Sunday, August 18, 2019

TRP! (8/16/19)

  • The long reach of the "Clinton Murder Machine" grasps yet another victim!!! ...Democrat Financier, convicted pedophile, & trafficker of children for sex, Jeffrey Epstein, is found dead in his NY jail cell under very questionable circumstances!!! ..."The Democrat secrets of flagrant degeneracy now die with him..." ..."You cannot have a Republic with this going on!!!"
  • The "media criminals" say his death was a "perfect storm"... But, as Albert Einstein said, "There are no coincidences!!!" ...And as Michael Corleone said, "If history has taught us anything... it is that you can kill anyone!!!"
  • To the Left death solves all problems... No man No Problem!!!
  • Remember the British were involved in the framing of our "Beloved, Magnificent, Heroic, President DJT... the Honest President!!!" ..."If anything questionable happens to him America will be finished!!!"
  • The circumstances of all this reminds Frank of the Catiline Conspiracy...
  • There is a level of sickness in this country... A cancer that allows one set of laws for the Patricians and one for the Plebs!!!
  • "There is No greater force among nations than Nationalism!!!" ..."America First!!!"
  • The Leftist one-wurrrldders wanted a one-wurrrld language called Esperanto... 
  • In the NBA the word "owner" is now deemed to be racist and offensive... LOL...These evil owners give them 10's of millions of dollars to play a kids game...
  • Peter Fonda becomes a good red!!!
  • Chris Cuomo proves that the final solution for all Leftists is violence as he threatens to assault a man... 
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Sunday, August 11, 2019

TRP! (8/9/19)

  • The despicable yet predictable Democrat playbook sadly continues as they once again look to exploit tragedy for political gain... But, in reality hateful Left-wing crackpots in their mass psychosis are the ones really running wild in this country!!!
  • "The Democrats are practicing the politics of self-destruction!!!" ..."They go out of their way to villainize and dehumanize those they hate!!!" ..."They are vile-venomous-vitriolic hatemongers!!!" ..."They're on there way to political perdition!!!"
  • "The 2nd Amendment exists first and foremost to stop out of control centralized government!!!" ..."The 2nd Amendment guarantees the 1st Amendment!!!"
  • The hypocritical Left inspire hate every time they speak!!! ...But, it is the Right that is always conveniently yet falsely blamed for every tragedy!!!
  • The Left always take the exception and make it the rule when they oppose you... 
  • The Left believes in (IDL) Incrementally Diminishing Liberty!!! ...Dare to cower and give them an inch they'll take a mile and every one of your liberties too!!!
  • The Left always hides behind the supposedly "noble cause"...
  • It's only hate speech if it is directed towards a member of a group the Left favors!!!
  • Left-wing sicko Rosanna Arquette apologizes for her "white privilege..."
  • 32 mass shootings under the Obama regime!!!
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Sunday, August 4, 2019

TRP! (8/2/19)

  • Frank fittingly renames "the Ronald Reagan Building" ..."the DJT Building!!!"
  • "They attack... DJT Fights Back! ...They attack... DJT Fights Back!! ...They attack... DJT Fights Back!!!" ..."Finally we have a President who is in our corner and he comes out swinging!!!"
  • "DJT the True Man of Action!!!" doesn't give any quarter to America's enemies!!!
  • "That two legged vermin Elijah Cummings got his comeuppanse!!!" ..."He's nothing more than a crook and a nasty scumbag!!!" ...Baltimore is a literal and figurative toilet!!!
  • "The Cry of Racism is the last bastion of a Left-wing Neo-Bolshevik Coward!!!" ..."They are an enemy-criminal-entity!!!" ..."WE LAUGH... every time they call us racist!!!"
  • TRP and real conservatives do not believe in special privileges for anyone!!! ..."Liberty to all Favors to None!!!"
  • Ole Fool Biden thinks he's running in 3030!!! ...LOL!!! or was that 30330!?!?
  • Frank predicted long ago and still believes that "Gorilla Cookie" will still jump in the race!!!
  • The resiliency and strength of the American people can accomplish anything while led by "DJT... He Fights Back President!!!"
  • "Giving the Left suicide assistance November 6th, 2020 will be the humane thing to do!!!"
  • Everything China makes is inferior to the United States!!! ...Thanks to DJT America has a "muscular foreign policy" once again!!!
  • "The Left are Political Pedophiles!!!"
  • "Every Left-winger must kiss the ring of poverty pimp and renowned criminal Al Sharpton!!!" ..."A vile anti-semite and vicious racist of colour!!!"
  • "DJT was 100% right about the corruption in Puerto Rico!!!"
  • "The Left should march to the white house self-flagellating themselves for all their miserable lies!!!"
  • "It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour!!!" --The Immortal Thomas Jefferson, Founder of the Republican Party!!!
  • Mercy Otis Warren was the TRUE "Founding Mother" of our country!!!
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Plus an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with heroic Climate Scientist, Dr. Anthony Lupo! Department chair and professor of atmospheric science at the University of Missouri. An unabashed & outspoken global warming skeptic that we are very proud to have on the program!


Sunday, July 28, 2019

TRP! (7/26/19)

  • "Clinton/DNC Figurehead" Bob Mueller mishears, mumbles, stutters, stumbles, & fumbles his way through the congressional hearing proving the whole “investigation” was really run by the Clintons, via all the rabid, hyperventilating, Trump-Hating/Hillary-loving Democrat lawyers!!!
  • Frank plays the Ballad of Donald Trump & Donnie T... Big Bad Don!!!
  • "How many people have been killed by the corrupt Clinton murder machine!?!?"
  • The Left-wing deep state coup of "our Great, Beloved, Heroic, Magnificent, President DJT the Iron Wall President" has failed!!!
  • Outback Jungle sends Frank an email showing how "the Left plans a violent revolution modeled after the Reign of Terror!!!" ...All of these Left-wing groups like Antifa will be met with "Fire & Fury" by real Americans!!!
  • "The Left knows they can't win elections based on their failed policies... the only way they win elections is by playing on people's emotions and by tearing people down and attacking their opponents reputation with (of course) the inevitable charge of racism..."
  • Rachel Maddow is a liberal crackpot, John plays the proof... ...It's impossible to have a civil discussion with these lunatics!!!
  • Tammy Bruce (7/21/19) repeats Frank's "Man of Action" phrase...
  • Ilhan Omar says, "white men cause most of the deaths in this country!!!" ..."Then go back to Somalia where there are less white men!!!" 
  • It will forever be known as the "Tappan Zee Bridge" not the "Mario Cuomo Bridge!!!"
  • "Democrats are termites in the woodwork of democracy!!!"
  • The great liberating to the Left, tennis match, between Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs was called the "Battle of the Sexes"... not the "Battle of the Genders!" ...DO NOT use the language of the Neo-Bolsheviks!!!
Plus an excellent Interview with: Tony Gallo who is running for Sheriff of Middlesex County, NJ... He calls in to talk about his pro-Constitution, pro-2nd Amendment, anti-illegal invader platform... 

Gallo’s 6 point “Action Plan” once elected by the People as Middlesex NJ County Sheriff. A Sheriff that will be for ALL of the People of Middlesex County! 

• A Constitutional Sheriff!

• Create a Drug Interdiction Team

• Team Work

• Community and Senior outreach programs

• Expand the duties of the Sheriff’s office

• Expanded Programs and Equipment

Help make Middlesex County SAFE Again, Vote Gallo for Sheriff this November 5th 2019 

Gallo 4 Middlesex County NJ Sheriff - Home

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

TRP! (7/19/19)

  • TRP salutes those great AMERICAN MEN of achievement that made up the Apollo Space Program!!!
  • "Our Great, Heroic, Magnificent, Beloved, President DJT the American Man of Action" being the stable genius he is has quite perfectly painted the "4 Douchebags" as the face of the Neo-Bolshevik Democrat party!!! 
  • "DJT the Taking No Prisoners, Kicking Ass and Taking Names President" is strangling the serpents in Parthia with his sanctions!!!
  • "The greatest force for Freedom in the history of the universe is the United States Armed Forces!!!" ..."Do not dare tweak the beak of the America Eagle!!!"
  • "People of Color" is a segregationist term!!!
  • "DJT has a great sense of humor... The Left does not... they're always angry!!!"
  • "The quality of an individual is reflected in the standards they set for themselves..." --Ray Kroc
  • "The Foreign Occupier" was just hot air & affectation with no results... The Left became mesmerized because they wanted to believe in his greatness... They put all of their aspirations into him, but, he was a nothing... a mere "cult figure."  ..."8 years of doing nothing!!!"
  • John of SI and John From Conn agree it's time to clear out the dead wood and let California leave the union and face the calamitous fate of Socialism on its own!!! ...All Left-wing devils all across the union will be encouraged to join them!!!
  • During the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, the Soviets Crashed Into the Moon
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Sunday, July 14, 2019

TRP! (7/12/19)

  • "The Ministry of Lies" & the "Media Criminals" are Public Enemy #1!!! ...They bend over backwards this week in unison trying to link degenerate human garbage Epstein to "our Glorious, Magnificent, Heroic, Brave, Moral, Doing What's Right for America President DJT!!!" ...All while trying to cover up the real Epstein connection to the Clinton's & to distract from the continued success of the "DJT Economic Miracle!!!" ..."They are truly sick and poisoned with hatred!!!"
  • The "newspeak" created daily coming from the "Mainstream Media Criminals" are "code words..." ...if you don't know or understand them that makes you a hater, racist, or bigot!!!
  • We as stu-dants of history know perverted immoral filth BJ Clinton & "The Foreign Occupier" were the true Caligula's!!! ...Does "Democrat Pizzagate" seem so far-fetched now!?!? ...But they were only the symptom of the illness with these Neo-Bolsheviks!!! 
  • The "8 year long national nightmare" of the "Foreign Occupation Regime" ended when the sun rose again over the body politic and DJT was elected!!!
  • "The Left's balloon of hatred will bust when DJT is re-elected!!!"
  • Frank reads a great article from the Epoch Times: Lenin’s Hero Nechayev: The Evilest Communist Who Ever Lived?
  • "Megan Rapinoe is a 15 seconds of fame lesbian nothing... No morals, No sportsmanship & No clue..." ..."She spits on all of us by not honoring the office of the President, our Flag, or our Republic.." ..."She is Queen of the 1-inch ant hill!!!"
  • "Repeat it... it's not your gender it's your sex!!!" ...Always remember you cannot change your chromosomes!!! ...Marxism tried to remove the line between the sexes and it was a disaster!!! 
  • George the Atheist calls in as he continues to honor the great men that made up Apollo space program... ...He also makes some interesting celestial observations, honors a hero of his the great Galileo, & asks some very intriguing philosophical questions!
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Sunday, July 7, 2019

TRP! (7/5/19)

  • "The day of reckoning is coming to California!!! ...Flee California!!!" ..."You have been warned!!!" ..."Your money, privilege, and status can't protect you!!!" ..."Sodom is L.A!!! Gomorrah is San Francisco!!!"
  • Happy 4th of July!!! ...What a wonderful day it was thanks to "our Great, Heroic, Magnificent, President DJT the Triumphal President!!!" ...Every American was beaming with pride, love, & respect and their hearts were filled with triumph as they watched our military heroes parade down Pennsylvania Ave!!! ...We celebrated America's birthday and all our tremendous accomplishments!!!
  • The Neo-Bolshevik ship is sinking fast!!! ...Every Left-wing radical better put a life-vest on because the donkeys are going down hard!!!
  • "We celebrate those great white men of purpose that got us to the moon in less than 10 years!!!" ...Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing the old footage of those heroes wearing their white short sleeve shirts and ties... all sporting crew cuts!!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier" ruined the census by counting illegal vermin... "Our great President DJT the Fighting Hard to Put America First President" will restore it to respectability!!! 
  • "North Korea has an economy one third that of Rhode Island!!! ...LOL witness the wonders of Socialism!!!"
  • The Left practices (IDL) incrementally diminishing liberty!!!
  • "There will be mass suicides on the Left when DJT is victorious once again!!! ...They will go down like Minister Goebbels refusing to live without their leader in power..."
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PLUS an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!! with Mark Michael Lewis, a prominent "Objectivist." He is here to discuss Ayn Rand's "Pro reason... Pro individual rights... Pro free-enterprise" philosophy... (And to honor the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11) Tonight he will specifically examine her famous Lecture, Apollo and Dionysus, that she delivered at Boston's Ford Hall in 1969, that honored the great men of purpose that made up the Apollo Space Program...


Sunday, June 30, 2019

TRP! (6/28/19)

  • "Who won the Democrat debate??? ...DJT!!!"
  • "Anybody that watched the Demshevik debate saw a 2-night clown show!!! ...What a bunch of pathetic losers!!! ...They are all liars and hypocrites!!!" ...Fanatics and Lunatics!!! "
  • "Old Joe is quickly sliding into senility... ...Bernie is just out of his mind... Kamala only has the race card... Slime-well was nothing but hateful...  ...They got more and more insane and hateful as the night went on!!!"
  • Free medical care for illegal vermin... Open borders... Hatred for Christians... Judeophobia... Tax the middle class & push class warfare... Pander to the Parthian bastards ... Break up the armed forces... Hatred for DJT... Remove the tax cuts... Single-payer socialized-medicine with no private insurance...
  • The Democrat nominee is sure to be the biggest Trump Hater!!!
  • It's "unwed mothers"... not "single mom's"...
  • "That Cortez Broad" stages a propaganda skit about supposed "abused kids" at the border... The Left have always been "political pedophiles!!!" ...For the longest time they have gone out of their way to use children as props to advance their devilish plans...
  • The Left believes men now need "reproductive rights"...
  • Left-wing Hollywood always glamorizes the Bolshevik side of the Spanish Civil War and endlessly portrays them as heroes...
  • "Afrocentrism" is now turning out to be nonsense!!!
  • The great Mel from Saratoga Springs returns!!! ...He was the victim of a "hate crime!!!" ...He was in fact ambushed and blind-sided by sick Left-wing thugs while calling in live to TRP!!! ...Why??? Because he was an African American wearing Trump gear!!!
  • "Liberals want to keep you broke so they can control you!!!"
  • "To the Left reason is weakness!!!"
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Sunday, June 23, 2019

TRP! (6/21/19)

  • "If it wasn't so true it would be a comedy what's going on with these feeble Democrats..." ...The Left can't govern themselves but want to govern you... LOL... ..."They're going to eat Slow Joe alive..."
  • The Democrat party will eventually fragment into different factions... the Democratic Socialists, the Neo-Bolsheviks, The Pro-Abortion Democrats, the Enviro-pagans, the California Secessionists... etc...
  • "Even Fat Bastard Michael Moore said DJT will win in 2020!!! ...We don't need him to tell us that ...we know it!!!"
  • "The Cortez Broad has graduated to the Cortez Bitch..."
  • On Slow Joes's "political tombstone" it will read... "Here Lies Slow Joe... His Mouth Killed Him..."
  • "The Left always eats it's own... and the dinner bell is going to ring!!!" ..."All while they are fighting to see who is the most insane!!!"
  • "This is the first time in our lives there is a job for everyone!!!" ...And NOT BS parasitical government jobs... Free Enterprise Jobs!!!
  • "DJT is the Keeping US Out of War President!!!" ...."The Prince of Peace!!!"
  • BEWARE!!! there will be a ton of election fraud coming from the Left... BUT "DJT the Most Winning President!!!" will prevail!!!
  • "To the Left if DJT goes to war with Parthia he will be called a warmonger starting WWIII... but if he shows patience and reserve they will say he doesn't know what he's doing..."
  • "What a farce wrapped in a joke surrounded by a comedy..." ...The Left calls for reparations!!! ...Trying to keep a stranglehold on the black vote by dangling free money... 
  • The Left's current platform... "Hating DJT, the Gangrene New Deal, & Reparations..." ...Good Luck in 2020!!!
  • "Los Angeles is literally a breeding ground for disease!!!" ..."Hopefully the great plague hits Hollywood... before the great earthquake does..."
  • "Bernie Sanders is a self-hating jew!!!" ..."He admiringly went to Bolshevik Russia for his honeymoon despite their harsh record of oppression against Judaism!!!"
  • The classic movie Network was ahead of its time as it predicted the merging of entertainment with so called news ...all run by the Left... ...The Left hates the film as it took down many of their icons!!!
  • AHC is "the American Hitler Channel" as they love showing National Socialist programs morning and night...
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Sunday, June 16, 2019

TRP! (6/14/19)

  • "The Media Criminals in the Ministry of Lies are Public Enemy #1!!!"
  • "DJT the Protecting America & Triumphal President" is willing to stand strong and use or threaten tariffs where needed!!! ...This is one of the best policy mechanisms we have seen in decades!!! 
  • Happy Birthday DJT!!! & Happy Flag Day America!!!
  • "The Left is stuck in the miasma of the 1970's!!!" ..."The Jimmy Carter coffin of ideas... that America can do no right!!!" ..."Wanting America to lose at home and around the wurrrld..." ..."Every country they do support is an enemy of the United States!!!"
  • "DJT the Fighting Back President" will clean out the rat's nest in Parthia!!! ...He will flatten the filthy towels wrapped around their heads!!! ...He will destroy all Left-wing demons he comes across!!!
  • So much for the Left's old cry that "we have reached peak oil..." ...Thanks to "DJT the America First President" we now export oil!!! ..."They never counted on the greatest economic force in the history of the universe... American Technology!!!" ...Thanks to that Can-do Spirit we came up with new drilling techniques such as fracking and are now swimming in petroleum...
  • "America does not invade countries... we liberate them!!!"
  • "If Marxism is so scientific and superior how is it that they always need America to trade with!?!?"  ..."Why are they always looking to steal and are in such a need of our technology & intellectual property!?!?" 
  • "We want Free Trade as long as it is FAIR TRADE!!!"
  • Franks calls the Left-wing elites the "hypocrite tier..."
  • There will be nothing left of the ole bastard Jibber-Jabber-Dummy 1% Joe Biden when "DJT the Clear the Field President" gets through with him!!! ..."Taking on DJT is a political death sentence!!!"
  • The Left's latest silly mantra (taken again from the 1970's) is that "No one is above the law..." ...John of SI plays them spewing their new talking point... ...Imagine even the despicable Susan Rice was saying such a thing... one of the biggest leaders of deception with Benghazi!!!
  • "Food is the weapon of the Left!!!" --Frank of Queens ...Over 300 million dead by their Socialist government created famines of the past 100 years!!!
  • "Socialism is the greatest calamity to hit mankind since the fall of Rome!!!" ...These Left-wing kooks only ever talk about the "give away part" of Socialism... Never the "murder part" of it!!!
  • "There were and are no Communist citizens... just Communist slaves!!!" ..."Socialism needs to be consigned to the ash heap of history!!!"
  • David Ortiz, with his life on the line, doesn't fly the short trip to Cuba for special exploratory surgery... ...he instead for some reason chooses the long trip to Boston!!!
  • Hong Kong is a bastion of Free Enterprise which is why while Communism was strangling the people of China... Hong Kong was thriving!!! ...Watch Milton Friedman's great Free to Choose episode on the subject (below)... ..."Better to die on your feet as a free man then to die on your knees under the yoke and shackle of Communism!!!"
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