Sunday, April 7, 2019

TRP! (4/5/19)

  • The Left eat another one of their own!!! ..."Crazy ole Joe" was not radical enough for the rabid Left-wing lunatics so now all of a sudden he is "Dirty ole Joe"... ...It was pathetic watching him grovel all week trying to get back in their good graces...
  • "Government is an illusion because it is man-made!" ..."It's not natural!!!"
  • "How can this government have any validity until we get to the bottom of the corruption that tried to destroy "our Great, Beloved & Magnificent... the Let America Be America President DJT!?!?" 
  • What the Left, the FBI, the Deep State, & the "stab-in-the-back Republicans" tried to do was an "act of treason!!!" ...'Where is their sense of justice???" ..."What about their loyalty oaths???" ..."Thankfully for the American people their coup d'etat failed!!!"
  • "We are just serfs that have to shut up and put up by paying our taxes!!!"
  • "Bolshevism is based on the ideology of a crack-pot, Karl Marx, as he never really worked an honest day in his life..." ..."He just sat on his ass in the Library of London and dreamed this crap up!!!" ...Most of it was actually plagiarized and he just switched it around making the whole phrenology worse...
  • "Congress investigated a millionaire that became President... How about investigating a Congress that became millionaires!!!"
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad) looked especially crazy in a video as she sipped wine putting together IKEA furniture... all while telling us all about her childish "Gangrene New Deal!!!" 
  • Where was the "reaching across the isle from the Left!?!?" ..Where was their supposed "bipartisanship they love to tout!?!?"
  • DJT is the "Anti-government President!!!"
PLUS!!! A TRP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!! Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak returns!!!
 A true Jeffersonian hero, Professor Holowchak is the preeminent Jeffersonian scholar of our time, he discusses his upcoming book, [God’s] justice can not sleep forever”: Rethinking Jefferson’s Views on Race and Slavery, and the censorship he's facing as he dares to apply reason and objective thinking to the historiography of Thomas Jefferson and his views on race & slavery!

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