Sunday, September 29, 2019

TRP! (9/27/19)

  • "The vicious hateful destructive Left have seized the Democrat Party!!!" ..."They will go down in flames with this phony impeachment..."
  • "The Bolsheviks and now the Neo-Bolsheviks do not believe in pruning the tree of Liberty to make it strong and healthier... they want to chop it down!!!"
  • It wasn't the Bolshevik "revolution"... It was the Bolshevik "coup!!!"
  • Piece of human garbage little Adam Shit compares "our Great, Heroic, Beloved, Magnificent, President DJT the Landslide President!!!" to a mafia boss... ...The Left's latest silly mantra...
  • "With the Left the ones that always scream the loudest about bigotry are the biggest bigots..."
  • Failure as a father Sleepy Slow Senile Ole Joe Biden thought he could get away with the cover up of his hop-head son Hunter... ...Frank believes they are clandestinely hiding him away in rehab... 
  • Isn't it amazing in 3 years what "DJT the Colossus that bestrode the Wurrrld President" has done!?!? ..."DJT is actually working for the American people and neither the Neo-Bolsheviks or the Republicrats want that..." ...DJT is disrupting the establishment and they hate him for that!!!
  • "Always remember that no matter what they say they believe they know better than you and they hate your guts for voting him in!!!"
  •  Hillary is positioning herself to jump in the race... She just can't get over her loss to DJT... She has dreamed about acquiring this power for herself since she was young and will never give up... 
  • John plays the Democrat leadership's hypocrisy on impeachment and "impeachable offenses..."
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Saturday, September 21, 2019

TRP! (9/20/19)

  • "If you'd like to know the answer to the division in this country look no further than the Media Criminals!!! ..."They are Public Enemy#1!!!"
  • From the typical big-time Democrat Donor file: Degenerate murderer Ed Buck finally charged...
  • Corey Lewandowski sits before the Democrat led congress this week and destroys them!!! ...Jerry Nadler was made to look foolish and even the "Ministry of Lies" had to admit as such...
  • We are surrounded by "extreme Leftists from the Ocasio school of stupidity!!!"
  • Democrats are "political-pedophiles!!! ...They practice the Politics of Panic!!!
  • It's not the Board of Education it's the Board of Indoctrination!!! ..."The kids today don't learn anything from them they just learn to recite propaganda!!!"
  • The Left worships Gaia, the goddess of the earth...
  • So much for the Left-wing myth of "peek oil..." ...Thanks to the miracle of American Free Enterprise we are swimming in oil!!! ..."The greatest economic force in history!!!" ...Start building more refineries!!!
  • Neil Cavuto turns out to be a Never-Trumper...
  • National Socialist Scott from Florida calls in to face down John and Frank... He shockingly makes a couple decent points before he loses his mind once again....
  • "The Media Criminals" try to cover for Left-wing radical racist Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's use of "black face"... 
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Sunday, September 15, 2019

TRP! (9/13/19)

  • "Our Great, Heroic, Beloved, Magnificent President DJT the VERY STABLE GENIUS & FUTURE 2-TERM President!!!" stacks up more victories this week!!! ..."Anyone that runs against Trump Suffers!!!" ..."We are NOT going to be a Stupid Country Anymore!!!" ...Big Wins at EVERY turn for America!!!
  • Once again the winner of the Democrat debate is TRUMP!!!
  • The Democrats are the "Neo-Bolshevik party!!!" ..."They are the total recipe of disaster for this country!!!" ..."A party of nothings, empty words, & political bankruptcy!!!"
  • "The 1st Amendment is protected by the 2nd Amendment..." ..."Get rid of the 2nd and just throw away every other Amendment!!!"
  • Kamala Harris shows up drunk to the debate!!! ...Why wasn't she chastised by the "sensitive souls of the Left" for using the liberal banned term "retarded"???
  • DJT flies banner over the Democrat Clown Show...
  • "Under Bolshevism you are not an individual you're just part of the masses!!!"
  • Uncle Warren asks Frank to speak of his remembrances of the 9-11 "hate crimes..."
  • "Liberals always try to hide behind the noble cause..." ..."But, everything they do ends up in the death of innocent people!!!"
  • "Socialized medicine means rationed medical care that you can't get..." ..."A Socialist prescription for genocide!!!"  ..."Some people are more equal than others..."
  • LOL... Chelsea Handler had to seek therapy after DJT won the election...
  • Frank dispels the myth of the Nazi "wunder weapons" as constantly portrayed by AMC the (American Hitler Channel)...
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Sunday, September 8, 2019

TRP! (9/6/19)

  • The Left-wing nut jobs "are out of touch" trying to blame DJT for hurricane Dorian all while they wish and root for the destruction of his Florida properties!!!
  • Frank predicted the "dictatorship of the Left" over 30 years ago on the Barry Farber show!!!
  • The insane Left are totalitarian in their beliefs... They want complete control over your lives... if you don't believe us... just listen to them in their own words!!! ...They are the "sickness" of this society!!!
  • "A civil war will inevitably start with a Left-wing gun grab!!!" ...The 2nd Amendment stands between us and tyranny!!!
  • Crazy ole Jew Bernie Sanders wants to control the number of children you can have!!!
  • Left-wing government becomes a steamroller once unleashed... They want consolidation of power!!!
  • Liberal racist Deborah Messing says every black that voted for DJT is deranged!!!
  • God Bless Saint Joe McCarthy that exposed the Leftist termites hiding in the woodwork of our democracy!!!
  • Murdering scumbag Robert Mugabe finally and mercifully becomes a good red!!! ...A Left-wing villain of the highest order guilty of crimes against humanity!!!
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Sunday, September 1, 2019

TRP! (8/30/19)

  • Left-wing Kooks take their insanity to a whole new level this week!!!
  • "The Left would kill every last one of us if they had the chance!!!"
  • As John of SI has always said, "The greatest danger this country faces is Liberalism and the Democrat party..."
  • Just like in The Matrix... We are living in a "simulation of a Republic"...But "our Beloved, Heroic, Magnificent, DJT the Standing Up Against the Tide President" is upsetting that "simulation."
  • Let's change our national motto to "Justice for Thee but not for Me..."
  • The Left wants to overturn the election because they believe we are all too stupid to make the proper selection... ..."WE are just irredeemable, deplorable, and undesirable!!!"
  • Franks predicts that one of the ultra Left-wing kooks will be matched up (as the vice presidential candidate) with the "doddering ole man" Slow Joe and he will quickly resign or something will happen to him and only then can they complete the dismantling of the Republic... The Left will then keep the illusion of a Senate and Supreme Court...
  • "NO group in this country is as hated and loathed as much as white Americans!!!" ...We are the Kulaks of America...
  • After Frank leaves it gets fiery when John From Conn calls in and accuses John of SI of unknowingly repeating Communist propaganda about supposed "abuses" committed by the great "Captains of Industry..."
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