Sunday, October 13, 2019

TRP! (10/11/19)

  • The "American Pravda"..."Public Enemy #1" ...the "Media Criminals" are trying to silence the American People!!! ...But "our Great Heroic Beloved Magnificent DJT ...the Fighting Back, Standing Tall, & Taking No Prisoners President!!!" won't allow them to get away with it!!!
  • Where is degenerate "Hophead Hunter!?!?" ...Frank said it first... "He's been in rehab!!!"
  • Senile ole fool & crook Joe Biden is "The Foreign Occupier's White Monkey..."
  • It was 8 years of economic oppression under the "Foreign Occupier!!!" ...It really was the Hunger Games!!!
  • "The American People are the greatest resource of our nation!!!"
  • It's the "Media Criminal conspiracy of silence" when it comes to hiding Left-wing corruption!!! ...This is the only real collusion!!!
  • What is in the water in Minnesota!?!? ...Look at the people they elect... What a great rally DJT held!!! ...Of course the Left-wing radical anarchists showed up but couldn't stop the Trump Train from rolling through Minnesota!!!
  • "How is the Left gonna live with themselves when DJT wins once again!?!?"
  • DJT believes in Free but Fair Trade!!! ...He is bringing the Paper Tiger China to their knees!!!
  • "DJT surprises us everyday with how brilliant he is!!!" ..."All substance minus the affectation!!!"
  • The crazy Left-wing obsessive compulsion with taking down DJT stops them from ever producing the slightest thing for the America People!!!
  • "Lunatic Robert Francis O'Rourke is a nonentity!!!"
  • "Sigmund Freud would have a field day analyzing the democrat mass psychosis in Congress!!!"
  • "The NBA is a disgrace!!! ...They censored fans standing up for freedom in Hong Kong!!! ...The NBA are nothing more than a $2 hooker selling themselves to China!!! ...Some things transcend business!!!"
  • "Boycott any corporation that sells themselves to China!!!"
  • "Antifa needs to be designated a domestic terrorist group!!!" ...Of course the "Media Criminals" always just call them "protestors..."
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