Saturday, December 30, 2017

TRP! (12/29/17)

  • "What a year it's been!!!" ...."The economy is soaring!!!" ..."Our great President DJT!!" ..."The Whirlwind-Can-Do-Man-of-Action!!" is an "Economic Superman!!!" ...It's the "Trump Economic Miracle!!!" ..."Are you tired of winning yet!?!?" 
  • "The Left is twisting itself into a pretzel trying to come up with bad news!!!"
  • We finally have a "muscular foreign policy" to be proud of!!! ..."We are in a new era of global stability!!!" ..."America First! America Last!! America Always!!!" ..."We can smell the fear emanating from "Drunk, Fat, & Stupid" in North Korea and from "the lunatics with the filthy towels wrapped around their heads in Parthia!!!"
  • "The TRP Faithful" are waiting in great anticipation for the upcoming 20 year anniversary of TRP on February 16th!!! ...Also "Wurrrrrld Solutrean Day" on April 20th!!! (Both fall on a Friday night!!!)
  • The biggest story of the year was the inauguration of "The-Man-who keeps-his-promises President!!!" ..."The Kick-Ass-and-Take-Names President!!!" ..."The Fighting-Back President!!!" ..."The Tax-Cut President!!!" ..."The Knife-in-the-Heart-of-the-Obama-Scam-Mandate President!!!" ..."In less than a year he turned the 'Foreign Occupation Regime' upside down!!!" 
  • Unlike the "Foreign Occupier" who "led from behind!!" ...DJT is "the lead from the front President!!!" ..."America is in the hands of a true leader once again!!!" ..."He is unraveling all of Obongo's strangulatory regulations and oppressive vampiric policies!!!" 
  • "The Crusading Patriotic President!!!" is defeating every enemy of America in record time, both from outside and within!!! ..."His Herculean labors" are making America Great Again!!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier" is responsible for and set "the tone of hate" that caused the murderous attack on the Coptic Christians, when he told Christians with acrimony, "to get off their high horse!!!"
  • "Leather face" Cuomo's "scandal ridden regime" sticks it to New York once again... this time with a $90 million bill!!!
  • The "Veterans Criminal Health Administration" committed murder when it lied about treatment for our heroic vets!!!
  • Blogger and Caller extraordinaire "George the Atheist" quotes the "11th article of The Treaty of Tripoli (1796)" as evidence that the Founding generation did not create the United States "in any sense based on the Christian religion!!"
  • Frank is the first to read publicly the scoop from the NY TIMES front page article, "The Most Expensive Mile of Subway track on Earth"... ..."What a total disaster!!!" ...The runaway waste found is appalling!!! ...Just one more reason that Frank is exuberant --he escaped that cesspool!!! 
  • Everything a TRP Patriot needs to battle the "enviro-pagans" and their "human caused" climate change chimera can be found in our James M. Taylor interview from 11/8/13!!!
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Saturday, December 23, 2017

TRP! (12/22/17)

  • What an amazing Christmas it will be "for every American!!" ...all thanks to "our glorious President DJT!!!" ..."The Man of constant action!!!" ..."The Man who keeps his promises!!!" ..."We are seeing the fruits of his arduous labor!!" ...The list of his accomplishments this year are innumerable!!! ...But the greatest feather in his cap may have come this week in the form of his tax slashing master plan!!! ...Without him none of these miracles would be possible!!!
  • The traitorous "Foreign Occupier" sucked the lifeblood out of the American people!!! ...He caused "an economic and psychological depression!!" ..."DJT the no-holds-barred President" has fought for us like no other!!! ..."The America First President" has given us all a "transfusion of confidence" as he continues to "make America great again!!!"
  • "The days of America sounding retreat are over!!!" ...We are all seeing the "tangible accomplishments" coordinated under the generalship of "the man who never stops President!!!" ..."He's not going to stand there and allow the Leftist conspirators to pillory him!!!" ..."They can't take that he's rebutting their lies, calumnies, and hate-filled propaganda!!!"
  • Nikki Haley sets the hostile and antagonistic vermin of the UN straight!!! ..."You don't like it?!?! ..."You jew-hating 'an-TIE-semite' America-hating scum!!" ..."You gangsters, thugs, and dictators?!?!" ..."Well, move the hell out of New York!!!" ..."We can move our embassy wherever the hell we please!!!" ..."We don't need your affirmation or permission!!!" ..."Go back to your Third Wurrrrld toilets you crawled out of!!!"
  • The dire predictions of the Left are laughable!!! ...Nancy Pelosi warns of "armageddon..." LOL!! ...What a bunch of lunatics and crack pots!!! ...What a circus!!!
  • A "Community Organizer" or a "Titan of Industry"...who do you want running the country?!?! ...Not "trickle-down"...more like "pour-down" economics!!!
  • Bob Corker finally understands what "fake news" is!!! ...When it concerns him...
  • Lock up that "disgusting animal" Rosie O'Donnell for offering bribes to rino Senators Blake and Collins!!! ...Frank doesn't agree and believes she shouldn't go to prison... ..."No, a woman's prison would be like a holiday on a cruise ship for her... She'd love to be with all the other bull dykes... Instead, she should be put in nut a house wearing a straight jacket, then lobotomized!!!"
  • Remember the uproar and moral indignation from the early 90's when the Left, Saturday Night Live's Nora Dunn, and singer Sinead O'Conner wouldn't appear on stage with Andrew "Dice" Clay.... A simple "comedic character" played by Andrew Silverstein!! ...Yes... "an artist" that told jokes that were "sexist" and "bigoted" ...not a perpetrator of "actual and true vile acts" that are being exposed on a grand scale today all over Hollywood!! ...Ohhh the holier than thou indignation back then!!! ...Those protectors of women...what a damn joke!!
  • Isn't it ironic that the Left of today have taken a posture against their "ideological fellow travelers" in Russia??? ...Imagine the Left that opposed Reagan in the 80's taking this tact?!?! ...One theory for the big flip flop... the Russia of today is simply "not pure enough" in their Marxism, as the Soviets were in "Uncle Joe's" day!! ..."Uncle Vladimir" is too closely associated with the "Capitalist roaders" in the West for their liking!! ...Or is this just simple opportunism??? ..."Whatever happened to peaceful coexistence?!?!" 
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Saturday, December 16, 2017

TRP! (12/15/17)

  • Frank's phrase "the Trump Miracle" is finally gaining steam nationally!! (First said 2/3/17 podcast) ..."Frank's just getting warmed up!!!" ..."It's the juggernaut economic miracle!!!"
  • DJT "the man who never stops President!!" ..."won't back down!!" ...END the cancer that is "chain migration!!"
  • "The only thing 'chubby Hannity' exercises is his mouth!!" ..."No innovation from these parrots!! ...they just spew out the hot topics in 'pop politics'..."
  • "They are going to pass the greatest tax cut in 30 years!!!" ..."The gravy train for the Left is being shut off!!!" ..."What a revolutionary idea!!! giving the people's money back to the people!!!" ..."That's heresy to the Left..." ..."How darrrre he give 'the great unwashed' their money back!! ...we're the ruling class!!!"
  • The FBI becomes "the secret police!!" ..."what have they degenerated to?!?!" ..."it's not constitutional!!!" ..."DJT has been proven right and has every right to criticize them...the system is rigged!!!"
  • Frank fears for "our Great President DJT's" safety... ..."Deep State" is real...
  • If they try to overturn the results of the election, the "fire in the heartland" will turn into a "raging inferno..." ..."The Left is attempting a coup d'etat!!!"
  • Sexism and racism are nothing more than "Trotskyite terms" to control the public...
  • "Senator Gillibrand is a political whore & a piece of garbage!!!"
  • Government regulations strangle business, commerce, & competition... nobody knows this better than "the Titan of Industry!!" ..."our great President DJT the patriotic crusading President!!!"...
  • Repeal the mandate for Obama-scam!!! ..."Call it what it is!!! Get rid of the Obama-scam tax!!!"
  • The "Obamanation" was a political aberration and an abject failure!!! ..."In this country we don't like failure we like success!!!"
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Saturday, December 9, 2017

TRP! (12/8/17)

  • It's a "good day" in America and the Liberals hate it!! ...The "forces of evil" are infuriated that "our great President DJT" ..."The Man of Action!!" ..."The Titan of Industry!!" ..."The America First President!!" is making America Great Again!!!
  • "If the Left only reported the truth they'd be very embarrassed!!" ..."They've been exposed!!" 
  • The "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE" continues to grow and swell!!! 228,000 new non farm jobs last month!!! Stock market record highs!!! Unemployment still cascading downward!!! ...But the Left continues to "ejaculate out all their hate" into the "Ministry of Lies!!" ..."There's a fire brewing on the prairie of middle America and it will consume this Left-wing scum!!"
  • The fires in California show Frank what "hell and damnation" look like!! Retribution for allowing that "illegal criminal invading murderer" of Kate Steinle to be set free?!?! ..."Divine judgement!?!?" ..."This is a reckoning!!!"
  • "Who gives a crap if Jennifer Lawrence would go to the White House!?!?" ..."Throwing a glass of water in his face is throwing a glass of water in OUR face!!!" 
  • "Resident Intellectual Emeritus" Vince of NJ said a long time ago on TRP that the FBI, our highest law enforcement agency, is corrupt and cannot be trusted!!! ...End the Mueller "witch hunt!!!"
  • Unlike the four Presidents before him... "DJT keeps his promise and recognizes Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel!!!" ..."Amazing huh!!! a President that keeps his promises!!!"
  • "DJT is crushing ISIS into dust, grounding them with his heel!!" ..."Doing what a President should do!!" ..."AND they won't do anything as they know he will wipe them off the face of the earth!!!"
  • The Democrats pretend to be "too pure" as that degenerate Al Franken mulls over the inevitability of his stepping down...
  • "Democrat Icon" John Conyers implies threats of murder to an intern if she didn't do what he wanted sexually...
  • The "Duchess" Joan of Missouri calls in from "behind enemy lines" and explains parts of the "DJT TAX SLASHING BILL!!" & some behind the scenes political insider-information on Missouri politics...
  • John From Conn shows an immense amount of patience as he helps John of SI set forth "the new way to IM the show." As the old AOL IM is "going the way of the Whig Party..." ...Uncle Warren proves it can be done!! ...Thank you Johann of England!!
  • "Slick Willy" ..."President BJ Clinton," a long time caller to the show (in his spare time when he's not counting his money) makes another memorable appearance on TRP!!

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

TRP! (12/1/17)

  • What a bunch of "criminal thugs" they are!!! ..."They think they can get away with it...but, they will be held accountable by the American People!!!" ..."Time to clean out the 'bad blood' in Congress!!!"
  • The "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE" has been going strong thanks to the "Economic Power-House President!!!" ...The ecomony continues to soar... but the tidal wave of growth will be even greater now with tonight's passing of the "DJT TAX SLASHING BILL!!!" ..."It's my money and I need it now!!!" ..."Frank predicts the Dow will hit 30,000!!!"
  • DJT is "the man of constant action!!!" ..."He is a realist!!!" ..."The good news just keeps coming!!" ..."This is the beginning of 4 years of unrivaled prosperity!!!" ..."Are you tired of winning yet!?!?"
  • "Another one bites the dust!!!" ..."One after another the degeneracy is exposed!!" ...Charlie Rose ...Matt Lauer ...Who next week??? ...It's what we always told you here on TRP, "we have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten edifice will come crashing down..."
  • The "1st upheaval" was the election of "our Great President DJT!!!" ...The "2nd upheaval" will be when we throw this Democrat scum out of office and start locking them up for what they've done!!! ...They are not above the law!!! ..."DJT is soon going to bring a reckoning!!!"
  • Just like King Darius & the son of Cyrus the Great, Cambyses, said, "before you make a judgment... remember where you sit!!!"
  • The "filthy illegal invading scum" that murdered Kate Steinle walks Scot-free!!! Her blood is on the hands of Liberal Cailfornia, the "Foreign Occupier," and every Democrat from top to bottom!!! 
  • "Liberalism is the politics of death!!!" ..."a nihlistic negative ideology!!!"
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