Saturday, April 29, 2017

TRP! (4/28/17)

  • "Wurrrrrld Solutrean Month" wraps up with another lost interview on the main page! Inspired by TRP, author, Kyle Bristow brought us his great thriller, White Apocalypse!!
  • Frank's "gift of the prophecy" continues!! He predicted and deduced last year with Carl Lehrburger, that there would be proof found that other "humanoid species" were on this continent 10's of thousands of years before the Beringians! A recent NY Times article confirms his prophecy!!
  • DJT's first 100 days have been a stellar success!!! "We are winning everyday!!!" John's great opening to start the show runs down DJT's achievements that have gone uncovered by the "media criminals!"
  • Great Americans want "power to the States and the people!!" ...The Left, "wants power to themselves!!"
  • Rush "the entertainer" rigs his calls only with sycophants!!
  • The Left never says "self hating white person!!"
  • Frank awakens the soul of another suppressed white American! Each and every time he explains to them that "DJT won riding the crest of a white tsunami" ..."their eyes gloss over with fear like godzilla is outside.."
  • TRP is "substanitive talk radio!!"
  • Frank and TRP have left the wurrrrrld two great monuments!! "Hello Africa!!" & "Solutreanism!!"
  • Nancy Pelosi has Alzhheimer's or some kind or drinking problem!! She can't get through 2 sentences without fumbling her words!!
  • "Liberalism kills!!" ..."political correctness kills!!"
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

TRP! (4/21/17)

  • In yet another fantastic opening, John of SI exposes the "3 Great Lies" of the Left. (Bubba and North Korea, Obongo and chemical weapons in Syria, and Obamacare!)
  • ★"Wurrrrrld Solutrean Day Celebration!!!"★ with Rody L. Johnson! Author of: An Ice Age Mystery: Unearthing the Secrets of the Old Vero Site! (Interview on the Main Page!)
  • Even Jimmy Carter acknowledged that the "crooked ole bitch" ignored white working people! ...DJT "road the crest of a white tsunami!!"
  • Frank talks about the book, Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign...
  • Rush "the entertainer" hid like a coward when it came to predicting DJT would win!! Frank lead the way from day one confidently predicting he would win!
  • John of SI wants to ban hoodies and masks at all public demonstrations!
  • George the Atheist does not support Marine Le Pen of France...John of SI explains why he does...Later George and John get into a back and forth disagreement about DJT's tax returns...
  • The possible replacements for Bill O'Reilly are discussed...
  • John Ossoff's loss in Georgia is a "victory for the ages..."...The Left's "failed referendum on Donald Trump!"
  • John From Conn calls in to share his love for Solutreanism!!...He also asks, "where are Steve of Manhattan and Don of PA???"
  • Bob of PA gets his own theme song...
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

TRP! (4/14/17)

Hey ISIS...Let me introduce you to MOAB!!!
  • The "Kick Ass President" drops the "Mother Of All Bombs" on an ISIS terror complex in Afghanistan!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier, Susan Rice, and John Kerry LIED and innocent children DIED!!!"
  • The Left are "perverts of the truth!!!"
  • "Wurrrrrld Solutrean Month continues!!!" with the lost interview of Dr. James Chatters from 4/10/08...posted on the main page!!
  • Man-made climate change "skeptics!"...not "deniers!"
  • The main stream media is nothing but "pop politics" and only understand the "politics of the day"...they have no historical depth!! Frank explains "Drunk, Fat, and Stupidism" and how the insane asylum that is North Korea is "the tail that wags the dog with China!" He explains what the talking heads and media pundits simply can't with regard to the "Korean situation!"
  • The Republicans are the only ones that are ever asked to step down or recuse themselves!
  • John of SI muses, "is life but an unnecessary interruption of peaceful non-existence..."
  • Frank wonders why there is an outcry over the children gassed in Syria yet there is no outcry for the children in this country that die daily in the "abortuariums" ...John asks, "If it wasn't life why would you need an abortion in the first place?"
  • "Socialism is the definition of insanity!"
  • Frank talks about the book, From Russia with Love...and the great HBO series ROME...
  • The Asiatic race fears nothing more than "a powerful white man..."
  • Stalin found out at Potsdam..."they play checkers...we play poker!"
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

TRP! (4/7/17)

  • Assad commits a dastardly and vicious act of terrorism! ...using chemical weapons on the people of Syria!
  • Our "Great President DJT"..."the Man of Action!" ...strikes back hard, fast, and decisively by unleashing American Destroyers on the Syrian military! 
  • Obongo attempted to "deconstruct" America!!! After 8 years of weakness and capitulation by the "Foreign Occupation Regime" ..."The United States is BACK!!!"
  • "Wurrrrld Solutrean Month" kicks off with a bang!!! 
  • ***See our newly posted lost interview on the main page*** with the "Father of Solutrea!" Dr. Dennis Stanford, from back in 2008! ..."10 years later the Clovis hypothesis is dead!!! ...HAIL the SOLUTREAN HYPOTHESIS!!!"
  • Unlike most Coast to Coast overnight whack-job notions...The Solutrean Hypothesis deals in reality! "Real archaeological evidence and fact!" ..."Not anecdotes or trace evidence!!"
  • "He of the First Blood" awakens the (SSB) The "Silent Solutrean Brotherhood!!!"
  • Not the "nuclear option"...simply a reinstatement of part of our constitutional system back to what it was meant to be!!
  • Frank points out, just as they said in The Revenge of the Sith..."Fat Drunk and Stupid" is too dangerous to live!!
  • The Left never cedes power peacefully!!
  • John of SI would rather, "a German division in front of him than 10 French divisions behind him!!"
  • Frank predicted over 10 years ago the "wurrrld's first nuclear exchange" would take place between India and Pakistan...
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Saturday, April 1, 2017

TRP! (3/31/17)

  • John's Great Openings to start the show keep on coming!! He exposes and embarrasses the Left once again!
  • "DJT the CAN-DO President" continues to wipe the stain of the "Foreign Occupier" from this country!! ..."PRIDE is BACK in AMERICA!!"
  • DJT OK's the Dakota Access Pipeline and continues to roll back oppressive EPA regulations that destroy and hobble American industry!!
  • The JOB and HOUSING markets are soaring!!!
  • DJT continues to put a hammerlock on "hide-out cities!"
  • The Left is in open rebellion against the Federal Government!!
  • The "great conundrum" and hypocrisy of the Left is exposed by the one and only Frank von Queens yet again! The media criminals and the liberal scum Demsheviks made "States' rights" synonymous with bigotry and evil when it suited their purposes!! But, now they are defying the Federal Government in the same vein when they refuse to turn over illegal criminal invading vermin to I.C.E.!
  • The Left proves with their actions that we had every right to defy Obamacare as it was being rammed down our throats against our will!! ..."States' rights" was wrong for us but is right for them!!
  • The Great George Corley Wallace was a "prophet without honor" and was a man of principle as he stood up to the expansion of Federal power over the "sovereign and independent States!" He defended "States' rights" or what we know on TRP to be the proper "Decentralized Republic" we were intended to have!!!!
  • LBJ was a criminal involved in murders!
  • "He of the First Blood!"..."President of the Wurrrrrld Council of Solutrean Elders!" & "President of the Wurrrrrld Solutrean Brotherhood!" continues to call on all "great Solutreans" to keep their children out of school on "Wurrrrrld Solutrean Day" April 20th!
  • John From Conn describes post modernism as, "coming from the philosophical toilet bowl... It preached: the heck with the enlightenment, reason, and human nature. Political will and political constructions are all that matter! It was the loony bin of the Chi-coms and the Bolsheviks! The morality that the will of majority is all that matters and science and truth be damned!
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