Saturday, January 27, 2018

TRP! (1/26/18)

  • We are SO proud of our country and its glorious leader "our great President DJT!!" ..."We have a lot to celebrate!!!" ..."We are caught in a tsunami of good news!!!" ..."American pride & confidence is soarrrrring!!!" ..."Every day is a triumph!!!" ..."Every day he proves the Left wrong!!!"
  • "DJT the man-who-keeps-his-promises!!!" ...The true meaning of the term "profit sharing" is on display across America as "the Economic Power House President's" Tax Slashing Bill is already working wonders for "productive Americans" in the form of massive bonuses in their paychecks!!!
  • "DJT the Economic Miracle President!!!" received "a heroes welcome" in Switzerland!!! ...After the previous 8 years of darkness ...DJT declares to the "international cabal" that the United States is OPEN for BUSINESS again!!! 
  •  "DJT the America First President" has unbridled LOVE & OPTIMISM for this country!!!"
  • "Did you ever hear the 'Foreign Occupier' say he loved this country!?!?" ..."NO... the only thing we ever heard was that "Gorilla cookie" for the first time in her life was finally proud of her country..."
  • "DJT the Man of Constant Action!!" has done more in one year for blacks than "the Foreign Occupier" ever could've dreamed of in eight!!! 
  • "America is flexing its economic muscle!!!" ...America is GREAT because we are a "results oriented" country!!! ...DJT is "the Results Oriented President!!!" ..."The only thing the 'Anti Free Market Left' produces is hot air!!!"
  • The "Black political class" lives off of the public largess!!! ..."They are leeches and parasites!!!"
  • The "Left-wing Socialist Reactionaries" were like "petulant children" acting with "hubris and foolish-false pride" when they shut down the government and put the "DACA illegal invaders" ahead of American workers and our military!!! ...DJT shafted "Shut Down" Schmuck Schumer good!!! ...A total victory and no prisoners taken by "The Fight-Back President!!!"
  • "The fanatical Leftists are not stu-dants of history!! They are vic-dams of history!!! For history is a cru-el and unforgiving task mas-tor!!!" ..."The Left always eat their own!!!"
  • Next week!!! a "cataclysmic" broadcast featuring a "TRP WOMEN ONLY ROUND TABLE FORUM!!" with "The Queen of Talk Radio" Cheryl from Spotswood NJ, "The Duchess" Joan of Missouri, and "Lady Jane" of West Virginia!!!
  • Also in the coming weeks!!! Look out for an "Objectivist Forum" with George the Atheist, Bob from Stoney Point NY, and John From Conn!!!
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Saturday, January 20, 2018

TRP! (1/19/18)

"The Left-wing American Dream"
  • "Happy Anniversary Mr. President!!!" & "Happy Anniversary to the American People!!!"
  • We celebrate the one year anniversary of "our liberation" from the "Foreign Occupation regime!!" ..."We suffered! ...We suffered!! ...and we suffered some more!!!" ...8 years of the "Media Criminals!!!" ...8 years of seeing America being turned into a second rate power!!! ...8 years of seeing everything we hold dear ground into dust!!! 
  • "Our Great President DJT!!" ..."The man who CAN DO ANYTHING President!!" has struck BACK!!! ...Struck back at the liars and lackeys, the propagandist hyenas, and the ideological running dogs of the "Foreign Occupier!!!" ..."Stand proud that WE put the 'Fearless President' into office!!!" 
  • "You have experienced history!! The first attempted Coup d'état in America!!!" ..."The Left have tried to overturn a Presidential election and upend our constitutionally guaranteed franchise!!!" ..."This is beyond treason!!! This is lawlessness!!!" ..."They have to PAY for the crimes they have committed against the American people!!!" ..."They tried to rob us of our freedom!! ...It's time for justice!!!"
  • You cannot have a Republic with "government by fiat!!!"
  • "DJT should sign an Executive Order --that if the politicians don't fund the government they don't get paid!!!"
  • "Paul Krugman should get the Nobel Prize for Stupidity!!!"
  • John & Frank comment on the Hawaiian "Intentional Alarm" Missile Alert ...and the Left's continued fearmongering...
  • THE "DJT ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!!" ..."The TRUMP BOOM!!!" ...rolls on!!! ..."DJT the Man of Constant Action!!!" is getting real jobs back in this country!!! 
  • THE FAKE NEWS AWARDS --2017!!!
  • Soon to come!! Look for a landmark broadcast featuring a "TRP WOMEN ONLY ROUND TABLE FORUM!!" with "The Queen of Talk Radio" Cheryl from Spotswood NJ, "The Duchess" Joan of Missouri, and "Lady Jane" of West Virginia!!!
  • TRP celebrated "Robert E. Lee" day on January 15th!!! ...An American hero if there ever was one!!!
  • The Thomas Jefferson, founder of the GOP, quote of the night... "Agriculture, manufacturers, commerce, and navigation, the four pillars of our prosperity, are then most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise!"
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Saturday, January 13, 2018

TRP! (1/12/18)

  • "Our Great President DJT!!"  ..."the Speaking the Truth President!!!" (never believe a Demshevik) says what we are thinking and what the people already know!!! ..."All those that condemn him --secretly agree with him!!" ...The governments of these "shitholes" turn their countries (by definition) into extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant places with their oppressive "Anti-Free Enterprise policies" and their lack of "individual rights & property rights!!!" 
  • Forget all the crap you are hearing from the "Ministry of Lies!!!" ..."the Revitalization of America President!!!" marches onward!!! ...The "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE" is booming!!! ...It's almost impossible to keep up with, but, Frank & John try!!! ..."financial activity up, private sector jobs up, manufacturing jobs up, construction jobs up, professional and business services up, leisure & hospitality up, education & health services up,  transportation & warehousing up, crop yields up, wages & productivity way up, & declining unemployment!!!" 
  • "DJT's racial policy" is on display as "Black unemployment" fell to 6.8%!!! ...the lowest it's been since recording started back in 1972!! ...DJT has done more for Blacks in one year than all the "crooked, shake-down artist, race hustling, poverty pimps" have done in their entire lives!!! ..."that includes their gawd the 'Foreign Occupier' and his eight years!!" ..."FACTS are STUBBORN THINGS!!!"
  • Frank was the first to say that, "the People will vote their own self-interest" and "will look at their paychecks before anything else!!!"
  • Frank "prophesied" the devastating mudslides in California!!! ..."A judgment pasted by the living gawd!!!" ..."First the fires of this!!!" ..."his wraith will continue to be felt!!!" ..."Just as the Lord's angels instructed Lot and his family to flee Zoar!!" ...Frank warns all "to flee California" as "an earthquake holocaust" is coming!!!!" ...(Argument is futile!!!)
  • The "Communist devils" of the ANC, leaders of the once great Boer Republic, (now a shithole country!!) dare to chime in on "our Great President DJT!?!?" ..."The Man who tells the TRUTH President!?!?" ...The UN as well (who the hell are they!?!) ..."they do nothing while Christians are slaughtered around the wurrrrld!!!" ...You want to talk about racism?!?! "Look at the garbage that sits in the UN!!!" ...You want to talk about Africa!?!?... "they still have slavery!!!" ...& the Middle East!?!? ...with their track record on human rights?!?! ...What a damned joke!!! ..."You can tell just how right DJT is from where the outrage is coming!!!"
  • "DJT is CRAZY alright!!!" sure..."CRAZY like a FOX!!!"
  • "The Crooked ole Bitch and her Consort" stole millions (or was it billions) in aid that was supposed to go to Haiti!!! Haitians protested outside her office "the billions stolen" in 2015!!! (Ohhh what short memories!!!) ..."She dares to open up her yap now!?!?"
  • "It was Open Season on white men in this country!!!" ...All is changing now that "DJT the-Fighting-Back President" took office!!! ...The Left hates "strong white men!!!"
  • The "Republi-cant's" that are leaving office can't take it that their "establishment ship" is being upended!!! ...DJT is at the helm of "the good ship Republic of the United States!!!"
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Saturday, January 6, 2018

TRP! (1/5/18)

  • As the "polar vortex" engulfs most of America... "Our Great President DJT!!" ..."The America First!! Energy Independence President!!!" is forging ahead with his "infinite wisdom" and is expanding our oil production by removing the Left's stifling regulations!!! ...He continues everyday to undo "the crimes" (not legacy) of the "Foreign Occupation Regime!!!" ..."It was 8 years of treason, cowardice, and hatred of this country!!!" ..."The Foreign Occupier" was nothing more than an illusion cooked up by "the media criminals!!!" ..."Obongo's 'big ears' must be burning" as John's great opening exposes all the hypocrisy!!! 
  • "The Fighting-Back President!!!" heroically battles back against the "double talkers & BS artists" on the Left that pushed their "renewable energy source" nonsense!!! ...DJT's incredible record just keeps "steamrolling on!!!"
  • Peter Yarrow "the degenerate child molester" should never have been allowed to perform with children around!!! Paul Stookey & Mary Travers were mentally unhinged!!! ...They pushed their "Socialist/Enviro-Pagan" hysteria with their hippie piece of crap songs!!!
  • "ROO-sia" is a "one-trick pony" petroleum based economy!! 
  • DJT has "Drunk, Fat, & Stupid's" head in a vice and he's turning the screws on him!!! North Korea "couldn't fire a bottle rocket and hit the broad side of a barn" yet we have to worry about what the kooks on Left say with their dire and laughable armageddon meanderings!!! ...DJT, in his brilliance, actually has them so afraid that they opened up talks with South Korea!!!" 
  • "The Lunatic Left uses the ole Bolshevik trick of "the elites" deciding who is sane enough to own a gun or who is fit to be President!!!"
  • "True brilliance --is the ability to take complex issues and simplify them --so anyone can understand!!"
  • The only thing a Socialist country produces is..."slogans, parades, & propaganda!!!"
  • "The Trump Economic Miracle President!!!" is getting the "pistons pumping" in the economy again!!! ...He latches onto Frank's prediction that the Dow will hit 30,000!!! 
  • "DJT is unleashing the 'American entrepreneurial souls' that lie in each and everyone of us!!!" ..."No longer do we have to look over our shoulders or behind our backs in fear of IRS toadies or the KGB that the infiltrated the FBI!!!" ..."You now have the Freedom and Liberty to hire and invest!! --to create goods, services, and jobs with impunity!!!" ..."There should be trials against those that stood in our way!!!" ..."One People! One Country!! One Law!!!"
  • Cries of "racism and white supremacy" continue... yet Black unemployment is at an all time low!!! ..."You're not owed anything...the jobs are there now! --go get them!!"
  • "THE RED FRONT!!!" is the enemy of this country!!!  (any Left wing devil infiltrating society hiding their "deep state" anti-American views... either "Demshevik" ..."Rino Republi-can't" ...or any "Bill Kristol main-stream Federal Establish types" making a buck off it... ...any of these vermin are "Socialist Reactionaries!!" ..."Anti-Freedom!! Anti-Liberty Devils!!!" ...Any enemy of the "American People" that DJT is grinding under his heal --falls into this new category!!! ...DEFEAT "THE RED FRONT!!!")
  • The "white middle class" is fleeing California!!! ...Hollywood "represents a mutual admiration society!!"..."An Alphonse & Gaston act!!!" ...Once hidden but now finally exposed from under their "million dollar finery!!" --they are nothing more than filthy, dirty, degenerate, low-life scum bags!!!"
  • "Karl Marx, in his wildest dreams sitting on his fat ass in the London Library, couldn't imagine all the wondrous breakthroughs of a Free Enterprise economy!!!"
  • "Imagine how good we would be doing economically and morally if not for the constant barrage of 'insidious propaganda' spewing forth from the 'Ministry of Lies!!!' ...They are a mirror of their "old Bolshevik gawds"...represented best by the former Soviet publication --Pravda!!! ..."Instead we have 'Tokyo Rose' and 'Lord Haw-Haw' behind the microphones!!"
  • The ole Bolsheviks used to love the term "league!!" ...They used it often with examples such as, the Communist League of America and the Social Democratic League of America!!! ...How about a "Capitalist League for America!?!?!" ...Or a Right-wing "League of the Just!!!" ..."something that represents Americana --the rock ribbed values of the American People!!!"..."Use their terminology and throw it right back at them!!"
  • Start "RADIO FREE TRP!!!" ..."Entertainment through Enlightenment!!" ..."HAIL DJT!!!"
  • Read!! God's Battalions: The Case for the Crusades!! & Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism & Western Success!! by one of Frank's & John From Conn's favorite authors, Rodney Stark!! ..."Real science arose only in Europe!! ...China, India, Islam, ancient Greece & Rome each had highly developed alchemy... but, only in Europe did alchemy develop into chemistry!! --did astrology develop into astronomy!!!" ...Thomas Aquinas & Albertus Magnus were 13th century Christian "individual rights" trailblazers!!
  • The likes of Walter Rauschenbusch, Washington Gladden & Francis Bellamy perverted the "individual-rights based Christianity" of the founding generation in the late 1800's with their Socialist "Social Gospel Movement!!" 
  • The founder of the GOP --the greatest Republican, Thomas Jefferson, set the standard with his Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom!! (1/16/1786) ...As he, "professed eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man!!!"
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