Saturday, July 21, 2018

TRP! (7/20/18)

  • "We are tired of the crack pot kooks on the Left! ...We are tired of the anger & the sick accusations!! ...One thing we are NOT tired of...  --WINNING with this President!!!" ...To those that hate him it matters not how successful he and the country are...
  • What magnificent statesmanship by "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The Stable Diplomatic Genius President!!!" ...He has proven to be a TRUE "Prince of Peace" around the Wurrrld!!! ..."He is putting sensibility and sanity back in our foreign policy!!!" ..."This is what TRUE peaceful coexistence is all about..."
  • Frank shares a story from his days at City University of New York when he was on an elevator with a Bolshevik diplomat and a Red Lib Prof...
  • The Left of yesteryear admired an ex "KGB man" in Yuri Andropov...
  • "Marshal Tito was a murdering Bolshevik bastard!!!"
  • "FDR thought the future of Europe would be Russian..."
  • "The Black Communist ANC is destroying the once great South Africa!!!"
  • "The Foreign Occupier" was an "enemy President!!!"
  • "Look at the history of Democrat foreign relations and you see rampant hypocrisy..."
  • Frank explains "plausible denial..." ..."The Deep State keeps stoking the fires against DJT!!!"
  • "Look at what the Democrat party has "devolved" into.... They are a pathetic joke!!!"
  • "The opioid crisis was the Left's final solution to the white race problem in this country!!!"
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