Saturday, July 7, 2018

TRP! (7/6/18)

  • The "Democrat" party has gone full blown Communist!!! ...This writing we saw on the wall for years...
  • "DJT the Economic Champion of America President" listens to TRP!!! (Or at least peruses the website...)
  • As with all Communists the Democrats see a fascist under every bed...
  • "Any heroic leader that beat back Bolshevism is hated by the Left today!!!" 
  • "DJT The Man Who Speaks the Truth President!!!" broke the backs of the Left with his election victory!!! ..."The people rose up magnificently!!!" ...A decimation of the "crooked ole bitch" that has fostered virulent hatred and made them all apoplectic!!! ...No matter how much success America has DJT will forever be hated by the Left!!!
  • "The Hollywood scum think they are the Aristocracy of this country... They consider themselves royalty!!!"
  • The Bush family have proven they are Left-wing garbage!!! ...They kept silent against "the Whoremonger & the Foreign Occupier" yet they now take pot shots at "our Great President DJT!!!"
  • A race war breaks out in the Democrat inner circles... Low IQ street scum political gangster Maxine Waters, Donna Brazile, & Al Sharpton versus Schmuck Schumer & "the crazy ole bag Pelosi..."
  • "The Democrat party is Catholophobic!!!"
  • Frank fears the deep state will come after DJT... The Left's organized hatred and violence is always blamed on "lone nuts..."
  • Aren't children separated from their parents anytime someone is sent to jail for anything??? ...We should show those crying children... We guess no one should ever go to prison if children are going to cry...
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