Sunday, March 27, 2022

TRP! (03/25/22)

  • John of SI's great opening exposes George the Antagonist's favorite Newspaper as the superior fraud it is (and always has been!!!) ...The "record of the paper" is disgraceful!!!
  • The Free Ukrainian people continue fight off the invading "Putinite hordes!!!"
  • Putin is committing "total war" against Ukraine. Attacking civilians, schools, & hospitals!!!
  • That Leftist Devil Lincoln created the idea of "total war" against civilians and every other Socialist dictator that came after him followed his blueprint...
  • This Biden regime wants the Parthians to get nuclear weapons...
  • The Biden crime family is obviously being blackmailed by the Russians...
  • Biden separates & detains dozens Ukrainian families (asylum seekers) at our Southern border yet lets illegal Mexican invaders run wild!!!
  • Where are the "anti-Putin demonstrations" of the Left!?!?
  • The scum of the earth will be gathering in Hollywood to glorify themselves once again on Sunday night... ...The largest gathering of degenerates, whores, whoremongers, prostitutes, pedophiles, pederasters, perverts, scumbags, lowlifes, and human garbage in the wurrrrld!!!
  • Where are the Leftist concerts for the children of Ukraine!?!?
  • Chiii-na and Russia are the most corrupt countries on earth!!!
  • Putin can only hope for a Phyrrhic victory at this point...
  • Will a rogue unit of the Russian Army eventually take out Putin!?!?
  • WURRRRRRLLLLDDD SOLUTREAN DAY IS COMING!!! Less than a month away right here on TRP!!! ...Frank dispatches of a NY TIMES anti-Solutrean article sent to him by George...
  • The Eloi all know the name Stormy Daniels but why not Larry Sinclair!?!?
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Sunday, March 20, 2022

TRP! (3/18/22)

"Ukraine is not dead yet!!! GLORY TO UKRAINE!!!"
  • The Bugle call of Liberty is playing!!! ...The heroic and freedom loving people of Ukraine are standing up to this sick demented mass murdering war criminal in Moscow!!!
  • Once the door to Freedom opens up, even a crack, you cannot close it!!!
  • If only WE had a leader in this country like the great Zelensky!!!
  • Instead we have a senile ole bastard-- the "Foreign Occupier's" white monkey!!!
  • STOLEN elections have consequences!!!
  • "Let's hit em now while we got the muscle..." --Frank Pentangeli
  • Putin has his Nuremburg rally... while his troops attack women and children...
  • Yes he's a "war criminal" Biden!!! ...But what have you done about it!?!?
  • The days of Putin's murderous dictatorship are numbered!!!
  • History proves that the biggest mass murderers are on the Left!!! ...Mao, Stalin, & then Hitler in that order...
  • The only good red is a dead red!!!
  • NO governments are more corrupt than Bolshevik governments!!!
  • Bolshevism feeds off of human despair and suffering...
  • The Capitol is filled with thieves, criminals, & degenerates and is no more sacred ground than is our borders!!!
  • John explains how it was a bad week for George the Antagonist... Frank gives him "30 seconds" to call in and apologize...
  • High gas prices are forcing people out of retirement...
  • Fox refuses to carry DJT'S FULL SPEECH 3/12/22!!! SAVE AMERICA FLORENCE SC!!!
  • U.S. Intelligence Operations Against Americans... The story is bigger than Hunter Biden's Laptop...
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Sunday, March 13, 2022

TRP! (3/11/22)

  • Gas prices are at an all time high thanks to the walking corpse in the White House!!!
  • The Ukrainian people are now victims of war crimes & genocide... ...Where is the United States!?!?
  • Will the Ukrainians be forced to employ Kamikaze pilots into Russian cities!?!?
  • Where was the Brain Dead ole fool when the Russians were amassing troops on the Ukrainian border!?!? He wants to give aid now though... This just shows you yet another example of the complete and utter impotence of the Biden regime!!!
  • Zelensky should win the Nobel Prize... A HERO HAS EMERGED!!!
  • Where are the sensitive souls of the Left and why aren't they outraged at Russian imperialist aggression!?!?
  • The Russian devils are bringing in Syrian terrorists to fight against the heroic and freedom loving people of Ukraine!!!
  • The American people will be forced to choose between heat, eat, or drive...
  • Look at all the destruction that has been done to this country in a little more than a year!!!
  • A Russian soldier breaks into a Ukrainian liquor store and passes out drunk...
  • Sick bastard Alec Baldwin blames the victim Halyna Hutchins for his criminal negligence...
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Mark Michael Lewis, a prominent "Objectivist." He is here to discuss Ayn Rand's "Pro reason... Pro individual rights... Pro free-enterprise"  philosophy... AND to honor the 40th anniversary of her passing... which was March 6th. 

Mark clearly lays out and explains Ayn Rand's philosophy and makes the case that choosing to think "reasonably" and "objectively" is really the only way to solve the world's ever pressing problems! 

Topics discussed: 
  • January 6th 
  • Ashli Babbitt's murder? 
  • Donald Trump 
  • Putin & the tyrannical Ukraine invasion 
  • The "mystics of mind & the mystics of muscle" 
  • Woke culture & postmodernism 
  • The Biden inflation crisis 
  • Bitcoin & Ethereum 
  • Abortion 
  • Why was Rand an Atheist? 
  • Why she disliked "conservatives" almost as much as "progressives" 
  • Aristotle vs. Plato 
  • Transhumanism 
  • The Leftist "Pro-Communism" movie Julia (1977) & Much more!


Sunday, March 6, 2022

TRP! (3/4/22)

  • Putin "the Russian prick" is doing what all Bolsheviks do best and that is commit murder and destruction on a global scale!!!
  • Biden started all this by using executive edicts to pander to his extreme "Eco-Pagan maniac" base when he ended "the DJT golden age" of United States energy independence!!!
  • The Biden regime thinks it's OK though to buy filthy Russian OIL!!! ...(Boy that Putin is genius & savvy...)
  • To the Left "the ideological goal" always comes first!!! ...It matters not if you terrorize, deny, & starve people in the process!!! ..."You are a piece of crap to them..."
  • Don't forget the lying Leftist Russian BS propaganda that fracking supposedly causes earth quakes!!!
  • Uncle Warren is Frank's Executive Producer, "He Who Guards the Bones of the Ancestors" is Frank's spiritual advisor, & the #1 listener Nephew Matty is named his special assistant!!!
  • The Capitol is supposedly sacred ground but not our borders!!!
  • Why were the peaceful protestors that went into the "people's house" arrested for trespassing but never illegal invaders at our southern border!!!
  • Why was Pelosi never prosecuted for tearing up DJT's tremendous SOTU speech (Federal property)!?!?
  • Joseph Stalin defeated the German Bolsheviki-- not Hitler...
  • Please stand for the Ukrainian national anthem!!!
  • Franks plays the perfect song-- specially dedicated by Johann to George...
  • George the Antagonist aggravates the TRP Faithful yet again with more of his middling neo-Con/Never Trumper/Pro-Establishment/NY Times "Leftist inspired" nonsense... The great Ron of Joliet calls in and makes him look foolish while new caller Steve from Stewartsville follows and intelligently takes him to task...
  • Most important moment from this years SOTU: 
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