Saturday, August 18, 2018

TRP! (8/17/18)

  • "Our Great President DJT!" continues to drain the swamp!!!  ..."The America First, Last, & Always President!!!" believes in America and loves this country!!! 
  • Frank called "Leatherface Cuomo" a BS artist years ago!! ...Cuomo said, "we're not going to make America great again.... America was never that great!!!" ..."He's a lowlife scumbag. He's not a great orator he's a schmuck!!!" ..."Former Secretary of HUD that helped the Left cause the great housing crisis!!!" ..."He governs the most taxed & biggest disaster of a State in the union!!! One that Frank gladly escaped from!!!" 
  • The key word when dealing with the Left is "affectation." ...They love to put on "the deep thinking and measured act" trying to show us how smart they are... ..."We are all supposed to bow down and genuflect before them!!!" ..."We know it's nothing more than the same ole hackneyed rhetoric!!!"
  • "The Left doesn't have anything of substance!!! Just violence, hate, & fear mongering!!!"
  • Sadly everything in New York is named after an old liberal Democrat...
  • The great irony of the Left is their slogan "power to the people!" ...In every Socialist regime they've ever ruined after they've seized power... "the people never had the power!!!" ..."The power remained with the all powerful State & the party!!!"
  • China is a "paper tiger" compared to The United States' economy!!! ..."Oh what a difference a year and a half makes!!!" 
  • George the Atheist reminds us that when "Leatherface Cuomo" ran for Governor he used the line, "Let's make NY State great again!!!" ..."What a phony!!!"
  • DJT MUST Threaten a NEW version of the "Fairness Doctrine!!!" ...If the "Media Criminals" refuse to present the conservative side to go along with their Lefttist drivel they must have their licences pulled one by one... Use their own tactics against them!!! ...The "Leftist" Media is the enemy of the People!!!
  • Rush catches up with TRP!!!
  • Frank looked at "Leatherface Cuomo" with a pair of his special They Live sunglasses and this is what he saw...
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Sunday, August 12, 2018

TRP! (8/10/18)

  • You cannot stop the "Trump Juggernaut!!!" ..."DJT the Force of Nature President!!!"
  • None of the crap the "Ministry of Lies" is throwing at him is sticking!!! ..."They are nothing but traitors that have tried to overturn the Trump Revolution!!!" ..."If you think it's bad now it will only get worse!!!"
  • "The Left's war on white men is so blatant..." ..."They just can't accept the reality of DJT riding the crest of a white tsunami!!!"
  • Spike Lee is a "bug-eyed turd" and a "virulent judeophobe of colour!!!" ..."BOYCOTT that vile HOLLYWOOD & their daily drumbeat of hatred!!!"
  • "DJT the America First President" will not accept second place for America!!!
  • Thank the enviro-pagan Left and their foolish policies for the wildfires in California and the awful destruction of homes & lives... 
  • Frank said over 35 years ago to the great Barry Farber that "liberalism was a mental disease!!!"
  • "Democrats and liberals are the worst enemy we face because they are an internal enemy..."
  • "The Left views everything through the prism of race... It's all they have..."
  • Hey "Fat-violent-bull-dyke-disgusting-bag-of-crap-on-two-legs Rosie" show us your evidence of the "Russian chimera!!!" ...She appeals to the morons, the semi-functional illiterates, & the other psychotics... 
  • The Left's answer to everything is to shut everybody down and prevent debate!!! ...These nutcases make Alex Jones look sane...
  • DJT is his own "rapid response team..." ..."Our Great President DJT the Twitter Wizard President!!!"
  • John plays yet another example of Alexandria Cortez trying to say something...
  • "John Kasich is a jealous piece of crap & a sore loser!!!"
PLUS: A very Special TRP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Jeffersonian Scholar Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak! ...He dispels the lurid Left-wing calumny that Thomas Jefferson had a sexual relationship with one of his slaves... 

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

TRP! (8/3/18)

  • DJT "The ECONOMIC MIRACLE President!!!" is pouring salt in the wounds of the Left!!! ..."His promises were made and his promises were kept!!!"
  • "Hey dummies on the Left... we have a question for you... are you a Soviet socialist or a National socialist!?!?" ...Watch their eyes gloss over like a deer in the headlights!!!
  • "Our Great President DJT" ..."The Stable Genius President!!!" is like the fortress wall stemming the coming tide of liberal vermin!!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier" didn't endorse "Leatherface" because he was toxic!!!
  • Don't call it socialism... call it "something-for-nothing-ism!!!" ...Think "leeches, parasites, & morons!!!"
  • No "fat ass bureaucrat" is going to decide how much we should get!!!
  • "DJT the Diplomatic Genius President!!!" has saved our little yellow Nipponese brothers!!! ...Incredibly he also got the long awaited remains of our fallen Korean War vets returned to their grieving families... 
  • The Left will stop at nothing in their attempts to "shrink the white majority!!!"
  • Frank reminds the Left of another of Thomas Jefferson's truisms... "Facts are stubborn things!!!"
  • "History proves the Left is violent by nature!!!" ..."You cannot cooperate, compromise, or coexist with them..." 
  • "Riots are Left-wing phenomena!!!"
  • John calls Larry Mendte and exposes what Frank has been talking about for over a decade... "The White Trail of Tears" ...the atrocity that is all the white farm murders and continued land confiscation in South Africa... ...2 days later Tucker Carlson follows suit...
  • Hannity steals Frank's "Economic Miracle" line... ...Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes a fool of Jim Acosta and the "Media Criminals!!!" ...John plays the audio!!!
  • Lebron James is actually more clueless than low IQ Waters...
  • George the Atheist & Frank share their experiences with the "government ruined city university system..." 
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