Saturday, May 27, 2017

TRP! (5/26/17)

  • "Our Great President DJT"..."The fighting-back President!!!" welcomes a fight! He hits back hard! He's assembled what John of SI always wanted! An "instant response fight-back team!!" ..."The Left won't roll over this President!!!"
  • The (DMCA) "Democrat/Media Criminal Alliance!" ...They spread the most vile calumnies and hateful lies!!
  • The monikers just keep on coming!!! ..."The get-things-done President!!!"..."The straight-talk President!!!"..."The pro-tax-payer President!!!"
  • The "crooked ole bitch" gives the commencement speech to the Wellesley liberal brat drones. She is still whining and complaining as she spews more venom, hatred, and frustration!!
  • "Only White people can be racist according to the Left!!" ..."The people will vote their own self interest!! ...They want and have been yearning for a strong President!!"
  • "Governing is not the birthright of these politicians!! We pay your salary!! You work for us!!"
  • "There are NO Kings in Rome!! We are a nation of free men!!"
  • John references the classic book...The Millionaire Next Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko...
  • Don't forget Al Franken's vicious physical assault of a Howard Dean supporter!!!
  • We are in the midst of the "Third Red Scare!!" The hypocritical Left uses the same supposed "McCarthyite" tactics they once condemned!! ..."Guilt by association!"..."Accusations of subversion and treason without regard to evidence!!!" ..."A demagogic campaign of spreading fear and ruining innocent lives!!"..."What ever happened to the peaceful transition of power?? and giving an administration a chance?!?!"
  • "This is the worst kind of neo-Nazi attack on Jared Kushner's character!! This smells of Mein Kampf!! The Democrat party is riddled with vicious vile foaming at the mouth mad dog anti-semites!! This is anti-semitism of the lowest kind!!" ..."The Democrat party is a rat's nest of anti-semites using Nazi tactics employed in Mein Kampf!!"
  • Always remember the famous TRP saying..."The last refuge of a black scoundrel is the cry of racism!!!"
  • "Saint Joe McCarthy" exposed the termites hiding in America's woodwork of democracy!!
  • The "misunderstandings of Islam" continue this week... Ariana Grande concert attack: Victims in Manchester blast identified. ...At least 29 Coptic Christians are brutally murdered in the latest act of terror sponsored by "the religion of peace"..
  • "TRP is food for the brain!! Thinking man's talk radio!!"
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

TRP! (5/19/17)

  • "We are in a Civil War!" The pundits are finally catching up with TRP!!
  • "DJT our beloved Commander in Chief" will lead us to victory!! ..."He will not go down like Julius Caesar... stabbed in the back by the Senate!!" ..."there are no kings in Rome...this is a Republic!!"
  • The tidal wave of Anti-Trump propaganda from the "Ministry of Lies" would make Dr. Josef Goebbels beam with pride!
  • Democrats continue their last stand, placing all their hopes on the "Russian fantasy!" ..."scumbags do your job!!!"
  • "The Republicans can go to hell!! The party of cowards!!! Aren't they the majority party?!?!"
  • "The people are stronger than any party!! WE are behind DJT!!! WE have the power!!! WE'LL do what we want!!! It's time the Left gets slapped in the face a few times!!!"
  • "John McCain...switch parties or croak!! Put your fat daughter on a diet first!!"
  • Why the Left needed to get rid of Spiro Agnew before Richard Nixon! They still use the same ole Watergate play book today...
  • "Anthony Weiner... the perfect definition of a degenerate!!"
  • Michael Weiner rips off TRP again!! Proof on the (3/3/17) TRP podcast! "Attacking DJT is an attack on US!"'re welcome Mike...
PLUS: SPECIAL INTERVIEW!!! with #1 NY TIMES best selling author, Amie Parnes, co-author of Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign!!

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

TRP! (5/12/17)

  • Jaimes Comey "the tall turd"..."You're FIRED!!"..."Get to the Choppa!!!"..."A magnificent action by DJT!!!"
  • "The Left wants adversity not diversity!!!"..."they continue to piss on America and white people!!"
  • "The Democrat Party is a group that obsesses beyond reason, they are morally and politically bankrupt. Wild animals...unhinged and insane!!" 
  • The Russian absurdum continues..."They grasp at straws on the edge of the precipice!"
  • "The Democrats being insane is the only thing the Republicans have going for them..."
  • As far as the Democrat agenda goes..."only the desperate ones care...the fanatics and the morons..."
  • "Our beloved President DJT"...remains a whirlwind of action!!!...there has been a tidal wave of hiring!!!
  • John crucifies the Left with the nails of their own words!!! He shows 3 great examples of how the "Ministry of Lies" followed the same weekly talking points when they all used the term "backlash"...and the phrases "crisis of credibility" & "no diversity...just a bunch of ole white men..."
  • "The Fascist chimera" ...If being a good American in the sight of liberal scum means being a fascist...Frank asks proudly to be handed a black shirt!! 
  • Hitler committed atrocities for 6 years...the Bolsheviks for 75 years!!!
  • There has been a litany of crimes committed by the "crooked ole bitch!!"
  • Frank calls on DJT to sign an Executive Order nullifying the Russian uranium deal and to unleash the C.I.A on Venezuela to start sending arms to the opposition and liberate the Venezuelan people!!
  • Jason Chaffetz & Susan Collins continue to do the bidding of the Democrats...
  • "Bill from Chappaqua" phones in to enlighten us to the extent of his wealth...
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

TRP! (5/5/17)

  • DJT's "pace of success" is impossible to keep up with!! ...In another outstanding opening, John nobly tries to track "the man of action's" recent and numerous accomplishments!!
  • "Our Great President DJT"..."found a way" to push through the repeal and replace of "Obamascam" as "he captained and steadied the ship" ...forcing the hands of every "weak-kneed" Republi-can't!!
  • "Payback is a bitch!! ...It hurts doesn't it?!?!" ...The Republicans have not gloated enough!!
  • No enemy of the United States could have done a better job than the "Foreign Occupier" when it came to how he deformed and sabotaged our country!
  • "As good as DJT gets it he gives it back twice as hard!!!"
  • "STOP the MANDATE!!!" ...If you don't believe in it why should you be forced to pay into it???
  • North Korea is the wurrrld's first "communist monarchy!!!" What a quandary for the LEFT!!! Karl Marx is spinning in his grave!!!
  • "Drunk, Fat, & Stupid" is a "paranoid delusional" as he believes the U.S and South Korea have a policy in place to assassinate him!!
  • The Demshevik's attempts at "fear mongering" sadly continue!! They roll out the same ole playbook and John catches them yet again with audio clips!! Everyone of their accusations against the new bill has already happened under "Obamascam!!"
  • "We're in a battle for the soul of America!!"
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