Saturday, May 12, 2018

TRP! (5/11/18)

  • The Left is a sad pathetic joke!! ...John's great opening seamlessly lays out the evidence!!! ...DJT "The Man Who Keeps His Word" President!!! has pulled off a political coup as he has brought "Drunk, Fat, & Stupid" to his knees!!! ...The meeting is set for June 12th in Singapore... ..."The cards are all in DJT's hands and he will lay down the law!!!"
  • The "Foreign Occupier" was the tray-TOR that sat in the White House for 8 years!! ...The America hay-TOR that undermined this country and wanted to make America feeble!!! ...The bi-GOT that hated white people!!! ...The man that gave the criminal "Parthian bastards" (the murderous lunatics with the filthy towels wrapped around their heads) $1.5 billion and let them develop nuclear weapons!! ...The same man that let Americans get slaughtered in Benghazi!!!
  • Just like Van Helsing put the stake through Dracula's heart... DJT "The Man that Loves America!!" President is putting the stake through the heart (not of the Foreign Occupier's legacy... but...) of his treason!!!
  • "Hatred of white people drives the Left!!!" ...Venom keeps dripping from the lips of "Gorilla Cookie!!!" ...What a legacy she has... Oh... she planted a vegetable garden... Oh... she brought us a school lunch program... Yes... "the Auschwitz diet" that kids wouldn't eat sending them home hungry!!! ..."Did she even have a degree in nutrition???" ..."No crazy idea that ever came out of that treasonous regime was ever challenged for fears of being called a racist... yet they were the biggest racists on them all!!!"
  • The "Crooked Ole Bitch" spoke of irredeemable, deplorable, and the unspoken third... disposable!!! 
  • There are many "identity movements" in this country including last week's joke, Cinco de Mayo, a poor excuse to sell beer and get drunk... ..."You're not in Mexico you're in America!!!"
  • "WE have a REAL MAN in the White House now!!! ...Not a traitorous treasonous appeaser!!!"
  • Netanyahu has unleashed the lightening sword of Zion on Syria!!!
  • Our "great President DJT"... The "Take No Crap & Kick Ass" President!!! just slapped the filthy towels off their heads in Parthia by ripping up the nuclear deal!!! ...Like angry children they burned the American flag in their Parliament!!! ..."They're shaking in their sandals!!! Their end is coming rapidly!!!" ..."One wrong move and he will obliterate them!!!"
  • Those TRP FAITHFUL in the realm of the Right Perspective... Look for QUEEN Cheryl's "Cutting Comments" in the TRP CHAT Box on the main page!! She has her own Chatango ID now and will be posting her wisdom at will....
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