Sunday, May 6, 2018

TRP! (5/4/18)

  • John of SI's great opening points out many of the gruesome foreign policy failures of the "Foreign Occupation regime!!!" ...Those 8 years of inordinate weakness and mind numbing capitulation have been replaced with incredible strength on every front by our countries' hero DJT! ...the "Economic Miracle" & "Future Noble Peace Prize Winning" ...President!!!
  • "You Liberals you Lefty's throughout this great land...don't you dare criticize a man who you'll never understand...the forces of history are at his command...your old Liberal order is rapidly aging... so get out of the way you Left-wing vermin for the times they are a changing!" --Frank von Queens
  • "Hollywood is crawling with two-legged maggots!!!" ...Filthy degenerate Left-wing hero Bill Cosby... "America's Dad..." is a nothing more than a vile rapist and happily he will rot in the hoosegow for a very long time... This just shows you how low the social mores of this country have deteriorated that frauds like this were put up on a politically correct pedestal!!! 
  • Stepin Fetchit was pilloried by that vile Cosby in his later years. Cosby blamed him for stereotypes that put blacks in a bad light... But Lincoln Perry is an underappreciated and very successful early trailblazing black talent of Jamaican descent... ...Forget the Jello commercials and Fat Albert crap... Dr. Huxtable had a Mr. Hyde side and "was a cheating, cowardly, hateful, mean, nasty SOB!!!"
  • Always remember the famous TRP dictum, "the cry of racism is the last refuge of a black scoundrel!!!"
  • The "Trump Economic Miracle" continues to surge as States are competing for labor!!! ...Wages are rising rapidly!!! The economy is booming!!! ...Remarkably, real unemployment is now below 4%, it's lowest point in 18 years!!! ..."Real world experience" in action!!! ...These "figures are not opinions!!!" ..."The numbers don't lie!!!" ...Are minorities catching on??... DJT's approval ratings among minorities are rising!!!
  • DJT has a "muscular" foreign policy!!! He is bringing a new era of peace to the wurrrld!!! ...After 8 years of anxiety we are safe... We have sanity & "Commonsense-ism" in the White House now!!! 
  • Whether Bush or Clinton... this country was tired of "dynasties!" ...This is not imperial Rome with two families controlling the government!!!
  • DJT was proven right!!! The Left has been conducting a witch hunt!!!
  • What are the Demsheviks gonna run on? The economy? National Defense?? Immigration??? ...All they have is hate backed up by the "media traitors!!!"
  • Does "Fat, Drunk & Stupid" have cirrhosis of the liver? heart failure?? at age 34??
  • Kanye West is making a lot of sense... So the Left must call him crazy and marginalize him...
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