Sunday, March 29, 2020

TRP! (3/27/20)

  • To get us out of this shockingly sudden economic crisis we now have "our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved President DJT'S... GREAT DEAL!!!"
  • Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal was a complete failure in both the short-run & the long-run!!! former TRP Guest the Great Dr. Burton Folsom so presciently explains: the economy did not truly take off until after the post-war Congress cut taxes!!!
  • The Left-wing Wrong Way: It failed in part because Roosevelt tried to take over and administrate the entire economy with numerous & devilish Left-wing power grabs like the NRA (National Recovery Administration)!!! & also never forget in 1933 he initiated his criminal Leftist confiscation of every American's gold!!!
  • Like the great Cincinnatus... once the immediacy of this enormous crisis dissipates "our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved President DJT the Lover of Liberty & Free Enterprise President!!!" will quickly & sensibly return Power & Freedom back to the People!!!
  • DJT will heed the words of the immortal Thomas Jefferson, founder of the Republican Party, as he summed up our present situation so clearly in his 1st Inaugural Address: "and should we wander (from our Free Enterprise principles) in moments of error or of alarm, let us hasten to retrace our steps and to regain the road which alone leads to peace, liberty, and safety!!!"
  • "DJT the Great Deal President" will monitor ALL THOSE that would stab the American People in the back during this crisis... including CORPORATIONS!!!"
  • "Chi-NAH COMMITTED an ACT OF WAR" (which is why DJT has properly called himself a "War Time President") ...When all is said and done one way or another "Chi-NAH will be forced to PAY REPARATIONS!!!"
  • Senile Slow ole Joe is suddenly the least important person in America!!!! ...The "Media Criminals" are whistling past the graveyard when and if he comes up...
  • Thankfully Frank and others fled New York pre-crisis just as Lot fled Sodom & Gomorrah!!!
  • "Other selfish New Yorkers only now choose to flee post-crisis but are taken as a cancer no other State wants!!!"
  • Frank plays some great audio sent by Uncle Warren proving once again that he is the "fountainhead of the Right" beating back Chi-com & "Neo-Bolshevik" propaganda!!! 
  • Nothing their "Wuhan Chi-NAH Virus" could do would compare to their "greatest mass murderer in history"...that Left-wing monster Mao...
  • If the smug wisecracking "Crooked Ole Bitch" or the shallow & falsely self-confident "Foreign Occupier" was in office the country would be in true chaos, the borders would be wide open, and the United States as we know it would be coming to a certain end!!!" ...Thank gawd everyday for "DJT the Savior of America President!!!" who correctly stated, "WE WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE A COUNTRY LEFT..."
  • If it weren't for all of DJT's policies (pre-Wuhan Chi-NAH crisis) that set off the greatest economy in American history & his rapid and decisive action (post-Wuhan Chi-NAH crisis) we might never be on the road to recovery or have been able to weather such a sudden calamity!!!"
  • Nancy Pelosi dares to try to take credit for the "DJT GREAT DEAL!!!" after she brazenly did everything she could to bog it down and load it with her back-door Socialist wish-list and thwart it's quick passing...
  • Don't use the Communist term "the workers..." (or "laborers") ...They are correctly called "employees" under Free Enterprise!!!
  • Which hellhole country will be the first to invade a neighbor due to lack of resources???
  • Don of PA returns to TRP after a lengthy absence to lead the night's cavalcade of callers!!! ...His calls have long been missed but he promises never again to practice "TRP Distancing!!!"
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Saturday, March 21, 2020

TRP! (3/20/20)

  • "DJT is the Modern Cincinnatus!!!" ...A Citizen Soldier marshalling our forces and declaring war against the Wuhan China Virus!!! 
  • "DJT the Keeping America Safe President!!!" is calling for a 2-week countrywide calming to give us much needed time to ramp up production of critical medical supplies and put a huge dent in the spiking spread of the virus!!! ...He is allowing the medical community and suppliers to regroup, refit, and rearm so we are well prepared to beat this invisible enemy and quickly jump us right back up on the Free Enterprise Train!!! ...We had no real infrastructure to deal with something of this magnitude... But, he is buying us some much needed time in the short-run so we will save the most American lives and thrive in the long-run!!!
  • "Heed our warning though... ...We have about 2 to 3 weeks to get America back to work or we will suffer dire long term economic consequences that our Communist enemies could have only wished for in their wildest wet dream!!!" 
  • In a shutdown longer than 2-3 weeks much wealth and production will be destroyed and will not come back... But, giving away cash [as opposed to loaning cash to get through this period] will create a massive increase in currency without productivity. Thus more dollars chasing fewer products. A general inflationary price level increase will unavoidably occur.
  • The immortal Thomas Jefferson, founder of the Republican Party, summed it up best in his 1st Inaugural Address: "and should we wander (from our Free Enterprise principles) in moments of error or of alarm, let us hasten to retrace our steps and to regain the road which alone leads to peace, liberty, and safety!!!"
  • This is exactly why Thomas Jefferson was against the densely packed cities!!! ...(Not as his foolish critics say because he was against modernity but because the cities by their very nature were pestilential to morals...) ...The mob was unnaturally crowded into tight quarters where pestilence could quickly explode...(letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush 23 Sept. 1800) ...He faced a great Yellow Fever crisis in his day and came up with his precient checkerboard pattern for buildings (alternating blocks of buildings and green spaces) which would have allowed for the necessary space to prevent epidemics from spreading rapidly...(letter to Comte de Volney 8 Feb. 1805) ...But, in our hubris we defied his genius!!! 
  • "Throughout history when leaders on the Right assumed emergency powers they always quickly and peacefully gave the power back to the people... But, when the Left seizes power they never give the power back!!!"
  • Frank "the Prophet of Alamut" correctly predicted there was a judgment coming to California!!! ...John plays the audio...
  • This all reminds Frank of the "battle between the yellow and the white race" in the great original Star Trek episode: The Omega Glory...
  • Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin in combination may be a big game changer in stopping this virus!!!
  • Not covered really at all by the "Ministry of Lies" the Charles Lieber Harvard/China saga is fully exposed!!! ...He is Chairman of Harvard's Chemical & Biology Department. In 2011 he started working with Wuhan Technical University. He was recruited by the Thousand Talents Program, a Chi-com recruitment program, that enticed fellow traveling scum like Lieber to sell-out the United States and steal our proprietary information!!! ...He received more than $15 million from the Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies then lied about what information the Chi-coms had received from him... He was recently arrested but this was mainly just skimmed over by the mainstream "Media Criminals!!!" ...As far as a connection to the Wuhan Virus, "where there is smoke there probably is fire!!!" ...We need to know what Harvard knew as well!!! ...Also, make it a crime to join any Chi-com recruitment program!!!
  • "Chinese" is an ethnicity not a race!!! ...China is a country with many different ethnicities just like the United States! ...DJT did not call this the "Asian" or "Oriental" Flu! ...Asian is the most common term today for that race... (liberal morons...) ...Is calling something "United States" or "American" flu racist? No more than "Chinese", "China", or "Wuhan"... None can be classified as "race." Nothing to do with "racism." ...Correct a leftist moron today!
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Sunday, March 15, 2020

TRP! (3/13/20)

  • Left-wing "Media Criminal" inspired "Wuhan virus hysteria" runs rampant while "DJT the Keeping America Safe President" restores calm!!! ..."DJT is the American Moses!!!" ..."A Hero Will Rise!!!" ..."Freedom & Liberty will reign supreme!!!" ..."The Inspiring Confidence in America President!!!" ..."Even during our Darkest Hours DJT remains the Light Unto America!!!"
  • "The fact that the Left is not in power right now to fully utilize this crisis is driving them crazy!!!" ..."They have a lust for power unbeknownst to you and me!!!"
  • "DJT Always Puts America first and the Left hates him for it!!!"
  • "Can you imagine if the 'Crooked Ole Bitch' was President instead of DJT!?!?" ..."We would have martial law by now!!!" ..."Imagine if we didn't have the bedrock of his economic policies & his border policies!!!" ..."Thanks to DJT we are ready to weather any storm!!!"
  • "How's that racist wall looking right about now!?!?"
  • Of course the Demshevik Congress tried every bit of back door Socialism possible in the Wuhan virus response bill!!!" ..."Permanent Socialism is not necessary for a temporary emergency!!!"
  • "It is only just deserts that the NBA's Rudy Gobert comes down with the Wuhan virus!!!"
  • "The "Neo-Bolsheviks" real agenda has always been restriction of freedom and destroying our way of life!!! ..."The bogus fear of pathogens will now replace the bogus fear of global warming..." ..."The Communist agenda has always been trying to throw sand into the well oiled gears of American Free Enterprise!!!"
  • TRP has been talking for decades about the transmission of disease entering the country undetected especially via our southern border!!! ...How could you contain a virus if you allow people to sneak in illegally!?!?
  • "This short-term Wuhan virus scare is what the Green New Deal would look like in perpetuity if forced on us!!!"
  • "DJT should put at least a 30-day moratorium on firing people or laying people off!!!" ...(All effected employers need to offer short-term hours to all employees. The Federal & State governments would then cover the gap in pay until this passes...) "This Left-wing fearmongering will soon pass!!!"
  • DJT has become Frank's "Man of Whom the Wurrrld Will One Day Speak!!!" ..."DJT is the Colossus that has Bestrode the Wurrrld!!!"
  • Frank & "The Wurrrld Council of Solutrean Elders" proclaims "nothing will ever cancel the Wurrrrrrrrllllllddddd Solutrean day parade!!!" ..."It will always go off as planned!!! ..."Just like the Asian Flu in the 1950's and the Hong Kong Flu in the 60's Solutrean blood is too thick to be taken down by any 'yellow peril' virus!!!"
  • Everyone in the TRP Faithful "remember to fill out your 2020 census properly!!!" ..."Your race is and always will be Solutrean!!!"
  • Gino from China urges all of us back here in the United States to suck it up... Things are not as bad as the "Ministry of Lies" say they are!!! ...We will recover in short order...
  • TRP is the Vanguard & Fountainhead of the Right!!! (Jesse Watters on 3/7/20 repeats Frank's 3/6/20 TRP observations: Biden "Elder Abuse" & Dems Propping Biden up as their Puppet!!!)

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

TRP! (3/6/20)

  • The Demshevik Establishment puts the few political chips they have left all in behind Feeble Slow Sleepy Ole Joe!!! ...LOL... it is laughable stacking him up next to the lightning quick "Colossus that is DJT!!!" ..."It's NOT OK JOE!!!"
  • The Left propping him up as their puppet frontman is really nothing more than "Political Elder Abuse!!!"
  • It is not called "a gaffe"... or..."having a senior moment..." ..."it's now called having a Biden moment!!!"
  • Sleepy Joe is close to being ruled mentally incompetent!!! ...This level of confusion is a sign of dementia or Alzheimer's...
  • Radical Left-wing lunatic criminal Chuck Schumer outright threatens Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh!!! ...Lock him up!!! ...He sounded just like a thug mob boss... But, no the "Ministry of Lies" as usual diverts for its own and says it was just a "figure of speech"... ..."He doesn't have the temperament to be a United States Senator!!!" ..."Schumer has now planted the seed for a Leftist lone nut!!!"
  • DJT uses Frank's "Thank you!" ...again...
  • "DJT is the Inspiring Confidence in America President!!!"
  • All the money in the wurrrld couldn't buy MiniMike class or decency...
  • Will the "Crooked Ole Bitch" replace Biden after he has a stroke?!?!
  • "We want honest talk... (however harsh)... not affectation!!!" ..."DJT is the HONEST TALK EXPRESS!!!"
  • "We cannot have a Republic with two sets of laws!!!" ..."One for the Patricians and one for the Plebs..."
  • The radical Left-wing "Sanderites" (Sandernistas) won't know what to do with themselves when they have the nomination stolen from them once again...
  • Jim Clyburn is a "Tom" for the Democrats...
  • Joe Biden is the "Foreign Occupier's White Monkey!!!"
  • "The Democrats are the party without a future..."
  • For the true Coronavirus numbers...
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Sunday, March 1, 2020

TRP! (2/28/20)

  • The Left weaponizes the Coronavirus whipping up fear & panic to score cheap political points... ...Consequences be damned... ..."You just can't even imagine how low they will go..."
  • According to "Neo-Bolshevik Bernie" Fidel KKKastro was a good guy because he supposedly taught a few Cubans how to read Communist propaganda... ...Bernie Sanders has also said he was sympathetic to Hitler because he loved animals & the environment... ...Mao the bee's knees because he knew how to ballroom dance... ...Stalin the smile on the Mona Lisa because he was a cigar aficionado...
  • All of India fawns over "our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved DJT the Merciful President!!!"
  • The Leftist fearmongers blamed the AIDS epidemic on Ronald Reagan ...Katrina was the fault of GWB... ...Now Coronavirus is the work of DJT...
  • In A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century, Barbara Tuchman explained on pg. 108 how the Kingdom of Poland avoided the Black Death by shutting it's borders...
  • How much worse would the Coronavirus be if "our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved DJT the Guarding America President!!!" did not guard our frontier!!!
  • "John Wayne hated when we the people were called the masses..."
  • "How much has the Coronvirus infested the Chinese Armed Forces???"
  • "DJT is the breakwater to Leftist insanity!!!"
  • "In Communist Cuba it's not education... it's not literacy... it's indoctrination!!!
  • "Making America Energy Independent was a sea change from what the Left said could be done!!!" ...What ever happened to their cries of "We have reached peek oil!?!?"
  • "The elements working against DJT in the Deep State will gin up anything they can to take him out!!!" 
  • Our Man on the Street, Gino from China, calls in again from Ground Zero...
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