Saturday, November 25, 2017

TRP! (11/24/17)

  • "WHORE-MONGER!! MOLEST-OR!! FORNICA-TOR!!" ...John Conyers ...Al Franken ..who next week!?!? ..."holier-than-thou!!" ..."garbage swept up from the gutter into Congress!!" ..."vile perverted degenerates!!"
  • "The law is enforce!!!" ...We support "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The man of action!!!" ..."Let him clean out this rat's nest that's in Congress!!!" ..."Criminals thrive on the indulgence of societies understanding!!!" ..."These are a bunch of gangsters and thieves!!!" ..."It's time to clean house and get them out on a rail!!!"
  • "Could you imagine if the "crooked ole bitch" had gotten into the White House?!?!" ..."Could you imagine her and that 'perverted ole bastard' she was married to ...'her consort' ...'her husband in name only' in the White House!?!?" ..."They'd of raped this country clean of everything they could get their filthy hands on..."
  • Al Franken vs. Judge Roy Moore.... "Hard proof!! vs. Allegations of Left-wing operatives..." ..."Just another Left-wing set-up job..."
  • Standard response of the Left when they are caught: "Oh it was a joke, I apologize, I can't recall it..."
  • "WE are FREE MEN!!! This is a Republic!!! They work for us!!!" ..."That's our money!!" ..."They can't just piss it away to cover up their crimes!!! ..."It's time that money is paid back!!" ..."What is this Uganda?!?!...Is this some banana Republic?!?!" 
  • Gloria Allred = Glory At All Red
  • How to navigate Socialism: Common Sense/Man of the Street/Man of Action/Go-getter on the Right vs Pompous/Stuffed Shirt/Haughty affectations/Utopian policy seminars on the Left!! ...Real World vs Fantasy Land.... ON the other hand... A Teacher after our own hearts here on TRP...
  • The "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE" CONTINUES!!!! ..."Productivity & Tangibility vs Bull Shit!!!" ..."Unleashing the irresistible and unstoppable forces of Free Market Economics!!! "..."That's what works pal!!!"
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

TRP! (11/17/17)

"Our Great President DJT, the fighting! triumphal!! President!!!"
  • The Left has "double-vision," a "double-standard," and "double-talk" when it comes to judging the abuse of women!! The hypocrisy of this Liberal scum is overwhelming!! John points it all out in another fabulous opening!!
  • Frank has always said, "Scratch a liberal and you'll find a pervert!!" ..."The hypocritical chorus on the Left-- in their hubris, with their angry indignant smug self-righteous self-satisfied sensitive souls, that preach and talk down to us, as they hide their perversions behind the cloak of their supposed noble causes!!!" ..."Power to the People!!...except when the People disagree with them!!" ..."They are always so soft spoken until you disagree with them...then the animal comes out!!"
  • Al Franken "is a sick-sadistic-twisted-lying-filthy-foul-disgusting-vile-scumbag-degenerate-pervert-son-of-a-bitch-piece-of-crap-with-two-legs!!" ..."I thought only Republicans make war on women!?!?"
  • Frank would vote for the Great Judge Roy Moore in a heart beat!! ..."This is a frame-up job!!" ..."The Media Criminals with their Democrat masters continue their hatchet job of a great man!!" ..."It's he-said, she-said!! that's all it is!!" ..."Let the people of Alabama decide!!!" ..."The Media Criminals are public enemy #1!!!"
  • "Our great President DJT!!" ..."the Triumphal President!!" ..."should have had a Roman Triumph down Pennsylvania Ave on his return from his magnificent tour of Asia!!!" ..."He has caused an earth quake in America's political landscape!!!" ..."He rode the crest of a white tsunami!!!"
  • "The Foreign Occupier" went down to Cuba and kissed the feet of that murdering bastard's brother Raúl Castro!!"
  • "The Bush's imagine themselves in the Washington D.C. patrician class!!" ..."Watch I Claudius, based on Robert Graves' great novel!! One of the greatest TV shows ever made, to understand these patricians!!!" 
  • "Our Great President DJT" ..."the representative of the people" ..."the People's President!!!" could care-a-less about the Bush's!!" ..."He's not one of their kind!!" ..."He kicked the ass of the chubby one down in Florida and they hate him for it!!!" ..."How petty and picayune!!!" ...Not one word from them about the traitorous and treacherous "Foreign Occupier!!" ...Not one word from them about that "filthy-degenerate-sexually-harassing-whoremonger-rapist BJ Clinton" or his "crooked ole bitch wife!!!"
  • "Where is James "Car-vile" and why have they not dug him out of the Bayou?!?!" ..."Why is he not out attacking all these women accusers of today like he did the accusers of the "filthy-dengenerate-sexually-harassing-whoremonger-rapist?!?!"
  • TRP original concept: (P.P.W.) Political Professional Wrestling!!! ..."Professional Wrestling is more real than the crap you see on these supposed news shows!!" ..."Always watch the 'Media Criminals' with a grain of salt!! None of it is real!! It's all entertainment!!" ..."These Judases sold out for their 30 pieces of silver!!!"
  • In "Communist occupied Rhodesia" (a prosperous country before it was stabbed in the back!!) they have the savage murderer Mugabe under house arrest!!! ..."It's not Harare it will always be Salisbury!!!" ..."Mugabe was never a President, he was a blood thirsty Dictator!!!" ..."Forget house arrest...he should be hung by the neck for his crimes against humanity!!!" ..."South Africa's present is our future!!!" ..."The same thing Stalin did to Ukraine, Mugabe did to Rhodesia!!!"
  • "Ayn Rand aficionado & resident Objectivist," George the Atheist, presciently explains the "religious origins of collectivism..."
  • "The Queen of Talk Radio," Cheryl from Spotswood, NJ, notes that she loved the interview with Michael Maharrey last week and is still absorbing all the added historical footnotes on the main page... ..."She is Frank's shining star in the TRP Universe!!"
  • By the way... "Ted Kennedy, is still sober"... & Happy Thanksgiving from TRP!!
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Sunday, November 12, 2017

TRP! (11/10/17)

Historic Election Anniversary for all the "deplorables!!!"
  • John puts the phony, desperate, and manufactured excitement of the Demsheviks on display in another great opening!! ..."They only won what they were expected to win!!"
  • Frank discusses the 100th anniversary of the "Bolshevik coup!!" ...He accurately points out it was not a revolution!!! ...No matter how much he reads about them he is always amazed at the level of evil of those murdering homicidal bastards!!
  • TRP celebrates the 1 year anniversary of "our Great President DJT's" historic election day victory!! ..."Rush the Entertainer" is a coward, phony, & a fraud!! ...He didn't have the balls to speak his convictions about DJT!!!" ..."He has no real influence on us or anyone else!!"
  • John doesn't believe the "convenient accusations" against Roy Moore!! ...The timing is too "Strange" to believe!!! ...Of course, worthless filthy lowlife cowards, John McLame and McConnell rush to judgment of a fellow Republican...asking him to step down without evidence!! ..."Why don't you step down first?!?!" ..."That cancer has eroded his brain!!!" ..."Hopefully he lives long enough to see the great people of Alabama vote Roy Moore in!!!"
  • DJT drove a stake through "the vampiric heart" of the "Foreign Occupier!!!"
  • The Left hates corporations!!! They delay the corporate tax break and much needed relief for productive Americans!!!
  • John plugs the "legendary" Frank von Queens on Larry Mendte!!! ..."The cry of racism is the last refuge of a black scoundrel!!!"
  • The Left eat their own once again!! ...They turn on Donna Brazile!!! ...She tells those monsters to go to hell!! ..."If you disagree with them they'll put you in a nut house...If they don't put you in nut house...they'll put you in a death camp!!!"
  • John I'm not Fonda Kerry blames America for "Drunk, Fat & Stupid's" nuclear arsenal!!! ..."He puts the United States on the same plane with tyrants and murderers!!!"
  • Frank recalls the true story behind the "traitorous and infamous" Dalton Trumbo & the Hollywood 10!!!
PLUS visit the Main Page!!!: FOR A VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW with Michael Maharrey (National Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center!!!) YOU WILL NOT HEAR THIS TYPE OF INTERVIEW ANYWHERE ELSE!!! ..."If you are not a 'stu-dant' of history you are a 'vic-dam' of history!!!"

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

TRP! (11/3/17)

  • "Our Great President DJT" won't back down!!! He is vindicated on multiple fronts in yet another of John's tremendous openings to start the show!!!
  • "The crooked ole bitch" and the DNC conspired with Donna Brazile and many more to rig the election in her favor!!!
  • The need for "extreme vetting" becomes more evident than ever after the latest Islamic terror attack in NYC!!!
  • The "Russian Hoax" aimed at DJT was a chimera created by the Left to explain away "the crooked ole bitch's" crushing defeat at the hands of the DJT!!! It also was used to muddy the water to cover up "the real crimes" of the Clinton Foundation/Uranium One deal!!!
  • "Leather Face Cuomo" proves he is a crack pot once again with more of his pathetic cries for gun control!!!
  • "If you think the 'Trump Economic Miracle' is roaring along at a red hot pace...soon it will be a tsunami overtaking this country!!!" ...Record highs in the stock market!!! ...17 year low in unemployment!!! Business and Manufacturing returning to our shores!!! ...All thanks to 82% of Americans "now seeing a better future ahead" being ushered in by "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."The-man-who-keeps-his-promises & loves America!!!"
  • Frank predicted when "the Foreign Occupier" seized power "that he would be Jimmy Carter on steroids!!!"
  • John said after the election, "God intervened on the side of the American People!!!"
  • "It's not's propaganda!!!" ...Minister Goebbels would be beaming with pride in the "Ministry of Lies & Media Criminals!!!"
  • "W. Bush was well-meaning ...but a bumbling fool!!"
  • Despite "string bean de Blasio's" desire for more Muslims in this country..."our Great President DJT" vows to end the "Diversity Visa Program" that allowed the ISIS backed terrorist to commit his "HATE CRIME" here!!! ...DJT will also bring the long awaited end to "the Democrat Party feeder program" otherwise known as "Chain Migration!!!"
  • 16 years later Frank is still asking when the "Million Moderate Muslim March" will take place to protest against Muslim terrorism and all their "HATE CRIMES!?!?!"
  • Screw "Cryin Schmuck Schumer!!!"
  • The Democrats are like "The Boys from Brazil" still adhering to their failed philosophy!!! ..."They can't give it up! They won't give it up!! They are going to kill each other first!!!"
  • "DJT has no need to make money on the political gravy train like the rest of these crooked bastards!!!" ..."He is impregnable to the attacks of the Left!!!"
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