Sunday, March 28, 2021

TRP! (3/26/21)

  • The clumsy Senile Nasty Ole Bastard was at his most pathetic worse in his first Press Conference since he took office... ...Despite every effort from his group of apparatchiks to prep him with "cheat sheets" and pictorial references to help keep him steadied and on Leftist point it was a disaster as he crumbled mightily before the wurrrld... 
  • The Demsheviks are looking to eliminate the Congressional filibuster effective immediately... ...This represents one of our last firewalls to stop "Neo-Bolshevism!!!" 
  • "DJT is the greatest President in history!!! ...PAST PRESENT & FUTURE!!!"
  • The ole SNOB stumblebum feebly bumbled his way up the stairs of Air Force One falling down three times... ...Frank predicts next step is he breaks his hip...
  • Powers Booth in the 80's classic movie Red Dawn prophetically said, "that the invaders came up across our southern border disguised as refugees..." ...Disease carrying vermin are flooding the Southern border thanks to Joe Biden's open invitation!!!
  • Black Congresswoman Park Cannon from Georgia was arrested for insurrection!!! ...She stormed the office of the Governor and attempted to stop the government from enacting common sense election laws to protect the integrity of the vote!!! ...OF COURSE THERE WAS NO OUTRAGE FROM THE LEFT... ...On the contrary they cried racism & injustice!!!
  • "The greedy & avaricious Left use their positions in government to line their pockets as they have an inconceivable hunger for money & power!!!"
  • The days of "DJT's energy independent America" is drawing to a sudden halt!!! ...Gasoline prices are steadily rising!!! ...Middle America is being punished!!!
  • The "Domestic Occupation regime" in the spirit of every Bolshevik regime that preceded it is beginning the inevitable purge of the military!!!
  • Everything that happens bad the Left always blames white people!!! ...They rush this time to blame white men for the acts of a fanatic Mohammedan terrorist, Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa, that slaughtered 10 innocent people in Boulder Colorado in a terrible Mohammedan hate crime... ...Of course all they are concerned with after the atrocity is stripping law abiding Americans of their right to self-defense... 
  • The Left always look to eradicate "individual rights" for the "common good..." ...There is no such thing as "group rights..." ..."just individual rights!!!"
  • Crazy ole bag Pelosi thinks she has the power to expel duly elected and State certified Republican Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks because she was not happy with her 6 vote victory in Iowa... ...Hypocrites that have no problem investigating this election though huh... ...Is this racism!?!?
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Sunday, March 21, 2021

TRP! (3/19/21)

  • The "War on White People" continues... ...This twisted demented "Left-wing hatred" only grows stronger everyday!!! 
  • "Commie-la" Harris and "the Foreign Occupier" are leading this country to hell!!!
  • Frank declares DJT "the Greatest President in United States history!!!" ...He is "the Man of which the World will one day speak..."
  • The "Domestic Occupation Regime" officially abdicates to the Chi-Coms... BEWARE OF "SINO-BOLSHEVISM!!!"
  • Franks tells us again to reread The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia, the story of how many naive Americans fell for the "Media Criminal" Bolshevik propaganda here in the United States and foolishly traveled to live in the Soviet Union where they were convinced it was "the worker's paradise..." ...In short order they all were consumed by the Bolshevik nightmare...
  • The Left hates American superiority and American exceptionalism...
  • Vile Commie sympathizing simpleton Bill Maher makes a fool of himself once again... ...John plays the audio...
  • The Third Way in the United States pushed by Slick Willy was a disgraceful fraud...
  • "China is a nation of imitators... the United States is a nation of innovators!!!" ...Everything they have of value was stolen in one way or another...
  • Operation Warp Speed was the "American Medical Miracle!!!"
  • Elitist First Class Hypocrite John Kerry is spotted in First Class not wearing a mask... 
  • "The Left doesn't want to govern you... they want to rule you!!!" ..."They want you submissive, meek, docile & living at a subsistence level..."
  • "You hate the Greatest President in history... we hate you!!!"
  • Dr. Rand Paul makes a fool of Minister Fauci...
  • The Leftists that made the crap movie The Martian sold their souls to their "Chi-Com pay masters..."
  • Police in Texas wrestle an old white woman to the ground for not wearing a mask after the mask mandate was lifted...
  • John From Conn calls in and talks to his "new favorite caller" the Great Don of PA about the "Constitution of 1787" and the vast difference between the "Jeffersonian strict construction" and the Hamiltonian "living breathing document..." ...They explain that this great conflict between these two interpretations is the main reason for all the strife in American history... 
  • Americans are fighting the same arguments today that they were fighting from day one after the Constitution of 1787 was ratified... See the First Party System...
  • A SK—who lies here beneath this monument?
    L o—'tis a self created MONSTER, who
    E mbraced all vice. His arrogance was like
    X erxes, who flogg'd the disobedient sea,
    A dultery his smallest crime; when he
    N obility affected. This privilege
    D ecreed by Monarchs, was to that annext.
    E nticing and entic'd to ev'ry fraud,
    R enounced virtue, liberty and God.

    H aunted by whores—he haunted them in turn
    A ristocratic was this noble Goat
    M onster of monsters, in pollution skill'd
    I mmers'd in mischief, brothels, funds & banks
    L ewd slave to lust,—afforded consolation;
    T o mourning whores, and tory-lamentation.
    O utdid all fools, tainted with royal name;
    N one but fools, their wickedness proclaim.
  • The NY Patriot William Leggett is remembered... ...Leader of a faction of anti-slavery liberty loving Northern Jeffersonians in the 1830's... ..."Liberty for All... Favors to None!!!"
  • The Great Jeffersonian Republican writer Phillip Freneau is also remembered... ..."The Poet of the American Revolution..."
  • John From Conn then calls back and takes on his "ex-favorite caller" George the Atheist for his newfound "DJT bashing" (since contacting the CCP virus last year) and for his persnickety love of the Leftist NY "Rough Toilet Paper" TIMES... 
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Sunday, March 14, 2021

TRP! (3/12/21)

  • Joe "the Cadaver..." ...that outfit over there...  you know... ...the thing...'s called the "Illegal Domestic Occupation Regime!!!" ..."DJT IS STILL OUR PRESIDENT!!!"
  • We are all domestic enemies to the "Neo-Bolsheviks!!!"
  • Insane "Serial Killer Cuomo" is a vile criminal and the new #1 degenerate Democrat whoremonger in America!!!
  • Democrats believe it is their birthright to rule over you...
  • The "Neo-Bolsheviks" divert as they push thru gun control measures...
  • "It's quite obvious that there is a War on White People in this country!!!
  • The mammoth CCP Virus Boondoggle Bill that recently skated thru congress is NOTHING MORE THAN THIEVERY!!!
  • "Disease riven illegal invading vermin are streaming across our southern border!!!"
  • "Dim Whitmer looks like she is straight out of a Dracula movie..."
  • "How many Democrat Governors have committed genocide in their State!?!?"
  • Cancel Culture!?!? ...Call it what it is... ...LEFTIST OPPRESSION!!!
  • WABC finally gets rid of Curtis Stale Sleazewa...
  • John can't stand Chris "Egghead" Hahn & Richard Goodstein...
  • The Leftist "Political Pedophiles" are at it again...
  • The Dems in the House look to contest & overturn a "certified election" in Iowa because they didn't like the outcome!!! ...LOL!
  • The new excuse for the illegal invasion crisis on the southern border is... wait for it... ...the... ...hurricanes...
  • The Left-wing dreg movies Dances with Wolves & The Front both nauseate Frank...
  • The Deep State infiltrates John's server and shuts the show down right at the bottom of the first hour... WHAT WILL THESE "NEO-BOLSHEVIKS" STOOP TO NEXT!!!
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Sunday, March 7, 2021

TRP! (3/5/21)

  • HE'S BACK!!! and BETTER THAN BEFORE!!! ...What a tremendous speech at CPAC 2021!!!
  • Everything was a crisis with the Left under DJT... ...But now under the "Domestic Occupation Regime" when there is a true crisis they say of course there is NO CRISIS!!!
  • The competing factions in the Biden regime all have one thing in common!!! ...They all want totalitarianism!!!
  • The Left cancels Dr. Seuss... ...The Muppets are sent down the memory hole as well... ...The known universe is contracting rapidly thanks to these Leftist Devils!!!
  • "Where they first cancel books they then cancel people!!!" ..."Neo-Bolshevism" is DEATH!!!
  • ALWAYS REMEMBER... It's the Left that build concentration camps... not the Right!!!
  • Frank declares George the Atheists' recent defense of the NY Times indefensible!!! ...Frank has watched for decades as it has become nothing more than rough toilet paper!!!
  • Anything you say can now be deemed "hate speech" by the Left!!! ...Ideological crimes are next...
  • The Left are driven by one thing and one thing only!!! ..."Hate..."
  • Their greatest mass murderer in history was Mao... Start advertising it AHC (American Hitler Channel!!!) 
  • The Left practices and peddles the Marxist disease of perpetual "Permanent Revolution..."
  • More and more women come forward to expose the sexual degenerate "Killer Cuomo..." ...He is the vile angry face of the Democrat Party!!! ...Where is the Left out there demanding justice for these violated women & families of the murdered NY seniors!?!?
  • Saint Joe McCarthy has been vindicated for exposing the Communist termites hiding in the woodwork of our Republic!!! ..."A Prophet without Honor!!!"
  • They Left used to decry "blacklisting..." ...Now they simply changed the name to "canceling" and are guilty of what they used to claim to hate...
  • John opens up his "Liberal Fear File..."
  • Black on Asian crime is NOT considered HATE to the Left...
  • "AMERICA WAS NOT BUILT ON SLAVERY!!!" ..."WE WANT the Left to push for reparations..."
  • "Whenever the Democrats are blaming someone else they are always diverting from a problem they created!!!"
  • "DJT has become the devil incarnate for the Left..."
  • Frank laments the Beringians that were intentionally killed by blankets infected with small pox...  ...This heinous act reminds him of what "Killer Cuomo" did with the nursing homes...
  • The 1984 Mario Cuomo Democrat Convention speech is one of the most overrated political speeches in history... 
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