Saturday, February 23, 2019

TRP! (2/22/19)

  • TRP was the first to call out moronic & stupid liberal lowlife Hollywood scum Jussie Smollett and his heinous lies!!! ...On 2/1 Frank & John sniffed out his true intentions... John's great opening to start the show exposes how the "Fake News/Ministry of Lies/Media Criminals" rushed to judgment as usual to push their victim/identity politics!!! 
  • "Every great American takes these lies personally!!!" ..."Unfortunately, there is no justice in him going to jail, as for him it will be like being on a gay cruise ship..." ..."Jussie is the poor woman's Tawana Brawley..."
  • Before they are stripped of their FCC licenses, as a Trumpeteer, Frank demands an apology be made by every "Media Criminal" to every proud supporting Trumpeteer and to DJT himself the "Fighting for America President!!!" ..."They are supposed to report news not propaganda!!!" ...No investigating!!! ...No use of the word "allegedly!!!" ...Just their typical headlong rush to push their sick agenda!!! ...The disgraceful politicians that also rushed to judgment should be ashamed of themselves!!!
  • As said by Frank more than 20 years ago... "Who the hell are the Left to tell you how to think, drive, eat, what to wear, and how to act!!!"
  • To the Right, "TCB (That Cortez Broad) is the gift that keeps on giving!!!"
  • Coming up the yearly disgrace that is the Academy Awards... The Leftist mutual admiration society... ..."The greatest annual assemblage of degenerates, perverts, pedophiles, pederasters, drunks, alcoholics, drug addicts & cocaine freaks... the lowest of the low!!!"
  • "Learn to speak...It's not VEE-gan it's VAY-gan!!!"
  • "Socialism is DEATH.. whether by systematic execution or starvation!!!"
  • DO NOT USE the Marxian word (Capitalism) for our GREAT ECONOMIC SYSTEM!!! ..."It is called properly by the Jeffersonian term... FREE ENTERPRISE!!!"
  • "We are at a turning point in history... The fork in the road to the Left leads to unimaginable destruction & holocausts in this country!!!" ..."The only thing the Left offers is insanity and Neo-Bolshevism!!!"
  • According to the immortal Thomas Jefferson and his infinite wisdom, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it." ...and then the tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots!!!
  • Our great Interview with Dr. Onkar Ghate was promoted and displayed on the Ayn Rand Institute's New Ideal Page!!!
  • Great Young Solutrean Nick Sandmann files his courageous $250 million suit against the dying Washington Post... Hopefully this puts them under!!!
  • The Left digs back up the 1971 playboy interview of The Duke and tries to falsely portray the great conservative as a racist by editing it, taking it out of context, and applying their modern day sicko Left-wing views to it!!! ...As John states, "This is part of the left's agenda to wipe out any semblance of American toughness and manhood, and John Wayne was a perfect example of that. It's the same thing they did by making a movie about the symbol of American individuality, toughness, grit and manhood when they presented us gay cowboys in Brokeback Mountain. It's also why they destroyed the Boy scouts, an organization which taught values, patriotism, loyalty etc etc."
  • "West Virginia was illegally and unconstitutionally carved out of Virginia by that Left-wing Devil Lincoln..."
  • Scott from Canada makes a startling admission...
  • "The Left doesn't create it only destroys!!!"
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Sunday, February 17, 2019

TRP! (2/15/19)

  • "The Left loves humanity but hates people!!!" ...Americans remain casualties of the "illegal invasion" thanks to the "open-border treasonous Democrat party!!!"
  • "How much is one America Life worth to the Left?!?!" ...The precious Angel Families remind us all why we fight to secure America from illegal invading vermin!!! ..."The Angel Moms should corner the Ole Bag Pelosi and confront her with pictures of their lost loved ones!!!" ..."She doesn't even have an ounce of remorse or the decency to meet with them!!!"
  • "DJT the America First & Protecting America President" is properly declaring a national emergency to keep America safe and is stopping criminal disease carrying illegal invaders so we can then expand healthy productive LEGAL immigration!!! ..."DJT the RULE of LAW... Pro-LEGAL Immigration President!!!"
  • "To the Left human lives are just statistics!!!" ..."The Democrat Watermelon Green New Deal (green on the outside red on the inside) is a blueprint for genocide!!!" ...Ask the Ukrainians about quotas... 
  • The Left's great collectivist idea of the week: "To stop global warming we must all stop eating meat to prevent cow flatulence!!!" ...What's next!?!? ...How many people will they sacrifice to stop human flatulence!?!?
  • (TCB) "That Cortez Broad" is the Pied Piper of the bottom-feeders!!! 
  • "Thanks to the 2nd Amendment no one has to go to their death at the hands of the Left!!!"
  • "Those who are not stu-dants of history are doomed to be vic-dams of history ...for history is a cruel and unforgiving task mas-tor!!!" ..."History does not always exactly repeat itself but if you follow it closely enough you too can spot the tendencies of the Left!!!" ...Their plans always start off sounding so sweet and nice and end in a cloud of dust...
  • Ama-zun bails on plans for bringing 25,000 jobs to NY!!! What does TCB care??? ...She's all set now and has it made... ...She can't blame Republicans for this one... ...Just look to "Leaderless Leather Face Cuomo..." 
  • Down goes the playfully quaint Liberal High-Speed-Rail Pipe Dream in California...
  • No member of the Right has ever been assisted by media propaganda... The Left lives off of and were born out of propaganda... Hitler, Mao, Stalin etc. and today's Left all were made possible by the media... They have always had the media in their pockets... The Right on the other hand has always won on the merit of the issues and have had to take the truth directly to the people... 
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Sunday, February 10, 2019

TRP! (2/8/19)

  • "TCB" (That Cortez Broad) is out of her Left-wing fanatical mind!!! ..."This insane media created creature is the new crackpot figurehead of the Left!!! ..."TCB is the gift that is going to keep on giving to the Right!!!"
  • Luckily we have the proper counterbalance in "our great President DJT the Man of Action & Truth!!!" 
  • "The America First President" gives us an incredibly moving, rousing, uplifting, & awe-inspiring State of the Union speech!!! ...Frank was moved to "tears of joy" when he heard the following: "No force in history has done more for the human condition than Freedom!" ..."We are alarmed by the new calls to adopt Socialism in this country!" ..."America was founded on Liberty & Independence not government coercion, domination, and control!" ..."We are born Free and we will stay Free!!" ..."We renew our resolve!! ...That WE WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY!!!"
  • "Standing Firm!!! Standing Tall!!! and Standing proud!!! guarding our Liberty from the demented Left-wing hungry beast of Socialism!!!"
  • "The 2nd Amendment is the final safeguard that protects our Liberty & Freedom!!!" ..."Our insurance policy against the plague of Socialism!!!"
  • "Socialism is Something-for-Nothing-ism!!!"
  • The Left follows Moloch the ancient pagan god of child sacrifice!!! ...They want postnatal infanticide!!!
  • "The Democrat party is proving it is overflowing with racists and sexual predators..." ..."The same hypocrites that tried to persecute the honorable Judge Kavanaugh!!!" ..."The entire Democrat hierarchy of the once great State of Virginia are corrupt racists and degenerates!!!" ...Washington & Jefferson are rolling over in their graves!!!
  • The Left wants to control every aspect of your life!!! ...They are anti-technology anti-human-progress pagans!!! ...The "Gangrene New Deal" is regurgitated Marxism 101... ..."Watermelon policy" on the outside red on the inside!!!
  • "Ole Bag Nancy Pelosi looked like she was on anti-depression drugs with her glossed over eyes and all her lip pursing and fidgeting!!!"
  • "Pocahontas/Lieawatha" has been portraying herself as a Beringian since at least the mid 80's!!! ...Trying to exploit & piggyback their victim status to advance her career!!! ...She is all but finished as a candidate!!!
  • Frank senses the "hidden hand of the Clintons" ...They are outing their own Left-wing degenerate competition in an attempt to clear the field!!!
  • "All women deserve to be believed!!! ...Unless they are victims of Democrats!!!"
Plus a Very Special Interview with: Dr. Onkar Ghate, Chief Philosophy Officer, Senior Fellow, and board member at the Ayn Rand Institute. Contributing author to many books on Rand’s fiction and philosophy. Leads ARI’s intellectual development program, serves as a senior editor and instructor, and provides philosophic oversight for the Institute's projects.

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

TRP! (2/1/19)

  • "Insanity has taken over the Democrat party!!!" ..."They are self-destructing!!!" ..."As they go down hard they will make sure to take you with them..." ..."Hold on to your firearm as they pillage and destroy everything they can!!!"
  • "Frank predicts DJT will win in a cakewalk in 2020 despite all the cheating that will go on!!!"
  • Not the "radical Left" it's the "extreme Left!!!" ...How come they never say "moderate Democrat???" ..."Where are they to denounce these lunatics that have taken over!?!?"
  • "The Bolsheviks walked into the Duma with guns and just took over... ...they seized power!!!" 
  • Today's Democrats are now the "Neo-Bolshevik party!!!" ..."Violence, Force, and Coercion is all the Left has!!!" ..."We will always oppose them with Reason, Ideas, & the Enlightenment!!!"
  • The Left is now for "post-natal infanticide!!!" ..."Socialism is the Cult of Death!!!" ..."Do you think they will just stop with the death of the innocent?!?!" ..."First infanticide then genocide!!!" ..."To them human life is worthless!!!" ..."Socialism is their religion and the State is god!!!" ..."People just can't wrap their minds around the number of murders Socialists have committed throughout history, it's like trying to wrap your mind around the size of the universe!!!"
  • "The Democrat party is filled with fanatical Pagans, Mohammedans, and would be murderers!!!" ...They do not reason or rationalize!!! "They threaten, they disrupt, and they take no prisoners!!!"
  • "They are Jacobins!!! Left-wing reactionaries!!! Luddites!!!"
  • "When looking at the Left you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy!!!"
  • "There can be no cooperation, compromise, or coexistence with these fanatics!!!"
  • "To the Left death solves all problems!!! ...No man no problem!!!"
  • "There is no political opposition to the Left... they are either dead, in jail, or they fled!!!"
  • "The term political opposition to the Left means someone to be murdered!!!"
  • "More people have died because of "class warfare/genocide" than any other political construct is history!!!"
  • Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam is "a racist" and must step down!!! ...Of course the racist pictures from his college yearbook were covered up by the "media criminals!!!" 
  • "That Nutcase Cortez Broad's" only real world economic experience comes from her only real job... that of a bartender!!! LOL!
  • John From Conn calls in disgusted and outraged about the treatment of our "Solutrean Man of the Week," young 16 year old white Christian hero, Nick Sandmann... ..."Our children are no longer off limits to this Left-wing scum!!!" ...Nick proudly stood his ground against the barbarity of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's "noble savage!!!"
  • "The gay actor from Empire, Jussie Smollett, concocts a phony story (as many on the Left have done before him) that he was attacked by two white guys and they put a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him... The "TRP real story" behind the media assisted cover-up, is that he was out late cruising for a companion and met up with the wrong two mates..."
  • Help George the Atheist & TRP correct the public record and restore George Washington's birthday!!! ...Honor and return the father of this country to his rightful pedestal!!! 
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