Saturday, November 17, 2018

TRP! (11/16/18)

  • The sore loser Democrats cannot believe DJT thwarted them yet again!!! ...Their attempts to steal elections is being shut down by the rule of law!!!
  • "The Left does nothing but lie!!! They are a destructive force!!! They are a menace!!! The only reason you would ever vote for them is if you have some kind of vendetta or you just want to see this country destroyed or ruined or if you are hoping to live off the government..."
  • "Their policies stink and do not work and they know this ..." ..."This is why they always end up resorting to scare tactics or demonization!!!" ..."That's why they keep race right on the front burner as well..." ..."We are tired of them calling every policy they don't like racist!!!" ..."Whatever doesn't work for them we are supposed to get rid of... from the Senate to the Electoral College!!!"
  • "They are causing the downfall of the greatest healthcare system in the world!!!"
  • "Violence is all they know... You can't win someones heart with violence!!! ...The Left never admits they are wrong..."
  • "Martha McSally folds like a cheap suit... ...What a wimpy and pathetic concession speech..." ...She may wind up in the Senate anyway taking John McCain's seat.
  • John plays his call to Larry Mendte... Larry cuts John off because he deemed him to be too harsh towards the Left... Yet everything John said in the call has been proven to be true!!!
  • "Brenda Sneaky Snipes" should have been fired long ago!!! ...Jeb Bush only appointed her because he wanted to appear diverse..." ..."The whole structure down in Broward County is rotten!!!" ..."We are just picking on her because she is an elderly black woman and we are all racists..." LOL.
  • "Early voting was another Democrat trick to help their lazy & apathetic constituents!!!"
  • Republicans never protest... yet there are so many things to be infuriated with...
  • "My mother was a life long Republican... until she died and became a Democrat..." --Joe From Brooklyn 
  • Red Eye Radio tags along with TRP... ..."The Fountainhead of the Right!!!"
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Saturday, November 10, 2018

TRP! (11/9/18)

  • A major win for "our Great President DJT!!!"  Only one time since 1934 has a new president gained seats in the Senate in his first midterm election!!! ...DJT "the Iron Wall President!!!" has accomplished this major feat at a time when judicial appointments are more important than ever!!! To compare: "the Foreign Occupier" lost 6 Senate seats in his first midterm!!! ...Key Governor races also go to Trump supporting Republicans!!! 
  • The weakling "Republi-cant's" that ran against DJT and did not accept his warm embrace paid the price as they were electorally sacrificed for their sins!!! ..."Come aboard the Trump Train or you will be left behind!!!"
  • Call it "the honorable Brett Kavanaugh effect!!!"
  • "When you can't win elections ...steal them!!!" ...The Demsheviks are now trying to undo the will of the people!!! ..."You cannot have a Republic with this type of corruption!!!" ..."This is Boss Tweed politics!!!"
  • "Oil is the life blood of our country and the pipelines are the arteries!!!"
  • "The Foreign Occupier's legacy is a legacy of dust!!!"
  • "Soon the ole bag Ginsburg will become a good red!!!"
  • "The Left are not stu-dants of history but are ignoramuses of history!!!"
  • "Thomas Jefferson warned about the dangers and corruption of the cities and the shiftless aimless mobs that lay within!!!"
  • "Don't put anything past these criminal Democrats!!!"
  • DJT uses Frank's "economic miracle" line again!!!
  • Republican Young Kim Expected To Be First Korean-American Woman Elected To Congress In Deep Blue CA!!!
  • Joyless Blowhard thinks the Senate can be gerrymandered!!! LOL!!!
  • Frank warns of Mitt Romney voting against DJT and the country!!!
  • "Congress will now become the do nothing Congress!!!"
  • "Obongo looks awful... a strung out drug addict as Frank always said..."
  • Infamous covered up photo of Obongo with Crapinthecan:
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Saturday, November 3, 2018

TRP! (11/2/18)

  • "Results versus Resistance!!!" Vote Republican!!! ..."They will keep the House and add to the Senate!!!" ..."The rigged polls will be wrong once again..."
  • The greatest economy in history in two short years and DJT created the "Economic Miracle" without getting us into a War like a Democrat!!!
  • DJT "the People's President" talks to the people like he's one of the people!!!"
  • The "Foreign Occupier" made a fool of himself once again as he campaigned for the "Demon-crats" and lied through his teeth!!! ..."He applied his tired old rhetoric to a bunch of stooges..."
  • "Any Anti-Free Enterprise law is an Anti-American law!!!" ...For when unleashed and allowed to operate there is no force in the wurrrld that can stop the American people & the "American Free Enterprise system!!!"
  • DJT "the Keep America Safe President" promises to stop the "caravan of illegal invading vermin!!!"
  • "The suicide watch for Democrats starts Wednesday!!!"
  • Claire McCaskill is a "political whore" that will say anything to stay in office!!!
  • Joe Manchin is no better... "He voted for the honorable Brett Kavanaugh to save his ass in the election!!!" ..."He has no scruples or morals and is nothing more than a political hack!!!"
  • "Oprah goes for the black candidate... unless of course the candidate is a black conservative!!!"
  • "Barbara Streisand is the anus with a nose..."
  • "The fat slob Alec Baldwin is arrested when he assaults a man over a parking spot!!!" ..."The comic hero of the Left is nothing more than what they are supposedly against... a bully!!!" ..."He needs a couple years in jail to cool off..."
  • The Chinese are crawling on their stomachs to "our Great President DJT!!!" ...Presenting strength brings "fair trade!!!"
  • America was once again "the sleeping giant" until DJT "the Nationalist President" came along!!!
  • "Government Healthcare means NO care!!!"
  • The great show from the 70's and early 80's, In Search of...hosted by Leonard Nimoy, is discussed and the following topics (below) are recommended viewing: (All episodes can be seen here.)
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Saturday, October 27, 2018

TRP! (10/26/18)

  • Frank's famous dictum, "Nationalism is the greatest force among nations!!!"
  • "Our great President DJT" ..."The America First President!!!" declares himself a "Nationalist!!!" ...A simple definition of that concrete for the moronic Left: (What is a Nationalist? One who loves and defends his or her country. A devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation. Including promoting the interests of one country over those of others!!!) ...Very simple, Nationalism versus Internationalism!!! ...Internationalism equals Bolshevism!!!
  • "Patriotism versus Globalism!!!" ..."Fight the Ruthless Cosmopolitans!!!"
  • "The Left plays on the historical and geopolitical ignorance of the people!!!"
  • "We've been Uncle Sap and Uncle Sucker for too long!!!"
  • "The United Nations is made up of thieves, grubbers, chiselers, & outlaws who have been feeding off the wealth of the United States!!!"
  • "You cannot stamp out Nationalism!!!" ..."Nationalism is not a dirty word!!!" ...It's natural!! It's organic!!! It grows and the people benefit from it!!! ...You see this in the "Trump Economic Miracle!!!"
  • "The illegal invaders want to swamp us!!!" ..."They are leeches & parasites, drug & disease carrying vermin that bring crime!!!" ..."If they are so hard working why don't they work hard in their own country!?!?" ..."We owe them nothing!!! ..."They do not have a birthright to invade our home!!!" ..."You are squatters!!!" ..."Come in the front door legally!!!" ..."Go back where you came from and apply!!!"
  • We need a (DJT-DF!!!) "DJT Defense Force" made up freedom loving Americans who will voluntarily go to the border and defend us!!!
  • "Why doesn't the altruistic Left remove the locks from their homes and disarm themselves and their bodyguards!?!?" ..."Have they ever met with the Angel families!?!?"
  • The Left always speaks of "revolution" but they won't help these people by giving them the means to overthrow the oppressive regimes and violent dictatorships in their own countries!!!
  • "DJT is not the real source of hatred for the Left... It's the people that support him!!!"
  • "The bombs sent to Biden and De Niro were likely a Left-wing plot to effect the upcoming election... We on the Right do not fear them in the least!!! ...We want them around for a long time and to keep talking!!! Speak up!!! It only helps our cause!!!"
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Sunday, October 21, 2018

TRP! (10/19/18)

  • "Democrats produce mobs!! Republicans produce jobs!!! "
  • "Horse faced whore" Stormy Daniels and her "bottom feeder lawyer" have their silly little case thrown out of court against "our great President DJT" the "America First President!!!" ...Will the "Media Criminals" cover this story with the same ferocity as they did her wild-eyed accusations?!?!
  • "Communist Lieawatha/Fakeahontas" is exposed as a fraud by her own DNA test!!! ...She is 1/1024 Beringian!!! LOL!!! ..."The Cherokee told the old bag to go stuff it!!!"
  • The Left is dripping with hatred for "DJT the Two Fisted Man of Action President!!!"
  • It's not news... it's just a constant stream of propaganda!!! ..."Dr. Josef Goebbels would be beaming with pride!!!" ...They try to tarnish, diminish, & destroy the character of "our Great President DJT" and once again they have failed!!!
  • Frank believes "our heroic and gallant Saudi Arabian allies" 100% in that the death of "Mohammedan Brotherhood supporting Khashoggi" was a "rogue operation!!" 
  • "Saudi Arabia and Israel are a breakwater against the murdering bastards in Parthia!!!"
  • "DJT is a breakwater against the forces of Anti-Americanism!!!"
  • "Frank took a DNA test and he is 99.99% pure Solutrean!!!" ..."Where are our reparations for the horrific crimes committed by the Berinigans against our great white Solutrean ancestors!?!?" ..."We are the REAL NATIVE AMERICANS!!!"
  • "When DJT keeps both houses he will eviscerate the Left!!!" ..."He will wipe the slate clean!!!"
  • When "the old drunk Ginsburg" croaks we will have yet another great Jeffersonian originalist strict constructionist on the Supreme Court!!!
  • We are always called Right-wing "extremists" but they are always called Left-wing "radicals"... ..."The Left practices tyranny of language!!!"
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Saturday, October 13, 2018

TRP! (10/12/18)

  • "Hail Columbus!!! Hail Columbus!!! Hail Columbus!!!" ..."We bow our heads in gratitude to thee!!!"
  • This is the real Columbus day!! October 12th!! The actual day he "rediscovered" the new world and it's this day we properly honor the greatest explorer and discoverer in history, the immortal Cristoforo Colombo!! ..."When he landed he brought the fruits of Western civilization to the primitive savage Beringians that occupied and stole the land from our ancestors!!!"
  • The original great explorers and first heroic discoverers of the new world (or what we properly call new Solutrea) were as you know, to be proven factually by "hard evidence" to be, our great white Solutrean ancestors, at least 20,000 years before!!! 
  • When the Left denigrates Columbus they look to destroy our culture from the very beginning, for if you stain and delegitimize our roots you delegitimize all that comes after!!!
  • A great united front of Republicans confirm our honorable new justice Brett Kavanaugh!!!
  • The monstrous hate filled poison souled Left attempted to conduct an "inquisition!!!" which was aimed at destroying a great man and his family!!! ..."They attempt not to defeat their enemies but to destroy them!!!" ..."The only truth to the Left is political gain and destruction of those they oppose!!!"
  • "Our Great President DJT"  ..."the Fearless Man with Backbone President!!!" stood by the honorable Brett Kavanaugh!!!
  • You'd have to be an utter moron to believe the constant tidal wave of negativity coming out of the "Ministry of Lies!!!"
  • Frank predicts there will be a lot of suicides on the Left the day after election day when DJT keeps both houses of congress!!! ..."If you think they are insane now you just wait!!!"
  • The Left lashes out viciously at the great Trump supporter Kayne West!!! ..."Another one they used to love that now they must destroy!!!" ...Remember when the Left killed Sammy Davis after he hugged Richard Nixon?!?! 
  • The deciding factor will always be people's paychecks!!!
  • DJT hilariously spoofs the Left about "being Presidential!!!"
  • The Left wants to put "an asterix" on the honorable Brett Kavanaugh...
  • "Mob violence is the Hallmark of the Left!!! They were born out of mob violence!!!"
  • "The Left-wing intimidators will never win!!!"
  • TRP guest Roger Stone got nervous when Frank noted that DJT road the crest of a "white tsunami!!!"
  • DJT drops the hammer on the vile Federal Reserve!!! ..."The destroyers of the American dollar and all of our savings!!!" ...They are attempting to effect the November election with their policies!!! ...They did the same thing in 2008 with their "quantitative easing" to help elect the "Foreign Occupier!!!"
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Sunday, October 7, 2018

TRP! (10/5/18)

  • As Frank used to say years ago on talk radio, "this time brother... We have overcome!!!"
  • Mitch Mcconnell & Lindsey "light in the loafers" Graham have been criticized here frequently. But, to their credit they really stepped up and galvanized Republican support for the honorable Brett Kavanaugh!!!
  • To date this was one of the worst most scurrilous & hateful performances by these "devil-crats!!!" ..."They really overplayed their hand as they tried to crucify the honorable Brett Kavanaugh!!!" ..."They were so enamored of themselves they thought they could get away with this!!!" ..."How low can this party sink!?!?"
  • "DJT the Fighting Back President" really let the Left have it!!! ...Yet another victory up on the board for "America's winningest President!!!"
  • "Crazy Blasey" is a fabulist!!! She lied when she used the phrase "fear of flying"... Anyone remember that Leftist "femi-nazi" Erica Jong??? She wrote a piece of crap novel called Fear of Flying... ..."We wonder if this was related as she tried to destroy an honest man's life!!!" ...The judge that ruled on foreclosing her families home was Brett Kavanaugh's mother... ..."Other than obvious left-wing ideological underpinnings there is more to this story!!!" ...Frank believes this broad spent time in a nuthouse out in CA...
  • The "white elephant in the room" is the Left's use of "entitled white men..." ..."White men are the kulaks of this country!!!" ...Frank exudes all of our frustrations on the topic... "He has the Right White Perspective!!!" ..."These constant incessant attacks must stop!!!"
  • The great white founding father Thomas Jefferson warned of "mobocracy" because he presciently studied ancient Rome!!!
  • John plays a bunch of great audio clips including Senator Orin Hatch telling the rabid supreme court kook protesters to grow up!!!
  • "Jane Fonda was a mindless cipher when she regurgitated the Marxian Left-wing nonsense of permanent revolution!!!"
  • "Alexander Parvus was the George Soros of his day!!!"
PLUS A VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW!!! with Patrick J. Deneen, professor of political science, University of Notre Dame, author of, Why Liberalism Failed.

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

TRP! (9/28/18)

  • The wurrrld was held in awe & wonder by "DJT the Patriotic America First President!!!" as he gave a rousing pro America speech to the UN!!! ..."It was magnificent & refreshing!!!"  ..."He laid it on the line to Parthia and Venezuela and all the two bit tinhorn dictators around the wurrrld!!!" ..."He is a great orator and didn't need the ridiculous affectation, gesticulation, or flowery rhetoric of the "Foreign Occcupier!!!"
  • Bill "degenerate" Cosby is sent to prison where he belongs!!!
  • "Logic, reason & history mean nothing to the Left!!!" ..."They want unlimited power!!!" ..."The power not to govern... but to rule!!!"
  • The Left has a pathological hatred of white men!!! ...A white man has a target on his back and is "guilty until proven innocent!!!"
  • Feel for poor Brett Kavanaugh and his beautiful family as the Left tries to destroy them!!! ...Lindsey Graham shocks us all with a spirited defense of this great and honorable man!!! ..."He said what needed to be said!!!"
  • It is so obvious that the scurrilous accusations made against him are purely ideological!!! ...With the Left the ends justify the means!!! ...They will do anything as they drudge up this "crazy" Christine Blasey and try to convince you she is a "credible" witness... ..."She is a sick broad that was coached..." ..."She is a mere stooge, a shill, with a truly unbelievable story..." ..."A fanatical Leftist, Democrat donor, & Anti-Trump Fanatic!!!"
  • Judge Kavanaugh was heroic in his own defense and gives a spirited and emotional opening statement...
  • "Richard Blumenthal is a lying scumbag!!!" ...A degenerate liar that besmirched Vietnam Vets!!! ...Who is he to question anyone!?!?
  •  ...If Jake "the snake" Flake doesn't vote than screw him!!! ...We don't need the FBI to investigate this farce!!!
  • Vince of NJ points out that he can understand that women who are raped may not come forward because they are embarrassed or humiliated by the awful violation... But, why would you not come forward immediately and report an "attempted rape???"
  • "The Left would kill you for simply disagreeing with them!!!" ..."They aim to eliminate all opposition..."
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Saturday, September 22, 2018

TRP! (9/21/18)

  • Stand behind Brett Kavanaugh!!! ...Nothing more than scurrilous accusations from the Left! He is a great man with an impeccable reputation!! 
  • "ALWAYS REMEMBER the Left-wing media's contrived Duke Lacrosse case!!!" ...This is more poison of the same flavor...
  • "Undo the Coup!!!" ...Frank predicts the end result of the Left's cabal will be civil war!!! ..."These are traitors and this is tyranny!!!"
  • "The one thing the vermin & human garbage on the Left can't take is a loss of power!!!"
  • "Our great President DJT" ..."The America First President" has turned the Left's paradigm upside down!!! 
  • "Screw you and your act presidential talk!!! ...DJT speaks the way the American People talk!!!"
  • "DJT has resuscitated the economy!!! He is an economic genius!!!" ...He has done what the Left said couldn't be done!!!
  • "Either we are a nation of laws or we are not a nation!!!" ..."Under the Left there is no law if they don't want that law!!!" ...Just like the contradiction that was Bolshevik Russia... ..."The most Liberal constitution in history" yet "the most oppressive regime in history!!!"
  • Lenin taught civil disorder... "you don't prune the tree of liberty... you cut it down and replace it!!!"
  • John and Frank used to torment Dick Oliver when he was on radio... ...The Left's use of "ole grey white men in the Senate" was pathetic and disrespectful!!!
  • Sam From Maryland suggested on last week's show that George the Atheist watch the following and he did and breaks it down in his call:
  • George the Atheist (former teacher) then replies with a homework assignment of his own for Sam From Maryland: Article & Speech by Onkar Ghate
  • Plato versus Aristotle? George declares Aristotle the clear winner!
    Plato & Aristotle (center) of Raphael's famous "School of Athens"
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Sunday, September 16, 2018

TRP! (9/14/18)

  • The Right wants "equality of opportunity" (Free Enterprise) the Left wants "equality of outcome..." (Socialism.)
  • "The Foreign Occupier" is a "megalomaniac and a pathological liar!!!" ...That S.O.B. had the unmitigated gall to try to take credit for the "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!"
  • You give "our great President DJT" the "Fighting President!!!" both houses and the "Foreign Occupier" will be "strangling in his own spit!!!" ..."The F.O. believed we were a nation in decline and he tried to manage it that way!!!"
  • "The Left is trying to nullify your vote by removing DJT from office..."
  • NEVER confuse "Jeffersonian Liberalism" with the "grotesque liberalism of today's Left!!!"
  • When Frank hears the word Progressive (or Progressivism) he reaches for his Browning!!! ...
  • "Obama-scam" was the Left's attempt to get rid of the "surplus population!!!"
  •  Always remember Hitler was a Socialist!!! A National Socialist!!! They wanted strong overreaching centralized government & saw everything through "the prism of race"... ...Just like the "Demsheviks" of today who are the true "Neo-National Socialists!!!" or what Frank calls "Neo-Bolsheviks!!!"
  • The battle between Bolshevism and Nazism was nothing more than a battle between two vile & virulent sects of the same disease-- Socialism!!!
  • Call us properly what we are... We are "White-decentralizers" or "White-localists"... not "White nationalists"!!!
  • The Left is supposed to be for "minority rights"... Then why aren't these hypocrites for the rights of the "white Boer minority" of South Africa?!?!
  • "Oliver Stone's JFK was an exercise in paranoia..."
  • "You have to be a moron to believe anything Alex Jones says..." 
  • Sam From Maryland, George the Atheist, & John From Conn each individually discuss the role of religion in the founding of our country... Are we really a nation "founded on" Judeo-Christian values?
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Saturday, September 8, 2018

TRP! (9/7/28)

  • DJT "Won't Back Down" to the vile Left-wing hoards trying to prevent America from being great again!!!
  • Even "the Foreign Occupier" catches on to Frank's now famous "Economic Miracle" phrase...
  • "Did you see that vermin trying to disrupt the Kavanaugh hearing!?!?" ..."Paid disruptors!!!" ..."We want an investigation into which Democrat Senators were behind this conspiracy and have them thrown out of the Senate!!!" ..."They COLLUDED..."
  • "The Handmaid's Tale is another piece of crap about Christian fanatics taking over... Why do we never see a movie or TV show about Mohammedan fanatics taking over!?!?"
  • Cory Booker thinks he is the next "Foreign Occupier!!!" ..."I am Spartacus" meant I am a slave... Spartacus was directed by Dalton Trumbo, a Communist, appropriately blacklisted by "Saint Joe" McCarthy!!! ..."He made the movie as a metaphor for the United States..." ..."Saint Joe" exposed the termites hiding in the woodwork of democracy!!!
  • "The original FO" dares to say he started the economic recovery!!! ..."There is a difference between hoping for something... and actually doing something!!!" ...The "Media Criminals" will never mention all the damage he did to the country... ...Yet they continuously attack "our Great President DJT" ..."The Getting it Done President!!!" ..."Why should we go back to the days when we were economically and psychologically depressed under the 8 year national nightmare!?!?"
  • "DJT doesn't get heart attacks!!! ...He gives heart attacks!!!" ..."He has a muscular foreign policy!!! He has a muscular economy!!!" 
  • "The Left is going to have a collective nervous breakdown when he keeps both houses!!!"
  • Jared Stevens gives us "Dino" ...Democrats in name only!!!
  • The Sins of the Father, by Ronald Kessler, was a good book that exposes the roots of the Kennedys' corruption.
  • Bob From Brooklyn calls in and discusses why Richard Nixon wasn't a conservative...
  • Somebody should tell Alexandria Cortez she is a "Hispanic Nazi!!!"
  • The constant "affectations of the Left" are an attempt to cover up their ineptitude!!!
  • Venezuela was a great country until the cancer of Socialism infected it!!!
  • The next time somebody says DJT is not presidential ask them if they voted for BJ Clinton!!!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

TRP! (8/31/18)

  • "We live in a different reality than the Left!!!" ...The "Media scum" want you to believe their reality!!! But, the facts are the facts!!! "Our Great President DJT" is the "The Promises Made Promises Kept President!!!" ...How come nobody else could do it!?!? ..."DJT is the ECONOMIC MIRACLE PRESIDENT!!!"
  • "John McCain was a petty picayune nasty little man..." ..."Just before he croaked at the bitter end he was still taking jealous pot shots at DJT..."... "He was also jealous of Sarah Palin who was more popular than him during his now infamous and failed campaign..." ..."A two time loser and a political hack..." ..."With any normal candidate maybe we could have avoided the '8 year long national nightmare' of the "Foreign Occupier!!!" ..."John McCain was an echo not a choice!!!" ..."The title of  'maverick' went to his head..."
  •  "Aretha Franklin was a screamer not a singer..." ..."You can tell the character of a person by the company they keep..." ...Those that have come out to pay their r-e-s-p-e-c-t are the Left-wing dregs of society...
  • "Sharpton appeals to the blacks that suck on the teats of government aid!!!" ..."The only jobs he has ever created were to feather his own nest..." ..."He is a rabid & virulent judeophobe of colour!!!" ...Meanwhile blacks are the recipient of the lowest unemployment rate in history thanks to DJT "The Free Enterprise President!!!"
  • "Reach across the isle for what!?!?" ...People vote for the party that best reflects their interests and beliefs... Are we simply to end debate and merge the two parties??? ...Let's just call it "The Party..."
  • "The vile Hollywood scum" are coming out with a new movie about Neil Armstrong & the Apollo mission and of course they bypass the reality of him planting of the American Flag... Buzz Aldrin tweets about it.. ...The 88-year-old posted two pictures on Twitter of the moment the flag was planted on the lunar surface, along with this message: "#proudtobeanAmerican #freedom #honor #onenation #Apollo11 #July1969 #roadtoApollo50."
  • The GDP was revised and raised up to 4.2%!!! ...While "the Foreign Occupier's" numbers were always revised down!!!"
  • "Leather Face" is a lying piece of crap!!! ...Nothing more... ..."He would be eating out of garbage cans with his brother if his father wasn't elected..."
  • "Anybody that espouses socialism is either a delusional liar, cold blooded and doesn't care about human life, or is simply a hater!!!" ..."Socialism has caused hundreds of millions of deaths..." ...A Marxian religion... ...A pseudo science that always destroys the quality of human life in the country it is tried... ...Always a devastating failure but always a promise of abundance in the next country it is tried!!!
PLUS A VERY SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with the great Larry Mendte, conservative Talk Radio Host from WABC 770 in NY!!!

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

TRP! (8/24/18)

  • The Left wants to drive "our Great President DJT!!!" from the White House because he is eviscerating the so-called legacy of the "Foreign Occupier!!!" ...(Steward of our 8 year long national depression!!!)
  • "DJT the Fighting back President" will not give in to the Left!!! ..."He is a wonderful friend to have but a fearsome enemy!!!" ..."They want to crush us under their hobnail boot!!!" ..."There will be a revolution if they try impeachment!!!" ..."When DJT wins he will wreak havoc on them!!!"
  • "We have a rip-roaring economy!!! ..."The stock market will reach 30K!" ..."You cannot stop the American people!!!"
  • "Liberals want to be leaders of a patrician class... They think they have an inheritable right to rule us!!!"
  • "The only thing that stands between the Left and their planned genocide is the 2nd Amendment!!!"
  • "The Media Criminals" have disdain for Molly Tibbetts and call her "just some girl in Iowa"!!! ..."The Ministry of Lies" provides cover for the "illegal invader" that ruthlessly stalked and murdered her!!!
  • DJT TWEET 8/22/18: I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews
  • johannjacobs: @jonofsi The Right Perspective is the pioneer of carrying the history of the Boervolk on the airwaves of the USA. The same goes for farm murders, or plaasmoorde. I have been an active listener since 2008 and TRP had been doing it for years at the time. So Savage and the rest can go to the back of the queue. You're only being heard because you're standing on the shoulders of giants.
  • The Duchess Joan of Missouri shares her own connection to the "white trail of tears" in South Africa...
  • John From Conn believes Ned Lamont is a much bigger threat to CT than the already miserable Lefty Dan Malloy. His vile Great Uncle Corliss Lamont was one of the original Socialist figure heads in the 30's and 40's (he was the Chairman of National Council of American-Soviet Friendship starting from the early 1940s. The Council's membership was made up of professionals sympathetic to socialism and communism.) His great grandfather Thomas W. Lamont was a big time Crony Capitalist/Socialist founder of JP Morgan... Ned Lamont is the hardcore leftist Joe Lieberman beat in 2006. CT is in big trouble...
PLUS A VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW: w/Michael A. McFaul, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution. He's a Professor of Political Science at Stanford & Director, of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. (Stanford's premier research institute for the study of International Affairs...) He's a leading expert on Russia, American Foreign policy, and is former US ambassador to Russia (2012-2014). He's here to talk about his NY Times Best Seller, From Cold War to Hot Peace: An American Ambassador in Putin's Russia.

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

TRP! (8/17/18)

  • "Our Great President DJT!" continues to drain the swamp!!!  ..."The America First, Last, & Always President!!!" believes in America and loves this country!!! 
  • Frank called "Leatherface Cuomo" a BS artist years ago!! ...Cuomo said, "we're not going to make America great again.... America was never that great!!!" ..."He's a lowlife scumbag. He's not a great orator he's a schmuck!!!" ..."Former Secretary of HUD that helped the Left cause the great housing crisis!!!" ..."He governs the most taxed & biggest disaster of a State in the union!!! One that Frank gladly escaped from!!!" 
  • The key word when dealing with the Left is "affectation." ...They love to put on "the deep thinking and measured act" trying to show us how smart they are... ..."We are all supposed to bow down and genuflect before them!!!" ..."We know it's nothing more than the same ole hackneyed rhetoric!!!"
  • "The Left doesn't have anything of substance!!! Just violence, hate, & fear mongering!!!"
  • Sadly everything in New York is named after an old liberal Democrat...
  • The great irony of the Left is their slogan "power to the people!" ...In every Socialist regime they've ever ruined after they've seized power... "the people never had the power!!!" ..."The power remained with the all powerful State & the party!!!"
  • China is a "paper tiger" compared to The United States' economy!!! ..."Oh what a difference a year and a half makes!!!" 
  • George the Atheist reminds us that when "Leatherface Cuomo" ran for Governor he used the line, "Let's make NY State great again!!!" ..."What a phony!!!"
  • DJT MUST Threaten a NEW version of the "Fairness Doctrine!!!" ...If the "Media Criminals" refuse to present the conservative side to go along with their Lefttist drivel they must have their licences pulled one by one... Use their own tactics against them!!! ...The "Leftist" Media is the enemy of the People!!!
  • Rush catches up with TRP!!!
  • Frank looked at "Leatherface Cuomo" with a pair of his special They Live sunglasses and this is what he saw...
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Sunday, August 12, 2018

TRP! (8/10/18)

  • You cannot stop the "Trump Juggernaut!!!" ..."DJT the Force of Nature President!!!"
  • None of the crap the "Ministry of Lies" is throwing at him is sticking!!! ..."They are nothing but traitors that have tried to overturn the Trump Revolution!!!" ..."If you think it's bad now it will only get worse!!!"
  • "The Left's war on white men is so blatant..." ..."They just can't accept the reality of DJT riding the crest of a white tsunami!!!"
  • Spike Lee is a "bug-eyed turd" and a "virulent judeophobe of colour!!!" ..."BOYCOTT that vile HOLLYWOOD & their daily drumbeat of hatred!!!"
  • "DJT the America First President" will not accept second place for America!!!
  • Thank the enviro-pagan Left and their foolish policies for the wildfires in California and the awful destruction of homes & lives... 
  • Frank said over 35 years ago to the great Barry Farber that "liberalism was a mental disease!!!"
  • "Democrats and liberals are the worst enemy we face because they are an internal enemy..."
  • "The Left views everything through the prism of race... It's all they have..."
  • Hey "Fat-violent-bull-dyke-disgusting-bag-of-crap-on-two-legs Rosie" show us your evidence of the "Russian chimera!!!" ...She appeals to the morons, the semi-functional illiterates, & the other psychotics... 
  • The Left's answer to everything is to shut everybody down and prevent debate!!! ...These nutcases make Alex Jones look sane...
  • DJT is his own "rapid response team..." ..."Our Great President DJT the Twitter Wizard President!!!"
  • John plays yet another example of Alexandria Cortez trying to say something...
  • "John Kasich is a jealous piece of crap & a sore loser!!!"
PLUS: A very Special TRP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Jeffersonian Scholar Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak! ...He dispels the lurid Left-wing calumny that Thomas Jefferson had a sexual relationship with one of his slaves... 

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

TRP! (8/3/18)

  • DJT "The ECONOMIC MIRACLE President!!!" is pouring salt in the wounds of the Left!!! ..."His promises were made and his promises were kept!!!"
  • "Hey dummies on the Left... we have a question for you... are you a Soviet socialist or a National socialist!?!?" ...Watch their eyes gloss over like a deer in the headlights!!!
  • "Our Great President DJT" ..."The Stable Genius President!!!" is like the fortress wall stemming the coming tide of liberal vermin!!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier" didn't endorse "Leatherface" because he was toxic!!!
  • Don't call it socialism... call it "something-for-nothing-ism!!!" ...Think "leeches, parasites, & morons!!!"
  • No "fat ass bureaucrat" is going to decide how much we should get!!!
  • "DJT the Diplomatic Genius President!!!" has saved our little yellow Nipponese brothers!!! ...Incredibly he also got the long awaited remains of our fallen Korean War vets returned to their grieving families... 
  • The Left will stop at nothing in their attempts to "shrink the white majority!!!"
  • Frank reminds the Left of another of Thomas Jefferson's truisms... "Facts are stubborn things!!!"
  • "History proves the Left is violent by nature!!!" ..."You cannot cooperate, compromise, or coexist with them..." 
  • "Riots are Left-wing phenomena!!!"
  • John calls Larry Mendte and exposes what Frank has been talking about for over a decade... "The White Trail of Tears" ...the atrocity that is all the white farm murders and continued land confiscation in South Africa... ...2 days later Tucker Carlson follows suit...
  • Hannity steals Frank's "Economic Miracle" line... ...Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes a fool of Jim Acosta and the "Media Criminals!!!" ...John plays the audio!!!
  • Lebron James is actually more clueless than low IQ Waters...
  • George the Atheist & Frank share their experiences with the "government ruined city university system..." 
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Saturday, July 28, 2018

TRP! (7/27/18)

  • We are the "economic envy" of the wurrrld after posting a quarterly growth rate of 4.1%!!! ...But, if it were up to "Media Criminals" you just wouldn't know it...
  • DJT "The Modest President!!!" called it the "American Economic Miracle!!!" ...We know it properly here as the "DJT or TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!!" ...And yet the Left said it couldn't be done!!!
  • So much for the Left's depressive "new normal" for America!!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier" soiled the White House!!!
  • To the Left, "Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia!!! ...This week they happily ripped down anti-Eurasia signs and replaced them with anti-Eastasia signs. All the while, their leaders blare, "Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia." ...No one questions this, even though they surely know it isn't true... After all, you wouldn't want the Socialist Thought Police thinking you were remembering history incorrectly, would you?!?!
  • "Socialism is like a rat in a cage on a wheel just going around and around and going nowhere!!!"
  • The dinosaurs didn't know they were on the way out until the asteroid hit them... ..."DJT is the asteroid that landed on the Democrat party!!!"
  • "Obongo's legacy is a legacy of dust and DJT is sweeping it into the dustbin of history!!!"
  • "Free men Freely Engaged in Free Enterprise!!!" --The immortal Thomas Jefferson.
  • Hold your nose and vote Republican... you have to... ...Give DJT the Congress he needs to finish off and eviscerate the remnants of the Socialist infrastructure left by the "Foreign Occupation Regime!!!"
  • When Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes a "good liberal" we will have another Jeffersonian originalist on the Supreme Court!!!
  • There will always be lunatics that believe in the "Socialist religion"... After all it's tough to completely stamp out a religion...
  • The Tariffs are not working! The "threat" of Tariffs are!!! ...Quoting DJT from 7/24, "The European Union is coming to Washington tomorrow to negotiate a deal on Trade. I have an idea for them. Both the U.S. and the E.U. drop all Tariffs, Barriers, and Subsidies! That would finally be called Free Market and Fair Trade! Hope they do it, we are ready - but they won’t!"

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    Saturday, July 21, 2018

    TRP! (7/20/18)

    • "We are tired of the crack pot kooks on the Left! ...We are tired of the anger & the sick accusations!! ...One thing we are NOT tired of...  --WINNING with this President!!!" ...To those that hate him it matters not how successful he and the country are...
    • What magnificent statesmanship by "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The Stable Diplomatic Genius President!!!" ...He has proven to be a TRUE "Prince of Peace" around the Wurrrld!!! ..."He is putting sensibility and sanity back in our foreign policy!!!" ..."This is what TRUE peaceful coexistence is all about..."
    • Frank shares a story from his days at City University of New York when he was on an elevator with a Bolshevik diplomat and a Red Lib Prof...
    • The Left of yesteryear admired an ex "KGB man" in Yuri Andropov...
    • "Marshal Tito was a murdering Bolshevik bastard!!!"
    • "FDR thought the future of Europe would be Russian..."
    • "The Black Communist ANC is destroying the once great South Africa!!!"
    • "The Foreign Occupier" was an "enemy President!!!"
    • "Look at the history of Democrat foreign relations and you see rampant hypocrisy..."
    • Frank explains "plausible denial..." ..."The Deep State keeps stoking the fires against DJT!!!"
    • "Look at what the Democrat party has "devolved" into.... They are a pathetic joke!!!"
    • "The opioid crisis was the Left's final solution to the white race problem in this country!!!"
    • USE the TalkStreamLive app to listen to TRP for Free on your Apple or Android!!! (Links on the main page.)
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    Sunday, July 15, 2018

    TRP! (7/13/18)

    • "The Ministry of Lies & Liberal Media Criminals" continue their evil symbiotic relationship with the "Demsheviks" as they stir up vitriolic hatred amongst the sheeple!!!
    • "The Left is gnashing their teeth, banging their heads against the wall, & foaming at the mouth!!!"
    • "Our great President DJT!!!" is going to have the illustrious military parade in November... ...Frank believes it should be in the style of a "Roman Triumph!!!" ..."He should ride a chariot and wear the laurel wreath down Pennsylvania Ave!!!"
    • Frank also predicts that at that same time due to DJT's success at Making America Great Again the Republicans will retain control of both houses!!! 
    • "DJT the Take No Crap President!!!" continues to eviscerate the so called "Obama legacy!!!" ...Just call it the Obama "treason!!!"
    • "DJT the Blunt & Honest Talking... Man of Action!!!" swept into Europe and threw a glass of cold water in all of their faces!!! ...He exposed that "captive of Russian energy" and told their self-enriching Chancellor, "Frau Knockwurst," that they will pay their "fair share!!!"
    • NATO too will finally pay their "fair share!!!" ...The Left always wants great Americans to pay their fair share when it comes to taxing and funding their Socialist schemes but when it comes to wealthy countries paying their fair share for their own defense they are opposed!!!
    • John of SI has said from day #1... "Tax Cuts Work!!!"
    • The Left has seized power in that once great country Great Britain... ..."Free Great Britain!!!" ..."Listen to the will of the People!!!" ...BREXIT!!!
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    Saturday, July 7, 2018

    TRP! (7/6/18)

    • The "Democrat" party has gone full blown Communist!!! ...This writing we saw on the wall for years...
    • "DJT the Economic Champion of America President" listens to TRP!!! (Or at least peruses the website...)
    • As with all Communists the Democrats see a fascist under every bed...
    • "Any heroic leader that beat back Bolshevism is hated by the Left today!!!" 
    • "DJT The Man Who Speaks the Truth President!!!" broke the backs of the Left with his election victory!!! ..."The people rose up magnificently!!!" ...A decimation of the "crooked ole bitch" that has fostered virulent hatred and made them all apoplectic!!! ...No matter how much success America has DJT will forever be hated by the Left!!!
    • "The Hollywood scum think they are the Aristocracy of this country... They consider themselves royalty!!!"
    • The Bush family have proven they are Left-wing garbage!!! ...They kept silent against "the Whoremonger & the Foreign Occupier" yet they now take pot shots at "our Great President DJT!!!"
    • A race war breaks out in the Democrat inner circles... Low IQ street scum political gangster Maxine Waters, Donna Brazile, & Al Sharpton versus Schmuck Schumer & "the crazy ole bag Pelosi..."
    • "The Democrat party is Catholophobic!!!"
    • Frank fears the deep state will come after DJT... The Left's organized hatred and violence is always blamed on "lone nuts..."
    • Aren't children separated from their parents anytime someone is sent to jail for anything??? ...We should show those crying children... We guess no one should ever go to prison if children are going to cry...
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    Saturday, June 30, 2018

    TRP! (6/29/18)

    • The irresponsible leaders on the Left and their outlandish rhetoric, divisive hatred, and insidious propaganda will end up causing more violence against Republicans and Conservatives!!! ...Frank was the first to predict this will inevitably lead to a "2nd American Civil War" or what he calls a "Neo-Bolshevik Revolution" created and instigated by the Left... ...When will the appropriate action be taken to restore order?!?!
    • Fox News uses Frank's "Trump Economic Miracle" this week!!!
    • 2 big Supreme Court decisions go the people's way!! (Upholding the terrorist travel ban & stopping union election coercion.)
    • Slavery was not what the Confederate Army fought for during the "War of Northern Aggression!!!"
    • "The Left declares war on ICE!!! Their tactics come right out of Bolshevik Russia or Maoist China!!!"
    • Arrest crazy ole low IQ street scum and criminal gangster politician, Maxine Waters, for inciting riots & violence!!!
    • Who is the bigger Left-wing vermin and fat slob!?!? Michael Moore or Rob Reiner?!?!
    • "The Left is an empty vessel... a derelict hulk floating in the sea of American politics..."
    • DJT is so racist Black unemployment is at an all time low...
    • "The last refuge of a Left-wing scumbag is the cry of racism..."
    • The more the "Ministry of Lies & Propaganda" pushes their vomit the more the people support DJT!!!
    • George the Atheist calls in with the scoop on the Left's rising crack pot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...
    • Anthony Kennedy retires... DJT "The Heroic picker of Right-wing Jeffersonian Supreme Court Originalists" will make his choice on July 9th!!!
    • Who on the Left will be the first to call his well qualified nominee "out of the mainstream or an extremist???" ...You know it's coming folks.....
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    Saturday, June 23, 2018

    TRP! (6/22/18)

    • Frank realized and stated many years ago that "The Ministry of Lies" is Public Enemy#1!!! 
    • "Civil Wars come incrementally..." ..."We are building up to the 2nd American Civil War..." ..."Who's side will you be on???"
    • Frank predicts that the filthy vermin on the Left will declare a Civil War when "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The Sane Immigration Policy President!!!" is triumphantly elected for a 2nd term!!! 
    • The "Neo-Bolsheviks" are getting more extreme and insane!!! ..."The bullies" on the Left are all about violence as a means to an end but like all criminal uprisings their violence will eventually be snuffed out!!!
    • "Degenerate Peter Fonda is vile scum and a piece of human garbage that should be arrested for threatening Melania and Baron Trump!!!" ...(Lock up his sister Jane for good measure...) ...Compare Roseanne Barr's innocuous remark to his!!! ...His phony apology will be accepted but not hers... (The Conners will be a flop without her!)
    • We never say "Nazi"... Properly call them what they were... "National Socialists!!!"
    • Always support the Angel Families!!! Those noble families that lost loved ones to illegal invading vermin!!! ...How about some "compassion" for them you fraud hypocrites on the Left!?!?
    • As the late great Bob Grant once said, "The Left is like an elephant dangling from a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy..."
    • Central & Western Europe are committing "national suicide" with their immigration policies!!! ...You do not see Muhammadanism in Southern and Eastern Europe because they have embraced and reasserted their Nationalism... 
    • The American KGB is a rogue outlaw agency!!! ..."They wanted to nullify your vote and committed treason!!!"
    • The Left does not believe in the rule of law... they believe in "political expediency!!!"
    • John makes another great call to Larry Mendte and makes him aware of Frank's coined phrase "Political Pedophilia" and he loved it!!!
    • Fascism was a "reaction to Bolshevism"... Mannerheim, Franco, and Salazar saved their countries from Bolshevism!!!
    • John From Conn recently spoke with the curator of the Ellis Island Museum and he was told that over 50% of the immigrants that came here from 1900-1925 repatriated back to their country of origin mainly because there was no work for them here... They didn't stick around to collect government free bees because there were none!!!
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    Saturday, June 16, 2018

    TRP! (6/15/18)

    If he doesn't get the Award now end the Award!
    • "Our Great President DJT" ..."The Prince of Peace President!!!" ...The "Diplomatic Genius President!!!" has made our economic lives Great Again!!! ..."He also has made the wurrrld safe again!!!" ..."Most importantly he makes us all sleep soundly at night again!!!" ..."He's single-handedly disarmed NK of their nuclear weapons!!!" ..."He's accomplished what no other President before him could!!!"
    • "The Left's propaganda is so devilish and insidious that at this point it's time to erase and mute them from the public record..." ..."Etch their names off of all the tablets and move on!!!"
    • DJT needs to bring the "Media Criminals" to their knees with his own version of the "Fairness Doctrine!!!" ..."If the Left doesn't clean up their act he should have their licenses revoked!!!" ..."Bring true journalism back to the airwaves and let both sides be fairly heard!!!"
    • "What kind of blind mush heads follow this rabid mad-dog Left-wing nonsense!?!?" ..."They would crumble before any one of the TRP Faithful if they had to talk policy, history, or the Constitution!!!"
    • The Left once again wags the dog away from another great week of DJT's successes... This time with the NY AG picking now to file a law suit against the Trump Foundation!!! ...DJT swiftly & rightly vows not to settle!!!
    • "The Foreign Occupier" ..."The Enemy of America President!!!" couldn't lay the groundwork for hell's economy!!!
    • "END the White House daily briefings!!!" ..."They have turned into mere sounding boards for these obnoxious Left-wing kook reporters!!!" ...Jim Acosta is nothing more than a wise cracking attack poodle of the Left!!!
    • DJT takes a line from Frank von Queens and correctly calls the "Ministry of Lies" Public Enemy #1!!!
    • Always remember folks... "The opposite side of the coin of diversity is adversity!!!"
    • The Left has infected racial and sex quotas on the meritocracy that once was the scientific community!!!
    • "Bolshevik Russia was Ethiopia with missiles!!!" ..."The same is true of North Korea!!!"
    • "Every triumph that DJT has proves how wrong they were for 8 years!!!" ..."This makes the Left insane!!!
    • Look for an astronomically high 4.8% quarterly GDP jump!!! ...Just incredible!!!
    • "Political Pedophilia" is when the Left uses children for political gain...
    • The "blue wave" is going to be nothing more than a ripple..."a puff of smoke" dreamed up by the "Media Criminals!!!"
    • "Results!!! ...Not flowery rhetoric!!!" 
    • The criminal KGB called us all "POS"!!! ..."These are vicious hateful people!!!"
    • "We are here to be governed with our consent!!! Not to be ruled without our consent!!!"
    • Check out the "TRP CHAT BOX" on the Main Page for weekly contributions from members of the TRP Faithful!!!
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    Saturday, June 9, 2018

    TRP! (6/8/18)

    • To the Left the Truth hurts! America is "riding high" and Liberals all over this great country are miserable!! They are filled with vile hatred and it's eating them up inside!!! ...It's the "fantastic results that count!!! ...not what they say!!!" ..."DJT is eviscerating the Left!!!
    • "DJT the Negotiating Genius President!!!" is laying down the law around the wurrrld!!!
    • "Drunk, Fat, & Stupid" will soon be brought to his knees!!! ..."He has been backed into a corner like the rat he is!!!" ..."He doesn't even have the money to pay for his suite of rooms at the Singapore Summit!!!"
    • After only 500 days there are more jobs than people to fill them!!! ..."It's the TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!!" ..."He's done what they said couldn't be done!!!"
    • Don't fall for the ole Leftist "Dinkins' trick" ...(Twisting the great economic results a Free Enterpriser always brings by crediting those results to the Socialist that was in office directly before them...)
    • DJT was left some mess by the Left... 
    • Manufacturing jobs are returning in droves despite what the "Foreign Occupier" said "could never be done!!!" ...He was the "Lying Scumbag-in-chief!!!" ...The magnitude of his "high crimes and treasonous misdemeanors" are just inconceivable to those not paying attention!!! 
    • America was sounding retreat under the treasonous "Foreign Occupation Regime!!!" ...One of their biggest goals was to strangle the American economy!!! ..."DJT the Sounding the Charge President" never retreats!!!
    • Bill Clinton was a "degenerate perverted ole whoremonger!!!" ...Every single great thing that is happening right now would be happening in reverse if the "crooked ole bitch" was in office!!!
    • Rudy Giuliani quotes Frank von Queens!!!
    • North Korea is the wurrrld's first "Communist Monarchy"... what a Leftist contradiction!!!
    • The "Philadelphia Eagle thugs" were quite properly disinvited from the White House!!! ...They should have been told to "drop dead!!!"
    • If the reciprocity of "Queer marriage" is forced on the States by the Left as they try to get one State's marriage licenses honored in every State then we have the constitutional right to force the reciprocity of gun licenses in every State!!! 
    • Leftist piece of human garbage Anthony Bourdain hangs himself!!! ...He couldn't live with a life full of contradictions and hypocrisy... Why can't they all come to this same realization?!?!
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    Saturday, June 2, 2018

    TRP! (6/1/18)

    • John lays out this week's full slate of winning!!! ..."Our Great President DJT" has us winning on every front despite the minute by minute barrage of insidious propaganda from the Left!!!
    • "The Left wants to destroy your life!!! Liberalism is Death!!! Liberalism kills!!!"
    • The Demsheviks want DJT arrested for publicly announcing good news!!!
    • Read: The Time of Stalin: Portrait of a Tyranny, by Anton Ovseyenko
    • Read: Rising '44: The Battle for Warsaw, by Norman Davies
    • Read: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, by Timothy Snyder
    • Watch: Back to Bataan, with John Wayne & Anthony Quinn. 
    • Why doesn't anyone on the Right have the "spark of divinity" Nancy you "crooked ole bag!?!?"
    • The Left believes everyone that voted for DJT is a racist...
    • The Left eats another one of their own as they take Roseanne down for "joking" about Valerie "the Muslim Brotherhood meets the Planet of the Apes" Jarrett!!! ...Jamie Foxx said, "he gets to kill all of the white people (in his crap racist movie) how great is that!" ...and yet he's still working!!!
    • Samantha Bee spews more hate against Ivanka Trump!!! ...But, the President is the divisive one...
    • Uncle Warren was emotionally moved and brought to tears by guest Piotr Szkopiak's movie and calls in to share his feelings with him and asks some great questions...
    PLUS AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!! with world renowned director, PIOTR SZKOPIAK! He is with us tonight to discuss his second feature film, which has just made a big splash in Europe, The Last Witness. It deals with the terrible Katyn Massacre (genocide) perpetrated by the Soviet Communists during WWII when they murdered over 22,000 Poles. 

    Your phone calls and much much more!!! @1-718-761-9996!


    Monday, May 28, 2018

    TRP! (5/25/18)

    • The Left is more obnoxious than ever and John of SI unveils it all in another outstanding opening!!! ..."They want to see America fail in the worst way..."
    • Scum in DC!!! ...You run another one of these BS fraudulent witch hunt investigations you use your own money!!! ..."Force them to pay the money back!!!"
    • "You want to defeat the Deep State you starve the Deep State!!!"
    • "Our Great President DJT the Man of Action!!!" ..."The Man Who Gets Things Done President!!!" ..."The Man of Unsung Triumphs President!!!" is going to make it much easier to fire worthless Federal employees!!! ..."Get rid of the two-legged barnacles attached to the government ship!!!" ..."They are nothing more than two-legged parasites!!!" ..."He will break their union!!!"
    • Cosmetic moves will not help "Drunk, Fat & Stupid" or the North Korean "criminal organization!!!"  ..."Rule by fear, violence, murder & oppression!!!" ..."He soon will be nothing more than a bad memory..."
    • "You can judge a political system's maturity by how peacefully power changes hands..."
    • "DJT the Greatest Negotiator in History!!!" ..."The Man Who Keeps His Promises President!!!" will make "Drunk, Fat & Stupid" give up everything before he's knocked off!!!
    • "If you haven't heard it first on TRP than you haven't heard it!!!" 
    • Uncle Warren of FL "He Who Guards the Bones of the Ancestors" provides more proof of Frank's "gift of the prophecy!!!" ...Frank predicted that the "Foreign Occupier" & "Gorilla Cookie" would quickly gravitate to the dark spotlight of Hollywood...
    • The Left loves "diversity" as long as it is their own political flavor...
    • The "Trump Juggernaut" is crushing the "corrupt Anti-American legacy" of the "Foreign Occupation Regime" beneath its wheels!!!
    • "Limbaugh's show is a fraud and he is just an entertainer!!!" 
    • The "Trumpeteers" will defeat the "Never-Trumpers!!!"
    Your phone calls and much much more!!! @1-718-761-9996!


    Sunday, May 20, 2018

    TRP! (5/18/18)

    • What a difference a President makes!!! Imagine a President that actually keeps his word and keeps his campaign promises!!! ..."DJT the peaceful MAN of Action!!!" makes glorious groundbreaking history once again... Israel will never forget DJT!!! ...DJT IS MAKING THE WURRRLLLD SAFE AGAIN!!!
    • Illegal invading vermin ARE ANIMALS!!! ...The Left rushes to DEFEND that "vile scum and human garbage" MS-13!!! 
    • "When you are faced with rats, lice, or any other parasitical disease carrying vermin... You do not negotiate, you do not rehabilitate!!! ...YOU EXTERMINATE!!!"
    • "The Ministry of Lies & The Media Criminals" are Public Enemy #1!!! ...They feed off of class & race conflict!!! ...The "professional liars" have an unfettered hatred for us deplorables and for "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The Forward Thinking President!!!" 
    • TRP was the original trailblazer exposing the South African farm murders!!!
    • Frank to attend the royal wedding...
    • The upcoming congressional elections are not the Democrats to win they are the Republicans to lose!!! ...Frank predicts that DJT "The Take No Prisoners President!!!" will carry the Republican "stumblebums" to victory!!! ...Then watch out when he get's reelected!!!
    • The Left get's more & more absurd, bizarre, and insane everyday!!! ...The "crazy ole bag Pelosi" believes they have been blessed with "a divine spark..."
    • "The Foreign Occupier" was a war criminal!!! ...When he said he would "fundamentally transform America" he meant fundamentally "DESTROY" America!!!
    • "Fat, Drunk & Stupid" is not long for this wurrrld!!!
    • The Daily News is the Daily Sh*t rag!!! ...They ruthlessly attack Ivanka Trump... calling her a ghoul...
    • "Affectation" is not substance!!! ...Smarmy Lib Speak does not impress us!!!
    Your phone calls and much much more!!! @1-718-761-9996!