Saturday, February 25, 2017

TRP! (2/24/17)

  • "FAKE NEWS" is the ENEMY of the PEOPLE!!!
  • Our "Great President DJT" the "man of action" storms CPAC 2017!
  • The great new movie Bitter Harvest, directed by George Mendeluk, exposes the hidden crimes of Left wing Bolshevism! The Left in Hollywood do not like the secrets of their icons being exposed! Watch your back George! (See our exclusive Interview with George Mendeluk on the main page!)
  • The Left appeals to the lowest of the low! Their temper tantrum continues! More "fake news" about protests!
  • Arrest Robert De Niro for threatening our "Beloved President DJT!"
  • Sweden once compared the USA to Nazi Germany yet remained neutral when it came to fighting them! Frank revels in their societal collapse as caused by the deluge of Muhammedans and their open boarder policy!
  • "The People's President DJT" leads the way for freedom around the wurrrld! He stands up against authoritarianism and socialism while demanding the release of Leopoldo Lopez!
  • Obongo's administration hacked the States of Indiana and Georgia! Was this covered by the "Ministry of Lies??"
  • Regulations kill more small businesses in NY!!
  • Frank used to set the daily agenda for the Alan Colmes show...
  • More Proof that Black Lives Matter!! Black parents murder their black daughter!
  • Frank stared at MLB TV for 48 straight hours... America's Pastime is back!!! 
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

TRP! (2/17/17)

  • The implosion of the Left continues!!
  • "Our Great President DJT!"..."The People's President!"..."The Can-Do President!" is leading the "2nd American Revolution" against the Anti-Revolutionary forces of the Left!
  • DJT is a man to be feared by his enemies as he seeks justice for the American people!
  • He came out swinging in his latest and very entertaining press conference! He delivered a masterful and commanding knock-out blow to "the media criminals!"
  • The "Ministry of Lies Media" is public enemy #1!
  • The Left stole the bread out of the mouths of American labor!
  • "Black Mythology Month"...more "feel good history!"...where fact is fiction and fiction is fact!!
  • Why has George Soros not been arrested and charged?!?
  • The California floods are of a biblical proportion! The flood waters are wreaking havoc on a State that is filled with inequity, whoremonger-dom, and degenerates of every type!! The living god is sending his wrath to chastise them as they side with evil!! 
  • China loots the Congo! Where are the cries of exploitation from the Left?!?
PLUS: A special Interview with: Legendary Republican political consultant Roger Stone, author of the new book, The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution!!

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

TRP! (2/10/17)

  • "Fakeahontas" or "Lieawatha" goes on the Marxist warpath on the Senate floor with more hollow cries of racism! ...this time against a fellow Senator and hero, our new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions!
  • Coretta Scott King's words are suddenly holy scripture...
  • If Al Franken and Jill Stein run in 2020 they will be known as "Franken-Stein!"
  • The Left wants "tribal law"... "jungle law"...or what we know as Bolshevism!...He who shouts the loudest or he who threatens the most...wins! The Left represents pure evil as they foment yet more violence!
  • Jefferson warned against the danger of "mobocracy!"...The Founding Fathers wanted civilized men and public debates! Presentation of reasonable arguments and policy! Not mobs, violence, or coercion!
  • Frank calls for more non-violent boycotts!
  • Slash professors pay across the country by 2/3rd's to lower the price of college tuition! Let's see how they enjoy a dose of their own Marxism! Liberal academicians are simple parasites to society and are against healthy and rational debate!
  • The Left is in a nightmare they can't wake up from! All thanks to our "Great President DJT!"
  • Pelosi still suffers from BDS...(Bush Derangement Syndrome)...The crackpot thinks Bush is still President!
  • Frank to sponsor a "DJT reeducation camp" at the compound!....TRP style for the Left!
  • John says the Left are attempting a coup!
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

TRP! (2/3/17)

  • (As Frank predicted less than a month ago on 1/6!) The Anarcho-Syndicalists, Trotskyite backsliders, Leninist degenerates, Stalinist deviationists, Maoist misfits, Castroite toadies, Kim Jong-il lackies & Fuzzy Minded One-Worlder types...take to the streets in an attempt to destroy America from within!
  • The "Obstructionist Left" continues to condone violence and anarchism as they commend the vermin rioting at Berkeley!
  • You cannot make someone agree with you by force!
  • Our "Great President DJT!"...The "Can-Do President!" continues to fulfill our hopes and dreams by making good on more promises to the American people!
  • Schmuck Schumer's fake tears and phony flip flop! Trump slaps him around like Johnny Fontane in the Godfather!
  • "HEAL AMERICA!"...Don't let "the minority party" derail his cabinet picks!...the ultra qualified men and women that will help Make America Great Again! VOTE THEM IN! VOTE THEM IN! VOTE THEM IN! 
  • "America is leading from the front...not from behind!" went the Foreign Occupier!!
  • "DJT"...a TRUE leader! That will stand up to the enemies of America! Both foreign and domestic! 
  • The only "fear and anxiety" comes now from the enemies of freedom and the Ministry of Lies!!
  • The "DJT ECONOMIC MIRACLE" continues!
  • Before they actually take their initial glimpses at the Consititution, Frank first explains to the Left ..."it is unconstitutional for Muhammadans to kill Americans!!"
  • John says queers hooking up is not is eroticism! 
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