Sunday, April 28, 2019

TRP! (4/26/19)

  • 3.2% GDP growth last quarter!!! ...Smashing all expectations and the Left's wild-eyed negative predictions!!! ...Times have never been better!!! ...More jobs than people right now!!!
  • The "Foreign Occupier" said only someone with a "magic wand" could fix America's economy... LOL... Apparently "DJT the Economic Miracle President!!!" has one!!!
  • Wealthy people aren't necessarily your friends!!! ...If they are not "productive rich" they are "parasitical rich!!!"
  • Ole Joe Biden is nothing more than the "Foreign Occupier's...white monkey!!!"
  • "Lefty Eric Swalwell is one slimy creepy bastard!!!"
  • "The Left is having a collective nervous breakdown!!!"
  • "The lunatic-foaming-at-the-mouth-mad-dog Mayor of NYC wants to ban hot dogs & glass skyscrapers!!! ...He should be in a rubber room in a strait-jacket!!!"
  • The hypocritical Hollywood elite live in their bubble and hide behind their high walls with bodyguards that carry guns...
  • DJT is a vibrant man!!! ..."Low energy Joe Biden" is no match for "the 10 steps ahead of the Left President!!!" ..."Biden is a ghoul that lied about his wife being killed by a drunk driver..." ...Just one of so many lies "ole uncle Joe" has been caught spewing... ...Turns out he didn't even want to go after and kill Bin Laden...  ...An opportunist that is as far Left as the rest of them... do not be fooled!!!
  • "Mitt Romney is a Smithite turncoat!!!... Just another one of the fake aristocracy that deigns to talk down to us...
  • The myth of "racism" and "white nationalism" at Charlottesville is a never ending false mantra of the Left... ..."White nationalism" is just a broad made up Leftist term... Thanks to the Left "racism" is the most volatile bogeyman word in our language... ...There were no Nazis there that day just great Americans who were standing up for our sacred history!!! ...All the "bad people" were "Left-wing Neo-Bolsheviks" that of course started all the violence!!!
  • We can't keep track of all these Leftist losers that are trying to run for president!!! ...Each one is trying to "out extreme the other!!!"
  • Frank mentions the book, The Commissar Vanishes, by David King, in reference to what the Neo-Bolsheviks are trying to do to the Great Kate Smith!!! ...They are attempting to obliterate her from history and trying to force her down George Orwell's "memory hole!!!" ...Exactly who the hell was behind this???
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PLUS a VERY SPECIAL PATRIOTIC INTERVIEW with: Kate Smith's nephew, Bob Andron, husband of Kate Smith's niece Suzy Andron, who speaks for their heartbroken family, as Kate & her famous, God Bless America, is being attacked by "Leftist Historical Revisionism" & "Modern Political Correctness!"


Sunday, April 21, 2019

TRP! (4/19/19)

WSD 2019
  • "He of the First Blood!!!" ..."President of the Wurrrrlllldddd Council of Solutrean Elders" breaks all of our computer & cell phone speakers and his own wurrrrlllddddd record for the longest opening of "WUUUUUUUURRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDD Solutrean Day!!!"
  • Many members of the "Wurrrrlllldddd Solutrean Council" call in and share their celebratory remembrances for all things Solutrean!!!
  • Everyone is encouraged to take a "Solutrean name" and celebrate "Wurrrrlllldddd Solutrean Day" with us every April 20th!!!
  • Long after all our bones turn to dust, the monument that TRP has erected with "Solutreanism" will remain!!! ...Scientific truth will win out in the end and the vile Left-wing "Academic Orthodoxy" that continues to protect the "victim status" of the "Beringians" will eventually be broken!!!
  • Nick Sandmann is named our "Solutrean Man of the Year 2019!!!" ...(An angry Leftist mob rushed to judgment to wrongfully condemn, threaten, & vilify Nick Sandmann!!! ...He remains standing proud with his head held high in decency and humble humility. He stood his ground in a non-violent & peaceful manner in the face of a "fire water" drinking Beringian savage beating on his drum!!! A "lying victimization peddler!!!" ...16 year old Nick showing the composure of a seasoned adult knew his rights under the law and proudly defended himself against the Left's hateful accusations that he committed "thought crimes!!!" The Covington Catholic High School youths were also unfairly targeted that day but dealt positively with a small cult of "black lsraelite" racists and all their hate slurs!!! Nick stood proud in his convictions and the convictions of what this country truly stands for!!! Freedom & Liberty!!! & the right to "peaceful" assembly!!!)
  • Charles "the Hammer" Martel is named our "Historical Solutrean Man of theYear!!!" ...For his valiant defense of Western Civilization & defeat of the Mohammedans at the Battle of Tours (732)!!!

  • "It's OVER for the Left!!!" ...The finally released Mueller Report completely vindicates "our Great, Beloved, Magnificent, DJT, the Take it to the Max President!!!"
  • Now that the evidence is incontrovertible, the vile  "Neo-Bolshevik" Left-wing "Media Criminals," predictably go after the honorable William Barr!!!
  • "Fox News Entertainment, Shepard Smith, & Neil Cavuto are disgraceful cowards!!! ...They back down in fear and choose to censor and hang up on, Catholic League President, Bill Donohue!!!"
  • If you criticize any of these Left-wing devils you are automatically "inciting violence..." ...Not only does the Left "incite violence" everyday they "commit violence" everyday!!!
  • "Socialism was born from violence and violence has always been the tool of the Left!!!" ..."They have a thirst for blood that is unquenchable!!!"
  • To push their propaganda the "scum & filth" on the Left counts on people not paying attention or knowing what's going on...
  • Frank & Vince believe the fire at Notre Dame was committed by Mohammedans...
  • "Snarky Congressman Eric Swalwell is one of the most vile Left-wing characters out there... He wants to seize our guns, lock up legal gun owners, and repeal the 2nd Amendment!!!
  • The first and greatest modern day "authoritarian" that comes to the tiny mind of dopey TCB (That Cortez Broad) is Benjamin Netanyahu!!! ...She says he is, "A Trump-like figure!!!" ..."She is nothing more than an anti-semite jew hater!!!" ...She doesn't understand the difference between "authoritarianism & totalitarianism!!!" ...Unlike Right-wing authoritarians, Left-wing authoritarians never abdicate power peacefully!!!
  • "Not white Nationalism... white Patriotism!!!"
  • "The politically correct & cowardly New York Yankees remove the great Kate Smith's God Bless America from their 7th inning stretch due to pressure from the Left that she was supposedly "a racist!!!" ...Also the Philadelphia Pussies (Flyers) dare to cover up one of her statues with a black tarp!!! ...Kate Smith's family is heartbroken by the lies being told by the "Neo-Bolsheviks" about her!!! ...SHE WILL ALWAYS BE WELCOME HERE ON TRP!!!"
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Sunday, April 14, 2019

TRP! (4/12/19)

  • "Our Beloved, Heroic, Magnificent, President DJT" was 100% correct! ...He knew the Deep state & the Obama administration were spying on him and his campaign!!! ...The honorable Attorney General William Barr confirms this!!!
  • Maybe DJT is on to something by saying, "you want them we'll give them to you!!!" ...He may take that illegal vermin that they are so concerned with and put them in their sanctuary "law breaking" cities!!! ..."You want them you pay for them!!!" ...The law is the law!!! ...All they need to do is turn the criminal invaders over to ICE as they are morally & legally supposed to do...
  • "Since no human being is illegal to them..." ...Maybe Barbra Streisand, the "human anus with a nose," will open up her home in Malibu to them!!! ...Or does she hypocritically say "NIMBY"... (not in my backyard!!!)
  • "DJT is the 10 Steps Ahead of the Left President!!!" ..."He's opened up the curtain of their hypocrisy and is continuously turning the tables on them!!!"
  • "The Old Bag Pelosi" looks like "The Picture of Dorian Gray!!!" ...Her face is starting to rot away in public!!!
  • The Left believes in "Climate Hysteria!!!"
  • "The Left can't handle straight & honest talk that relates to the regular people of this country!!!" ..."They all live in an elitist bubble that consists of a pretentious mutual admiration society..."
  • "Leather Face Cuomo" and his cronies sneak by in the middle of the night and give themselves raises including the one for himself of 70K!!! ...Why don't the liberal hypocrites do as "DJT the Benevolent Man of the People" has done and work for nothing"!?!?
  • New York City is turning into a totalitarian Left-wing crazy zone as Bill De Blasio will now ban all "single use" plastic food utensils, cups, and plates and will make every business use "reusable or compostable" items!!! ...Boy that sounds really healthy for germ prevention around the city... Don't forget also all the jobs that will be lost as a result of the ban... This is Neo-Bolshevism!!!
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad), Ilhan Omar, & Rashida Talib are "the 3 stooges!!!"
    ...Frank coined the term and now it is being used in the mainstream!!! ..."They are quickly becoming radioactive!!! ...They are toxic!!! ...They are the cancer of the democrat party..." ..."And some actually wonder how people followed Hitler..."
  • "The first producer of TRP, Rod Coppola, was "murdered" on 9/11!!! ...The American people that were murdered that day were not just "some people!!!" ..."The perpetrators were Mohammedan terrorists!!!" ...A true Left-wing hate crime!!!"
  • The Left has tried every form of treachery known to man to try to take down "The People's President DJT!!!" ...As the Roman emperor Tiberius Cladius Drusus Nero Germanicus said, "Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!!!" 
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Sunday, April 7, 2019

TRP! (4/5/19)

  • The Left eat another one of their own!!! ..."Crazy ole Joe" was not radical enough for the rabid Left-wing lunatics so now all of a sudden he is "Dirty ole Joe"... ...It was pathetic watching him grovel all week trying to get back in their good graces...
  • "Government is an illusion because it is man-made!" ..."It's not natural!!!"
  • "How can this government have any validity until we get to the bottom of the corruption that tried to destroy "our Great, Beloved & Magnificent... the Let America Be America President DJT!?!?" 
  • What the Left, the FBI, the Deep State, & the "stab-in-the-back Republicans" tried to do was an "act of treason!!!" ...'Where is their sense of justice???" ..."What about their loyalty oaths???" ..."Thankfully for the American people their coup d'etat failed!!!"
  • "We are just serfs that have to shut up and put up by paying our taxes!!!"
  • "Bolshevism is based on the ideology of a crack-pot, Karl Marx, as he never really worked an honest day in his life..." ..."He just sat on his ass in the Library of London and dreamed this crap up!!!" ...Most of it was actually plagiarized and he just switched it around making the whole phrenology worse...
  • "Congress investigated a millionaire that became President... How about investigating a Congress that became millionaires!!!"
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad) looked especially crazy in a video as she sipped wine putting together IKEA furniture... all while telling us all about her childish "Gangrene New Deal!!!" 
  • Where was the "reaching across the isle from the Left!?!?" ..Where was their supposed "bipartisanship they love to tout!?!?"
  • DJT is the "Anti-government President!!!"
PLUS!!! A TRP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!! Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak returns!!!
 A true Jeffersonian hero, Professor Holowchak is the preeminent Jeffersonian scholar of our time, he discusses his upcoming book, [God’s] justice can not sleep forever”: Rethinking Jefferson’s Views on Race and Slavery, and the censorship he's facing as he dares to apply reason and objective thinking to the historiography of Thomas Jefferson and his views on race & slavery!

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