Sunday, March 7, 2021

TRP! (3/5/21)

  • HE'S BACK!!! and BETTER THAN BEFORE!!! ...What a tremendous speech at CPAC 2021!!!
  • Everything was a crisis with the Left under DJT... ...But now under the "Domestic Occupation Regime" when there is a true crisis they say of course there is NO CRISIS!!!
  • The competing factions in the Biden regime all have one thing in common!!! ...They all want totalitarianism!!!
  • The Left cancels Dr. Seuss... ...The Muppets are sent down the memory hole as well... ...The known universe is contracting rapidly thanks to these Leftist Devils!!!
  • "Where they first cancel books they then cancel people!!!" ..."Neo-Bolshevism" is DEATH!!!
  • ALWAYS REMEMBER... It's the Left that build concentration camps... not the Right!!!
  • Frank declares George the Atheists' recent defense of the NY Times indefensible!!! ...Frank has watched for decades as it has become nothing more than rough toilet paper!!!
  • Anything you say can now be deemed "hate speech" by the Left!!! ...Ideological crimes are next...
  • The Left are driven by one thing and one thing only!!! ..."Hate..."
  • Their greatest mass murderer in history was Mao... Start advertising it AHC (American Hitler Channel!!!) 
  • The Left practices and peddles the Marxist disease of perpetual "Permanent Revolution..."
  • More and more women come forward to expose the sexual degenerate "Killer Cuomo..." ...He is the vile angry face of the Democrat Party!!! ...Where is the Left out there demanding justice for these violated women & families of the murdered NY seniors!?!?
  • Saint Joe McCarthy has been vindicated for exposing the Communist termites hiding in the woodwork of our Republic!!! ..."A Prophet without Honor!!!"
  • They Left used to decry "blacklisting..." ...Now they simply changed the name to "canceling" and are guilty of what they used to claim to hate...
  • John opens up his "Liberal Fear File..."
  • Black on Asian crime is NOT considered HATE to the Left...
  • "AMERICA WAS NOT BUILT ON SLAVERY!!!" ..."WE WANT the Left to push for reparations..."
  • "Whenever the Democrats are blaming someone else they are always diverting from a problem they created!!!"
  • "DJT has become the devil incarnate for the Left..."
  • Frank laments the Beringians that were intentionally killed by blankets infected with small pox...  ...This heinous act reminds him of what "Killer Cuomo" did with the nursing homes...
  • The 1984 Mario Cuomo Democrat Convention speech is one of the most overrated political speeches in history... 
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