Sunday, October 31, 2021

TRP! (10/29/21)

  • "China is a racist country!!!" ...The Han Chinese majority look down on the many other different minority groups in their country and they refuse to recognize them... ...They have enslaved the Mohammedan Uyghur people in death camps!!! ...Look at the years of oppression with Tibet!!! ...Look at the threats to FREE Taiwan!!! ...They oppress religion and free speech everywhere!!! ...Where is the outrage from the Left!?!? ...Where is the NBA and "the Uncle Tom for the Chinese" Lebron James!?!? 
  • "The China Virus was intended as a bio-weapon and it was blessed by Fauci..."
  • To ALL Bolshevik regimes human beings are expendable... ...The "individual" simply does not matter!!!
  • Frank believes China experimented on human beings using them as test subjects for their bio-warfare experiments... including the China Virus...
  • The China Virus is the only product that came from the "Sino-Bolsheviks" that really lasts long!!!
  • TRP "MAN" of the Week! The ONLY NBA player with guts... Enes Kanter! ...The One "Man" Who Stands Tall Against the "Sino-Bolsheviks!"
  • Baseball is "Anti-America's Game!!!" ...All they care about is the money...
  • "The Nike Emblem is becoming synonymous with the swastika & the hammer & sickle..." ..."A company that deals with a genocidal regime that has concentration camps!!!"
  • The Senile Ole Bastard & his administration have one crackpot idea after another... ...This time they want to give $450,000 to each illegal invader they think faced some trauma crossing the border in violation of the law!!! ...These are some sick bastards!!!
  • Under DJT the greatest President Past Present & Future we were swimming in oil & gasoline!!! ...Now the Biden Regime goes begging back to OPEC...
  • One American Left behind is too many!!!
  • Let's hope Tuesday the Republican avalanche begins and starts to sweep away all the Democrat filthy vermin that are destroying this country!!! ...
  • We are in a political war because that's how the Left operates!!! ...They don't believe in our Constitutional system or Law & Justice... ...All they believe in is power and their sick ideology!!!
  • Coitus Sleezewa was "sucking pavement" as he ran into a cab and breaks his arm... ...Was this yet another in a long line of his publicity stunts!?!? ...Rudy you officially hit rock bottom when you supported this media shyster & political fraud... ...Give NYC their last rites...
  • STOP THE INSANITY!!! ...This has been and will continue to be a collective National Nightmare...
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Sunday, October 24, 2021

TRP! (10/22/21)

  • RIP COMRADE COLON POWELL... ...The "Media Criminals" were fawning all over the big general that backed the "Foreign Occupier" for President!!! ...The big "establishment" general that vowed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when there were none!!! ...That was a fraud and a lie... ...He also hated DJT "the greatest President Past Present & Future!!!" ...No tears shed on this show...
  • Queer Anderson Cooper ran cover for the Feeble Coughing Ole Fool all night in the Democrat skewed Town Hall... 
  • Gas Prices are through the roof and inflation is becoming crippling... ...These Leftist ideologue devils just don't care... ...Under DJT & his creation of American energy independence gas was cheaper (adjusted for inflation) than it was in 1981!!!
  • We are afraid for all the people in the rural areas that will freeze to death not being able to heat their homes due to the energy mess the Biden regime has caused!!! ...Blood will be on Democrat hands as poor people will have to choose between hunger & freezing!!! ...The Democrats always blame the American consumer and they always ask for us to "sacrifice" because of their terrible policies...
  • The Democrats are pushing their Socialist prescription which always leads to genocide!!!
  • We just have to get used to having less and lowering our expectations!!! ...Are you tired of losing yet!?!?
  • An illegal invader rapes a woman on a train...
  • The "Television generals" running the Pentagon are so focused on the faux topic of "white supremacy" that they missed the Chi-coms inventing and testing "tide turning" hypersonic missiles!!!
  • The draconian mandates by the Biden Regime are killing the economy and endangering the vast majority of the population!!!
  • It is really vomitous what the woke scum has done to Superman... ...Which is worse making him queer or a one-worlder!?!? ...Anything white, manly, & American the Left hates...
  • What ever happened to the supposed "republican freedom force" in congress!?!?
  • Jim Jordan admits that the American people now fear the Federal government but he knows we will not run and hide!!! ..."We love our country but fear our government!!!"
  • Marxism is the greatest form of oppression and genocide in human history!!!
  • Sicko Alec Baldwin ridiculed Dick Cheney for his accidental shooting while hunting... ...How does it feel to take a life due to your irresponsible use of a firearm you careless fool!?!? ...If only the Leftist dope instead of attacking the NRA (and ironically accusing Dana Loesch of "having to step over dead bodies") took some of their advice he would have known a few of their simple SAFETY rules (here) and saved a life!!! ...YES ALEC THE WORDS ALWAYS, NEVER, & DO NOT apply to a member of the Hollyscum elite even if you are just "practicing" on a Hollyscum set and think it is an "armorers job" or "assistant directors job" and beneath you... 1) ALWAYS Keep the Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction. This is the primary rule of gun safety. Common sense dictates the safest direction, depending on different circumstances. 2) ALWAYS Keep the Gun Unloaded Until Ready To Use. If you do not know how to open the action or inspect the chamber(s), leave the gun alone and get help from someone who does. 3) Know your target and what is beyond. Be absolutely sure you have identified your target beyond any doubt. Equally important, be aware of the area beyond your target. This means observing your prospective area of fire before you shoot. NEVER fire in a direction in which there are people or any other potential for mishap. Think first. Shoot second. 4) Know how to use the gun safely. Before handling a gun, learn how it operates. Know its basic parts, how to safely open and close the action and remove any ammunition from the gun or magazine. Remember, a gun's mechanical safety device is never foolproof. Nothing can ever replace safe gun handling. 5) Use only the correct ammunition for your gun. DO NOT shoot the gun unless you know you have the proper ammunition!!!
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Sunday, October 17, 2021

TRP! (10/15/21)

  • Frank has always said, "Civil Wars come in stages..." ...Are we reaching the final stage!?!?
  • The BLM shock troops, the Eco-fascists, & the Illegal Invaders flooding the border... ...These are all different waves in the Left's coordinated assault on the Republic!!!
  • First they began by crushing middle America and the Nuclear family... ...Then they finalized their takeover of our education system demonizing our history and erasing our noble & heroic origins... ...They divided the country along racial lines attempting to cause a race war... ...They have demonized, marginalized, & dehumanized white people making us the kulak class... ...They have made a mockery of democracy violating election laws and blatantly stealing elections... ...They unleashed the China-virus on us to soften our underbelly and impose draconian shutdowns to silence liberty... ...They prepped for and then opened the border for the illegal invasion... ...They have shut down our energy and transportation industries and now have crippled our supply chains... ...All this will lead to a forced takeover of the economy by the Socialists crushing Free Enterprise once and for all!!!
  • Jen Psaki intentionally violates the Hatch Act by engaging in political activity while on duty interfering in the VA election for Governor by supporting & pushing the stooge the Biden regime wants to win...
  • Most of the Beringians were nothing more than savage warring/murdering uncivilized beasts and there was nothing "noble" in the way they lived... ...Famous Paul Valentine article (April 14, 1991)...
  • DJT improved every area of American life!!!
  • The Left try to cancel Clint Eastwood for a funny off-the-cuff comment he made in 1973 at the Academy Awards...
  • The term "Alt-right" was created specifically in an attempt to marginalize TRP...
  • Leftist Insurrectionists Storm the Interior Department Sending Multiple Officers to the Hospital! ...Why Wasn't Woman Treated Like Ashli Babbitt as she Forced her Way in thru the doorway!?!?
  • The CGC (centralized government complex) sends a virus into the TalkStreamLive server in an attempt to silence TRP!!!
  • Slick Willy likely has syphilis and is hospitalized...
  • John & Frank were the first to call Democrat administrations "regimes!!!"
  • This is now "post-Caucasian" America!!!
  • Due to the massive crisis Biden has created with the supply chain you will now know what it's officially like to live in a Bolshevik country!!!
  • DJT & Midas had the golden touch whereas everything Biden touches turns to crap...
  • What diseases did the Beringians give to the Europeans!?!? ...We never hear that mentioned!!! ...Only the Europeans had disease... ...LOL!
  • White people are "European nationals" to the Left...
  • Check out Tom from Iowa's YouTube Channel for some great old talk radio videos...
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Sunday, October 10, 2021

TRP! (10/8/21)

  • "Hail Columbus!!! Hail Columbus!!! Hail Columbus!!!" ..."We bow our heads in gratitude to thee!!!" ..."That which was ours is ours again!!! ...Never to be taken from us again!!!"
  • We properly honor the greatest explorer and discoverer in history, the immortal Cristoforo Colombo!! ..."When he landed he brought the fruits of Western civilization to the primitive savage Beringians that occupied and stole the land from our ancestors!!!"
  • The original great explorers and true first heroic discoverers of the new world (or what we properly call new Solutrea) were proven factually by "hard evidence" to be our great Solutrean ancestors at least 20,000 years before Clovis!!! 
  • When the Left denigrates Columbus they look to destroy our culture from the very beginning, for if you stain and delegitimize our roots you delegitimize all that comes after!!!
  • "Look in the mirror!!! ...You as Solutreans are the real indigenous people!!! ...The Beringian Invaders stole OUR LAND!!!" (...SOUND CRAZY LEFTIST SCUM!?!? you like to say... TRUST THE SCIENCE!!!!!)
  • John From Conn gets out from under the covers and calls in after John of SI once again "draws him out..."
  • Frank crushes Allan Lichtman and the rest of the Marxist historians from AMC's Fact vs Fiction that say the South "fought for slavery..."
  • If the great general George S. Patton were here today he might slap cowardly Milley like he did that private...
  • The book, The Road to Disunion: Secessionists at Bay 1776-1854, by William W. Freehling is discussed as John From Conn explains what the Confederate Army really fought for... ...Read it to get a clue about what was going on in the Southern States in the early Republic and what actually lead to the "War to Prevent Southern Independence..."
  • Slavery & Secession are not synonymous no matter how much the Left tries to conflate them!!!
  • Remember when the Leftist devils wanted to interview the national guard to ensure loyalty??? ...We want the secret service interviewed before some Leftist infiltrates them and goes after DJT!!
  • The "Neo-Bolsheviks" continue their destruction of the American Nuclear family as they demonize, marginalize, and dehumanize the concerned parents of America exercising their free speech defending their children from Leftist indoctrination!!! 
  • Google is starting to demonetize websites that are not in line with the Neo-Bolsheviki!!! Stopping their ad revenue!!! ...This happened to a free market website...
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Sunday, October 3, 2021

TRP! (10/1/21)

  • What the hell is Latinx!?!? ...Remember the Romans were the original "Latins!!!"
  • The term "white people" will soon be eliminated all together!!! ..."People of non-color" is coming you watch...
  • We are tired of being stereotyped and profiled by the toxic & intolerant Left!!!
  • "So many words are being eliminated so rapidly by Leftist insanity that in 100 years we doubt we could have this conversation..."
  • One of the Left's favorite sayings... "We know where you live..."
  • Our ONLY HOPE is DJT "the greatest President Past, Present, & Future!!!"
  • Hannity blatantly steals Frank's "Biden Lied People Died!!!"
  • Milley is a caricature of a the typical Hollywood depiction of an out of control general...
  • The Democrats will never fire anyone they appoint to a position as that would be an admission that they did something wrong AND THEY NEVER ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG!!!
  • The Left live in a vacuum in DC and dismiss you as human garbage!!!
  • John From Conn & John of SI refuse to give up their AOL emails...
  • Like lemmings trained to follow their anti-Semitic Democrat cadres the American liberal Jews are actually against Israel...
  • Decentralization is a Jeffersonian "right-wing" concept... 
  • A simmering feud has begun over the "producing" of TRP... ...Stunningly Uncle Warren has created a splinter faction and has officially been named Frank's personal "executive producer!!!"  ...It is becoming apparent that John From Conn's jealousy is building and an on air battle is likely coming over "this power struggle" between producers...
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