Sunday, April 21, 2019

TRP! (4/19/19)

WSD 2019
  • "He of the First Blood!!!" ..."President of the Wurrrrlllldddd Council of Solutrean Elders" breaks all of our computer & cell phone speakers and his own wurrrrlllddddd record for the longest opening of "WUUUUUUUURRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDD Solutrean Day!!!"
  • Many members of the "Wurrrrlllldddd Solutrean Council" call in and share their celebratory remembrances for all things Solutrean!!!
  • Everyone is encouraged to take a "Solutrean name" and celebrate "Wurrrrlllldddd Solutrean Day" with us every April 20th!!!
  • Long after all our bones turn to dust, the monument that TRP has erected with "Solutreanism" will remain!!! ...Scientific truth will win out in the end and the vile Left-wing "Academic Orthodoxy" that continues to protect the "victim status" of the "Beringians" will eventually be broken!!!
  • Nick Sandmann is named our "Solutrean Man of the Year 2019!!!" ...(An angry Leftist mob rushed to judgment to wrongfully condemn, threaten, & vilify Nick Sandmann!!! ...He remains standing proud with his head held high in decency and humble humility. He stood his ground in a non-violent & peaceful manner in the face of a "fire water" drinking Beringian savage beating on his drum!!! A "lying victimization peddler!!!" ...16 year old Nick showing the composure of a seasoned adult knew his rights under the law and proudly defended himself against the Left's hateful accusations that he committed "thought crimes!!!" The Covington Catholic High School youths were also unfairly targeted that day but dealt positively with a small cult of "black lsraelite" racists and all their hate slurs!!! Nick stood proud in his convictions and the convictions of what this country truly stands for!!! Freedom & Liberty!!! & the right to "peaceful" assembly!!!)
  • Charles "the Hammer" Martel is named our "Historical Solutrean Man of theYear!!!" ...For his valiant defense of Western Civilization & defeat of the Mohammedans at the Battle of Tours (732)!!!

  • "It's OVER for the Left!!!" ...The finally released Mueller Report completely vindicates "our Great, Beloved, Magnificent, DJT, the Take it to the Max President!!!"
  • Now that the evidence is incontrovertible, the vile  "Neo-Bolshevik" Left-wing "Media Criminals," predictably go after the honorable William Barr!!!
  • "Fox News Entertainment, Shepard Smith, & Neil Cavuto are disgraceful cowards!!! ...They back down in fear and choose to censor and hang up on, Catholic League President, Bill Donohue!!!"
  • If you criticize any of these Left-wing devils you are automatically "inciting violence..." ...Not only does the Left "incite violence" everyday they "commit violence" everyday!!!
  • "Socialism was born from violence and violence has always been the tool of the Left!!!" ..."They have a thirst for blood that is unquenchable!!!"
  • To push their propaganda the "scum & filth" on the Left counts on people not paying attention or knowing what's going on...
  • Frank & Vince believe the fire at Notre Dame was committed by Mohammedans...
  • "Snarky Congressman Eric Swalwell is one of the most vile Left-wing characters out there... He wants to seize our guns, lock up legal gun owners, and repeal the 2nd Amendment!!!
  • The first and greatest modern day "authoritarian" that comes to the tiny mind of dopey TCB (That Cortez Broad) is Benjamin Netanyahu!!! ...She says he is, "A Trump-like figure!!!" ..."She is nothing more than an anti-semite jew hater!!!" ...She doesn't understand the difference between "authoritarianism & totalitarianism!!!" ...Unlike Right-wing authoritarians, Left-wing authoritarians never abdicate power peacefully!!!
  • "Not white Nationalism... white Patriotism!!!"
  • "The politically correct & cowardly New York Yankees remove the great Kate Smith's God Bless America from their 7th inning stretch due to pressure from the Left that she was supposedly "a racist!!!" ...Also the Philadelphia Pussies (Flyers) dare to cover up one of her statues with a black tarp!!! ...Kate Smith's family is heartbroken by the lies being told by the "Neo-Bolsheviks" about her!!! ...SHE WILL ALWAYS BE WELCOME HERE ON TRP!!!"
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Sunday, April 14, 2019

TRP! (4/12/19)

  • "Our Beloved, Heroic, Magnificent, President DJT" was 100% correct! ...He knew the Deep state & the Obama administration were spying on him and his campaign!!! ...The honorable Attorney General William Barr confirms this!!!
  • Maybe DJT is on to something by saying, "you want them we'll give them to you!!!" ...He may take that illegal vermin that they are so concerned with and put them in their sanctuary "law breaking" cities!!! ..."You want them you pay for them!!!" ...The law is the law!!! ...All they need to do is turn the criminal invaders over to ICE as they are morally & legally supposed to do...
  • "Since no human being is illegal to them..." ...Maybe Barbra Streisand, the "human anus with a nose," will open up her home in Malibu to them!!! ...Or does she hypocritically say "NIMBY"... (not in my backyard!!!)
  • "DJT is the 10 Steps Ahead of the Left President!!!" ..."He's opened up the curtain of their hypocrisy and is continuously turning the tables on them!!!"
  • "The Old Bag Pelosi" looks like "The Picture of Dorian Gray!!!" ...Her face is starting to rot away in public!!!
  • The Left believes in "Climate Hysteria!!!"
  • "The Left can't handle straight & honest talk that relates to the regular people of this country!!!" ..."They all live in an elitist bubble that consists of a pretentious mutual admiration society..."
  • "Leather Face Cuomo" and his cronies sneak by in the middle of the night and give themselves raises including the one for himself of 70K!!! ...Why don't the liberal hypocrites do as "DJT the Benevolent Man of the People" has done and work for nothing"!?!?
  • New York City is turning into a totalitarian Left-wing crazy zone as Bill De Blasio will now ban all "single use" plastic food utensils, cups, and plates and will make every business use "reusable or compostable" items!!! ...Boy that sounds really healthy for germ prevention around the city... Don't forget also all the jobs that will be lost as a result of the ban... This is Neo-Bolshevism!!!
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad), Ilhan Omar, & Rashida Talib are "the 3 stooges!!!"
    ...Frank coined the term and now it is being used in the mainstream!!! ..."They are quickly becoming radioactive!!! ...They are toxic!!! ...They are the cancer of the democrat party..." ..."And some actually wonder how people followed Hitler..."
  • "The first producer of TRP, Rod Coppola, was "murdered" on 9/11!!! ...The American people that were murdered that day were not just "some people!!!" ..."The perpetrators were Mohammedan terrorists!!!" ...A true Left-wing hate crime!!!"
  • The Left has tried every form of treachery known to man to try to take down "The People's President DJT!!!" ...As the Roman emperor Tiberius Cladius Drusus Nero Germanicus said, "Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!!!" 
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Sunday, April 7, 2019

TRP! (4/5/19)

  • The Left eat another one of their own!!! ..."Crazy ole Joe" was not radical enough for the rabid Left-wing lunatics so now all of a sudden he is "Dirty ole Joe"... ...It was pathetic watching him grovel all week trying to get back in their good graces...
  • "Government is an illusion because it is man-made!" ..."It's not natural!!!"
  • "How can this government have any validity until we get to the bottom of the corruption that tried to destroy "our Great, Beloved & Magnificent... the Let America Be America President DJT!?!?" 
  • What the Left, the FBI, the Deep State, & the "stab-in-the-back Republicans" tried to do was an "act of treason!!!" ...'Where is their sense of justice???" ..."What about their loyalty oaths???" ..."Thankfully for the American people their coup d'etat failed!!!"
  • "We are just serfs that have to shut up and put up by paying our taxes!!!"
  • "Bolshevism is based on the ideology of a crack-pot, Karl Marx, as he never really worked an honest day in his life..." ..."He just sat on his ass in the Library of London and dreamed this crap up!!!" ...Most of it was actually plagiarized and he just switched it around making the whole phrenology worse...
  • "Congress investigated a millionaire that became President... How about investigating a Congress that became millionaires!!!"
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad) looked especially crazy in a video as she sipped wine putting together IKEA furniture... all while telling us all about her childish "Gangrene New Deal!!!" 
  • Where was the "reaching across the isle from the Left!?!?" ..Where was their supposed "bipartisanship they love to tout!?!?"
  • DJT is the "Anti-government President!!!"
PLUS!!! A TRP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!! Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak returns!!!
 A true Jeffersonian hero, Professor Holowchak is the preeminent Jeffersonian scholar of our time, he discusses his upcoming book, [God’s] justice can not sleep forever”: Rethinking Jefferson’s Views on Race and Slavery, and the censorship he's facing as he dares to apply reason and objective thinking to the historiography of Thomas Jefferson and his views on race & slavery!

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Sunday, March 31, 2019

TRP! (3/29/19)

  • DJT "The Impregnable Man of Steel President" really is Superman!!! ..."Isn't winning and slapping down the Left so much fun!?!?" ..."He has crushed the satanic forces that have tried to destroy this country!!!" ..."They not only tried to destroy him but the 60 million of us that voted him in!!!" ..."They should be forced to pay back the almost 30 million dollars that was spent on this witch hunt!!!" ...This was a "criminal conspiracy" to tear apart the fabric of our Republic!!!
  • DJT's GRAND RAPIDS SPEECH was one of his best speeches yet!!!
  • Frank has been on a celebratory binge since "DJT the Man of Integrity & the Triumphal President" was vindicated... as we all knew he would be!!! 
  • Why did it take Mueller 2 years to conclude what we all knew to be so obvious!?!? ...PLEASE release the whole report!!!
  • There can be no compromise, cooperation, or coexistence with this vermin!!! They simply must be crushed!!! ..."They lost; we won!!! The American People won!!!" ..."He talks to us as one of us!!! This is why he is so loved!!!"
  • "The Left sought to shower the American people in a deluge of propaganda!!!"
  • "DJT the Economic Miracle President" didn't need a war to jump start the economy like criminals LBJ & FDR!!! ..."He simply released the power of AMERICAN FREE ENTERPRISE!!!"
  • "DJT is the shining knight that rode up like Saint George to slay the dragon of the Left!!!"
  • "The Left is on the wrong side of history!!!" ..."Don't think for a second that the evil hand of the "Foreign Occupier" & "Gorilla Cookie" were not behind this!!!"
  • Can't "the Wolfman Al Greene" afford to buy a razor blade!?!? ...Just one of the many clowns, stooges, & psychos that are nothing more than mere pygmies at the feet of the "Colossus that has bestrode the wurrrrld!!!"
  • Frank discusses in depth the secret atrocities of the Left and the Bolsheviks that were committed during the Spanish Civil War!!!
  • Jussie Smell-it needs to be charged Federally for his crimes!!! ...That Letter he mailed to himself was a Federal crime!!!
  • "The Left let the opioid epidemic run wild in an attempt to wipe out white America!!!"
PLUS: A SPECIAL TRP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!! With Reverend Wayne Perryman, an African-American icon that John of SI really likes. He has mentioned him frequently after he heard his speech, "America was NEVER racist!!!" ...SEE soundbite #235 in the Soundbite Archive!!! 

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

TRP! (3/22/19)

  • "The National Nightmare is over!!!" ..."It's STILL OUR COUNTRY FOLKS!!!" ...The sprawling & exhaustive Left-wing Witch Hunt finally came to an end with a result we knew 2 years ago!!! ...Obviously there is NO evidence of wrongdoing by DJT or his campaign!!! COMPLETE VINDICATION!!! NO COLLUSION!!! NO COVER UP!!! NO OBSTRUCTION!!! with RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!! ..."This is a great day and a win for America and the American people!!!"
  • After almost 2 years the Left's Circus/Hoax/Mass Delusion included: 19 lawyers and a team of 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants and professional staff. The team interviewed 500 witnesses, executed more than 500 search warrants, 13 requests to foreign governments, issued 2,800 subpoenas and 50 wiretaps, 10's of millions of dollars, and countless destroyed lives in this phony investigation!!!
  • This gives us some hope that we have not turned into a Socialist cesspool just quite yet... This is still a REAL Republic not a Left-wing Banana Republic!!! ...Many on the Left need to be held accountable for their "criminal conspiracy!!!" ...FISA judges need to start cleaning house!!! ...Clean up the dirty law dogs!!! ...The complicit Democrats should be forced to pay back the American people in more ways than one!!! ...There needs to be Public accountability!!! ...Restore public trust!!!
  • The Democrats have broken their teeth on the iron edge of "DJT!!! the Colossus that has bestrode the Wurrrrrrld!!!" 
  • "Voting DJT in was a Silent Revolution!!!" ..."The Left thought the election was in the bag for the ole bag!!!"
  • DJT stands up for the 1st Amendment on college campuses with an Executive Order!!! ..."Academia will no longer be an untouchable kingdom for the Left!!!" ...Now maybe civilized debate can return to our institutions of supposed higher learning!!!
  • "DJT the Fighting Back President!!!" has crushed ISIS and cleansed Syria!!! ..."Drove them out like the rats they are!!!" ..."He's bombed the crap out of them like he said he would!!!" ..."He should now take a Roman Triumph down Pennsylvania Ave!!!" ..."He should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for this!!!" ...DJT also properly says the Golan Heights belong to Israel!!!
  • Thomas Jefferson the originator of the Republican Party was all for "productive rich" ...not the  "unproductive rich"... ...There is a clear difference between Jeffersonian Free Enterprise Market Entrepreneurs & Hamiltonian parasitical Government Courted Political Place Men!!! ...Commonwealth men versus Courtiers!!!
  • The Left's "Anti-electoral college sentiment" is racist against middle America!!!
  • George the Atheist takes his Solutrean name... "He Who Laughs at the Gawds!!!"
  • Robert Francis O'Rourke (Beto) looks like a combo of Jerry Seinfeld & Jeffrey Dahmer!!!
  • Frank mentions the book, That's Not What We Meant to Do: Reform and Its Unintended Consequences in the Twentieth Century
NEXT WEEK: A SPECIAL TRP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!! With Reverend Wayne Perryman, an African-American pastor that John of SI really likes. He has mentioned him frequently after he heard his speech, "America was NEVER racist!!!" ...SEE soundbite #235 in the Soundbite Archive!!!

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

TRP! (3/15/19)

  • "TRP Republican't Tray-TOR Roll Call!!!"
  • Lamar Alexander, Tenn.
  • Roy Blunt, Mo.
  • Susan Collins, Maine
  • Mike Lee, Utah
  • Jerry Moran, Kan.
  • Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
  • Rand Paul, Ky.
  • Robert Portman, Ohio
  • Marco Rubio, Fla.
  • Pat Toomey, Pa.
  • Mitt Romney, Utah
  • Roger Wicker, Miss.
  • DJT the "I forbid!!! Keeping his Word President!!!" uses his first veto to foil the Democrats & the dirty dozen!!! ..."He's one man against an army!!!" ..."They stoked his resolve!!!" ..."But, like Horatio at the bridge he acted as a one-man wrecking crew!!!"
  • "The Hollywood scumbags & parasitical rich are back at it again!!!" ...As they looked for prestige with their children by buying their way into "elite universities..." ...DJT's Justice Department though levels the playing field!!!" ..."Money can't buy you integrity!!!" ..."They are sneaky, slimy, underhanded, and crooked!!!" ...Frank wonders if this is any worse than affirmative action!?!? ...The backdoor hypocrisy of these Liberals that tell us we have to step aside to give minorities a chance... LOL...
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad) ...Who's real world experience tops out as a restaurant hostess... is going to tell us how to run an economy...
  • Using class warfare the Left has the power to determine what is and what isn't acceptable in your life...
  • "Forget this Beto Crap... It's con artist Robert Francis O'Rourke!!!" ..."The speaker of hogwash, nonsense, & Left-wing BS..." ..."They love to compare him to Bobby Kennedy, a mere thug, that loved to bypass Congress!!!"
  • Frank reads Peggy Noonan's good article, Get Ready for the Struggle Session... A whiff of China's demonic Cultural Revolution is in the air... (A look into the true tactics of the Neo-Bolshevik Socialist Left...)
  • The Left's biggest mistake is that they continue to underestimate "our Great President DJT the Stable Genius!!!" ..."Every time they take him on it's like getting in the ring with the heavyweight champion!!!" ..."Long after DJT leaves office his judicial appointments will continue to stymie them!!!"
  • "Immediately the devils on the Left blame DJT for the horrible massacre in New Zealand!!!" ..."Hamas is firing rockets into Israel, why has that not been linked to the divisive judeophobic words of Ilhan Omar & Rashida Talib?!?!" 
  • The "Ministry of Lies" will never divulge the true evils of Socialism that have arisen in every cesspool it has been tried!!!
  • The Gangrene New Deal versus Free Enterprise... ...The minds of children versus adults!!!
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Sunday, March 10, 2019

TRP! (3/8/19)

  • "The Democrat party is overwrought in corruption, bigotry, & hatred!!!" ..."Lousy people, politicians, & policy... but unlike the Republican'ts they always stick together!!!"
  • 2 years later and still no proof of any crimes in connection with Cohen, Stone, or Manafort!!! ...Just a mind-boggling level of "Presidential harassment!!!"
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad) fashions & imagines herself in the mold of one of her "revolutionary Socialist" gawds... ...A vile Leftist devil like Che Guevara...
  • Degenerate revolutionary anarchists... TCB, Ilhan Omar, & Rashida Tlaib... are known here as the "3 Stooges!!!"....They have seized control from the weak & cowardly Leftist old guard... ...Just compare & contrast their words to those of Steve King and follow the Left's hypocrisy... 
  • "The Left doesn't have the courage or killer instinct to call out their own!!!" ..."Where is their embarrassment or shame?!?!"
  • "We are all watching the destruction of the Democrat party as we know it!!!" ..."If BS was money they would all be billionaires!!!" ..."They are morally & politically bankrupt!!!"
  • Scratch a Democrat and you will find a fanatical Judeophobe or an irrational vile racist!!! ...Instead of being obsessed with the psychosis of hatred that's enveloped them... how about being obsessed with making America Great again!?!? 
  • The Democrat hierarchy are really "Kleptocrats!" (rulers who use political power to steal his or her country's resources.) ..."Once they get all the benefits... you get all the crumbs!!!" ...They believe in "government mandated poverty!!!" ..."They'll take your blood to fund their insanity!!!"
  • "The original plan for the holocaust was a plan rooted in Mohammedanism!!!"
  • "Our Great & Moral President DJT" will not be driven from office by Leftist hate or phony investigations... ...This is not Richard Nixon or George Bush... ..."This is a man with backbone!!!" ..."He stands and fights and gives it back twice as hard!!!" ..."DJT is the worst nightmare of the Left!!!"
  • "It all comes down to people's paychecks... Stupid!!!"
  • Socialism is "something-for-nothing-ism!!!"
  • "After DJT slides to victory based on the mountain of his successes & once the Democrat illusionary cascading hate campaign fails in 2020 they will be so unhinged that they'll have no choice but to push for civil war!!!"
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Saturday, March 2, 2019

TRP! (3/1/19)

  • Frank prophesized over 30 years ago with Barry Farber that liberals wanted to control every aspect of your life!!! ...John's tremendous opening shows us to what level this has all devolved!!!
  • These are "totalitarians" like we never dreamed of!!! ...Hiding in the woodwork of democracy are "Neo-Bolsheviks!!!"  
  • "Food has always been the weapon of the Left!!! Cheaper genocide then having to build camps or gas chambers!!! ...Over 100 million killed by Mao in his "cultural revolution!!!" ...20 million dead in the Bolshevik-instilled Ukrainian famine!!! ...The list goes on and on!!!"
  • That's how cold, calculating, unemotional, & ruthless they are!!! They are for the collectivist nebulous "common good!!!" ...They desire to crush the individual for whatever they deem in their insane agenda to be more important... They will extinguish anything or anyone that stands in their way... ...Human life is secondary to their aims!!! ..."To them people are just parasites crawling on the face of their beloved & pristine planet!!!"
  • "In the end their twisted goal is to reduce America to one big concentration camp!!!"
  • "Liberals are Eco-Pagans that worship Gaia the earth goddess!!!" ..."Like the primitive Inca savages that worshiped the mountains and sacrificed human beings as offerings to them!!!"
  • TCB (that Cortez Broad... she is not a lady she is a Broad...) is the Pied Piper of the deranged Left... But, she remains "the gift that will keep on giving to the Right!!!" ..."She wants to cull the human herd to save the environment!!!"  ..."Look in her eyes and you look into the eternal pits of hell!!!" ..."TCB is a political disease!!!" ..."Results don't matter, because they mean well..." LOL..."As long as they are perpetually trying to ram through their Socialist agenda they consider themselves successful!!!!"
  • "Liberals come off as so morally & intellectually superior... But, they are nothing more than fanatical totalitarians & pure evil!!!" ..."The leadership of the Left are all vying to out insane one another!!!"
  • "Michael Cohen is a pathological & degenerate liar!!!"
  • "The cry of racism is the last bastion of a black scoundrel..."
  • "The Left going after Jared Kushner shows off their vile judeophobia!!!" ..."Turn it around on them!!!" ..."Put the Left on the defensive and let them answer for this!!!"
  • "DJT the Walk Away from a Bad Deal President!!!" is acting once again as "the Prince Peace" as he looks to rid the wurrrld of nuclear weapons!!! ...The "Stable Diplomatic Genius President" has gone to Southeast Asia to fight for World Peace and to protect American interests by lowering trade barriers and creating a true Free & Fair Market!!!
  • If Bolshevism is superior to Free Enterprise explain North Korea and every other yoke & shackle Socialist Regime!!! For, twenty-five years, the highly respected Index of Economic Freedom has measured the impact of liberty and free markets around the globe, and the 2019 Index confirms the formidable positive relationship between economic freedom and true progress!!!
  • "Every country becomes a toilet when Bolsheviks seize power!!!" ..."They own the road map to economic disaster, repression, & genocide!!!
  • "You give up your guns you give up your freedom!!!"
  • The Left always eat their own!!! ..."The Leftist leadership has created a Marxist hit list for any party member that deviates from the hierarchy and votes with the Republicans!!!"
  • The Left only supports "superficial diversity"... Anyone that really disagrees with them is to be demonized and destroyed!!! ...They never allow diversity of thought...
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Saturday, February 23, 2019

TRP! (2/22/19)

  • TRP was the first to call out moronic & stupid liberal lowlife Hollywood scum Jussie Smollett and his heinous lies!!! ...On 2/1 Frank & John sniffed out his true intentions... John's great opening to start the show exposes how the "Fake News/Ministry of Lies/Media Criminals" rushed to judgment as usual to push their victim/identity politics!!! 
  • "Every great American takes these lies personally!!!" ..."Unfortunately, there is no justice in him going to jail, as for him it will be like being on a gay cruise ship..." ..."Jussie is the poor woman's Tawana Brawley..."
  • Before they are stripped of their FCC licenses, as a Trumpeteer, Frank demands an apology be made by every "Media Criminal" to every proud supporting Trumpeteer and to DJT himself the "Fighting for America President!!!" ..."They are supposed to report news not propaganda!!!" ...No investigating!!! ...No use of the word "allegedly!!!" ...Just their typical headlong rush to push their sick agenda!!! ...The disgraceful politicians that also rushed to judgment should be ashamed of themselves!!!
  • As said by Frank more than 20 years ago... "Who the hell are the Left to tell you how to think, drive, eat, what to wear, and how to act!!!"
  • To the Right, "TCB (That Cortez Broad) is the gift that keeps on giving!!!"
  • Coming up the yearly disgrace that is the Academy Awards... The Leftist mutual admiration society... ..."The greatest annual assemblage of degenerates, perverts, pedophiles, pederasters, drunks, alcoholics, drug addicts & cocaine freaks... the lowest of the low!!!"
  • "Learn to speak...It's not VEE-gan it's VAY-gan!!!"
  • "Socialism is DEATH.. whether by systematic execution or starvation!!!"
  • DO NOT USE the Marxian word (Capitalism) for our GREAT ECONOMIC SYSTEM!!! ..."It is called properly by the Jeffersonian term... FREE ENTERPRISE!!!"
  • "We are at a turning point in history... The fork in the road to the Left leads to unimaginable destruction & holocausts in this country!!!" ..."The only thing the Left offers is insanity and Neo-Bolshevism!!!"
  • According to the immortal Thomas Jefferson and his infinite wisdom, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it." ...and then the tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots!!!
  • Our great Interview with Dr. Onkar Ghate was promoted and displayed on the Ayn Rand Institute's New Ideal Page!!!
  • Great Young Solutrean Nick Sandmann files his courageous $250 million suit against the dying Washington Post... Hopefully this puts them under!!!
  • The Left digs back up the 1971 playboy interview of The Duke and tries to falsely portray the great conservative as a racist by editing it, taking it out of context, and applying their modern day sicko Left-wing views to it!!! ...As John states, "This is part of the left's agenda to wipe out any semblance of American toughness and manhood, and John Wayne was a perfect example of that. It's the same thing they did by making a movie about the symbol of American individuality, toughness, grit and manhood when they presented us gay cowboys in Brokeback Mountain. It's also why they destroyed the Boy scouts, an organization which taught values, patriotism, loyalty etc etc."
  • "West Virginia was illegally and unconstitutionally carved out of Virginia by that Left-wing Devil Lincoln..."
  • Scott from Canada makes a startling admission...
  • "The Left doesn't create it only destroys!!!"
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Sunday, February 17, 2019

TRP! (2/15/19)

  • "The Left loves humanity but hates people!!!" ...Americans remain casualties of the "illegal invasion" thanks to the "open-border treasonous Democrat party!!!"
  • "How much is one America Life worth to the Left?!?!" ...The precious Angel Families remind us all why we fight to secure America from illegal invading vermin!!! ..."The Angel Moms should corner the Ole Bag Pelosi and confront her with pictures of their lost loved ones!!!" ..."She doesn't even have an ounce of remorse or the decency to meet with them!!!"
  • "DJT the America First & Protecting America President" is properly declaring a national emergency to keep America safe and is stopping criminal disease carrying illegal invaders so we can then expand healthy productive LEGAL immigration!!! ..."DJT the RULE of LAW... Pro-LEGAL Immigration President!!!"
  • "To the Left human lives are just statistics!!!" ..."The Democrat Watermelon Green New Deal (green on the outside red on the inside) is a blueprint for genocide!!!" ...Ask the Ukrainians about quotas... 
  • The Left's great collectivist idea of the week: "To stop global warming we must all stop eating meat to prevent cow flatulence!!!" ...What's next!?!? ...How many people will they sacrifice to stop human flatulence!?!?
  • (TCB) "That Cortez Broad" is the Pied Piper of the bottom-feeders!!! 
  • "Thanks to the 2nd Amendment no one has to go to their death at the hands of the Left!!!"
  • "Those who are not stu-dants of history are doomed to be vic-dams of history ...for history is a cruel and unforgiving task mas-tor!!!" ..."History does not always exactly repeat itself but if you follow it closely enough you too can spot the tendencies of the Left!!!" ...Their plans always start off sounding so sweet and nice and end in a cloud of dust...
  • Ama-zun bails on plans for bringing 25,000 jobs to NY!!! What does TCB care??? ...She's all set now and has it made... ...She can't blame Republicans for this one... ...Just look to "Leaderless Leather Face Cuomo..." 
  • Down goes the playfully quaint Liberal High-Speed-Rail Pipe Dream in California...
  • No member of the Right has ever been assisted by media propaganda... The Left lives off of and were born out of propaganda... Hitler, Mao, Stalin etc. and today's Left all were made possible by the media... They have always had the media in their pockets... The Right on the other hand has always won on the merit of the issues and have had to take the truth directly to the people... 
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