed mid-America!! ..."Remember when he failed to go to the 'fly over country' during the floods and tornadoes!!"
  • The great John of SI calls in to Larry Mendte!!
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Saturday, August 26, 2017

TRP! (8/25/17)

  • Consumer sentiment is at it's highest point in months!! ...All thanks to DJT "the Alpha Male President!!" ..."The Man who loves America!" ..."He's doing exactly what he promised he would do and the American people are responding to his message!!" ..."He told us we would win!" ..."We're not tired of winning yet but we sure are winning!!" ...He is undoing the acts of outright treason by the "Foreign Occupier!!"
  • We had 8 years of anger, depression, and hatred of America from the "Foreign Occupation Regime!!" ..."Hatred for the Free Market!!" ..."America was not only economically depressed but psychologically depressed!!" ..."Everything was our fault and nothing was his fault! All he did was bad talk America here and around the world!!"
  • "The Left is apoplectic and acting like the ole Soviet Bolsheviks!!" ..."If we don't believe in Socialism or follow their lead we are mentally unhinged!!"
  • "Fat, Drunk, and Stupid" suffers from Freudian "missile envy!!" and fears "our Great President DJT!!!"
  • The mob now officially rules!! These people are nuts!!! ...ESPN's decision to pull announcer "Robert Lee" from game sparks outcry!!
  • "The South had every right to secede from the voluntary union they joined!!"
  • The Left refused to honor the 500th anniversary of the great Cristoforo Colombo!! ..."If you start with the supposition that America was started with a criminal act then all of America's history is an illegal act!!" ...Andrew "the-man-who-would-be-eating-out-of-garbage-cans-if-it-wasn't for-his-father" Cuomo mulls taking down the beautiful statue of "the greatest explorer the world has ever known!!"
  • The Left is throwing our proud history down the "memory hole!!" ...Frank references the book, The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia to show just some of their tactics!
  • The Left comes up with arcane and silly titles like "antifa" ...but ask any one of them the definition of fascism and watch their eyes gloss over!! ...If they did untie their tongues long enough to come up with something they simply would be describing themselves or Cuba!!
  • They're getting rid of our great hero's statues... what's next?...will they start burning books?!?! Just like in "the cultural revolution" under Mao roaming mobs take to the streets to destroy the culture...
  • The late great Dr. Robert Conquest said in his book, Reflections on a Ravaged Century, "in the West 'the tree of liberty' is pruned... under Bolshevism they want to chop it down!!"
  • It's time "our Glorious President DJT" resurrects the "Fairness Doctrine" to deal with the Left-wing "Media Criminals!!"...Use the Left's own tactics against them!! For every Left-wing scum bag that says something against DJT on air, we want to see the fair and balanced "Right side" presented or we shut them down!!!!
  • White supremacy?? More like Islamic supremacy!!
  • The heroic pardon of Joe Arpaio by "the man of action President!!"
  • George Foreman smacks down Colin Kaepernick!!
  • Ron from Joliet, Illinois gets his Solutrean name... "He who dodges bullets!!"
  • Visit the site!
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Saturday, August 19, 2017

TRP! (8/18/17)

  • The Left continues to divert and obstruct "the will of the people and our mandate!!" by "inventing chimeras and constructing flimsy straw man arguments!!!" ...There really are no words to describe the vile acts of these "media criminals!!" ..."The Left has a herd/animal mentality and are in a feeding frenzy!!"
  • Frank's "gift of the prophecy" continues as he predicted years ago with Barry Farber that the "bags of human garbage" on the Left would go after the Great Confederate leaders and their statutes!!
  • The "many sided rabble of Left-wing Socialism" take to the streets of Charlottesville!!! ..."Our Great President DJT" was absolutely correct!!! ...The Left has set up the straw man argument that the "White National Socialists" are "Right-wing" ...but we properly understand they were and are just "two sides of the same Socialist spectrum!!!"
  • "More people have died due to class hatred than ever died because of racial or religious bigotry!!!" ..."Where is the museum for the victims of class warfare?!?!" ..."Socialism is a formula for genocide!! it thrives off of death!!!" ...Socialism is "something-for-nothing-ism!!" ..."A pact with the devil!!" ...John of SI has always said, "Nazis were the best thing that ever happened to the Left!!!" ..."Socialism elevates the 'mental-midget dregs of society' to positions of power..."
  • The "ordinary and typical Muhammadans" are at it again in Spain!!! ..."Where will these bastards strike next?!?!"
  • "Once you defeat the Left (fair and square or not) you will forever be vilified by the Left!!!"
  • Force, violence, and coercion is the "only way" of the Left!!! ...The "actual, real, and true American Right" (those that believe in the Enlightenment, the "Right-wing Founding Fathers", freedom, liberty, Federalism, Free Enterprise, and individual rights) have never been violent and only use force when it is necessary to "restore ordered liberty!!"
  • "Our Glorious President DJT" gives voice to the frustration of the American people!! The people of the "fly over country" are angry!!! ..."Our mandate is being obstructed!!!" ..."The party that is supposed to be fighting for us is ignoring the will of the people!!"
  • "Those who control the past control the present! Those who control the present control the future!!"
  • "Big-pussy & whoremonger" Schwarzenegger produces a moronic and sophomoric twitter video dedicated to "terminating hate" ..."How about starting on the Left?!? circus freak/muscle bound idiot!!!" ..."Real courage comes from the heart's & brain's of reasonable men!!"
  • "The recent wave of attacks on Western Culture were started by the Left in the early 90's when they then viciously attacked and attempted to discredit the legacy of the great Cristoforo Colombo!!!"
  • The "Sally Hemmings myth" was created by Left-wing Hamiltonian political hack James Callender!!!
  • William Ellison a free negro and former slave owned a large plantation and more slaves than all but the richest white planters!!! (See the book Black Masters recommended below.)
The following books are discussed and are highly recommended!!!
Some facts about slavery minus the modern political correctness:
The Old South is constantly depicted as the bastion of slavery for the world pre-1866, but less than 6% of the 10.7 million total African slaves that survived being taken off that continent even made it to North America and not all to the South!...(Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America. And how many of these 10.7 million Africans were shipped directly to North America?? Only about 388,000. That's right: a tiny percentage! And that number includes 10's of thousands of northern slaves!)....From the years 1500 to 1700 over 1 million Whites were enslaved by Arab Merchants!!....The southern slaves were worth 3 billion dollars on the eve of the "The War of Northern Aggression" (a sum greater than the value of all manufacturing and railroads in the United States at the time.) Were the top 5% that owned the vast majority of southern slaves expected to give that up without compensated emancipation??? The average white southern free hold farmer, mechanic, and artisan of the time hated competing against "free slave labor" that undercut their Free Enterprise efforts, but, they didn't want them all turned loose overnight either, to rule over them, like the Boervolk today!

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

TRP! (8/11/17)

  • "The Kicking Ass and Taking Names President!!" promises "fire, fury, and power!!!"
  • He puts "Drunk, Fat, and Stupid" on notice!! ..."Time to get rid of this malignancy!!!"
  • Frank coined the term "Kim crime family" years ago!! ..."Not a government but a crime organization!!" ..."Their crimes have been forgotten!!"..."extortion, kidnapping, counterfeiting, and murder!!"
  • "Left wing scum and bags of human garbage" used to say, "better Red than dead!!" ..."Communist oppression rather than nuclear war!!" ...we instead say..."better the Reds are dead!!!"
  • "We need to unleash the samurai spirit of our little yellow brothers!!"
  • BJ Clinton "was a filthy, lying, traitorous, whoremonger, that allowed America to get extorted!!" ...Susan Rice is another criminal that says we need to live with "Drunk, Fat and Stupid!!"
  • "The America First, Last, and Always President!!"..."The Man who Loves America President!!" ..."Our Glorious President DJT!!" is slashing down government regulations with a machete!!" 
  • "The politicians that are supposed to represent the people...hate the people!!"
  • Fat tub of lard Michael Moore's Broadway play gets panned by the NY Slimes!!
  • Bill Nye would make a great Nazi Commandant!!
  • Bad News for Scott from Florida!! ...Ernst Zundel dies!!
  • Great author, Denis Mack Smith, also dies...  He caused a stir by refusing to regard Italian fascism and the rise of Benito Mussolini as an aberration!

"The Anti-White Anti-Semitic Caucus!!"

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