Sunday, January 27, 2019

TRP! (1/25/19)

  • "The Ministry of Lies" left-wing media sinks low enough this week to make you commode hugging sick!!! ..."They truly are evil and are Public Enemy #1!!!"
  • Fake News 101:  They ran with an edited online viral video and out of hatred tried to make some innocent young white Christian conservative teenagers wearing MAGA hats look bad by saying they surrounded a Beringian tribal elder and mocked him as he played his drum... (This was an utter lie. In reality a Beringian acting in a perplexing way walked up to the teens as they waited for a bus near the crowded national monuments. Just prior to this a small group from a radical black Israelite cult start screaming vile slurs at them. ...The boys responded with chaperone approved positive school cheers to drown out the hate of the black racists... Then one very composed and well mannered young man, 16 year old Nick Sandmann, calmly stood his ground as an ex-con Beringian savage [a man that lied about his military service], looking like a wild-eyed vagrant banging on a drum, went right up to Nick singling him out. ...He continued to bang on his drum right in his face. Nick does nothing but nervously smile and stand there quietly in a non-confrontational way wondering what the heck the Beringian's intentions were... ...That's all... ...But, for this "thought crime" he is immediately demonized, his group is called racists, the Beringian savage is turned into a victim, and they are literally threatened by the Left, the Left-wing fanatical lunatic "media criminals" and "Hollywood degenerates!!!")
  • If only all young Americans were as composed, intelligent, and thoughtful as Nick Sandmann!!! ...We are very proud to make him our Solutrean Man of the Week!!!
  • For the truth about the Beringians see our Solutreanism page on the TRP main site!
  • The Left always says it is for "the innocent children"... But not if they are innocent white Christian children!!! ..."White people remain the Kulaks of this country!!!"
  • Those that tweeted and verbalized threats against the teens should be arrested and sued!!! ...Where the hell is law enforcement?!?! 
  • "Mueller though sends 30 FBI/KGB swat team thugs in night goggles armed with machine guns, for former TRP guest, 66 year old Roger Stone, who doesn't even own a gun! ...We only wonder why they didn't line up a column of their panzer tanks to make the arrest?? ...CNN is conveniently there at 6:00 am when the politicized left-wing military style operation commences..."
  • We remain fully confident in DJT "the Make America Safe Again President!!!" ..He is "DJT the Champion of Liberty!!!" ...He agrees to reopen closed government agencies until February 15th so a deal to stop the humanitarian crisis on our border can be reached...
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Sunday, January 20, 2019

TRP! (1/18/19)

  • Mr. "Foreign Occupier" ..."TEAR DOWN YOUR WALL!!!"
  • John's great opening proves that TRP remains the "Fountainhead of the Right!!!" ...We grow weary of saying, "we said it here first..."
  • Yet another lie from the Fake News Avalanche: DJT "the Backbone of Steel President!!!" asked Cohen to rig some silly poll...
  • "Those Toilets!!!" ..."CNN MSNBC should have their FCC licenses revoked!!!" ...They are not news agencies they are just Left arms of the Demshevik party...
  • Like a little kid all excited waiting on a bus to go on her field trip... "Our Great President DJT the Man of Perpetual Motion!!!" checkmates the Left once again by cancelling her unneeded and wasteful trip to Europe!!! ..."He made a fool out of her in another beautiful stroke of "political one-upmanship!!!" 
  • "The White House remains the People's House!!!" ...Thanks to the "Hard Working Man of Action President DJT!!!"
  • Frank predicts some of the Demsheviks will boycott the State of the Union speech...
  • "Ole bag Pelosi" reminds Frank of the standard old shaky-handed substitute teacher we all had in grammar school...
  • "That Cortez broad" wants to lead a new student prank day by going to Mitch McConnell's office and shouting him down...
  • Anti-semitism springs from the Left not the Right!!!
  • Minnesota is a nut house!!! ...Electing another hateful radical scumbag!!!
  • Government is legal organized crime!!! ...In the ole days it was the mafia that controlled drugs and gambling... LOL. ...Next the Left will legalize heroine...
  • "DJT the Nutritional Genius President!!!" gives the National Championship Clemson football team exactly what they wanted and needed... Health food!!! ...The Big Mac has everything a young growing student athlete needs... (the bun for carbohydrates, the beef patty for protein, the cheese for calcium, lettuce pickles onions for fiber, and sesame seeds for antioxidants!!!) ...Plus he served them abeetz!!! ...All on him while the Federal funds are lacking... what a man!!!
  • Uncle Warren sends in some great musical soundbites in honor of Robert E. Lee's birthday on Monday... He proudly celebrates "Robert E. Lee Day!!!" ...He refuses to support "communist Michael King Day..."
  • John From Conn sends in the prophetic speech from the 1998 Movie American History X written by Liberal scum (clip #13 in the new soundbite archive on the main page)... ...In it Ed Norton speaks the truth, "common sense Americanism." ...But, of course the movies' aim was to paint that common sense as a "white nationalism!!!" ...Afterwards the group goes onto to trash a supermarket in frustration... ...No need to trash anything today!!! LOL!!! Our great President DJT "the Make America Fair & Safe President" is finally defending us and it only took 20 years!!! Beware of Liberal Scum!!! 
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Sunday, January 13, 2019

TRP! (1/11/19)

New Democrat Recruits
  • The Demsheviks spew the same lockstep talking points as they continue in stubborn refusal to deny what is obvious to the reasoned mind... ...We have a humanitarian crisis on our Southern Border!!! ...John plays all the Democrat soundbite hypocrisy and sets the record straight in another tremendous opening!!!
  • From the Left is willfully blind file: 23% of Federal inmates are illegal immigrants. Border arrests are up 240%. In the Great State of Texas, between 2011 & 2018, there were a total of 292,000 crimes by illegal aliens, 539 murders, 32,000 assaults, 3,426 sexual assaults and 3000 weapons charges.
  • "This is our country and the Left is trying to take it away from us and turn it into their own hellhole under the guise of caring about people!!!"
  • "DJT the Keeping America Safe & Secure President has a Backbone of Steel!!!"...He gives an impressive address to the nation about the illegal invasion and explains the humanitarian crisis we now face... 
  • The Left always glosses over the victims of the illegal invasion as they rush to prop up "the invading vermin" knowing they are soon to be Democrat recruits...
  • "How many more Americans have to die before these traitors admit the truth!?!?"
  • All of the pathetic Democrat 2020 hopefuls are trying to "out Left-wing extreme" one another...
  • That Sandy Cortez broad gets coronated with the acronym AOC by the "Ministry of Lies" but yet they still fail to recognize "our great President DJT!!!" ...Only Democrats seem to be worthy of this honor... FDR, JFK, RFK, LBJ, MLK...
  • Kamala "the African Giant" Harris shows off her vicious catholophobia!!!
  • "The White man is the Kulak of the 21st century!!! ..."The Left's template is to first dehumanize a group ...then to eventually commit genocide under totalitarian dictatorship!!!" ..."You are expendable!!!" ..."They have an insane hatred for white people!!!"
  • If you say anything positive about white people you are automatically demonized by the "Media Criminals"... Representative King spoke honestly when he noted that white men built this country!!!
  • "The Democrat party is like the Titanic... they have leaks and don't even know it yet..." ..."They are writing their own political epitaph!!!"
  • Mr. "Foreign Occupier"... start by tearing down your wall around your estate!!!
  • "The Left doesn't want to spend money on the wall but have no problem giving free medical care to illegal vermin..." ..."The Left has cheapened the value of your citizenship... Dishonoring all that have fought and died for that right!!!"
  • Joe "Liberal" Lieberman is not extreme enough for the Neo-Bolsheviks!!! ..."Left-wing revolutions always eat their own!!!" ..."The more extreme they get the more they start purging those not extreme enough!!!"
  • Uncle Warren sends Frank a couple of great emails including a soundbite of Tucker Carlson using Frank's Hadrian's wall reference...
  • "The Left employs the old Communist technique of self-criticism sessions!!!"
  • The Democrat party is crawling with every conceivable form of degenerate!!!"
  • Clearly under these circumstances the President has the right to declare a national emergency...
  • Chuck and Nancy looked like aliens had taken over their bodies... in their feeble response to our Great President DJT's address...
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Sunday, January 6, 2019

TRP! (1/4/19)

  • The Left have finally given up calling this the "Obama economy" ...So all future success officially belongs to "DJT the Economic Miracle President" and his tremendous policy decisions!!! ...From now on the Left will not be able to avoid this!!! 
  • 312,000 new jobs!!! October and November were also revised upward!!! ..."The Ministry of Lies" though is silent!!! 
  • OH NO useless Federal Government agencies are closed... ...Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Interior, State, Transportation, Treasury and Housing and Urban Development – as well as several smaller agencies. Those are the departments and agencies that are impacted by a government shutdown...
  • This is why in a Republic we have redundancy!! The State governments are more than capable of keeping domestic law and order while our wasteful and over-bloated Federal government properly makes protecting the American People their number one priority! Give the President the necessary funds he needs for the Border Wall! ...American Security First!
  • Remember... those Federal government employees are mainly Democrats. Big deal if they are sad and thinking only of themselves!
  • Elizabeth Warren, "I'm gonna get me a beer.." ...Just like John Kerry, "I'm gonna get me a hunting license..." ...Boy they really speak like us... the plain folk... now I've been convinced they are one of us...
  • "Harvey Milk was a filthy degenerate pedophile... An icon of the Left that they deify!!!"
  • The more the "Ocasio-Cortez broad" speaks the more foolish she sounds...
  • Those of us on the Right refuse to be on the Ship of Fools ..."The Left would kill you if they could!!! That's their level of hatred... ...They continue to "dehumanize" white America!!!
  • "Trump Hatred" will never save the Left... DJT "the Nerves of Steel & Iron willed" President chews them up and spits them out!!! ...He is putting stake after stake in the heart of the supposed Obongo legacy!!!
  • The Left sees a racist under every bed!!! ...Try checking under the beds in the ca-mun-a-tay!!!
  • Betsy Devos is a heroine slashing harmful Left-wing Federal education policies!!!
  • The Southern Poverty Lawless Center is a radical Bolshevik entity!!!
  • Hate speech when it comes to class warfare has become acceptable thanks to the wreckers on the Left!!!
  • Jane Fonda was a supporter of Jim Jones and the People's Temple!!!
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