Sunday, April 26, 2020

TRP! (4/24/20)

  • ALL in the TRP FAITHFUL celebrated "Wurrrrrld Solutrean Day" on April 20th!!! ... The Annual parade went off as usual with NO RESTRICTIONS and was a resounding success!!!
  • "WE are the true native Americans!!!" ..."We were here first!!!" ..."Iberia not Siberia!!!" ...Let the scientific truth finally be told!!! ...Upset and overturn the "Clovis First orthodoxy!!!" ..."Bring back true scientific inquiry and real investigation!!!" ...Much like "Holocaust deniers"... we call them "Solutrean deniers!!!" ...The Beringians were the original "illegal invaders!!!"
  • Our ancestors were brutally suppressed and wiped out in a "mass extinction event!!!" ...a global holocaust!!! ...An atrocity unparalleled in all of human history!!! ..."But as long as you live and breathe and have progeny they will never be forgotten!!!"
  • Our Solutrean people lived peacefully on the land!!! They practiced a "proto-Free Enterprise" system and carried out the original "agricultural revolution!!!" ...Unlike the Beringian devils that destroyed, burned, and littered the land!!! 
  • The Beringians mercilessly wiped out all of the megafauna!!! ...Many tribes practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice!!! ...Women had very few rights if any and the elderly were mistreated and abandoned when they couldn't keep up... ...Yet all we hear about is the ludicrous Left-wing mythology of a supposed "noble people!!!" ...They were nothing more than uncivilized, unsophisticated, warring savages!!!
  • The Blood of our Solutrean ancestors runs in each and everyone of us!!! ...Take a "Solutrean name" and give your children "Solutrean names!!!" ..."The spirits of our ancestors will live on in you and your descendants!!!"
  • "Earth Day is a Left-wing fraud" created by a Leftist Criminal crackpot Ira Einhorn in 1970!!! ...Unlike Wurrrld Solutrean Day which goes back 10's of thousands of years and is based completely on actual science... Earth Day is nothing more than silly regurgitated Gaia mythos!!!
  • "Our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved President DJT is the Standing Tall President" as he fights our enemies both at home and abroad!!! ...The Parthian Bastards are now cowering in fear at the feet the United States!!!
  • "DJT is the breakwater against Neo-Bolshevism!!!"
  • "Bill Maher is an unfunny vicious little terd!!!"
  • Sick Left-wing HBO's miniseries "The Plot Against America" is an "alternate history" by radical Lefty Philip Roth about Charles Lindbergh... It was produced to be nothing more than Lib inspired Anti-DJT propaganda!!! ...A desperate Anti-Republican hate campaign!!! ...It's an historically inaccurate mindless Leftist pipedream!!! ...Frank explains the true history of the time...
  • "Chi-NAH literally committed 'bio-warfare' against the wurrrld when they knowingly unleashed their infected citizens on airplanes from Wuhan (ground zero)!!!"
  • President Ford never said NY can drop dead... Another "Media Criminal" fabrication...
  • Nancy Pelosi is crowned the "Ice Cream Queen" by John!!!
  • George the Atheist is doing great and tells the audience his experience with the Wuhan Chi-NAH virus...
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Sunday, April 19, 2020

TRP! (4/17/20)

  • "Nancy Pelosi is a vicious hateful elitist senile ole scumbag!!!" ...In a video from her mega mansion the modern Marie Antoinette was telling us to eat cake (actually meant crust on the bottom of the oven) as she went over her gourmet ice cream collection in her $24,000 industrial freezer x 2..." ..."She's in her own mindless little bubble... what an out of touch ole bat!!!" ..."GET TO WORK FINALLY FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!" ..."CLEAN HOUSE IN NOVEMBER!!!"
  • The election of "DJT the Getting the Enormous Job Done President!!!" for the first time in a very long time presented America with a "real choice" not an echo!!! and thank gawd WE GLORIOUSLY TOOK IT!!!
  • "The Foreign Occupier" is the organ grinder and "Senile Sleepy Ole Joe" is his "White Monkey" on the leash!!! 
  • "Every idea from the Left becomes a pathetic and monumental failure as soon as it's enacted!!!"
  • The Left showed contempt and disdain for everyone in America that works hard when they gave "Senile Sleepy Ole Joe" the silly title "Blue Collar/Lunch Bucket Joe"..."Does he represent a reflection of you!?!?" ...What frauds they will always be in the Fake News!!! ..."WE REMAIN EXPENDABLE to them!!!"
  • "The Foreign Occupier" actually said recently those who support DJT are the "dregs!!!"
  • "Sleepy Senile Ole Joe" reminds Frank of another famous Left-wing figurehead Paul von Hindenburg!!!
  • Frank was against the WTO from the start!!! ..."FAIR TRADE LEADS TO FREE TRADE!!!" ..."Internationalism does not work!!!" ..."FROM THIS POINT FORWARD MAKE ALL CRITICAL SUPPLIES IN THE USA!!!"
  • WE were the first to call for "War Reparations" from Chi-NAH!!! ..."MAKE ALL Transnational corporations that sold out to Chi-NAH pay as well!!!" ..."These are crimes against humanity!!!"
  • The blame America first "Media Criminals" are the "opposition party!!!" ...They are parrots for the W.H.O and Chi-NAH!!!
  • The "Ministry of Lies Media" will never tell you the timeline: January 11th, ZERO cases of the Wuhan Virus in the United States... ...January 17th, ZERO cases but per DJT's order the CDC started conducting screenings at airports on inbound flights... ...January 21st, 1 case/ZERO deaths... ...January 31st, 7 cases/1 death yet DJT had the courage to enact the travel ban and set up the first quarantine in more than 50 years all while the DEM's impeachment sham was wrapping up and Pelosi was considering a "congressional" No Trump Travel Ban Act...  ...DJT was immediately called a racist xenophobe by them!!! ...DJT talks about the virus in his SOTU address on February 4th... ...How worried were the Dems? On February 19th during the Democrat debate in Las Vegas the virus was NOT MENTIONED ONCE!!! ...February 24th Pelosi saw no threat and was telling people to go to Chinatown... ...The list goes on and on and John plays some of it...
  • We are now the "wurrrld king of ventilators" thanks to "DJT the Merciful President!!!"
  • "Liberals need to EAT MEAT and increase their brain size!!!"
In yet another "you'll only hear it on TRP interview" Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak the preeminent Jeffersonian scholar of our time returns to TRP to discuss the censorship he continues to face from the "radical Leftist orthodoxy" as he dares to apply reason and objective thinking to the historiography of Thomas Jefferson!

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

TRP! (4/10/20)

  • "Our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved DJT is the Fearless & Transparent President!!!" ..."He Will Make America Pure Again!!!"
  • The "Media Criminals" love to play their daily gotcha game of "let's try to stump the President" but he has their number!!!
  • A crazy "Left-wing Media Criminal crackpot" tries to call our black Surgeon General racist as he shows heartfelt compassion for minorities...
  • Frank was the first to uncover "the Chi-NAH Conspiracy" on 1/24/20!!!
  • It won't be long before the lamestream catches onto Frank's theme of "Patriotism over Profits!!!" ...Not only should Chi-NAH pay "war reparations" but so should every person or corporation that sold us out to the Chi-coms!!! ..."They've done irreparable damage to the safety and security of the American nation!!!"
  • "Down with the internationalists!!! ...Down with the ruthless cosmopolitans!!!" ..."Nationalism remains the greatest force among nations!!!"
  • It takes "Fair Trade" to get to "Free Trade!!!"
  • "We don't remember Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx winning any elections!!! ...A bunch of entrenched deep state bureaucrats now suddenly have total control over all our lives!?!?"
  • Before the Wuhan Chi-NAH virus was sweeping the globe it was "DJT's Economic Miracle!!!" that was doing so ...Why wasn't all that economic success called the "new normal" by the misery loving Left!?!? ...Only when it's a negative or a downturn that they created do they want us to accept their leftist-failed-policy-causing "new normals!!!"
  • "We support the 2 to 3 week shutdown to ramp up the medical supplies, lower the curve, & ready and train our communities on how to stop the spread of this invisible enemy from Chi-NAH... ....BUT WE DID NOT sign up for indefinitely turning over our lives and liberties to unelected bureaucrats!!! ...IT IS TIME IN SHORT ORDER to GET AMERICA BACK TO WORK!!!"
  • "Free Enterprise will solve the problem on its own (as it always has) as each business field will come up with protocols that the community will feel safe with..."
  • "Why can't businesses almost immediately resume and conduct normal business if they decide to dress like a doctor or nurse would and practice common sense distancing protocols?!?! ...Gowns, masks, and gloves are no longer at critical lows!!!"
  • "Why wait 12 years for the wurrrld to end thru "climate change"...The Left can end it now with fear of pathogens!!! ...They also love the fact that people aren't driving at the rate they used to which indirectly helps their gawd Gaia..."
  • "The radical Leftist pope now blames the Wuhan Chi-NAH virus on global warming!!!"
  • "BILL GATES is the NEW GEORGE SOROS!!! ...He's been pushing his crazed human microchip GPS tracking vaccination scheme for years!!!" ...Dr Fauci has been in his pocket before... him & Gates are great pals... don't be surprised if soon the Bureaucrats start endorsing this gross invasion of privacy!!! 
  • "Monitor the 'stimulus package' for greed, avarice, and vice... looking for corruption and fraud that will inevitably run rampant!!!"
  • WE CELEBRATE ON MONDAY April 13th, the 277th Birthday of the immortal founder of the Republican party, Thomas Jefferson!!! ...He understood the key to vibrant Free Enterprise was "production" not "spending!!!"
  • In 2017 Dr. Fauci predicted the coming "surprise outbreak" under DJT's watch!!!
  • We want to see all the Leftist totalitarian Governors and Mayors use the same vim & vigor they used shutting down christian churches and arresting pastors around Easter when it comes to shutting down mosques during the upcoming Ramalamadingdong!!! ...We doubt they'll have the same "courage..." 
  • "Will any elderly persons that refuse to take the Wuhan-Chi-NAH vaccine be stripped of their Social Security checks!?!?"
  • "This is the Left's chance to finally get rid of all paper money and go completely digital as they will claim paper money passes the virus..."
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Sunday, April 5, 2020

TRP! (4/3/20)

  • "Our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved Citizen Warrior Leader DJT" continues to wage war and win on every front!!! ...He is battling against the invisible external enemy sent from Wuhan Chi-NAH and our very visible internal enemy sent from the bowels of hell, the Demshevik party!!!
  • Left-wing elitist pseudo-intellectual ivory tower liberal Paul Krugman once said we should have a government modeled after Communist Chi-NAH!
  • Frank finally ends his subscription to the failing NY RAG TIMES refusing to pay for their stream of vicious lying screed against "our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved DJT the Leading America to Victory President!!!"
  • "The Media Criminals" want to end DJT's informative daily tactical briefings simply because they are enormously successful & that the briefings can't be controlled or censored by them!!! 
  • DJT talks directly to the American people everyday fearlessly presenting the facts detailing the status of our war against the Wuhan Chi-NAH virus!!! ...Therein DJT easily fields & dismisses the devilish "gotcha journalists" that try to destroy him at every turn with their treacherous lies and traitorous propaganda!!!
  • Unlike the preaching hot air, affectation, and beaming false pride emanating from the pursed-lip "Foreign Occupier" DJT is all results and substance!!! 
  • At peace or in crisis the Left never "comes together" for the greater good!!! ..."Their radical failed ideology and worthless crackpot political programs always come first!!!"
  • "One way or the other DJT will end ALL vile war profiteering!!!" ...DJT will carefully oversee every bit of the massive stimulus package looking for corruption and fraud!!! ...Just imagine if the "Crooked Ole Bitch" or "Senile Slow Ole Joe" was the one doing the monitoring!!!"
  • Everything that ever came out of Chi-NAH was and is tainted crap!!! ...America First, Last, & Always!!! ..."Patriotism above profits!!!"
  • DJT needs to enact a special "Citizen Voting Rights Commission" to meticulously monitor all the Leftist cheats across the country in the vital upcoming election!!!
  • LOL... The Left suddenly cares about human life!!! ...Human life has always been only a statistic to them... They've always ruthlessly sacrificed as many people as necessary to achieve their ends!!! ...Their goal will always be to throw sand into the gears of Free Enterprise!!! ...Free Enterprise is the greatest force for peace & extending human life expectancy in the history of the wurrrld!!! 
  • The Left wants to unnaturally extend & exacerbate this crisis long enough to finally & fully fundamentally transform this country into their long dreamed of Socialist hellhole!!! ...Thank gawd we have "DJT the Savior of Freedom & Liberty president!!!" ...The "Modern Moses" leading us out of the darkness and back into the light!!!
  • BEWARE of every LEFTIST TOTALITARIAN GOVERNOR & MAYOR across the country as they refuse to relinquish their NEW FOUND POWER!!!

As you all know he is running for the United States Senate in NJ as a Republican, looking to win the nomination and unseat Cory Booker...

A Pharmacist, professor of law at Georgetown University, & an attorney. He is former Senior Deputy Director for the Health Regulation and Licensing Administration. Dr. Mehta worked at the United States Food and Drug Administration, starting during the George W. Bush Administration, advancing policies aimed at expediting and improving access to quality affordable drugs and free market based health care. 

Dr. Mehta has deep expertise untangling the unnecessarily complicated regulations that make drugs expensive and healthcare unaffordable. He knows we need real healthcare reform now more than ever! Reform driven by competition and innovation, not government control!

With everything going on in the world right now he is the perfect Candidate for Senate in NJ... He will discuss tonight how he can truly make a very unique difference helping to navigate us out of our current crisis! & how he will help make NJ great again!

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