Saturday, November 24, 2018

TRP! (11/23/18)

  • "Happy TRUMPSGIVING!!! to every member of the TRP Faithful!!!" ...We are most grateful and thankful for "the America First President!!! ...the Nationalist President!!! ...the Jobs President!!! & ...the Economic Miracle President!!!" ...DJT!!!
  • The invasion/flood of our southern border continues as "our Great President DJT the Defender of the Borders President!!!" provides us the only breakwater... stemming the tide of the illegal invading vermin!!!
  • "Frank is the Prophet of Alamut!!!" ...John plays his prophecies from 2/17 & 1/18 that have now become a reality in California! ..."The fires of hell are consuming that State!!" ..."He warns all sane people to flee that modern day Sodom & Gomorrah before it's too late!!!" ..."Soon... the day of final judgment is coming to that State!!!"
  • "Castro killed JFK!!!" 65 years later it remains plainly obvious...
  • "Frank predicts that our heroic border agents will be attacked by the caravan of invaders. That women and children will be used by them as human shields!!!"
  • "Those Mexican racists want the caravan out of their country!!!"
  • "Great nations don't fall from without... great nations fall from within!!!"
  • "Where was John Roberts when "the Foreign Occupier" chastised and embarrassed the Supreme Court in his now infamous State of the Union speech?!?!"
  • "Name a vile murderous dictator the Left hasn't loved!!!"
  • "DJT helps prevent Russian Alexander Prokopchuk from becoming the head of Interpol... He beats Putin once again!!! DJT will not allow Putin to use Interpol as his own repressive political police force around the wurrrld!!!"
  • "Despite the last ditch cries of voter suppression in Georgia the facts are proving the opposite is actually true... Stacey Abrams is a lying classless sore loser!!!"
  • Communist Van Jones praises DJT for helping black people!!! The Left of course turn on him!!!
  • Remember when the "Ministry of Lies" used to ask conservatives, "isn't there anything you can give President Obongo credit for!?!?" ..."Well then isn't there anything liberals can give "our great President DJT" credit for!?!?"
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Saturday, November 17, 2018

TRP! (11/16/18)

  • The sore loser Democrats cannot believe DJT thwarted them yet again!!! ...Their attempts to steal elections is being shut down by the rule of law!!!
  • "The Left does nothing but lie!!! They are a destructive force!!! They are a menace!!! The only reason you would ever vote for them is if you have some kind of vendetta or you just want to see this country destroyed or ruined or if you are hoping to live off the government..."
  • "Their policies stink and do not work and they know this ..." ..."This is why they always end up resorting to scare tactics or demonization!!!" ..."That's why they keep race right on the front burner as well..." ..."We are tired of them calling every policy they don't like racist!!!" ..."Whatever doesn't work for them we are supposed to get rid of... from the Senate to the Electoral College!!!"
  • "They are causing the downfall of the greatest healthcare system in the world!!!"
  • "Violence is all they know... You can't win someones heart with violence!!! ...The Left never admits they are wrong..."
  • "Martha McSally folds like a cheap suit... ...What a wimpy and pathetic concession speech..." ...She may wind up in the Senate anyway taking John McCain's seat.
  • John plays his call to Larry Mendte... Larry cuts John off because he deemed him to be too harsh towards the Left... Yet everything John said in the call has been proven to be true!!!
  • "Brenda Sneaky Snipes" should have been fired long ago!!! ...Jeb Bush only appointed her because he wanted to appear diverse..." ..."The whole structure down in Broward County is rotten!!!" ..."We are just picking on her because she is an elderly black woman and we are all racists..." LOL.
  • "Early voting was another Democrat trick to help their lazy & apathetic constituents!!!"
  • Republicans never protest... yet there are so many things to be infuriated with...
  • "My mother was a life long Republican... until she died and became a Democrat..." --Joe From Brooklyn 
  • Red Eye Radio tags along with TRP... ..."The Fountainhead of the Right!!!"
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Saturday, November 10, 2018

TRP! (11/9/18)

  • A major win for "our Great President DJT!!!"  Only one time since 1934 has a new president gained seats in the Senate in his first midterm election!!! ...DJT "the Iron Wall President!!!" has accomplished this major feat at a time when judicial appointments are more important than ever!!! To compare: "the Foreign Occupier" lost 6 Senate seats in his first midterm!!! ...Key Governor races also go to Trump supporting Republicans!!! 
  • The weakling "Republi-cant's" that ran against DJT and did not accept his warm embrace paid the price as they were electorally sacrificed for their sins!!! ..."Come aboard the Trump Train or you will be left behind!!!"
  • Call it "the honorable Brett Kavanaugh effect!!!"
  • "When you can't win elections ...steal them!!!" ...The Demsheviks are now trying to undo the will of the people!!! ..."You cannot have a Republic with this type of corruption!!!" ..."This is Boss Tweed politics!!!"
  • "Oil is the life blood of our country and the pipelines are the arteries!!!"
  • "The Foreign Occupier's legacy is a legacy of dust!!!"
  • "Soon the ole bag Ginsburg will become a good red!!!"
  • "The Left are not stu-dants of history but are ignoramuses of history!!!"
  • "Thomas Jefferson warned about the dangers and corruption of the cities and the shiftless aimless mobs that lay within!!!"
  • "Don't put anything past these criminal Democrats!!!"
  • DJT uses Frank's "economic miracle" line again!!!
  • Republican Young Kim Expected To Be First Korean-American Woman Elected To Congress In Deep Blue CA!!!
  • Joyless Blowhard thinks the Senate can be gerrymandered!!! LOL!!!
  • Frank warns of Mitt Romney voting against DJT and the country!!!
  • "Congress will now become the do nothing Congress!!!"
  • "Obongo looks awful... a strung out drug addict as Frank always said..."
  • Infamous covered up photo of Obongo with Crapinthecan:
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Saturday, November 3, 2018

TRP! (11/2/18)

  • "Results versus Resistance!!!" Vote Republican!!! ..."They will keep the House and add to the Senate!!!" ..."The rigged polls will be wrong once again..."
  • The greatest economy in history in two short years and DJT created the "Economic Miracle" without getting us into a War like a Democrat!!!
  • DJT "the People's President" talks to the people like he's one of the people!!!"
  • The "Foreign Occupier" made a fool of himself once again as he campaigned for the "Demon-crats" and lied through his teeth!!! ..."He applied his tired old rhetoric to a bunch of stooges..."
  • "Any Anti-Free Enterprise law is an Anti-American law!!!" ...For when unleashed and allowed to operate there is no force in the wurrrld that can stop the American people & the "American Free Enterprise system!!!"
  • DJT "the Keep America Safe President" promises to stop the "caravan of illegal invading vermin!!!"
  • "The suicide watch for Democrats starts Wednesday!!!"
  • Claire McCaskill is a "political whore" that will say anything to stay in office!!!
  • Joe Manchin is no better... "He voted for the honorable Brett Kavanaugh to save his ass in the election!!!" ..."He has no scruples or morals and is nothing more than a political hack!!!"
  • "Oprah goes for the black candidate... unless of course the candidate is a black conservative!!!"
  • "Barbara Streisand is the anus with a nose..."
  • "The fat slob Alec Baldwin is arrested when he assaults a man over a parking spot!!!" ..."The comic hero of the Left is nothing more than what they are supposedly against... a bully!!!" ..."He needs a couple years in jail to cool off..."
  • The Chinese are crawling on their stomachs to "our Great President DJT!!!" ...Presenting strength brings "fair trade!!!"
  • America was once again "the sleeping giant" until DJT "the Nationalist President" came along!!!
  • "Government Healthcare means NO care!!!"
  • The great show from the 70's and early 80's, In Search of...hosted by Leonard Nimoy, is discussed and the following topics (below) are recommended viewing: (All episodes can be seen here.)
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