Sunday, October 27, 2019

TRP! (10/25/19)

  • The Left are months away from downing their cyanide capsules en masse... 
  • "The tin foil hat wearing crooked ole bitch is really out of her gawd damn mind!!!" ..."She sees a Russian under every bed..." ..."She is a warmonger and  Bill is a whoremonger!!!"
  • "You cannot reason or debate with the sick, fanatical, & irrational Left..."
  • "This is treason & a criminal conspiracy to overturn a legally won election..."
  • The Republicants finally show some guts and break up the Democrat's secret closed door hearing in the bowels on the U.S. capitol!!!
  • "The Left have contempt and hatred for the American people!!! ...This is turning into a star chamber!!!"
  • "The line up of Democrat choices is really pathetic... Nothing they want to do is even remotely realistic or well thought out... just cliches and memes..."
  • DJT really won the popular vote if they counted all the votes...
  • "Our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved President DJT is the President for all Americans!!!" ...He was absolutely right he is an innocent man being lynched... ...It wasn't only blacks that got lynched... learn your history liberal morons!!!
  • "We know the Left's Lion of the Senate was really the murderer of Chappaquiddick!!!"
  • "It won't be long before the Left name everything under the sun for good red Elijah Cummings..."
  • Frank still firmly believes Castro killed Kennedy not the mob...
  • "DJT is not your typical Republican... He is a fighter!!!" ...He is the "Savior of the Republic!!!"
  • "Liberal scum "Mr. Blue Collar" Bruce Springsteen robbed his roadies out of a million dollars!!!" ...This is how low Hollywood and the Entertainment industry is...
  • Charles Barkley is an ignorant fool & vicious bigot of colour!!! ...Props to Shaq for standing up to him once again!!!
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Sunday, October 20, 2019

TRP! (10/18/19)

  • "The Fake News, the Ministry of Lies, the Media Criminals" are providing their typical barrage of propaganda cover for the phony hypocritical "clowns" on the Left!!!
  • "Our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved DJT the Man Who Keeps His Word President" has the Left-wing neo-Bolshevik vermin twisted into a pretzel as he's turned everything they've once said they were for around!!! ..."I thought we shouldn't be the wurrrld's policemen???" ..."Why are they not cheering him pulling troops out of Syria!?!?" ..."Shouldn't we just declare victory and have a parade as they said with Vietnam!?!?" ..."How many of these bastards have their sons fighting over there?!?!" ..."What about NO BLOOD FOR OIL!?!?"
  • "The American troops come from a place where patriotism and America First are not dirty words!!!"
  • "We don't have permanent allies or foes... just permanent interests!!!" ..."Today's friend is tomorrows enemy..."
  • "Our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved DJT is the Energy Independence President!!!"
  • "Hophead Hunter" blew out his septum from snorting so much coke!!!
  • "Washington DC is the gutter of America!!!"
  • "Acting Presidential means exactly that... acting!!!" ..."What about substance... isn't that what counts!?!?"
  • "The Left is drunk on power... they are supposed to govern not rule!!!" ..."They are the lowest of the low and all of them feather their own nest!!!"
  • "Political Parasite" Elijah Cummings has finally become a good Red!!! ...Why like with FDR did they hide the fact he used a wheelchair??? ..."DJT the Telling it Like it is President" put the final nails in his coffin... 
  • Nike, Kaepernick, the NBA, and Lebron James are "shuffling grinning scratching their heads Uncle Toms" for their Chinese Masters!!! ..."They are making blood money off that oppressive murderous regime!!!" ..."The NBA is practicing colonization of China!!!" ..."No longer do they pick cotton... now they are picking rice!!!"
  • "Just call him a Republican and the Left will find a reason to indict him!!!"
  • "We were here first!!!" ...The Solutrean people are the first people to populate great Northern Solutrea - We are the truly indigenous ones!!! ...Frank and John wax ever so philosophically on the meaning of the great Cristoforo Colombo while delivering a well needed history lesson on the savage Beringians and the lies told by their present day enablers that recklessly profligate their continued victim status!!! ...They read from the following article sent by the great, He Who Guards the Bones of our Ancestors (Uncle Warren): Columbus Day haters are missing the entire point of the holiday
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Sunday, October 13, 2019

TRP! (10/11/19)

  • The "American Pravda"..."Public Enemy #1" ...the "Media Criminals" are trying to silence the American People!!! ...But "our Great Heroic Beloved Magnificent DJT ...the Fighting Back, Standing Tall, & Taking No Prisoners President!!!" won't allow them to get away with it!!!
  • Where is degenerate "Hophead Hunter!?!?" ...Frank said it first... "He's been in rehab!!!"
  • Senile ole fool & crook Joe Biden is "The Foreign Occupier's White Monkey..."
  • It was 8 years of economic oppression under the "Foreign Occupier!!!" ...It really was the Hunger Games!!!
  • "The American People are the greatest resource of our nation!!!"
  • It's the "Media Criminal conspiracy of silence" when it comes to hiding Left-wing corruption!!! ...This is the only real collusion!!!
  • What is in the water in Minnesota!?!? ...Look at the people they elect... What a great rally DJT held!!! ...Of course the Left-wing radical anarchists showed up but couldn't stop the Trump Train from rolling through Minnesota!!!
  • "How is the Left gonna live with themselves when DJT wins once again!?!?"
  • DJT believes in Free but Fair Trade!!! ...He is bringing the Paper Tiger China to their knees!!!
  • "DJT surprises us everyday with how brilliant he is!!!" ..."All substance minus the affectation!!!"
  • The crazy Left-wing obsessive compulsion with taking down DJT stops them from ever producing the slightest thing for the America People!!!
  • "Lunatic Robert Francis O'Rourke is a nonentity!!!"
  • "Sigmund Freud would have a field day analyzing the democrat mass psychosis in Congress!!!"
  • "The NBA is a disgrace!!! ...They censored fans standing up for freedom in Hong Kong!!! ...The NBA are nothing more than a $2 hooker selling themselves to China!!! ...Some things transcend business!!!"
  • "Boycott any corporation that sells themselves to China!!!"
  • "Antifa needs to be designated a domestic terrorist group!!!" ...Of course the "Media Criminals" always just call them "protestors..."
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Sunday, October 6, 2019

TRP! (10/4/19)

  • The Dangerous Left-wing nut-jobs that lead the "Neo-Bolshevik" party actually want to dismantle ICE and send those heroic men and women to prison!!!
  • The "DJT Economic Miracle!!!" marches onward and upward!!! ...Unemployment rate is 3.5% lowest in 50 years!!! ..."It's the Trump Economy stupid!!!"
  • 95% approval rating in the Republican party!!! 51% overall!!! Imagine what he could accomplish if we had even just a middle of the road media and not the radical Leftist "media criminals" we have now!!!
  • "When DJT wins the Left-wing cable news outlets will collapse!!!" ...The only people that watch them now are the psychotic liberal fanatics!!
  • "Disgusting bug-eyed creature Adam Shit is a degenerate & obsessive liar!!!" ..."DJT "the taking the Offense to the Left President" is not afraid of these Left-wing kooks... they are afraid of him!!!"
  • "Left-wing politicians are parasites feeding off the tax dollars of the American People!!!"
  • There is quite a difference between the "productive rich" and the "parasitical rich!!!"
  • The only thing the Left has is the "Ministry of Lies" & their accomplices!!! ...Their trust rating with the American People is 13%... enough said...
  • DJT has only just begun rooting out the corruption of Left-wing politics and the deep state!!!
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