Sunday, April 28, 2019

TRP! (4/26/19)

  • 3.2% GDP growth last quarter!!! ...Smashing all expectations and the Left's wild-eyed negative predictions!!! ...Times have never been better!!! ...More jobs than people right now!!!
  • The "Foreign Occupier" said only someone with a "magic wand" could fix America's economy... LOL... Apparently "DJT the Economic Miracle President!!!" has one!!!
  • Wealthy people aren't necessarily your friends!!! ...If they are not "productive rich" they are "parasitical rich!!!"
  • Ole Joe Biden is nothing more than the "Foreign Occupier's...white monkey!!!"
  • "Lefty Eric Swalwell is one slimy creepy bastard!!!"
  • "The Left is having a collective nervous breakdown!!!"
  • "The lunatic-foaming-at-the-mouth-mad-dog Mayor of NYC wants to ban hot dogs & glass skyscrapers!!! ...He should be in a rubber room in a strait-jacket!!!"
  • The hypocritical Hollywood elite live in their bubble and hide behind their high walls with bodyguards that carry guns...
  • DJT is a vibrant man!!! ..."Low energy Joe Biden" is no match for "the 10 steps ahead of the Left President!!!" ..."Biden is a ghoul that lied about his wife being killed by a drunk driver..." ...Just one of so many lies "ole uncle Joe" has been caught spewing... ...Turns out he didn't even want to go after and kill Bin Laden...  ...An opportunist that is as far Left as the rest of them... do not be fooled!!!
  • "Mitt Romney is a Smithite turncoat!!!... Just another one of the fake aristocracy that deigns to talk down to us...
  • The myth of "racism" and "white nationalism" at Charlottesville is a never ending false mantra of the Left... ..."White nationalism" is just a broad made up Leftist term... Thanks to the Left "racism" is the most volatile bogeyman word in our language... ...There were no Nazis there that day just great Americans who were standing up for our sacred history!!! ...All the "bad people" were "Left-wing Neo-Bolsheviks" that of course started all the violence!!!
  • We can't keep track of all these Leftist losers that are trying to run for president!!! ...Each one is trying to "out extreme the other!!!"
  • Frank mentions the book, The Commissar Vanishes, by David King, in reference to what the Neo-Bolsheviks are trying to do to the Great Kate Smith!!! ...They are attempting to obliterate her from history and trying to force her down George Orwell's "memory hole!!!" ...Exactly who the hell was behind this???
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PLUS a VERY SPECIAL PATRIOTIC INTERVIEW with: Kate Smith's nephew, Bob Andron, husband of Kate Smith's niece Suzy Andron, who speaks for their heartbroken family, as Kate & her famous, God Bless America, is being attacked by "Leftist Historical Revisionism" & "Modern Political Correctness!"