Sunday, May 26, 2019

TRP! (5/24/19)

  • "DJT the Fighting Back President!!!" has the Left flummoxed & befuddled!!! ...It's the 15th round, the bell has sounded, and our great, heroic, magnificent, "DJT the Knockout President!!!" is coming out to the center of the ring!!! ...He's softening up the Left with thunderous body blows and they are almost out for the ten count!!! 
  • Not one of these Leftist devils has the courage to step up and just say no to the constant character assassination of our beloved "DJT the Savior of America President!!!" ...Not one of them can put country before party... ...No worries the "Trump tidal wave" will simply wash them away...
  • FCC licenses should be pulled from all "Media Criminal Outlets!!!" ...They are supposed to report news not propaganda!!!
  • "Government is just an illusion, a creation of mankind... it is not organic..."
  • "The lunatic Left-wing fringe are the scum of the Democrat party!!!"
  • Whatever happened to opposing the "politics of personal destruction???" ...Now the Left only practices the politics of "self-destruction!!!"
  • The only intervention needed is on the Left, they are riddled with a hatred unknown to you and me... ..."Despite all the hatred emanating from the Left DJT has still managed to unleash all the economic power of America!!!
  • "China is a house of cards... A paper tiger..." ..."Their power is a publicity stunt full of foreign adventures..."
  • "Hollywood is full of overpaid-underworked degenerates!!!"
  • Alan Dershowitz is "Mr. I'm Middle of the Road..."
  • The scum on the Left conducted vicious interrogations of Dr. Ben Carson...
  • "You can't change your chromosomes... you are what you are... people that get sex changes are merely cosmetically altered..."
  • The Left are "Amerophobes" that hate America and all our culture stands for...
  • Frank talks about many of the myths propagated by the "Pseudo-History Channel" including the Templars and Oak Island...
  • John From Conn calls in for Round 2 with John of SI, but he wasn't taking the bait...
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Sunday, May 19, 2019

TRP! (5/17/19)

  • "DJT the Fighting Back President!!!" is fighting everyday for the American people by continuing to drain the Left-wing swamp!!! ...He also continues to fight back against conservative censorship!!!
  • The Left's insipid attacks against "our Great President DJT the Man of Action!!!" just never stop!!!
  • The Left wants to end Free Enterprise!!! ..."The Foreign Occupier" wanted to destroy the clean coal industry... Al Gore wanted to get rid of the combustion engine...  Bernie Sanders wants to destroy the trucking industry... TCB (That Cortez Broad) and the rest of the radical Left wants to destroy the airline industry and every other fossil fuel based industry with their "Gangrene New Deal!!!" ...They are Neo-Bolsheviks!!!
  • The Great Johann of England sends John a couple excellent articles... Japan ends longstanding trade restrictions on American beef, setting stage for exports to grow... & A Trump-Supporting Conservative Prime Minister Pulled Off A Surprise Win In Australia
  • We don't need Communist China and their "stinking trade!!!" ...We can cut them off completely tomorrow and be just fine... India, Taiwan, Singapore, or a number of other nations can fill the void of crap products we import for them...
  • The Left protested a great ally of ours, South Africa, supposedly because they were fighting for "human rights..." But, no protests then or today against China or any other of their favored Leftist countries that have long trains of abuses!!!
  • "The only thing booming in Liberal-run cities and States is...  homelessness, crime rates, & murder rates!!!"
  • "Poverty in America is another Left-wing myth..."
  • "The Left hate the rich but want their money to fund their give-away programs..."
  • The "desperate Left" are laughably trying to take credit for "DJT's Booming Economic Miracle!!!" ...yet they say that same economy, they want to take credit for, isn't helping middle class Americans... LOL! ...Sarah Sanders makes the Left look foolish on the subject... John plays the audio..
  • John From Conn surprisingly calls in to take John of SI to task on a few subjects where he thinks he is being inconsistent... 
  • Listen again to the excellent TRP Dr. Burton Folsom Interview, author of, The Myth of the Robber Barons...
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad) that little "know-nothing" didn't know what a garbage disposal was... LOL! ...Put her in charge of our economy!!!
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Sunday, May 12, 2019

TRP! (5/10/19)

  • The Left-wing myth of a detrimental "Chinese trade-war" continues by the "Ministry of Lies Media!!!" ..."DJT the Make-em-Pay-Their-Fair-Share President!!!" WANTS FREE TRADE!!! ...If China would only finally remove their barriers to American goods there would be NO NEED FOR AMERICAN TARIFFS on CHINESE crap imports that have freely flooded our markets unabated for FAR TOO LONG!!!
  • If your not ready to temporarily pay "a couple of more dollars" then get the hell out of our country!!! ...AMERICA FIRST!!!
  • DJT "the Fighting Back President!!!" has the Democrats going even more insane then they already are!!! ..."These are sick hateful bastards!!!" ...He just KEEPS AMERICA WINNING!!! ...Jobless Rate hits a 50 year LOW!!!
  • "So much for Marxist, Leninist, Maoist BS!!!" ..."DJT the Free Enterprise President!!!" is bringing PEACE & PROSPERITY to the allied wurrrld!!!
  • "Jimmy Carter was a political and historical aberration!!!" ...The American people resounded with Ronald Reagan "the Greatest President of the 20th century!!!" ....The original "Free Enterprise President!!!"
  • Like a monster from a horror movie "the Crooked Ole Bitch" is trying to return!!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier" paid tribute to China!!!
  • "Jibber-Jabber Joe" is a senile ole fool... ...He can't get two coherent words out... John plays the audio...
  • "Socialism in all it's perverted forms is DEATH!!!" ..."The perfect system for genocide!!!" ..."If you don't fit their paradigm you are expendable, disposable, and undesirable!!!"
  • All of the Demsheviks run with their latest talking point mantra that we have a... "constitutional crisis..." ...John plays the audio...
  • John of SI & Tucker Carlson both love the "VCR..."
  • It all comes down to "Sleepy Joe" versus "Crazy Bernie" for biggest Left-wing joke left in the race...
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Sunday, May 5, 2019

TRP! (5/3/19)

  • Despite everything the Democrats & the "Media Criminals" are trying to do to stop it... the American economy continues to surge!!! ...Thanks to our "beloved, magnificent, heroic, DJT the Free Enterprise President!!!"
  • "We're not on Facebook so we can't be banned!!!"
  • "The Neo-Bolsheviks don't want to defeat you... they want to destroy you... they want to eliminate you!!!"
  • "The Left's last gasp is to go after the honorable William Barr... But, he is a true professional and is ready for them!!!"
  • "The Crooked ole Bitch" is still hanging around and just won't go away!!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier" was the grifter, the con-artist, & the traitor!!!"
  • The Left is attempting to divert with "juvenile antics & theatrics..."
  • Paul Robeson, the other singer of Kate Smith's supposedly "racist songs" was a vile Communist devil and Tom for Uncle Joe Stalin... He is mentioned prominently in one of TRP's most recommended books, The Forsaken, An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia.
  • "Judeophobia" knows no color!!! ...But, the Left as always is selective in their sickness to blame white people for every anti-semitic attack...
  • "The greatest mass murderers in history all came from the Left.. Mao #1, Stalin #2, Hitler #3!!!"
  • "Genocide through starvation is the cheapest way the Left achieves their aim to cull the human herd they hate oh so much..."
  • Laughably America is always blamed for the failures of worldwide socialism...
  • Newt Gingrich listens to TRP...
  • Angry arrogant has-been Alec Baldwin bashes "flyover Americans"...
  • Chris Cuomo's ratings have fallen through the floor!!!
  • Congressman Steve Cohen's childish act of eating fried chicken on the House floor was "a racist act!!!"
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