Saturday, October 27, 2018

TRP! (10/26/18)

  • Frank's famous dictum, "Nationalism is the greatest force among nations!!!"
  • "Our great President DJT" ..."The America First President!!!" declares himself a "Nationalist!!!" ...A simple definition of that concrete for the moronic Left: (What is a Nationalist? One who loves and defends his or her country. A devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation. Including promoting the interests of one country over those of others!!!) ...Very simple, Nationalism versus Internationalism!!! ...Internationalism equals Bolshevism!!!
  • "Patriotism versus Globalism!!!" ..."Fight the Ruthless Cosmopolitans!!!"
  • "The Left plays on the historical and geopolitical ignorance of the people!!!"
  • "We've been Uncle Sap and Uncle Sucker for too long!!!"
  • "The United Nations is made up of thieves, grubbers, chiselers, & outlaws who have been feeding off the wealth of the United States!!!"
  • "You cannot stamp out Nationalism!!!" ..."Nationalism is not a dirty word!!!" ...It's natural!! It's organic!!! It grows and the people benefit from it!!! ...You see this in the "Trump Economic Miracle!!!"
  • "The illegal invaders want to swamp us!!!" ..."They are leeches & parasites, drug & disease carrying vermin that bring crime!!!" ..."If they are so hard working why don't they work hard in their own country!?!?" ..."We owe them nothing!!! ..."They do not have a birthright to invade our home!!!" ..."You are squatters!!!" ..."Come in the front door legally!!!" ..."Go back where you came from and apply!!!"
  • We need a (DJT-DF!!!) "DJT Defense Force" made up freedom loving Americans who will voluntarily go to the border and defend us!!!
  • "Why doesn't the altruistic Left remove the locks from their homes and disarm themselves and their bodyguards!?!?" ..."Have they ever met with the Angel families!?!?"
  • The Left always speaks of "revolution" but they won't help these people by giving them the means to overthrow the oppressive regimes and violent dictatorships in their own countries!!!
  • "DJT is not the real source of hatred for the Left... It's the people that support him!!!"
  • "The bombs sent to Biden and De Niro were likely a Left-wing plot to effect the upcoming election... We on the Right do not fear them in the least!!! ...We want them around for a long time and to keep talking!!! Speak up!!! It only helps our cause!!!"
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Sunday, October 21, 2018

TRP! (10/19/18)

  • "Democrats produce mobs!! Republicans produce jobs!!! "
  • "Horse faced whore" Stormy Daniels and her "bottom feeder lawyer" have their silly little case thrown out of court against "our great President DJT" the "America First President!!!" ...Will the "Media Criminals" cover this story with the same ferocity as they did her wild-eyed accusations?!?!
  • "Communist Lieawatha/Fakeahontas" is exposed as a fraud by her own DNA test!!! ...She is 1/1024 Beringian!!! LOL!!! ..."The Cherokee told the old bag to go stuff it!!!"
  • The Left is dripping with hatred for "DJT the Two Fisted Man of Action President!!!"
  • It's not news... it's just a constant stream of propaganda!!! ..."Dr. Josef Goebbels would be beaming with pride!!!" ...They try to tarnish, diminish, & destroy the character of "our Great President DJT" and once again they have failed!!!
  • Frank believes "our heroic and gallant Saudi Arabian allies" 100% in that the death of "Mohammedan Brotherhood supporting Khashoggi" was a "rogue operation!!" 
  • "Saudi Arabia and Israel are a breakwater against the murdering bastards in Parthia!!!"
  • "DJT is a breakwater against the forces of Anti-Americanism!!!"
  • "Frank took a DNA test and he is 99.99% pure Solutrean!!!" ..."Where are our reparations for the horrific crimes committed by the Berinigans against our great white Solutrean ancestors!?!?" ..."We are the REAL NATIVE AMERICANS!!!"
  • "When DJT keeps both houses he will eviscerate the Left!!!" ..."He will wipe the slate clean!!!"
  • When "the old drunk Ginsburg" croaks we will have yet another great Jeffersonian originalist strict constructionist on the Supreme Court!!!
  • We are always called Right-wing "extremists" but they are always called Left-wing "radicals"... ..."The Left practices tyranny of language!!!"
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Saturday, October 13, 2018

TRP! (10/12/18)

  • "Hail Columbus!!! Hail Columbus!!! Hail Columbus!!!" ..."We bow our heads in gratitude to thee!!!"
  • This is the real Columbus day!! October 12th!! The actual day he "rediscovered" the new world and it's this day we properly honor the greatest explorer and discoverer in history, the immortal Cristoforo Colombo!! ..."When he landed he brought the fruits of Western civilization to the primitive savage Beringians that occupied and stole the land from our ancestors!!!"
  • The original great explorers and first heroic discoverers of the new world (or what we properly call new Solutrea) were as you know, to be proven factually by "hard evidence" to be, our great white Solutrean ancestors, at least 20,000 years before!!! 
  • When the Left denigrates Columbus they look to destroy our culture from the very beginning, for if you stain and delegitimize our roots you delegitimize all that comes after!!!
  • A great united front of Republicans confirm our honorable new justice Brett Kavanaugh!!!
  • The monstrous hate filled poison souled Left attempted to conduct an "inquisition!!!" which was aimed at destroying a great man and his family!!! ..."They attempt not to defeat their enemies but to destroy them!!!" ..."The only truth to the Left is political gain and destruction of those they oppose!!!"
  • "Our Great President DJT"  ..."the Fearless Man with Backbone President!!!" stood by the honorable Brett Kavanaugh!!!
  • You'd have to be an utter moron to believe the constant tidal wave of negativity coming out of the "Ministry of Lies!!!"
  • Frank predicts there will be a lot of suicides on the Left the day after election day when DJT keeps both houses of congress!!! ..."If you think they are insane now you just wait!!!"
  • The Left lashes out viciously at the great Trump supporter Kayne West!!! ..."Another one they used to love that now they must destroy!!!" ...Remember when the Left killed Sammy Davis after he hugged Richard Nixon?!?! 
  • The deciding factor will always be people's paychecks!!!
  • DJT hilariously spoofs the Left about "being Presidential!!!"
  • The Left wants to put "an asterix" on the honorable Brett Kavanaugh...
  • "Mob violence is the Hallmark of the Left!!! They were born out of mob violence!!!"
  • "The Left-wing intimidators will never win!!!"
  • TRP guest Roger Stone got nervous when Frank noted that DJT road the crest of a "white tsunami!!!"
  • DJT drops the hammer on the vile Federal Reserve!!! ..."The destroyers of the American dollar and all of our savings!!!" ...They are attempting to effect the November election with their policies!!! ...They did the same thing in 2008 with their "quantitative easing" to help elect the "Foreign Occupier!!!"
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Sunday, October 7, 2018

TRP! (10/5/18)

  • As Frank used to say years ago on talk radio, "this time brother... We have overcome!!!"
  • Mitch Mcconnell & Lindsey "light in the loafers" Graham have been criticized here frequently. But, to their credit they really stepped up and galvanized Republican support for the honorable Brett Kavanaugh!!!
  • To date this was one of the worst most scurrilous & hateful performances by these "devil-crats!!!" ..."They really overplayed their hand as they tried to crucify the honorable Brett Kavanaugh!!!" ..."They were so enamored of themselves they thought they could get away with this!!!" ..."How low can this party sink!?!?"
  • "DJT the Fighting Back President" really let the Left have it!!! ...Yet another victory up on the board for "America's winningest President!!!"
  • "Crazy Blasey" is a fabulist!!! She lied when she used the phrase "fear of flying"... Anyone remember that Leftist "femi-nazi" Erica Jong??? She wrote a piece of crap novel called Fear of Flying... ..."We wonder if this was related as she tried to destroy an honest man's life!!!" ...The judge that ruled on foreclosing her families home was Brett Kavanaugh's mother... ..."Other than obvious left-wing ideological underpinnings there is more to this story!!!" ...Frank believes this broad spent time in a nuthouse out in CA...
  • The "white elephant in the room" is the Left's use of "entitled white men..." ..."White men are the kulaks of this country!!!" ...Frank exudes all of our frustrations on the topic... "He has the Right White Perspective!!!" ..."These constant incessant attacks must stop!!!"
  • The great white founding father Thomas Jefferson warned of "mobocracy" because he presciently studied ancient Rome!!!
  • John plays a bunch of great audio clips including Senator Orin Hatch telling the rabid supreme court kook protesters to grow up!!!
  • "Jane Fonda was a mindless cipher when she regurgitated the Marxian Left-wing nonsense of permanent revolution!!!"
  • "Alexander Parvus was the George Soros of his day!!!"
PLUS A VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW!!! with Patrick J. Deneen, professor of political science, University of Notre Dame, author of, Why Liberalism Failed.

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