Sunday, April 14, 2019

TRP! (4/12/19)

  • "Our Beloved, Heroic, Magnificent, President DJT" was 100% correct! ...He knew the Deep state & the Obama administration were spying on him and his campaign!!! ...The honorable Attorney General William Barr confirms this!!!
  • Maybe DJT is on to something by saying, "you want them we'll give them to you!!!" ...He may take that illegal vermin that they are so concerned with and put them in their sanctuary "law breaking" cities!!! ..."You want them you pay for them!!!" ...The law is the law!!! ...All they need to do is turn the criminal invaders over to ICE as they are morally & legally supposed to do...
  • "Since no human being is illegal to them..." ...Maybe Barbra Streisand, the "human anus with a nose," will open up her home in Malibu to them!!! ...Or does she hypocritically say "NIMBY"... (not in my backyard!!!)
  • "DJT is the 10 Steps Ahead of the Left President!!!" ..."He's opened up the curtain of their hypocrisy and is continuously turning the tables on them!!!"
  • "The Old Bag Pelosi" looks like "The Picture of Dorian Gray!!!" ...Her face is starting to rot away in public!!!
  • The Left believes in "Climate Hysteria!!!"
  • "The Left can't handle straight & honest talk that relates to the regular people of this country!!!" ..."They all live in an elitist bubble that consists of a pretentious mutual admiration society..."
  • "Leather Face Cuomo" and his cronies sneak by in the middle of the night and give themselves raises including the one for himself of 70K!!! ...Why don't the liberal hypocrites do as "DJT the Benevolent Man of the People" has done and work for nothing"!?!?
  • New York City is turning into a totalitarian Left-wing crazy zone as Bill De Blasio will now ban all "single use" plastic food utensils, cups, and plates and will make every business use "reusable or compostable" items!!! ...Boy that sounds really healthy for germ prevention around the city... Don't forget also all the jobs that will be lost as a result of the ban... This is Neo-Bolshevism!!!
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad), Ilhan Omar, & Rashida Talib are "the 3 stooges!!!"
    ...Frank coined the term and now it is being used in the mainstream!!! ..."They are quickly becoming radioactive!!! ...They are toxic!!! ...They are the cancer of the democrat party..." ..."And some actually wonder how people followed Hitler..."
  • "The first producer of TRP, Rod Coppola, was "murdered" on 9/11!!! ...The American people that were murdered that day were not just "some people!!!" ..."The perpetrators were Mohammedan terrorists!!!" ...A true Left-wing hate crime!!!"
  • The Left has tried every form of treachery known to man to try to take down "The People's President DJT!!!" ...As the Roman emperor Tiberius Cladius Drusus Nero Germanicus said, "Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!!!" 
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