Monday, May 28, 2018

TRP! (5/25/18)

  • The Left is more obnoxious than ever and John of SI unveils it all in another outstanding opening!!! ..."They want to see America fail in the worst way..."
  • Scum in DC!!! ...You run another one of these BS fraudulent witch hunt investigations you use your own money!!! ..."Force them to pay the money back!!!"
  • "You want to defeat the Deep State you starve the Deep State!!!"
  • "Our Great President DJT the Man of Action!!!" ..."The Man Who Gets Things Done President!!!" ..."The Man of Unsung Triumphs President!!!" is going to make it much easier to fire worthless Federal employees!!! ..."Get rid of the two-legged barnacles attached to the government ship!!!" ..."They are nothing more than two-legged parasites!!!" ..."He will break their union!!!"
  • Cosmetic moves will not help "Drunk, Fat & Stupid" or the North Korean "criminal organization!!!"  ..."Rule by fear, violence, murder & oppression!!!" ..."He soon will be nothing more than a bad memory..."
  • "You can judge a political system's maturity by how peacefully power changes hands..."
  • "DJT the Greatest Negotiator in History!!!" ..."The Man Who Keeps His Promises President!!!" will make "Drunk, Fat & Stupid" give up everything before he's knocked off!!!
  • "If you haven't heard it first on TRP than you haven't heard it!!!" 
  • Uncle Warren of FL "He Who Guards the Bones of the Ancestors" provides more proof of Frank's "gift of the prophecy!!!" ...Frank predicted that the "Foreign Occupier" & "Gorilla Cookie" would quickly gravitate to the dark spotlight of Hollywood...
  • The Left loves "diversity" as long as it is their own political flavor...
  • The "Trump Juggernaut" is crushing the "corrupt Anti-American legacy" of the "Foreign Occupation Regime" beneath its wheels!!!
  • "Limbaugh's show is a fraud and he is just an entertainer!!!" 
  • The "Trumpeteers" will defeat the "Never-Trumpers!!!"
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