Saturday, November 17, 2018

TRP! (11/16/18)

  • The sore loser Democrats cannot believe DJT thwarted them yet again!!! ...Their attempts to steal elections is being shut down by the rule of law!!!
  • "The Left does nothing but lie!!! They are a destructive force!!! They are a menace!!! The only reason you would ever vote for them is if you have some kind of vendetta or you just want to see this country destroyed or ruined or if you are hoping to live off the government..."
  • "Their policies stink and do not work and they know this ..." ..."This is why they always end up resorting to scare tactics or demonization!!!" ..."That's why they keep race right on the front burner as well..." ..."We are tired of them calling every policy they don't like racist!!!" ..."Whatever doesn't work for them we are supposed to get rid of... from the Senate to the Electoral College!!!"
  • "They are causing the downfall of the greatest healthcare system in the world!!!"
  • "Violence is all they know... You can't win someones heart with violence!!! ...They never admit they are wrong..."
  • "Martha McSally folds like a cheap suit... ...What a wimpy and pathetic concession speech..." ...She may wind up in the Senate anyway taking John McCain's seat.
  • John plays his call to Larry Mendte... Larry cuts John off because he deemed him to be too harsh towards the Left... Yet everything John said in the call has been proven to be true!!!
  • "Brenda Sneaky Snipes" should have been fired long ago!!! ...Jeb Bush only appointed her because he wanted to appear diverse..." ..."The whole structure down in Broward County is rotten!!!" ..."We are just picking on her because she is an elderly black woman and we are all racists..." LOL.
  • "Early voting was another Democrat trick to help their lazy & apathetic constituents!!!"
  • Republicans never protest... yet there are so many things to be infuriated with...
  • "My mother was a life long Republican... until she died and became a Democrat..." --Joe From Brooklyn 
  • Red Eye Radio tags along with TRP... ..."The Fountainhead of the Right!!!"
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Saturday, November 10, 2018

TRP! (11/9/18)

  • A major win for "our Great President DJT!!!"  Only one time since 1934 has a new president gained seats in the Senate in his first midterm election!!! ...DJT "the Iron Wall President!!!" has accomplished this major feat at a time when judicial appointments are more important than ever!!! To compare: "the Foreign Occupier" lost 6 Senate seats in his first midterm!!! ...Key Governor races also go to Trump supporting Republicans!!! 
  • The weakling "Republi-cant's" that ran against DJT and did not accept his warm embrace paid the price as they were electorally sacrificed for their sins!!! ..."Come aboard the Trump Train or you will be left behind!!!"
  • Call it "the honorable Brett Kavanaugh effect!!!"
  • "When you can't win elections ...steal them!!!" ...The Demsheviks are now trying to undo the will of the people!!! ..."You cannot have a Republic with this type of corruption!!!" ..."This is Boss Tweed politics!!!"
  • "Oil is the life blood of our country and the pipelines are the arteries!!!"
  • "The Foreign Occupier's legacy is a legacy of dust!!!"
  • "Soon the ole bag Ginsburg will become a good red!!!"
  • "The Left are not stu-dants of history but are ignoramuses of history!!!"
  • "Thomas Jefferson warned about the dangers and corruption of the cities and the shiftless aimless mobs that lay within!!!"
  • "Don't put anything past these criminal Democrats!!!"
  • DJT uses Frank's "economic miracle" line again!!!
  • Republican Young Kim Expected To Be First Korean-American Woman Elected To Congress In Deep Blue CA!!!
  • Joyless Blowhard thinks the Senate can be gerrymandered!!! LOL!!!
  • Frank warns of Mitt Romney voting against DJT and the country!!!
  • "Congress will now become the do nothing Congress!!!"
  • "Obongo looks awful... a strung out drug addict as Frank always said..."
  • Infamous covered up photo of Obongo with Crapinthecan:
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Saturday, November 3, 2018

TRP! (11/2/18)

  • "Results versus Resistance!!!" Vote Republican!!! ..."They will keep the House and add to the Senate!!!" ..."The rigged polls will be wrong once again..."
  • The greatest economy in history in two short years and DJT created the "Economic Miracle" without getting us into a War like a Democrat!!!
  • DJT "the People's President" talks to the people like he's one of the people!!!"
  • The "Foreign Occupier" made a fool of himself once again as he campaigned for the "Demon-crats" and lied through his teeth!!! ..."He applied his tired old rhetoric to a bunch of stooges..."
  • "Any Anti-Free Enterprise law is an Anti-American law!!!" ...For when unleashed and allowed to operate there is no force in the wurrrld that can stop the American people & the "American Free Enterprise system!!!"
  • DJT "the Keep America Safe President" promises to stop the "caravan of illegal invading vermin!!!"
  • "The suicide watch for Democrats starts Wednesday!!!"
  • Claire McCaskill is a "political whore" that will say anything to stay in office!!!
  • Joe Manchin is no better... "He voted for the honorable Brett Kavanaugh to save his ass in the election!!!" ..."He has no scruples or morals and is nothing more than a political hack!!!"
  • "Oprah goes for the black candidate... unless of course the candidate is a black conservative!!!"
  • "Barbara Streisand is the anus with a nose..."
  • "The fat slob Alec Baldwin is arrested when he assaults a man over a parking spot!!!" ..."The comic hero of the Left is nothing more than what they are supposedly against... a bully!!!" ..."He needs a couple years in jail to cool off..."
  • The Chinese are crawling on their stomachs to "our Great President DJT!!!" ...Presenting strength brings "fair trade!!!"
  • America was once again "the sleeping giant" until DJT "the Nationalist President" came along!!!
  • "Government Healthcare means NO care!!!"
  • The great show from the 70's and early 80's, In Search of...hosted by Leonard Nimoy, is discussed and the following topics (below) are recommended viewing: (All episodes can be seen here.)
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Saturday, October 27, 2018

TRP! (10/26/18)

  • Frank's famous dictum, "Nationalism is the greatest force among nations!!!"
  • "Our great President DJT" ..."The America First President!!!" declares himself a "Nationalist!!!" ...A simple definition of that concrete for the moronic Left: (What is a Nationalist? One who loves and defends his or her country. A devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation. Including promoting the interests of one country over those of others!!!) ...Very simple, Nationalism versus Internationalism!!! ...Internationalism equals Bolshevism!!!
  • "Patriotism versus Globalism!!!" ..."Fight the Ruthless Cosmopolitans!!!"
  • "The Left plays on the historical and geopolitical ignorance of the people!!!"
  • "We've been Uncle Sap and Uncle Sucker for too long!!!"
  • "The United Nations is made up of thieves, grubbers, chiselers, & outlaws who have been feeding off the wealth of the United States!!!"
  • "You cannot stamp out Nationalism!!!" ..."Nationalism is not a dirty word!!!" ...It's natural!! It's organic!!! It grows and the people benefit from it!!! ...You see this in the "Trump Economic Miracle!!!"
  • "The illegal invaders want to swamp us!!!" ..."They are leeches & parasites, drug & disease carrying vermin that bring crime!!!" ..."If they are so hard working why don't they work hard in their own country!?!?" ..."We owe them nothing!!! ..."They do not have a birthright to invade our home!!!" ..."You are squatters!!!" ..."Come in the front door legally!!!" ..."Go back where you came from and apply!!!"
  • We need a (DJT-DF!!!) "DJT Defense Force" made up freedom loving Americans who will voluntarily go to the border and defend us!!!
  • "Why doesn't the altruistic Left remove the locks from their homes and disarm themselves and their bodyguards!?!?" ..."Have they ever met with the Angel families!?!?"
  • The Left always speaks of "revolution" but they won't help these people by giving them the means to overthrow the oppressive regimes and violent dictatorships in their own countries!!!
  • "DJT is not the real source of hatred for the Left... It's the people that support him!!!"
  • "The bombs sent to Biden and De Niro were likely a Left-wing plot to effect the upcoming election... We on the Right do not fear them in the least!!! ...We want them around for a long time and to keep talking!!! Speak up!!! It only helps our cause!!!"
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Sunday, October 21, 2018

TRP! (10/19/18)

  • "Democrats produce mobs!! Republicans produce jobs!!! "
  • "Horse faced whore" Stormy Daniels and her "bottom feeder lawyer" have their silly little case thrown out of court against "our great President DJT" the "America First President!!!" ...Will the "Media Criminals" cover this story with the same ferocity as they did her wild-eyed accusations?!?!
  • "Communist Lieawatha/Fakeahontas" is exposed as a fraud by her own DNA test!!! ...She is 1/1024 Beringian!!! LOL!!! ..."The Cherokee told the old bag to go stuff it!!!"
  • The Left is dripping with hatred for "DJT the Two Fisted Man of Action President!!!"
  • It's not news... it's just a constant stream of propaganda!!! ..."Dr. Josef Goebbels would be beaming with pride!!!" ...They try to tarnish, diminish, & destroy the character of "our Great President DJT" and once again they have failed!!!
  • Frank believes "our heroic and gallant Saudi Arabian allies" 100% in that the death of "Mohammedan Brotherhood supporting Khashoggi" was a "rogue operation!!" 
  • "Saudi Arabia and Israel are a breakwater against the murdering bastards in Parthia!!!"
  • "DJT is a breakwater against the forces of Anti-Americanism!!!"
  • "Frank took a DNA test and he is 99.99% pure Solutrean!!!" ..."Where are our reparations for the horrific crimes committed by the Berinigans against our great white Solutrean ancestors!?!?" ..."We are the REAL NATIVE AMERICANS!!!"
  • "When DJT keeps both houses he will eviscerate the Left!!!" ..."He will wipe the slate clean!!!"
  • When "the old drunk Ginsburg" croaks we will have yet another great Jeffersonian originalist strict constructionist on the Supreme Court!!!
  • We are always called Right-wing "extremists" but they are always called Left-wing "radicals"... ..."The Left practices tyranny of language!!!"
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Saturday, October 13, 2018

TRP! (10/12/18)

  • "Hail Columbus!!! Hail Columbus!!! Hail Columbus!!!" ..."We bow our heads in gratitude to thee!!!"
  • This is the real Columbus day!! October 12th!! The actual day he "rediscovered" the new world and it's this day we properly honor the greatest explorer and discoverer in history, the immortal Cristoforo Colombo!! ..."When he landed he brought the fruits of Western civilization to the primitive savage Beringians that occupied and stole the land from our ancestors!!!"
  • The original great explorers and first heroic discoverers of the new world (or what we properly call new Solutrea) were as you know, to be proven factually by "hard evidence" to be, our great white Solutrean ancestors, at least 20,000 years before!!! 
  • When the Left denigrates Columbus they look to destroy our culture from the very beginning, for if you stain and delegitimize our roots you delegitimize all that comes after!!!
  • A great united front of Republicans confirm our honorable new justice Brett Kavanaugh!!!
  • The monstrous hate filled poison souled Left attempted to conduct an "inquisition!!!" which was aimed at destroying a great man and his family!!! ..."They attempt not to defeat their enemies but to destroy them!!!" ..."The only truth to the Left is political gain and destruction of those they oppose!!!"
  • "Our Great President DJT"  ..."the Fearless Man with Backbone President!!!" stood by the honorable Brett Kavanaugh!!!
  • You'd have to be an utter moron to believe the constant tidal wave of negativity coming out of the "Ministry of Lies!!!"
  • Frank predicts there will be a lot of suicides on the Left the day after election day when DJT keeps both houses of congress!!! ..."If you think they are insane now you just wait!!!"
  • The Left lashes out viciously at the great Trump supporter Kayne West!!! ..."Another one they used to love that now they must destroy!!!" ...Remember when the Left killed Sammy Davis after he hugged Richard Nixon?!?! 
  • The deciding factor will always be people's paychecks!!!
  • DJT hilariously spoofs the Left about "being Presidential!!!"
  • The Left wants to put "an asterix" on the honorable Brett Kavanaugh...
  • "Mob violence is the Hallmark of the Left!!! They were born out of mob violence!!!"
  • "The Left-wing intimidators will never win!!!"
  • TRP guest Roger Stone got nervous when Frank noted that DJT road the crest of a "white tsunami!!!"
  • DJT drops the hammer on the vile Federal Reserve!!! ..."The destroyers of the American dollar and all of our savings!!!" ...They are attempting to effect the November election with their policies!!! ...They did the same thing in 2008 with their "quantitative easing" to help elect the "Foreign Occupier!!!"
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Sunday, October 7, 2018

TRP! (10/5/18)

  • As Frank used to say years ago on talk radio, "this time brother... We have overcome!!!"
  • Mitch Mcconnell & Lindsey "light in the loafers" Graham have been criticized here frequently. But, to their credit they really stepped up and galvanized Republican support for the honorable Brett Kavanaugh!!!
  • To date this was one of the worst most scurrilous & hateful performances by these "devil-crats!!!" ..."They really overplayed their hand as they tried to crucify the honorable Brett Kavanaugh!!!" ..."They were so enamored of themselves they thought they could get away with this!!!" ..."How low can this party sink!?!?"
  • "DJT the Fighting Back President" really let the Left have it!!! ...Yet another victory up on the board for "America's winningest President!!!"
  • "Crazy Blasey" is a fabulist!!! She lied when she used the phrase "fear of flying"... Anyone remember that Leftist "femi-nazi" Erica Jong??? She wrote a piece of crap novel called Fear of Flying... ..."We wonder if this was related as she tried to destroy an honest man's life!!!" ...The judge that ruled on foreclosing her families home was Brett Kavanaugh's mother... ..."Other than obvious left-wing ideological underpinnings there is more to this story!!!" ...Frank believes this broad spent time in a nuthouse out in CA...
  • The "white elephant in the room" is the Left's use of "entitled white men..." ..."White men are the kulaks of this country!!!" ...Frank exudes all of our frustrations on the topic... "He has the Right White Perspective!!!" ..."These constant incessant attacks must stop!!!"
  • The great white founding father Thomas Jefferson warned of "mobocracy" because he presciently studied ancient Rome!!!
  • John plays a bunch of great audio clips including Senator Orin Hatch telling the rabid supreme court kook protesters to grow up!!!
  • "Jane Fonda was a mindless cipher when she regurgitated the Marxian Left-wing nonsense of permanent revolution!!!"
  • "Alexander Parvus was the George Soros of his day!!!"
PLUS A VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW!!! with Patrick J. Deneen, professor of political science, University of Notre Dame, author of, Why Liberalism Failed.

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

TRP! (9/28/18)

  • The wurrrld was held in awe & wonder by "DJT the Patriotic America First President!!!" as he gave a rousing pro America speech to the UN!!! ..."It was magnificent & refreshing!!!"  ..."He laid it on the line to Parthia and Venezuela and all the two bit tinhorn dictators around the wurrrld!!!" ..."He is a great orator and didn't need the ridiculous affectation, gesticulation, or flowery rhetoric of the "Foreign Occcupier!!!"
  • Bill "degenerate" Cosby is sent to prison where he belongs!!!
  • "Logic, reason & history mean nothing to the Left!!!" ..."They want unlimited power!!!" ..."The power not to govern... but to rule!!!"
  • The Left has a pathological hatred of white men!!! ...A white man has a target on his back and is "guilty until proven innocent!!!"
  • Feel for poor Brett Kavanaugh and his beautiful family as the Left tries to destroy them!!! ...Lindsey Graham shocks us all with a spirited defense of this great and honorable man!!! ..."He said what needed to be said!!!"
  • It is so obvious that the scurrilous accusations made against him are purely ideological!!! ...With the Left the ends justify the means!!! ...They will do anything as they drudge up this "crazy" Christine Blasey and try to convince you she is a "credible" witness... ..."She is a sick broad that was coached..." ..."She is a mere stooge, a shill, with a truly unbelievable story..." ..."A fanatical Leftist, Democrat donor, & Anti-Trump Fanatic!!!"
  • Judge Kavanaugh was heroic in his own defense and gives a spirited and emotional opening statement...
  • "Richard Blumenthal is a lying scumbag!!!" ...A degenerate liar that besmirched Vietnam Vets!!! ...Who is he to question anyone!?!?
  •  ...If Jake "the snake" Flake doesn't vote than screw him!!! ...We don't need the FBI to investigate this farce!!!
  • Vince of NJ points out that he can understand that women who are raped may not come forward because they are embarrassed or humiliated by the awful violation... But, why would you not come forward immediately and report an "attempted rape???"
  • "The Left would kill you for simply disagreeing with them!!!" ..."They aim to eliminate all opposition..."
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Saturday, September 22, 2018

TRP! (9/21/18)

  • Stand behind Brett Kavanaugh!!! ...Nothing more than scurrilous accusations from the Left! He is a great man with an impeccable reputation!! 
  • "ALWAYS REMEMBER the Left-wing media's contrived Duke Lacrosse case!!!" ...This is more poison of the same flavor...
  • "Undo the Coup!!!" ...Frank predicts the end result of the Left's cabal will be civil war!!! ..."These are traitors and this is tyranny!!!"
  • "The one thing the vermin & human garbage on the Left can't take is a loss of power!!!"
  • "Our great President DJT" ..."The America First President" has turned the Left's paradigm upside down!!! 
  • "Screw you and your act presidential talk!!! ...DJT speaks the way the American People talk!!!"
  • "DJT has resuscitated the economy!!! He is an economic genius!!!" ...He has done what the Left said couldn't be done!!!
  • "Either we are a nation of laws or we are not a nation!!!" ..."Under the Left there is no law if they don't want that law!!!" ...Just like the contradiction that was Bolshevik Russia... ..."The most Liberal constitution in history" yet "the most oppressive regime in history!!!"
  • Lenin taught civil disorder... "you don't prune the tree of liberty... you cut it down and replace it!!!"
  • John and Frank used to torment Dick Oliver when he was on radio... ...The Left's use of "ole grey white men in the Senate" was pathetic and disrespectful!!!
  • Sam From Maryland suggested on last week's show that George the Atheist watch the following and he did and breaks it down in his call:
  • George the Atheist (former teacher) then replies with a homework assignment of his own for Sam From Maryland: Article & Speech by Onkar Ghate
  • Plato versus Aristotle? George declares Aristotle the clear winner!
    Plato & Aristotle (center) of Raphael's famous "School of Athens"
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Sunday, September 16, 2018

TRP! (9/14/18)

  • The Right wants "equality of opportunity" (Free Enterprise) the Left wants "equality of outcome..." (Socialism.)
  • "The Foreign Occupier" is a "megalomaniac and a pathological liar!!!" ...That S.O.B. had the unmitigated gall to try to take credit for the "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!"
  • You give "our great President DJT" the "Fighting President!!!" both houses and the "Foreign Occupier" will be "strangling in his own spit!!!" ..."The F.O. believed we were a nation in decline and he tried to manage it that way!!!"
  • "The Left is trying to nullify your vote by removing DJT from office..."
  • NEVER confuse "Jeffersonian Liberalism" with the "grotesque liberalism of today's Left!!!"
  • When Frank hears the word Progressive (or Progressivism) he reaches for his Browning!!! ...
  • "Obama-scam" was the Left's attempt to get rid of the "surplus population!!!"
  •  Always remember Hitler was a Socialist!!! A National Socialist!!! They wanted strong overreaching centralized government & saw everything through "the prism of race"... ...Just like the "Demsheviks" of today who are the true "Neo-National Socialists!!!" or what Frank calls "Neo-Bolsheviks!!!"
  • The battle between Bolshevism and Nazism was nothing more than a battle between two vile & virulent sects of the same disease-- Socialism!!!
  • Call us properly what we are... We are "White-decentralizers" or "White-localists"... not "White nationalists"!!!
  • The Left is supposed to be for "minority rights"... Then why aren't these hypocrites for the rights of the "white Boer minority" of South Africa?!?!
  • "Oliver Stone's JFK was an exercise in paranoia..."
  • "You have to be a moron to believe anything Alex Jones says..." 
  • Sam From Maryland, George the Atheist, & John From Conn each individually discuss the role of religion in the founding of our country... Are we really a nation "founded on" Judeo-Christian values?
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