Sunday, February 27, 2022

TRP! (2/25/22)

  • "Brain dead Joe" has lead us on a path to WWIII!!!
  • Oh no DJT was the Russian agent right!?!? ...Did Russia act like this with DJT in office!?!? ...Were they ever emboldened like this!?!? ...NO... Biden & his Criminal Regime are the "Communist enemy within" and what is happening in Ukraine and around the world is exactly what they wanted!!!
  • Through Biden's weak, foolish, and short-sighted policies he gave the megalomaniacal  "Vlad the Mad" Putin the opening he wanted!!!
  • Better do more than just sanctions you ole fool!!! ...Why was Ukraine not flooded with Stinger missiles!?!?
  • FDR sold out the Baltic states like Biden is doing to Ukraine!!!
  • Tucker states that Ukraine fought on the side of the National Socialists without mentioning that Ukraine was fighting against their greater enemy at that time the "Russo-Bolsheviks!!!" ...Stalin had murdered over 15 million Ukrainians in his "man-made famine," the Holodomor!!! ..."I did not fight for Hitler I fought against Stalin!!!"
  • "The West are their own worst enemy!!!"
  • Geopolitics 101: When you have nuclear weapons you never give them up!!!
  • Geopolitics 102: Never trust Communists!!!
  • This "little skirmish" in Ukraine better end quickly so Joy Behar can vacation again in Europe unencumbered...
  • Biden in 2019 stating DJT! would be the cause of a war in Ukraine!!!
  • George the Atheist/Heretic/Apostate gullibly falls for another Leftist/Neo-Con/Never Trumper/Rino-Establishment bit of nonsense when he decides to read & believe the NY Times/Pravda transcript of DJT on a talk show instead of listening to the audio in context and hearing the nuanced & clever sarcasm... ...Below is just enough of the clip to easily follow the truth and not the propaganda... (This one is almost as good as the "Trump wants to kill the China virus by injecting bleach into people--stupidity..." ...For shame George!!! (or whatever your real name is as you bash the Greatest President Past Present & Future hiding behind your alias...)
  • The Great Vince of NJ calls in to take on George about the above... ...George sadly brings up the "faux insurrection" garbage yet again, then he hurriedly exits when challenged, but, not before quipping that Vince needed to, "take the wax out of his ears..."
  • Why was the "broken window" the last line of demarcation that made it allowable for Michael Leroy Byrd to assassinate Ashli Babbitt!?!? ..."One boxed in and cut-off woman" could have easily been tackled instead of shot in cold blood George!?!?
  • Justice for Ashli!!! Lock up that murdering assassin!!!
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Monday, February 21, 2022

TRP! (2/18/22)

  • How is the senility of the Nasty Ole Bastard in the White House going to effect the actions of the "Russo-Bolsheviks!?!?" ...To believe it's 2022 and we are actually talking about another world war in Europe is mind-boggling!!!
  • Oh how we long for the "Prince of Peace DJT!!!" ...Putin wouldn't dare do anything like this under his resolute leadership...
  • Putin's dream is to restore the old "Slavo-Bolshevik empire" and thanks to the weakness of the Biden regime it just may very well happen... ...Frank points out the parallels of how Putin is using the same tactics that Hitler did with Poland!!! ...Poland remains one of the great tragedies of the 20th century!!!
  • The "Slavo-Bolshevik empire" is the only empire in history where money went out but nothing ever came back in...
  • Hillary the "Crooked Criminal Ole Bitch..." ...The "Queen that was supposed to be coronated" is GUILTY AS CHARGED!!! ...No we're sorry it's just a wild "vast Right-wing conspiracy" and we are just falling for it again...
  • We can't defend our country yet somehow we are going to protect Ukraine!?!? ...Our country is being invaded with drugs from China via Mexico!!! ...End the invasion of illegal vermin and activate the National Guard NOW!!!
  • Independents are those timid folk who are afraid to let their politics be known...
  • Frank declares himself a "Trumpican..."
  • CRT = "White man bad. Black man oppressed."
  • The legacy of the "Neo-Bolsheviks" is "don't educate indoctrinate-- with Left-wing propaganda!!!"
  • Only 40% of college campuses are male... ...Young white men have been beaten down and are giving up!!! ...They are staying home stewing in their "toxic masculinity..."
  • As the late great Judge Ronald used to say, "Canada is a joke." Trudeau is a bad joke!!!
  • Frank has a good idea for a new fantasy children's book-- A boy that thought he was a woman... "I think I am! I think I am!!"
  • Women improperly benefited all those years from Title IX-- Now having to compete against "biological men" is just poetic justice...
  • The Biden family are obvious gangsters and crooks yet the "Media Criminals" continue to harass the great American Trump family!!! ..."This is an upside down world!!!"
  • The Left never talk about making the country great because their policies don't work and they know it!!!
  • Jesse Waters is catching up with TRP...
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Jeffersonian Hero, Marco Bassani, Professor of History of Political Thought at the University of Milan. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science in 1995 at the University of Pisa. He was born in Chicago and educated in Italy and the United States, he joined the faculty of the University of Milan in 1998. Professor Bassani's main area of research is American political thought from the American Revolution to the Civil War. 

While some of his work is available only in Italian, his books: Liberty, State, and Union: The Political Theory of Thomas Jefferson (2010) and Chaining down Leviathan. The American Dream of Self-Government (2021) are available in English here in the US. 

Professor Bassani has also co-authored two textbooks on the history of political theory and has written more than eighty book-chapters and articles for scholarly journals. Marco Bassani is one of the most well-rounded, distinguished, & respected Jeffersonian scholars in the world. But, last year the "Neo-Bolsheviks" attempted to cancel him because they didn't like "a joke" he re-posted about Kamala Harris on his personal social media page. For this audacious crime against humanity... he was ridiculously found guilty of sharing “sexist and highly offensive content, not only toward the directly interested party but toward the entire female gender.” (LOL!) As punishment, his university teaching, and salary were suspended for one month. Oh those Leftist First Amendment/Free Speech supporting heroes! 

Professor Bassani discusses his travails as he battles back against Leftist oppression! 

Tonight we delve into the professor's tremendous first book as John From Conn joins in. Very soon the Professor will return to discuss his second book and we know that will be just as enthralling!

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Sunday, February 13, 2022

TRP! (2/11/22)

  • Socialist Devil Trudeau wants to send his jack booted thugs in to crush the Peaceful Heroic Freedom Loving Trucker Convoy!!! ...Threats, violence, coercion & oppression is all they know!!! 
  • The hundreds of thousands of liberty loving Canadians that have joined the Freedom Convoy are of course being marginalized, demonized, and dehumanized by the "Media Criminals" and Trudeau's Socialist dictatorial regime...
  • Now may be the time for certain provinces of Canada to join the United States... ...If any Canadian province chooses to declare its independence and agrees to the terms of the Constitution they can join the union and become fully sovereign states like the other 50 states...
  • "Free Healthcare" in Canada is a another Leftist big bag of bullshit!!! ...Canada is a joke!!!
  • The Left loved the sit-ins to block traffic and disrupt businesses in the 60's but suddenly now they oppose them!!! ...We thought the Left "loved the workers" but they want to smash these workers today!!! ...These hard-working Truckers are nothing but Kulaks to be manipulated and destroyed by the tyrannical elites!!!
  • The scumbag Teamsters sellout the Truckers!!!
  • Always remember the Left's slogan "MY BODY MY CHOICE!!!"
  • KGB Putin wants to reestablish the ole Soviet entity...
  • The Capitol is no more sacred ground than your homes, businesses, & communities that the Left encouraged their BLM storm troopers to destroy!!!
  • Once the Russo-Bolsheviks invade Ukraine poor little freedom loving Taiwan will immediately be gobbled up by the Sino-Bolsheviks!!!
  • Will the Senile Nasty Ole Bastard's State of the Union speech be moved to noon time to accommodate his sleep schedule!?!?
  • Will Hophead Hunter be named the "Crack Equity Czar!?!?
  • Little Rocket Man is back thanks to the weakness of the Biden regime!!!
  • From the "sensitive souls of the Left" file: James Carville Wants to Punch Unvaccinated in the Face... ...Why doesn't he try to punch a Canadian Trucker in the face!?!?
  • Where is Hannity to Defend Mark Lye like he did Karen Johnson!?!?
  • George the Atheist/Objectivist is called into the first "Producer's Pit" for a simple friendly conversation with Bob of PA & John From Conn and an on-air insurrection ensues!!!
  • Queen Cheryl of NJ goes on an epic rant!!! ...It may be her best call ever!!!
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Sunday, February 6, 2022

TRP! (2/4/22)

  • Whoopi committed "cultural appropriation" when she chose her alias!!! ...She is guilty of being a wild-eyed mad-dog foaming at the mouth judeophobe of colour!!! ...She has plenty fed to her daily about DJT but nothing once ever told to her about Nazi Germany!?!?
  • It was a tough week for Leftist scum Jeff Zucker, Michael Avenatti, & Karen Johnson (A.k.a Whoopi Goldberg...)
  • Low-life Hannity and other mainstream Neo-cons pathetically run to Whoopi's defense... ...WHILE TRP SAYS CANCEL KAREN JOHNSON!!!
  • Frank ponders a novel where the National Socialists developed modern DNA testing... ...Only to prove Hitler had Jewish ancestry...
  • ONLY a 2-week suspension!?!? ...We want Rosanne Barr's apology to finally be accepted!!!
  • Where was Joy Behar a Jew to confront Whoopi like she confronts conservatives!?!?
  • (WSU) Wurrrrld Solutrean Update!!! ..."He of the First Blood" reads an article exposing the irrefutable proof of 23,000 year old footprints found of our great Solutrean ancestors in New Mexico 10,000 years before Clovis!!! ...End the racist suppression of the Solutrean Hypothesis!!!
  • COVID lockdowns had ‘little to no effect’ on mortality rate, study says...
  • Those Who Promote Freedom are Racist says the Pot Calling the Kettle Blackface...
  • The Left always eat their own... ...Bill Maher is even turning on them for their draconian China Virus restrictions...
  • ALL Americans should return immediately from racist China!!! ...Keep your heads up and come home now!!!
  • We choose to think while it's still legal!!!
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