Saturday, June 30, 2018

TRP! (6/29/18)

  • The irresponsible leaders on the Left and their outlandish rhetoric, divisive hatred, and insidious propaganda will end up causing more violence against Republicans and Conservatives!!! ...Frank was the first to predict this will inevitably lead to a "2nd American Civil War" or what he calls a "Neo-Bolshevik Revolution" created and instigated by the Left... ...When will the appropriate action be taken to restore order?!?!
  • Fox News uses Frank's "Trump Economic Miracle" this week!!!
  • 2 big Supreme Court decisions go the people's way!! (Upholding the terrorist travel ban & stopping union election coercion.)
  • Slavery was not what the Confederate Army fought for during the "War of Northern Aggression!!!"
  • "The Left declares war on ICE!!! Their tactics come right out of Bolshevik Russia or Maoist China!!!"
  • Arrest crazy ole low IQ street scum and criminal gangster politician, Maxine Waters, for inciting riots & violence!!!
  • Who is the bigger Left-wing vermin and fat slob!?!? Michael Moore or Rob Reiner?!?!
  • "The Left is an empty vessel... a derelict hulk floating in the sea of American politics..."
  • DJT is so racist Black unemployment is at an all time low...
  • "The last refuge of a Left-wing scumbag is the cry of racism..."
  • The more the "Ministry of Lies & Propaganda" pushes their vomit the more the people support DJT!!!
  • George the Atheist calls in with the scoop on the Left's rising crack pot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...
  • Anthony Kennedy retires... DJT "The Heroic picker of Right-wing Jeffersonian Supreme Court Originalists" will make his choice on July 9th!!!
  • Who on the Left will be the first to call his well qualified nominee "out of the mainstream or an extremist???" ...You know it's coming folks.....
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