Saturday, July 21, 2018

TRP! (7/20/18)

  • "We are tired of the crack pot kooks on the Left! ...We are tired of the anger & the sick accusations!! ...One thing we are NOT tired of...  --WINNING with this President!!!" ...To those that hate him it matters not how successful he and the country are...
  • What magnificent statesmanship by "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The Stable Diplomatic Genius President!!!" ...He has proven to be a TRUE "Prince of Peace" around the Wurrrld!!! ..."He is putting sensibility and sanity back in our foreign policy!!!" ..."This is what TRUE peaceful coexistence is all about..."
  • Frank shares a story from his days at City University of New York when he was on an elevator with a Bolshevik diplomat and a Red Lib Prof...
  • The Left of yesteryear admired an ex "KGB man" in Uri Andropov...
  • "Marshal Tito was a murdering Bolshevik bastard!!!"
  • "FDR thought the future of Europe would be Russian..."
  • "The Black Communist ANC is destroying the once great South Africa!!!"
  • "The Foreign Occupier" was an "enemy President!!!"
  • "Look at the history of Democrat foreign relations and you see rampant hypocrisy..."
  • Frank explains "plausible denial..." ..."The Deep State keeps stoking the fires against DJT!!!"
  • "Look at what the Democrat party has "devolved" into.... They are a pathetic joke!!!"
  • "The opioid crisis was the Left's final solution to the white race problem in this country!!!"
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Sunday, July 15, 2018

TRP! (7/13/18)

  • "The Ministry of Lies & Liberal Media Criminals" continue their evil symbiotic relationship with the "Demsheviks" as they stir up vitriolic hatred amongst the sheeple!!!
  • "The Left is gnashing their teeth, banging their heads against the wall, & foaming at the mouth!!!"
  • "Our great President DJT!!!" is going to have the illustrious military parade in November... ...Frank believes it should be in the style of a "Roman Triumph!!!" ..."He should ride a chariot and wear the laurel wreath down Pennsylvania Ave!!!"
  • Frank also predicts that at that same time due to DJT's success at Making America Great Again the Republicans will retain control of both houses!!! 
  • "DJT the Take No Crap President!!!" continues to eviscerate the so called "Obama legacy!!!" ...Just call it the Obama "treason!!!"
  • "DJT the Blunt & Honest Talking... Man of Action!!!" swept into Europe and threw a glass of cold water in all of their faces!!! ...He exposed that "captive of Russian energy" and told their self-enriching Chancellor, "Fräu Knockwurst," that they will pay their "fair share!!!"
  • NATO too will finally pay their "fair share!!!" ...The Left always wants great Americans to pay their fair share when it comes to taxing and funding their Socialist schemes but when it comes to wealthy countries paying their fair share for their own defense they are opposed!!!
  • John of SI has said from day #1... "Tax Cuts Work!!!"
  • The Left has seized power in that once great country Great Britain... ..."Free Great Britain!!!" ..."Listen to the will of the People!!!" ...BREXIT!!!
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Saturday, July 7, 2018

TRP! (7/6/18)

  • The "Democrat" party has gone full blown Communist!!! ...This writing we saw on the wall for years...
  • "DJT the Economic Champion of America President" listens to TRP!!! (Or at least peruses the website...)
  • As with all Communists the Democrats see a fascist under every bed...
  • "Any heroic leader that beat back Bolshevism is hated by the Left today!!!" 
  • "DJT The Man Who Speaks the Truth President!!!" broke the backs of the Left with his election victory!!! ..."The people rose up magnificently!!!" ...A decimation of the "crooked ole bitch" that has fostered virulent hatred and made them all apoplectic!!! ...No matter how much success America has DJT will forever be hated by the Left!!!
  • "The Hollywood scum think they are the Aristocracy of this country... They consider themselves royalty!!!"
  • The Bush family have proven they are Left-wing garbage!!! ...They kept silent against "the Whoremonger & the Foreign Occupier" yet they now take pot shots at "our Great President DJT!!!"
  • A race war breaks out in the Democrat inner circles... Low IQ street scum political gangster Maxine Waters, Donna Brazile, & Al Sharpton versus Schmuck Schumer & "the crazy ole bag Pelosi..."
  • "The Democrat party is Catholophobic!!!"
  • Frank fears the deep state will come after DJT... The Left's organized hatred and violence is always blamed on "lone nuts..."
  • Aren't children separated from their parents anytime someone is sent to jail for anything??? ...We should show those crying children... We guess no one should ever go to prison if children are going to cry...
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Saturday, June 30, 2018

TRP! (6/29/18)

  • The irresponsible leaders on the Left and their outlandish rhetoric, divisive hatred, and insidious propaganda will end up causing more violence against Republicans and Conservatives!!! ...Frank was the first to predict this will inevitably lead to a "2nd American Civil War" or what he calls a "Neo-Bolshevik Revolution" created and instigated by the Left... ...When will the appropriate action be taken to restore order?!?!
  • Fox News uses Frank's "Trump Economic Miracle" this week!!!
  • 2 big Supreme Court decisions go the people's way!! (Upholding the terrorist travel ban & stopping union election coercion.)
  • Slavery was not what the Confederate Army fought for during the "War of Northern Aggression!!!"
  • "The Left declares war on ICE!!! Their tactics come right out of Bolshevik Russia or Maoist China!!!"
  • Arrest crazy ole low IQ street scum and criminal gangster politician, Maxine Waters, for inciting riots & violence!!!
  • Who is the bigger Left-wing vermin and fat slob!?!? Michael Moore or Rob Reiner?!?!
  • "The Left is an empty vessel... a derelict hulk floating in the sea of American politics..."
  • DJT is so racist Black unemployment is at an all time low...
  • "The last refuge of a Left-wing scumbag is the cry of racism..."
  • The more the "Ministry of Lies & Propaganda" pushes their vomit the more the people support DJT!!!
  • George the Atheist calls in with the scoop on the Left's rising crack pot Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez...
  • Anthony Kennedy retires... DJT "The Heroic picker of Right-wing Jeffersonian Supreme Court Originalists" will make his choice on July 9th!!!
  • Who on the Left will be the first to call his well qualified nominee "out of the mainstream or an extremist???" ...You know it's coming folks.....
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Saturday, June 23, 2018

TRP! (6/22/18)

  • Frank realized and stated many years ago that "The Ministry of Lies" is Public Enemy#1!!! 
  • "Civil Wars come incrementally..." ..."We are building up to the 2nd American Civil War..." ..."Who's side will you be on???"
  • Frank predicts that the filthy vermin on the Left will declare a Civil War when "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The Sane Immigration Policy President!!!" is triumphantly elected for a 2nd term!!! 
  • The "Neo-Bolsheviks" are getting more extreme and insane!!! ..."The bullies" on the Left are all about violence as a means to an end but like all criminal uprisings their violence will eventually be snuffed out!!!
  • "Degenerate Peter Fonda is vile scum and a piece of human garbage that should be arrested for threatening Melania and Baron Trump!!!" ...(Lock up his sister Jane for good measure...) ...Compare Roseanne Barr's innocuous remark to his!!! ...His phony apology will be accepted but not hers... (The Conners will be a flop without her!)
  • We never say "Nazi"... Properly call them what they were... "National Socialists!!!"
  • Always support the Angel Families!!! Those noble families that lost loved ones to illegal invading vermin!!! ...How about some "compassion" for them you fraud hypocrites on the Left!?!?
  • As the late great Bob Grant once said, "The Left is like an elephant dangling from a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy..."
  • Central & Western Europe are committing "national suicide" with their immigration policies!!! ...You do not see Muhammadanism in Southern and Eastern Europe because they have embraced and reasserted their Nationalism... 
  • The American KGB is a rogue outlaw agency!!! ..."They wanted to nullify your vote and committed treason!!!"
  • The Left does not believe in the rule of law... they believe in "political expediency!!!"
  • John makes another great call to Larry Mendte and makes him aware of Frank's coined phrase "Political Pedophilia" and he loved it!!!
  • Fascism was a "reaction to Bolshevism"... Mannerheim, Franco, and Salazar saved their countries from Bolshevism!!!
  • John From Conn recently spoke with the curator of the Ellis Island Museum and he was told that over 50% of the immigrants that came here from 1900-1925 repatriated back to their country of origin mainly because there was no work for them here... They didn't stick around to collect government free bees because there were none!!!
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Saturday, June 16, 2018

TRP! (6/15/18)

If he doesn't get the Award now end the Award!
  • "Our Great President DJT" ..."The Prince of Peace President!!!" ...The "Diplomatic Genius President!!!" has made our economic lives Great Again!!! ..."He also has made the wurrrld safe again!!!" ..."Most importantly he makes us all sleep soundly at night again!!!" ..."He's single-handedly disarmed NK of their nuclear weapons!!!" ..."He's accomplished what no other President before him could!!!"
  • "The Left's propaganda is so devilish and insidious that at this point it's time to erase and mute them from the public record..." ..."Etch their names off of all the tablets and move on!!!"
  • DJT needs to bring the "Media Criminals" to their knees with his own version of the "Fairness Doctrine!!!" ..."If the Left doesn't clean up their act he should have their licenses revoked!!!" ..."Bring true journalism back to the airwaves and let both sides be fairly heard!!!"
  • "What kind of blind mush heads follow this rabid mad-dog Left-wing nonsense!?!?" ..."They would crumble before any one of the TRP Faithful if they had to talk policy, history, or the Constitution!!!"
  • The Left once again wags the dog away from another great week of DJT's successes... This time with the NY AG picking now to file a law suit against the Trump Foundation!!! ...DJT swiftly & rightly vows not to settle!!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier" ..."The Enemy of America President!!!" couldn't lay the groundwork for hell's economy!!!
  • "END the White House daily briefings!!!" ..."They have turned into mere sounding boards for these obnoxious Left-wing kook reporters!!!" ...Jim Acosta is nothing more than a wise cracking attack poodle of the Left!!!
  • DJT takes a line from Frank von Queens and correctly calls the "Ministry of Lies" Public Enemy #1!!!
  • Always remember folks... "The opposite side of the coin of diversity is adversity!!!"
  • The Left has infected racial and sex quotas on the meritocracy that once was the scientific community!!!
  • "Bolshevik Russia was Ethiopia with missiles!!!" ..."The same is true of North Korea!!!"
  • "Every triumph that DJT has proves how wrong they were for 8 years!!!" ..."This makes the Left insane!!!
  • Look for an astronomically high 4.8% quarterly GDP jump!!! ...Just incredible!!!
  • "Political Pedophilia" is when the Left uses children for political gain...
  • The "blue wave" is going to be nothing more than a ripple..."a puff of smoke" dreamed up by the "Media Criminals!!!"
  • "Results!!! ...Not flowery rhetoric!!!" 
  • The criminal KGB called us all "POS"!!! ..."These are vicious hateful people!!!"
  • "We are here to be governed with our consent!!! Not to be ruled without our consent!!!"
  • Check out the "TRP CHAT BOX" on the Main Page for weekly contributions from members of the TRP Faithful!!!
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Saturday, June 9, 2018

TRP! (6/8/18)

  • To the Left the Truth hurts! America is "riding high" and Liberals all over this great country are miserable!! They are filled with vile hatred and it's eating them up inside!!! ...It's the "fantastic results that count!!! ...not what they say!!!" ..."DJT is eviscerating the Left!!!
  • "DJT the Negotiating Genius President!!!" is laying down the law around the wurrrld!!!
  • "Drunk, Fat, & Stupid" will soon be brought to his knees!!! ..."He has been backed into a corner like the rat he is!!!" ..."He doesn't even have the money to pay for his suite of rooms at the Singapore Summit!!!"
  • After only 500 days there are more jobs than people to fill them!!! ..."It's the TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!!" ..."He's done what they said couldn't be done!!!"
  • Don't fall for the ole Leftist "Dinkins' trick" ...(Twisting the great economic results a Free Enterpriser always brings by crediting those results to the Socialist that was in office directly before them...)
  • DJT was left some mess by the Left... 
  • Manufacturing jobs are returning in droves despite what the "Foreign Occupier" said "could never be done!!!" ...He was the "Lying Scumbag-in-chief!!!" ...The magnitude of his "high crimes and treasonous misdemeanors" are just inconceivable to those not paying attention!!! 
  • America was sounding retreat under the treasonous "Foreign Occupation Regime!!!" ...One of their biggest goals was to strangle the American economy!!! ..."DJT the Sounding the Charge President" never retreats!!!
  • Bill Clinton was a "degenerate perverted ole whoremonger!!!" ...Every single great thing that is happening right now would be happening in reverse if the "crooked ole bitch" was in office!!!
  • Rudy Giuliani quotes Frank von Queens!!!
  • North Korea is the wurrrld's first "Communist Monarchy"... what a Leftist contradiction!!!
  • The "Philadelphia Eagle thugs" were quite properly disinvited from the White House!!! ...They should have been told to "drop dead!!!"
  • If the reciprocity of "Queer marriage" is forced on the States by the Left as they try to get one State's marriage licenses honored in every State then we have the constitutional right to force the reciprocity of gun licenses in every State!!! 
  • Leftist piece of human garbage Anthony Bourdain hangs himself!!! ...He couldn't live with a life full of contradictions and hypocrisy... Why can't they all come to this same realization?!?!
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Saturday, June 2, 2018

TRP! (6/1/18)

  • John lays out this week's full slate of winning!!! ..."Our Great President DJT" has us winning on every front despite the minute by minute barrage of insidious propaganda from the Left!!!
  • "The Left wants to destroy your life!!! Liberalism is Death!!! Liberalism kills!!!"
  • The Demsheviks want DJT arrested for publicly announcing good news!!!
  • Read: The Time of Stalin: Portrait of a Tyranny, by Anton Ovseyenko
  • Read: Rising '44: The Battle for Warsaw, by Norman Davies
  • Read: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, by Timothy Snyder
  • Watch: Back to Bataan, with John Wayne & Anthony Quinn. 
  • Why doesn't anyone on the Right have the "spark of divinity" Nancy you "crooked ole bag!?!?"
  • The Left believes everyone that voted for DJT is a racist...
  • The Left eats another one of their own as they take Roseanne down for "joking" about Valerie "the Muslim Brotherhood meets the Planet of the Apes" Jarrett!!! ...Jamie Foxx said, "he gets to kill all of the white people (in his crap racist movie) how great is that!" ...and yet he's still working!!!
  • Samantha Bee spews more hate against Ivanka Trump!!! ...But, the President is the divisive one...
  • Uncle Warren was emotionally moved and brought to tears by guest Piotr Szkopiak's movie and calls in to share his feelings with him and asks some great questions...
PLUS AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!! with world renowned director, PIOTR SZKOPIAK! He is with us tonight to discuss his second feature film, which has just made a big splash in Europe, The Last Witness. It deals with the terrible Katyn Massacre (genocide) perpetrated by the Soviet Communists during WWII when they murdered over 22,000 Poles. 

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Monday, May 28, 2018

TRP! (5/25/18)

  • The Left is more obnoxious than ever and John of SI unveils it all in another outstanding opening!!! ..."They want to see America fail in the worst way..."
  • Scum in DC!!! ...You run another one of these BS fraudulent witch hunt investigations you use your own money!!! ..."Force them to pay the money back!!!"
  • "You want to defeat the Deep State you starve the Deep State!!!"
  • "Our Great President DJT the Man of Action!!!" ..."The Man Who Gets Things Done President!!!" ..."The Man of Unsung Triumphs President!!!" is going to make it much easier to fire worthless Federal employees!!! ..."Get rid of the two-legged barnacles attached to the government ship!!!" ..."They are nothing more than two-legged parasites!!!" ..."He will break their union!!!"
  • Cosmetic moves will not help "Drunk, Fat & Stupid" or the North Korean "criminal organization!!!"  ..."Rule by fear, violence, murder & oppression!!!" ..."He soon will be nothing more than a bad memory..."
  • "You can judge a political system's maturity by how peacefully power changes hands..."
  • "DJT the Greatest Negotiator in History!!!" ..."The Man Who Keeps His Promises President!!!" will make "Drunk, Fat & Stupid" give up everything before he's knocked off!!!
  • "If you haven't heard it first on TRP than you haven't heard it!!!" 
  • Uncle Warren of FL "He Who Guards the Bones of the Ancestors" provides more proof of Frank's "gift of the prophecy!!!" ...Frank predicted that the "Foreign Occupier" & "Gorilla Cookie" would quickly gravitate to the dark spotlight of Hollywood...
  • The Left loves "diversity" as long as it is their own political flavor...
  • The "Trump Juggernaut" is crushing the "corrupt Anti-American legacy" of the "Foreign Occupation Regime" beneath its wheels!!!
  • "Limbaugh's show is a fraud and he is just an entertainer!!!" 
  • The "Trumpeteers" will defeat the "Never-Trumpers!!!"
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Sunday, May 20, 2018

TRP! (5/18/18)

  • What a difference a President makes!!! Imagine a President that actually keeps his word and keeps his campaign promises!!! ..."DJT the peaceful MAN of Action!!!" makes glorious groundbreaking history once again... Israel will never forget DJT!!! ...DJT IS MAKING THE WURRRLLLD SAFE AGAIN!!!
  • Illegal invading vermin ARE ANIMALS!!! ...The Left rushes to DEFEND that "vile scum and human garbage" MS-13!!! 
  • "When you are faced with rats, lice, or any other parasitical disease carrying vermin... You do not negotiate, you do not rehabilitate!!! ...YOU EXTERMINATE!!!"
  • "The Ministry of Lies & The Media Criminals" are Public Enemy #1!!! ...They feed off of class & race conflict!!! ...The "professional liars" have an unfettered hatred for us deplorables and for "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The Forward Thinking President!!!" 
  • TRP was the original trailblazer exposing the South African farm murders!!!
  • Frank to attend the royal wedding...
  • The upcoming congressional elections are not the Democrats to win they are the Republicans to lose!!! ...Frank predicts that DJT "The Take No Prisoners President!!!" will carry the Republican "stumblebums" to victory!!! ...Then watch out when he get's reelected!!!
  • The Left get's more & more absurd, bizarre, and insane everyday!!! ...The "crazy ole bag Pelosi" believes they have been blessed with "a divine spark..."
  • "The Foreign Occupier" was a war criminal!!! ...When he said he would "fundamentally transform America" he meant fundamentally "DESTROY" America!!!
  • "Fat, Drunk & Stupid" is not long for this wurrrld!!!
  • The Daily News is the Daily Sh*t rag!!! ...They ruthlessly attack Ivanka Trump... calling her a ghoul...
  • "Affectation" is not substance!!! ...Smarmy Lib Speak does not impress us!!!
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Saturday, May 12, 2018

TRP! (5/11/18)

  • The Left is a sad pathetic joke!! ...John's great opening seamlessly lays out the evidence!!! ...DJT "The Man Who Keeps His Word" President!!! has pulled off a political coup as he has brought "Drunk, Fat, & Stupid" to his knees!!! ...The meeting is set for June 12th in Singapore... ..."The cards are all in DJT's hands and he will lay down the law!!!"
  • The "Foreign Occupier" was the tray-TOR that sat in the White House for 8 years!! ...The America hay-TOR that undermined this country and wanted to make America feeble!!! ...The bi-GOT that hated white people!!! ...The man that gave the criminal "Parthian bastards" (the murderous lunatics with the filthy towels wrapped around their heads) $1.5 billion and let them develop nuclear weapons!! ...The same man that let Americans get slaughtered in Benghazi!!!
  • Just like Van Helsing put the stake through Dracula's heart... DJT "The Man that Loves America!!" President is putting the stake through the heart (not of the Foreign Occupier's legacy... but...) of his treason!!!
  • "Hatred of white people drives the Left!!!" ...Venom keeps dripping from the lips of "Gorilla Cookie!!!" ...What a legacy she has... Oh... she planted a vegetable garden... Oh... she brought us a school lunch program... Yes... "the Auschwitz diet" that kids wouldn't eat sending them home hungry!!! ..."Did she even have a degree in nutrition???" ..."No crazy idea that ever came out of that treasonous regime was ever challenged for fears of being called a racist... yet they were the biggest racists on them all!!!"
  • The "Crooked Ole Bitch" spoke of irredeemable, deplorable, and the unspoken third... disposable!!! 
  • There are many "identity movements" in this country including last week's joke, Cinco de Mayo, a poor excuse to sell beer and get drunk... ..."You're not in Mexico you're in America!!!"
  • "WE have a REAL MAN in the White House now!!! ...Not a traitorous treasonous appeaser!!!"
  • Netanyahu has unleashed the lightening sword of Zion on Syria!!!
  • Our "great President DJT"... The "Take No Crap & Kick Ass" President!!! just slapped the filthy towels off their heads in Parthia by ripping up the nuclear deal!!! ...Like angry children they burned the American flag in their Parliament!!! ..."They're shaking in their sandals!!! Their end is coming rapidly!!!" ..."One wrong move and he will obliterate them!!!"
  • Those TRP FAITHFUL in the realm of the Right Perspective... Look for QUEEN Cheryl's "Cutting Comments" in the TRP CHAT Box on the main page!! She has her own Chatango ID now and will be posting her wisdom at will....
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Sunday, May 6, 2018

TRP! (5/4/18)

  • John of SI's great opening points out many of the gruesome foreign policy failures of the "Foreign Occupation regime!!!" ...Those 8 years of inordinate weakness and mind numbing capitulation have been replaced with incredible strength on every front by our countries' hero DJT! ...the "Economic Miracle" & "Future Noble Peace Prize Winning" ...President!!!
  • "You Liberals you Lefty's throughout this great land...don't you dare criticize a man who you'll never understand...the forces of history are at his command...your old Liberal order is rapidly aging... so get out of the way you Left-wing vermin for the times they are a changing!" --Frank von Queens
  • "Hollywood is crawling with two-legged maggots!!!" ...Filthy degenerate Left-wing hero Bill Cosby... "America's Dad..." is a nothing more than a vile rapist and happily he will rot in the hoosegow for a very long time... This just shows you how low the social mores of this country have deteriorated that frauds like this were put up on a politically correct pedestal!!! 
  • Stepin Fetchit was pilloried by that vile Cosby in his later years. Cosby blamed him for stereotypes that put blacks in a bad light... But Lincoln Perry is an underappreciated and very successful early trailblazing black talent of Jamaican descent... ...Forget the Jello commercials and Fat Albert crap... Dr. Huxtable had a Mr. Hyde side and "was a cheating, cowardly, hateful, mean, nasty SOB!!!"
  • Always remember the famous TRP dictum, "the cry of racism is the last refuge of a black scoundrel!!!"
  • The "Trump Economic Miracle" continues to surge as States are competing for labor!!! ...Wages are rising rapidly!!! The economy is booming!!! ...Remarkably, real unemployment is now below 4%, it's lowest point in 18 years!!! ..."Real world experience" in action!!! ...These "figures are not opinions!!!" ..."The numbers don't lie!!!" ...Are minorities catching on??... DJT's approval ratings among minorities are rising!!!
  • DJT has a "muscular" foreign policy!!! He is bringing a new era of peace to the wurrrld!!! ...After 8 years of anxiety we are safe... We have sanity & "Commonsense-ism" in the White House now!!! 
  • Whether Bush or Clinton... this country was tired of "dynasties!" ...This is not imperial Rome with two families controlling the government!!!
  • DJT was proven right!!! The Left has been conducting a witch hunt!!!
  • What are the Demsheviks gonna run on? The economy? National Defense?? Immigration??? ...All they have is hate backed up by the "media traitors!!!"
  • Does "Fat, Drunk & Stupid" have cirrhosis of the liver? heart failure?? at age 34??
  • Kanye West is making a lot of sense... So the Left must call him crazy and marginalize him...
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Saturday, April 28, 2018

TRP! (4/27/18)

  • Just like "the Great Reagan" that took down "an evil empire" without firing a shot... "Our Great President DJT!!!" is a true warrior for peace!!! ...A "formal end" to the "Korean conflict" is finally at hand all thanks to "the future Nobel Peace Prize winning President!!!"
  • "You try it fatso and we will obliterate you!!!" ..."Drunk, Fat, & Stupid" is crossing the DMZ --grovvvellling!! --trying to save himself!!! ...He knows he's a "marked man" in North Korea!!! ...They are on the verge of economic collapse!!! ..."Like all megalomaniacs he will do anything to stay in power!!!" ..."He is no more than a Gaius Caligula and will meet the same fate..."
  • The "chicken little pundits" in the main stream don't know their ass from their elbow... they were wrong wrong wrong!!! ..."The Trump Juggernaut" keeps plowing ahead full steam!!!
  • The "Ministry of Lies" & "the Media Criminals" ...just how many more things can they be wrong about!?!?" ..."They stabbed America in the back!!!"
  • "The Russian Chimera" has finally all but evaporated!!!
  • That "tall piece of crap Comey" makes us all long for the days of the late great J. Edgar Hoover!!! ...How could a guy who was the head of the FBI be made to look so foolish??  ..."He's on a suicidal path of self destruction!!!"
  • Why do vicious liberal hag middle aged women not believe in makeup?!? ...Frank takes on two such beauts while on line... The "facts" of France's lack of quality medical care is pointed out to them...
  • (INGSOC) the "wonders" of Britain's socialized medicine are on display once again!!! ...They won't honor the wishes of Alfie Evans' parents who are trying to save his life!!! ...So humane they are outlawing capital punishment but they allow this!?!? ....If this was a member of the "Royal Family" would they be allowed to leave!?!? ..."The State rules and the State is gawd!!! They decide who lives and who dies!!!" ...Britain doesn't even have a Constitution!!!
  • We are a nation of "individuals!!!" with "natural rights" guaranteed by our State and the Federal Constitutions!!!
  • Sarah Palin was right about "death panels!!!"  ...Called "IPAB"...
  • Has Bob Beckel croaked?!?
  • The Left deals only in "Emotion, Clichés, Slogans, Parades & Propaganda!!!"
  • Tom Brokaw joins the Left's cavalcade of sexual deviants!!
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Our "2018 Solutrean Man of the Year"

Matty of Florida!!!

He stands tall at the site of last week's 10th annual:
 "Florida State (WSD) Wurrrld Solutrean Day Festival!!!"
(Across from the ancient Southern Solutrean Canal where Matty paid his respects were just part of the record setting attendance celebrating & gathering that morning 4 hours before the festivities got ready to kick off!!!)

"Hail Solutria!!!"


Saturday, April 21, 2018

TRP! (4/20/18)

  • Frank shatters his own record for both length and decibel level in his now famous opening to commemorate: "WWWWWUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLDDDDD!!!!! SOLUTREAN DAY!!! ...April 20th!!! ...a day reckoned by the grand & ancient Solutrean calendar!!!
  • "He of the First Blood!!!" esteemed leader and "President of the Wurrrld Council of Solutrean Elders" recounts many of his "Solutrean Vision Quests" he has taken!!! ...Each time he was pulled violently into a whirling vortex of "Solutrean race memory!!!"
  • The Blood of our Solutrean ancestors runs in each and everyone of us!!! ...Take a "Solutrean name" and give your children "Solutrean names!!!" ..."The spirits of our ancestors will live on in you and your descendants!!!"
  • "WE are the true native Americans!!!" ..."We were here first!!!" ..."Iberia not Siberia!!!" ...Let the scientific truth finally be told!!! ...Upset and overturn the "Clovis First orthodoxy!!!" ..."Bring back true scientific inquiry and real investigation!!!" ...Much like "Holocaust deniers"... we call them "Solutrean deniers!!!" ...The Beringians were the original "illegal invaders!!!"
  • Our ancestors were brutally suppressed and wiped out in a "mass extinction event!!!" ...a global holocaust!!! ...An atrocity unparalleled in all of human history!!! ..."But as long as you live and breath and have progeny they will never be forgotten!!!"
  • Our Solutrean people lived peacefully on the land!!! They practiced a "proto-Free Enterprise" system and carried out the original "agricultural revolution!!!" ...Unlike the Beringian devils that destroyed, burned, and littered the land!!! 
  • The Beringians mercilessly wiped out all of the megafauna!!! ...Many tribes practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice!!! ...Women had very few rights if any and the elderly were mistreated and abandoned when they couldn't keep up... ...Yet all we hear about is the ludicrous Left-wing mythology of a supposed "noble people!!!" ...They were nothing more than uncivilized, unsophisticated, warring savages!!!
  • After a very long absence, "He who guards the bones of the ancestors!!!" the great Uncle Warren of Florida, instant messenger extraordinaire, TRP internet commando, and member of the "Wurrld Council of Solutrean Elders!!!" calls in and finally graces us with his sacred wisdom!!! ...His nephew, the great Matty of FL, is named "Solutrean Man of the Year!!!"
  • "He who breaths Life into the Great White Founding Fathers!!!" John From Conn, fellow member of the "Wurrld Council of Solutrean Elders!!!" calls in and strenuously expresses his love for his Solutrean ancestry!!! ...He is sanctioned by the Grand Council to proclaim a new sacred Holiday to take place for the first time next week... "Solutrean Liberty Day!!!" ...It will from this moment forward round out (SHM) Solutrean History Month!!!
  • The missing man of action, the beloved and revered, Ron from Joliet returns!!! He had many of us worried, but thank goodness a great Solutrean is still firing on all cylinders!!!
  • Thomas Jefferson profoundly sniffed out the "anti-reason" mythology of the Beringians in the Declaration of Independence, "the merciless Beringian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions!" and in his Second Inaugural Address!!! "We endeavor to enlighten them on the fate which awaits their present course of life, to induce them to exercise their reason, follow its dictates, and change their pursuits with the change of circumstances, have powerful obstacles to encounter; they are combated by the habits of their bodies, prejudice of their minds, ignorance, pride, and the influence of interested and crafty individuals among them, who feel themselves something in the present order of things, and fear to become nothing in any other. These persons inculcate a sanctimonious reverence for the customs of their ancestors; that whatsoever they did, must be done through all time; that reason is a false guide, and to advance under its counsel, in their physical, moral, or political condition, is perilous innovation; that their duty is to remain as their Creator made them, ignorance being safety, and knowledge full of danger; in short, my friends, among them is seen the action and counteraction of good sense and bigotry; they, too, have their anti-philosophers, who find an interest in keeping things in their present state, who dread reformation, and exert all their faculties to maintain the ascendency of habit over the duty of improving our reason, and obeying its mandates."
  • Paul W. Valentine's famous article about the Beringians (4/14/91): Are We Dancing with Myths?
PLUS: We are honored, on this sacred night, to welcome, Dr. Michael B. Collins!

He is a Research Professor at Texas State University in San Marcos. He has specialized in the study of lithic technology and worked with prehistoric collections from North, Central, and South America, as well as the Near East and South Western Europe. Dr. Collins has collaborated on the lithics research for the pre-Clovis site of "Monte Verde", Chile... The site that previous TRP guest & "pre-clovis trailblazer" Dr. Tom Dillehay spearheaded...

He is currently active in research on the earliest part of the American archaeological record and published Clovis Blade Technology and Clovis Stone Tool Technology.   He in fact has his own very interesting "perspective" on the so-called "Clovis/Pre-Clovis debate." A debate that is far more complex than even most professionals realize!

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

TRP! (4/13/18)

  • "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!" ...Thanks to "our Great President DJT!!" ..."the Bang the Drums for Liberty President!!!" ..."the Walking Tall & Standing Proud President!!!" ..."He's soon to teach those Russian bastards and their genocidal lackey Assad in Syria a lesson they'll never forget!!!" ..."They'll learn there is a new Sheriff in Washington DC!!!"
  • "There are shivers of fear running down the yellow jellyfish backed spines of our enemies!!!" ..."Being unpredictable for once is a tremendous advantage!!!"
  • "If Putin wants war... his inner circle may be forced to assassinate him!!!" ...Putin and "Drunk, Fat, & Stupid" are barbarians!! ..."Their opposition is terrorized, arrested, and murdered!!!"
  • John of SI points out even more hypocrisy from the Libs... This time all their flip-flopping on that "tall turd" Comey!!!
  • Where are the "super sensitive peace loving souls of the Left???" ..."Why are they not out protesting this genocidal gas attack on the innocent civilians in Syria?!?!" ..."Even Hitler wouldn't use poison gas....." ..."You don't hear a word from them do you!?!?"
  • "The Foreign Occupier" was "the America Hating President!!!" ..."He was useless, worthless, & treasonous!!!"
  • "Mark C*ckzuckerberg is a criminal!!!" ..."He's a liar, fraud, & a low-life!!!" ..."In his hubris and arrogance he dared to try his liberal double-talk before Congress!!!" ..."Only Ted Cruz though was man enough to take him on..."
  • Frank prefers the term "non-Leftist group" to that of "Right-wing!"
  • Cory Booker might actually out foreign occupy "the Foreign Occupier!!!"
  • "James Comey is truly Nuts!! ...He's vicious, puny, and petty!!!" ..."The people don't care about this guy... they care about what's in their paycheck!!!"
  • Unfortunately we live under "the illusion" of a Republic!!
  • Are "Diamond & Silk" a danger to the ca-mun-i-tay?!? Facebook removed these two black women that support DJT!! Frank wonders if there is anything more here than "schtick and self-promotion..."
PLUS: A special Podcast (4/2/18) with prestigious British historian Dr. Adrian Goldsworthy, author of the new book Hadrian's Wall (Cut to the Main Page!!!)

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

TRP! (4/6/18)

  • "Our Great President DJT! The Man Who Protects America!!!" ..."Thank gawd we have him as President and not "that crooked ole bitch!!!" ..."There is a new sheriff in town!!!" ..."He rightly is going to send troops along our Mexican border!" ...He is guarding America and our "frontline States" from this "parasitical disease-carrying illegal-invading-vermin" that has been flooding into and overrunning our country!! ...He should take "extraordinary war time powers" because we are in fact at war!!!
  • The Lefts's enemy is not this vermin but... "our Great President DJT! The Man Who Loves America!!!" ..."He is the breakwater ...the bulwark!!!" ...Join the Federal lawsuit against "Sanctuary States!!!" ..."We are tired of the criminal activity!! We are tired of the murders!!" ...It is about time as well that something is done about the "treasonous supporters" of this vermin!!! ..."There is a 5th Column in this country!!!" ...supported by the "Ministry of Lies" and the "Media Criminals!!!" and the "slimy politicians!!!" ..."They waged war on this President!!!" ..."They want through osmosis for the vermin to enter so they can seize power!!!" ..."They want to destroy this country from within and create some monstrosity in their image!!!" ..."Arrest anyone that gives aid & comfort to the enemy!!!"
  • Frank can just barely stomach the "main stream news" anymore... He get's sick to his stomach!! All it does is get him angry and nauseous!!! 
  • "The time is coming for each and every man jack of us... for every citizen who loves this country to stand up!!!"
  • Just like Ronald Reagan who brought down one evil empire with embargos and sanctions... so too will "our Great President DJT" bring down another empire in China!!! ...And do it as the great Reagan did it... PEACEFULLY!! (you hypocritical phonies on the Left) without firing a shot!!! 
  • Just like in the great movie Back to School, DJT is a businessman that gets NO RESPECT from the LIBERAL ELITE and their fuzzy minded phrenologies!!! ...But, he is the real go-getter... a common sense businessman, he is a real man with the real world experience and a real world understanding of economics!!! ...He has actually worked for a living... ...He didn't make his money "chiseling" as a slimy politician!!! ...He didn't walk into government with nothing and walk out a multi-millionaire!!! ...He earned his money on the street!!! ...DJT knows how the system works and he knows China has been gaming the system for far too long!!! ...Once again and thankfully..."We have a NEW SHERIFF in TOWN!!!"
  • "A caravan"... LOL... It is an "illegal invasion" you Leftist scum!!!
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PLUS: A very special edition of Hello Africa! with our good friends Johann from the UK & Theuns Cloete of Boervolk Radio!!! When it's a "WHITE" minority that is being brutally oppressed... NO ONE in the Liberal Wurrrld Media cares!! BUT WE HERE on TRP and those in the TRP FAITHFUL stand up for all our brothers that yearn for FREEDOM!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

TRP! (3/30/18)

  • John of SI's great opening dispels many Communist calumnies spewed out against "our Great President DJT!"
  • "The America First, Last, and Always President" is battling the many malignant forms of Socialism that under 8 years of the "Foreign Occupation regime" put America on the road to second and third class status in the wurrrrlllddd!!! 
  • "The economy has come back roaring with DJT's common sense strategy!!!" ...It's "Common-sense-ism!!!" ..."He's slashed and gutted regulations!!!" ..."He's told our so-called "partners" you're not going to take advantage of this great country anymore!!!" 
  • It's the "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!!" ..."We needed a hard nosed experienced businessman as President. He's a man of the people with feet on the street that created an empire for himself!!!" ...The only thing the 'Foreign Occupier' created was hot air and BS!!!
  • DJT just came in smashing with a hammer into the old boy network that's been running Washington!!! 
  • "The cut-throat stab in the back 'Republi-cant's' came out with this disaster of a budget!!" ..."All they want to do is preserve their own little fiefdoms!!!" ..."You call that a party?!?" ...They talked for 7 years about getting rid of "Obama-scam!!" ..."Did they!?!" ...Thanks to DJT we at least got rid of the mandate!!!
  • "What hatred from the "Congressional Anti-white Caucus!!!" These are the 'Crap-in-the-can' lovers!!" ...But, you don't hear a word from the "Media Criminals!!!"
  • "DJT the getting them OUT of our Country President!!!" is using the Military budget to build the wall ...cracking down on illegal invading parasitical vermin!!! ..."What part of the word illegal don't they understand!?!" ..."You're damn right they should be afraid!!!"
  • Hitlery is saying she is being picked on for her "sex..." ...The word "gender" is nothing more than a grammatical term!!! ...The "crooked ole bitch" may form her own 3rd Party if they don't give her the nomination!!! ..."She's megalomaniacal enough to believe she could actually win on her own..."
  • Radical Liberal kook John Paul Stevens argues for the full repeal of the 2nd Amendment!!!
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PLUS: An exclusive interview with: David Friedman, son of the legendary Milton Friedman! David is an academic economist with a doctorate in physics who's spent the past twenty-two years teaching in a law school. His first book, The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism, published in 1973, is now a classic and describes how a society with property rights and without government might function. There as elsewhere, he offers a "consequentialist" defense of libertarianism. 

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Next week: A special Podcast with prestigious British historian Dr. Adrian Goldsworthy, author of the new book Hadrian's Wall!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

TRP! (3/23/18)

  • The Left's shameful and hypocritical tactics may work on those that don't pay attention --But, they fall woefully flat here on TRP!!! ...John's tremendous opening lays forth the evidence and sets the record straight!!!
  • "Our great President DJT" ..."The America First, Last, & Always President!!!" reluctantly signs a Bill to fund our military and get rid of sequestration... but the potential negative side effects of the Bill reverberate throughout the show...
  • An enemy of the United States couldn't have done a better job of killing members of the American military than did the fork tongued "Foreign Occupier" with his sequestration!!! 
  • "Scratch a liberal and you'll always find a traitor!!!" ..."Underneath you'll always find a visceral hatred for America's greatness and strength!!!"
  • Drain the Swamp!!! ..."If it was organized crime doing this they would call this nothing more than a racket!!!" ...Faith in the "Republi-can'ts" has been shaken by their new bloated budget... ..."This is legalized highway robbery!!!" ..."A political shakedown!!!" ...Like the "Pelosi-crats" they signed it but did not read it!!!
  • "The Media Criminals" continue their "political pedophilia" as they manipulate and whip up "the mob" into these "anti-freedom" marches tomorrow... ...."Nothing more than a naked grab to end your 2nd Amendment guaranteed right to own a firearm and protect yourself!!!" ..."What makes a bad guy a bad guy!?!...they ignore the law!!!" ...From the: See we told you so File...A good guy with a gun is the only way to really stop a bad guy with a gun!!! ...Maryland school shooting stopped by armed security guard!!!
  • Defund PBS... "It's an insane anachronistic piece of Left-wing garbage!!!"
  • "Get the hell off of Facebook!!! Delete it!!!" ..."The weak-minded desperate people that just have to be noticed..." ..."Schmuckerberg is an arrogant little liberal pr*ck!!" ..."Drag him in chains before Congress..." ..."Forget regulation.. Boycott Facebook!!!" ..."Their data manipulation compromises millions!!!" ..."He knew what was happening and don't say he didn't!!!" 
  • Some people blindly adore all rich people... But not Frank! ..."It's all about how they made their money and what they do with their money!!!"
  • Did you see what happened when another mutant got killed by the cops??? It's always the same scenario... "an unarmed black man" ...Have we ever heard the "Media Criminals" talk of an "unarmed white man?!?" ...Look for the "TRP Ministry of Lies indicator"... they always conveniently mention that they are black when it pushes their "victim status" but when the same mutants commit a ghastly crime their being black is always left out... 
  • Thousands more mutants block a basketball game because they are "angry" ...Do they have all the evidence!?! Or are they rushing to judgment like the "Foreign Occupier" always did when it came to race!?!
  • Vince of NJ is losing faith in "Our Great President DJT..." ...Speaking of losing faith, he and George the Atheist "have a moment" when the topic of abortion comes up...
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Next Week: An exclusive interview with: David Friedman, son of the legendary Milton Friedman! David is an academic economist with a doctorate in physics who spent the past twenty-two years teaching in a law school. His first book, The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism, published in 1973, is now a classic and describes how a society with property rights and without government might function. There as elsewhere, he offers a "consequentialist" defense of libertarianism. We will discuss "anarcho-capitalism" with him as well.... Don't Miss It!!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

TRP! (3/16/18)

  • The long awaited "Objectivist Panel" takes to the TRP stage!!! ...John From Conn, George the Atheist, and Bob from Stony Point join John & Frank for an enthralling 60 minute discussion in the 2nd hour that you simply don't want to miss!!!  ..."The meeting of the minds..."
  • "The crooked ole bitch" seems to have had a stroke & a nervous breakdown!!! ..."She's on a suicide mission and so is the Democrat party!!!"..."She has an uncontrollable rage!!!" ..."Her poisonous venomous visceral hatred for the 'forgotten white Americans' was on full display during her speech in India!!! ...White women were coerced by their husbands to vote for the "Getting-it-Right...Perfectionist President...DJT!!!" ..."Did she ever hear of a secret ballot???"
  • Frank is tired of "the circus act" called cable news!!! ..."They have contempt and disdain for the American people..."
  • Hiring is slightly down because there are so many jobs available thanks to the "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE" that we are having trouble filling them!!! ..."The Free Enterprise economy of America is being unleashed!!! ..."The dog collar and chains have been removed!!!" ...The American spirit is now unfettered from the crushing oppression of "the Foreign Occupier!!!"
  • "The Left would kill us if they could..." ..."Not always in obvious ways..." ..."We are not only irredeemable but we are disposable!!!" 
  • "Andrew McCabe is a criminal that broke the law yet he'll get a fat pension!!!" ..."He committed felonies trying to fix the election!!!" ..."Who will watch the watchers???" ..."What do you do when those in charge of catching criminals are criminals themselves!?!?" ..."You cannot have this in a Republic!!!"
  • "These slimy politicians forget they work for us!!! We pay their salaries!!!" ..."We are all equal under the law!!! We cannot have two sets of laws!!!"
  • The great John Hurt was excellent as Winston Smith...
  • More pedantic protests against the NRA... More attacks on our Liberty... "Leatherface Cuomo" shows up and it becomes "a social event"... "The elites can protect themselves with security that carry guns but we as individual citizens don't deserve that same right.... We just have to wait patiently for the cops to arrive!!!"
  • The Left like to commit "political pedophilia" whenever is suits their evil agenda...
  • "DJT the Protect America President" is building "the wall" and making it high!! --it is killing Pelosi!!! 
  • "DJT is the smashing the status quo President!!!" ...The "establishment" has been shaken to the core!!!
  • John of SI spent all his free time this week filling out NCAA brackets...
  • "Who's killed more human beings??? ...The NRA or Planned Parenthood?!?!"
  • "The Libs are not for women...they're for liberal women!!!"
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

TRP! (3/9/18)

  • John of SI's great opening shows that DJT's "SUPER" strength is leading to peace around the wurrrrllldd!!!  ..."Drunk, Fat, & Stupid & his criminal enterprise" have been boxed in and broken  --He is now ready to talk!!!
  • "AMERICA IS WINNING!!!!" ..."Take your index finger and point it up!!!"
     ...313,000 jobs added in February!!! 4.1% unemployment!!! ..."DJT ...THE ECONOMIC MIRACLE President's" numbers continue to go through the roof!!!" ...While the "Foreign Occupier's" numbers went straight to HELL!!!  ..."This BOOM is REALITY!!!" ..."OPTIMISM is SOARING!!!"
  • FRANK RETURNS from the Nor'easter that struck "the compound" and simply needs a chance to catch his breath... ..."DJT the Man of Action!!!" is succeeding in so many ways he can hardly keep up!!! ..."The economy is BOOMING!!!" ...Not a phony boom like the "8 year national nightmare!!!" ..."Take your index finger and point it down!!!" ..."His boom was stagnant!!!" 
  • Frank once again prophesizes that "Drunk, Fat & Stupid" will be "knocked off" by his own people!!! ..."Ruling by fear only lasts so long..." ...They don't want to die for his ideology... "Drunk, Fat, and Stupidism!!!"
  • The asininity that was "strategic patience!!!" ...The psychos, sycophants, and professional ass-kissers on the Left gobbled up and believed anything the delusional "Foreign Occupier" said...
  • The only reason Frank backed W. Bush was because the opposition was so grotesque!!! 
  • One of the ways the Left lies is to leave half the story out... The Left practices the "tyranny of language!!!'
  • DJT never accepted the Left's idea of a declining "new normal" for America!!!
  • The laughable threat of the liberal "Blue Wave"...
  • The Left that loves centralized government running your life is suddenly for States' Rights when it hypocritically suits their pathetic agenda!!!
  • The "illegal invaders" do not represent a "community!!!" ...They are a bunch of law breaking gangsters and thugs!!!
  • WWWWWUUURRRRRRRLLLLLLDDD SOLUTREAN DAY is COMING APRIL 20th!!! ...Frank gives a Beringians on the move update...
  • Mike Gallagher listens to TRP!!!
  • John From Conn corrects Larry Mendte and talks constitutional history... ...How the "living breathing document" idea came from Alexander Hamilton... ...How the immortal Thomas Jefferson started the "right-wing" Republican party (not that Devil Lincoln) in opposition to the "left-wing" Hamilton and the Federalists... How the "strict originalist true intent" would have prevented political parties... Jefferson's famous letter to the Danbury Baptists setting forth "the wall of separation between church and State..."  ...How Dishonest Abe was one of the highest paid corporate lawyer elitists of that time and employed by the Illinois Central Railroad as a lobbyist... ...The fake news of his day that he was an "honest log/rail splitter" that heroically freed the slaves is laughable...  ...How that Stinkin' Lincoln pushed his own interests and the northern industrial interests at the expense of the "Sovereign South..." ...He violated the constitutional definition of treason under Article 3 section 3 of the "Constitution of 1787..." ...Long Live the "Principles of 98!!!"
One of the last journalists of integrity left standing, Sharyl Attkisson, host of SINCLAIR’s popular Sunday morning national TV news program: FULL MEASURE. Which focuses on investigative and accountability reporting. It's broadcast to 43 million households! She is a 5-time Emmy award winner... and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting. Author of, The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote...

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

TRP! (3/2/18)

  • The Left-wing stream of insidious propaganda keeps flowing out the "Ministry of Lies" & the "Media Criminals!!!" ...It's just appalling!!! ..."Their continued desperation is embarrassing!!!" ...The only thing that matters to them is the moment  -- no matter the consequences of their actions!!! ...If they could they'd "liquidate" anyone that disagrees with them!!!
  • Frank goes M.I.A. due to the storm that raged through the Northeast... John ably holds down the fort!! ...The interview with the great Kevin Gutzman!!! Author of, Thomas Jefferson - Revolutionary: A Radical's Struggle to Remake America!!! has been postponed until 3/23.
  • Both John of SI & Cheryl of NJ call in to Larry Mendte!!! ...Cheryl's "cutting comments" return!!! Find them in the Chatango Chat box on the Main Page!!! (To Chat with "Jonofsi" during the show, join Chatango at and add him to friends. Then IM him Live on Friday Nights!! To post comments anytime on the website in the TRP Chat Group, IM "johnfromconn" and you will be verified to do so!!!
  • "The Left hates individual wealth & freedom!!!" ..."They hate anything they can't control!!!" ...But, no worries, in the end..."The Left always eats their own!!!" 
  • John plays a clip of Obongo speaking out against conservative talk radio, Fox News, & social media platforms because "they have a difference of opinion and are too free!!!" ...The Left is "surely evil!!!"
  • "It's OK to raise the age to buy a firearm but not the age to vote!!!"
  • John discusses the upcoming Italian election with a caller...
  • Oakland Lefty mayor Libby Schaff...pretty on the outside...ugly on the inside!!! ...She warns "illegal invaders" that I.C.E is coming and puts law enforcement and the community in grave danger!!!
  • "Liberal policies always result in the death of innocent people!!!" ...The pathetic Left wing "Broward promise program" sadly helped lead to the Florida school massacre...
  • Political hack sheriff Scott Israel reminds John of the classic Twilight Zone episode: The Masks... 

  • Your phone calls and much much more!!! @1-718-761-9996!  

Friday, March 2, 2018

TRP! (2/23/18)

  • Despite the Left-wing hysteria that the sky is falling ...the GDP is on the verge of 5% growth!!! ...But, they don't care, they just continue to "sling their crap!!!" ..."The Left is alienating the majority of America!!" ..."What the Left is for ...America is against!!!" ..."The extremists have seized control of the Democrat party!!"
  • Thomas Jefferson & the founding fathers were "enlightenment liberals!!" ..."Classical liberals" that believed in Freedom & Liberty!!! ..."The liberals of today are the opposite!! They have hijacked and perverted liberalism!!!" ..."Liberal today equals hate!!!" ..."They especially hate the 1st & 2nd Amendments!!!"
  • "DJT the Man who loves America President!!" ..."The Prosperity President!!!" goes off script at CPAC 2018 and gives another magnificent speech!!! --It was rousing and amazing!!!
  • Frank is oh so glad to be out of "that toilet" New York!!! ...He no longer has to ride the "steel slum" anymore...  "NYC voted the filthiest city in America!!!" ...This is what "modern liberalism" gives us today...
  • Al Sharpton as we know is a "vile racist big-ot of colour!!!"
  • W. Bush, not once did he speak out against the atrocities of "the Foreign Occupier!!!" But now he dares to attack the "Making America Great Again President!?!?"
  • The "Demsheviks" are looking to seize power!!! We cannot turn back the clock to those "evil bastards!!!" ..."Do they really expect the people to vote against prosperity???"
  • The S&P 500 notches its best week since 2013!!! ...In case you haven't noticed folks.. it's the "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!!" ...The rate of growth is just incredible!!!
  • Dannel Malloy, wretched Lefty governor of CT, has chased away businesses and jobs at an alarming rate!!!
  • Sebastian Gorka listens to TRP!!! ...TRP the "Fountainhead of the Right!!!"
  • Wayne La Pierre gives an incredible speech at CPAC!!! Amen brother.
  • America's Pastime is back!!! We can now officially forget "boringball" for a good long while...
  • "George the Atheist" calls in to discuss décolletage with Cheryl and the next thing we know our jaws are dropping as we hear a wild and amusing ballroom dancing story concerning a "wardrobe malfunction..." ...George also discusses this classic photo of Sophia Loren & Jayne Mansfield:

  • PLUS NEXT WEEK: an interview with the great Kevin Gutzman!!! Author of, Thomas Jefferson - Revolutionary: A Radical's Struggle to Remake America!!!

    Your phone calls and much much more!!! @1-718-761-9996!

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    Saturday, February 17, 2018

    TRP! (2/16/18)

    • TRP celebrates with a 20th Anniversary Tribute Spectacular!!!
    • TSL (TalkStreamLive) 17.9 million listeners in 2017! TRP TOP 50!!!
    • John plays a 20th anniversary tribute montage at the top of the first hour!!! (See updated version with Frank's "years of CIA training comments" to Stanton Friedman added on the Main Page!!!)
    • Frank & John along with callers John From Conn & George the Atheist reminisce some of their favorite TRP and pre-TRP moments!! 
    • PLUS:
    • Frank told us last week not to let any "little minor market hiccup" discourage us!!! That the "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE" would keep rolling along!!! ...He was right once again as the stock market came roaring back!!! ..."All the naysayers, all the Cassandras, all the DJT ha-tors, all the nattering nabobs of negativism were proven wrong!!!"
    • TRP acknowledges "Black Mythology Month..." ...Frank discusses an article about Ancient Egypt...
    • The sad massacre in Florida is discussed... ...BLAME the KGB in the FBI!!! ..."While the FBI was wasting millions of dollars of our money on the 'Russian chimera' they dropped the ball big time on this!!! They were tipped off about that piece of human garbage perpetrator well in advance yet did nothing!!!" ..."Clean out that rat's nest of loafers and incompetents!!!" ..."STOP LOOKING OVER THIS BLOG AND GET TO WORK!!!"
    • As expected the same ole BS from the Left as they attempt to exploit the tragedy with more gun confiscation from the free citizenry!!! ..."How about illegal invading vermin-control!?!? or abortion-control!?!? or simply criminal-control!?!?" ..."Gun free zones" are making our precious children like lambs to the slaughter!!!
    • "Why do we never hear the stories out of the "Ministry of Lies" showing gun owners that stopped criminals and defended their families with firearms!?!?" ..."FREEDOM" you sick bastards!!! ...Ignore the "anti-freedom anti-constitution propaganda!!!" ..."From Frank's cold dead hands!!!"
    • Bernard Goetz defended himself from "four sneaker wearing protozoa!!!"
    • DJT "the working man's President"  and "Republi-can'ts" please don't fall for the raising of the Federal gasoline tax!!! Don't restrict our FREEDOM!!! PAY for the ROADS by slashing socialism!!!
    • "The Left created this perverse culture!!!"
    • "Stop the genocide in the abortuariums!!!"
    • "Stop the desensitizing of our children to perversion with Hollywood's debauchery!!!"
    • "Stop the glorifying of violence!!!"
    • The aim of the Left with their immigration policy is simply to create for themselves a "dependent subservient class..."
    • Vince of NJ is touched deeply by the movie Hacksaw Ridge... He cannot watch the NFL anymore...
    • The "Queen of Talk Radio" Cheryl from NJ is busting her buttons with pride in all that TRP stands for...
    • Paul Robeson was Communist fellow travelling scum that helped cause the death of all the gullible Americans that bought the pro-Bolshevik propaganda in the 1930's and moved to the U.S.S.R in search of the promised "workers paradise..." (As portrayed in the wonderful and often TRP recommended book The Forsaken!!!) ...Robeson's Americanized version of the Soviet national anthem is right up there with the infamous "Hanoi Jane" sleeping with the enemy pics!!! (see below for both.)
    Your phone calls and much much more!!! @1-718-761-9996!

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    Make sure to check out the: TRP BOOK FORUM & TRP ORIGINAL SOURCE PAGES...

    Reviewer: TRPShow - June 11, 2013
    Subject: Dr. Meldumb should be out looking for Bigfoot, not writing reviews on his own Interviews!

    A true scientist would have fielded those questions with ease. If he wanted a platform to ramble off his contentions and push his silly agenda without fielding any questions, then yes, he was on the wrong program. When is the last time his "hypothesis" passed a main stream peer review? LOL...never! His condescension and arrogance revealed a certain insecurity on the topic. Maybe he would have been more comfortable answering questions if the hosts linked Bigfoot to aliens or dimensional beings...AND when he says that the environment was not conducive for fossils to remain? Well, dinosaurs lived in forests, huge forests in a hotter climate than ours and they've been found! Meldumb is a huckster, and like all hucksters, he takes a position of being insulted when the real insult is that he is trying pass this crap off as "scientific."

    Bigfoot has been reported to be over eight feet tall, or more! Weighing at LEAST 600 lbs or more. How much does it take in, in calories? Where does it get that much food every day, and how much time does it spend hunting and foraging? It is said to eat blueberries. How many gross bushels does it have to eat to survive? Apes and chimps live in families. What about bigfoot? Where is the family? How come the great apes in Uganda can be studied and not bigfoot? How come in remote areas we can study them but not bigfoot? From all the so called sightings it seems to co exist with humans and yet we can't find it's nests? Apes are warm weather creatures, yet this chimera can live in the freezing climate too? Food becomes scarce in the winter and unlike a bear it doesn't hibernate, so how does it survive? What about it's natural enemies? Wolf packs, wild cats, bears, coyotes, ect? Where are the remains? How come no bones (either modern or fossil?) How do believers on the Pseudo History channel know that it knocks on wood, throws stones and howls when it's never been sighted? If it is nocturnal, then how did Paterson film it? If it hides from humans, then how come there are so many daylight sightings? If it tries to cover it's tracks, then how come so many tracks are "documented." PLEASSSSSSE!

    **************UPDATE 6/10/13****************

    We know it is you Dr. Meldumb, you really have too much time on your hands. Shouldn't you be out looking for sasquatch or hawking pamphlets? How about staying in...and not popping your head up from...your little lunatic PhD fringe until you actually find some "hard" evidence? The "mainstream" rightly (in this case) chuckles when your name is mentioned. But, even if this isn't him (which I know it is) and is one of his stooges, please note folks, he too, like every other haughty and supercilious liberal, cannot answer the most simple and obvious questions. Instead, they try to dismiss you, call you ignorant, shout you down, or censor you...i.e."Please, pay no attention to the review below."

    I had no intention of posting a review on this topic, I was "responding" to a silly and weak "mop up job" left by the interviewee or one of his stooges.

    Note he too has been "all over" the pacific northwest, yet can't seem to come up with any hard evidence either.

    He also loves NPR...enough said. When you employ "reason" as your guide and not pseudo science pushed by garbage credentials from liberal institutions, whilst hawking monetary agenda's.... it allows you to give people "The Right Perspective!"

    LOL...and yeah, sorry you so called intellectuals don't slum with the unwashed masses enough to understand our acronyms...But, we are "really" LOL-ing at you now.

    **************UPDATE 6/11/13****************

    Beating you down intellectually so badly that you go in and erase all the nonsense you wrote....once again...LOLOL...Go get lost now under that vast pacific canopy. Now that I think of it, AREA 51 should be moved under the pacific canopy, it is so remote and hard to find anything in there.