Sunday, October 27, 2019

TRP! (10/25/19)

  • The Left are months away from downing their cyanide capsules en masse... 
  • "The tin foil hat wearing crooked ole bitch is really out of her gawd damn mind!!!" ..."She sees a Russian under every bed..." ..."She is a warmonger and  Bill is a whoremonger!!!"
  • "You cannot reason or debate with the sick, fanatical, & irrational Left..."
  • "This is treason & a criminal conspiracy to overturn a legally won election..."
  • The Republicants finally show some guts and break up the Democrat's secret closed door hearing in the bowels on the U.S. capitol!!!
  • "The Left have contempt and hatred for the American people!!! ...This is turning into a star chamber!!!"
  • "The line up of Democrat choices is really pathetic... Nothing they want to do is even remotely realistic or well thought out... just cliches and memes..."
  • DJT really won the popular vote if they counted all the votes...
  • "Our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved President DJT is the President for all Americans!!!" ...He was absolutely right he is an innocent man being lynched... ...It wasn't only blacks that got lynched... learn your history liberal morons!!!
  • "We know the Left's Lion of the Senate was really the murderer of Chappaquiddick!!!"
  • "It won't be long before the Left name everything under the sun for good red Elijah Cummings..."
  • Frank still firmly believes Castro killed Kennedy not the mob...
  • "DJT is not your typical Republican... He is a fighter!!!" ...He is the "Savior of the Republic!!!"
  • "Liberal scum "Mr. Blue Collar" Bruce Springsteen robbed his roadies out of a million dollars!!!" ...This is how low Hollywood and the Entertainment industry is...
  • Charles Barkley is an ignorant fool & vicious bigot of colour!!! ...Props to Shaq for standing up to him once again!!!
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