Saturday, February 17, 2018

TRP! (2/16/18)

  • TRP celebrates with a 20th Anniversary Tribute Spectacular!!!
  • TSL (TalkStreamLive) 17.9 million listeners in 2017! TRP TOP 50!!!
  • John plays a 20th anniversary tribute montage at the top of the first hour!!! (See updated version with Frank's "years of CIA training comments" to Stanton Friedman added on the Main Page!!!)
  • Frank & John along with callers John From Conn & George the Atheist reminisce some of their favorite TRP and pre-TRP moments!! 
  • PLUS:
  • Frank told us last week not to let any "little minor market hiccup" discourage us!!! That the "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE" would keep rolling along!!! ...He was right once again as the stock market came roaring back!!! ..."All the naysayers, all the Cassandras, all the DJT ha-tors, all the nattering nabobs of negativism were proven wrong!!!"
  • TRP acknowledges "Black Mythology Month..." ...Frank discusses an article about Ancient Egypt...
  • The sad massacre in Florida is discussed... ...BLAME the KGB in the FBI!!! ..."While the FBI was wasting millions of dollars of our money on the 'Russian chimera' they dropped the ball big time on this!!! They were tipped off about that piece of human garbage perpetrator well in advance yet did nothing!!!" ..."Clean out that rat's nest of loafers and incompetents!!!" ..."STOP LOOKING OVER THIS BLOG AND GET TO WORK!!!"
  • As expected the same ole BS from the Left as they attempt to exploit the tragedy with more gun confiscation from the free citizenry!!! ..."How about illegal invading vermin-control!?!? or abortion-control!?!? or simply criminal-control!?!?" ..."Gun free zones" are making our precious children like lambs to the slaughter!!!
  • "Why do we never hear the stories out of the "Ministry of Lies" showing gun owners that stopped criminals and defended their families with firearms!?!?" ..."FREEDOM" you sick bastards!!! ...Ignore the "anti-freedom anti-constitution propaganda!!!" ..."From Frank's cold dead hands!!!"
  • Bernard Goetz defended himself from "four sneaker wearing protozoa!!!"
  • DJT "the working man's President"  and "Republi-can'ts" please don't fall for the raising of the Federal gasoline tax!!! Don't restrict our FREEDOM!!! PAY for the ROADS by slashing socialism!!!
  • "The Left created this perverse culture!!!"
  • "Stop the genocide in the abortuariums!!!"
  • "Stop the desensitizing of our children to perversion with Hollywood's debauchery!!!"
  • "Stop the glorifying of violence!!!"
  • The aim of the Left with their immigration policy is simply to create for themselves a "dependent subservient class..."
  • Vince of NJ is touched deeply by the movie Hacksaw Ridge... He cannot watch the NFL anymore...
  • The "Queen of Talk Radio" Cheryl from NJ is busting her buttons with pride in all that TRP stands for...
  • Paul Robeson was Communist fellow travelling scum that helped cause the death of all the gullible Americans that bought the pro-Bolshevik propaganda in the 1930's and moved to the U.S.S.R in search of the promised "workers paradise..." (As portrayed in the wonderful and often TRP recommended book The Forsaken!!!) ...Robeson's Americanized version of the Soviet national anthem is right up there with the infamous "Hanoi Jane" sleeping with the enemy pics!!! (see below for both.)
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Reviewer: TRPShow - June 11, 2013
Subject: Dr. Meldumb should be out looking for Bigfoot, not writing reviews on his own Interviews!

A true scientist would have fielded those questions with ease. If he wanted a platform to ramble off his contentions and push his silly agenda without fielding any questions, then yes, he was on the wrong program. When is the last time his "hypothesis" passed a main stream peer review? LOL...never! His condescension and arrogance revealed a certain insecurity on the topic. Maybe he would have been more comfortable answering questions if the hosts linked Bigfoot to aliens or dimensional beings...AND when he says that the environment was not conducive for fossils to remain? Well, dinosaurs lived in forests, huge forests in a hotter climate than ours and they've been found! Meldumb is a huckster, and like all hucksters, he takes a position of being insulted when the real insult is that he is trying pass this crap off as "scientific."

Bigfoot has been reported to be over eight feet tall, or more! Weighing at LEAST 600 lbs or more. How much does it take in, in calories? Where does it get that much food every day, and how much time does it spend hunting and foraging? It is said to eat blueberries. How many gross bushels does it have to eat to survive? Apes and chimps live in families. What about bigfoot? Where is the family? How come the great apes in Uganda can be studied and not bigfoot? How come in remote areas we can study them but not bigfoot? From all the so called sightings it seems to co exist with humans and yet we can't find it's nests? Apes are warm weather creatures, yet this chimera can live in the freezing climate too? Food becomes scarce in the winter and unlike a bear it doesn't hibernate, so how does it survive? What about it's natural enemies? Wolf packs, wild cats, bears, coyotes, ect? Where are the remains? How come no bones (either modern or fossil?) How do believers on the Pseudo History channel know that it knocks on wood, throws stones and howls when it's never been sighted? If it is nocturnal, then how did Paterson film it? If it hides from humans, then how come there are so many daylight sightings? If it tries to cover it's tracks, then how come so many tracks are "documented." PLEASSSSSSE!

**************UPDATE 6/10/13****************

We know it is you Dr. Meldumb, you really have too much time on your hands. Shouldn't you be out looking for sasquatch or hawking pamphlets? How about staying in...and not popping your head up from...your little lunatic PhD fringe until you actually find some "hard" evidence? The "mainstream" rightly (in this case) chuckles when your name is mentioned. But, even if this isn't him (which I know it is) and is one of his stooges, please note folks, he too, like every other haughty and supercilious liberal, cannot answer the most simple and obvious questions. Instead, they try to dismiss you, call you ignorant, shout you down, or censor you...i.e."Please, pay no attention to the review below."

I had no intention of posting a review on this topic, I was "responding" to a silly and weak "mop up job" left by the interviewee or one of his stooges.

Note he too has been "all over" the pacific northwest, yet can't seem to come up with any hard evidence either.

He also loves NPR...enough said. When you employ "reason" as your guide and not pseudo science pushed by garbage credentials from liberal institutions, whilst hawking monetary agenda's.... it allows you to give people "The Right Perspective!"

LOL...and yeah, sorry you so called intellectuals don't slum with the unwashed masses enough to understand our acronyms...But, we are "really" LOL-ing at you now.

**************UPDATE 6/11/13****************

Beating you down intellectually so badly that you go in and erase all the nonsense you wrote....once again...LOLOL...Go get lost now under that vast pacific canopy. Now that I think of it, AREA 51 should be moved under the pacific canopy, it is so remote and hard to find anything in there.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

TRP! (2/10/18)

  • "If it's good for America it's bad for Democrats!!!" John of SI exposes all in another tremendous opening!!! ...DJT "The Man who gets things done President!!!" ..."The Man who got America moving again!!!" ..."The America First Last & Always President!!!"
  • Frank applauds the end of "boringball" and looks forward to "America's Pastime" returning!!! This week he found two more great and exciting sports he enjoys more than "boringball" ...darts and curling!!!
  • The Left will never be able to sink the "good ship US Trump!!"
  • After 8 hours of drivel spoken on the House floor, insane Nancy Pelosi, should've been removed in a straitjacket!!!
  • Voting for W. Bush twice was like "choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea!!!" ..."Let the illegal invading vermin pitch tents on your ranch if you like them so much!!!" ..."Never forget the Bush's deep ties to the Saudi royal family!!!"
  • The Left-wing demonization of white men reminds Frank of the treatment of the Kulaks under Bolshevism!!! Read the late great Dr. Robert Conquest's book Harvest of Sorrow!!!
  • Despite Frank's nauseation with the "Republi-cant's" they have to keep Congress!!! ..."We cannot allow the Demsheviks to seize power!!!"
  • Frank ponders who may be behind the "minor market hiccup" apparent attempt to sabotage this country and "The Man who loves America President DJT!!!"
  • Frank warns South Korea from cozying up to "Drunk, Fat & Stupid!!!"
  • The Eagles football players get their news from the latest rap songs!!!
  • Resident intellectual sage, Vince from NJ, proves he has the "gift of the prophecy" as well!!! John of SI plays the audio...
  • Uncle Warren, "He who guards the bones of the ancestors!!" coins the term "Nightmares!!!" for the illegal invading scum, the Democrat loved, so-called "Dreamers!!!"
  • George the Atheist discusses the recent NY TIMES article, Macy’s Courts Muslims With New Hijab Brand!!!
  • John of SI makes the "Demsheviks" look foolish once again with audio clip proof of them repeatedly using "talking point terms"... this time for the overuse of "treason" when it comes to one of DJT's jokes!!!
  • So much for the Liberal's "Love Trump's Hate" nonsense... Bette Midler called for Rand Paul to be brutally attacked again!!! The radical perpetrator Rene Boucher plead guilty!!!... Let's frog march that liberal scum into the public square and have him drawn and quartered.... Is it just a coincidence that he was named after the Left-wing radical Jacobin!?!? ...Brush Clippings...LOL!
  • The original "Left-wing radical" Alexander Hamilton invented "implied powers!!"...when he "read between the lines" and violated the constitution!!! ...Just like the Left of today!!!
  • CELEBRATING 20 years of TRP next Friday 2/16!!! There will be a special half hour 20th Anniversary Tribute played!!! The content of the audio will be a surprise to John & Frank as they hear it with you live on the air for the first time!!!
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Saturday, February 3, 2018

TRP! (2/2/18)

  • "Be where the action is!!!" ...TRP celebrates a wonderful amazing historic year!!! ..."The Union is STRONG!!!" thanks to our "Heroic & Fearless President DJT!!!" ..."He is a great friend to have but a terrible enemy!!!" ..."This speech cemented his greatness!!! Nothing is going to stop the TRUMP TRAIN!!!"
  • The GOP intelligence memo was released today proving what snakes the Left are!!! They are treasonous termites hiding in the woodwork of this Republic!!! ..."Saint Joe McCarthy" exposed termites like Comey!!! ...The Democrats and "the crooked ole bitch" stooped to the lowest of the low with the "Steele Forgery!!!" ..."Feel comfortable calling it what it was --this was treason!!!" ...If she had gotten elected it would have been a "Coup d'état!!!"
  • "Who watches the watchers!?!?" ...The KGB in the FBI were complicit with their surveillance abuse!!! ..."Those who are charged with enforcing the law are lawless themselves!!!"
  • "The fish rots from the head" and it all started with the "Foreign Occupier!!!" ..."Eight long nightmare years as he set out to destroy this country!!!" ..."Eight years of lawlessness!!!" ..."Eight years of deformation and deconstruction!!!" ..."He hated this country!!!"
  • "Bug eyed" Congressman Adam Schiff is a national disgrace!!! ..."when all you have is personal invective and hatred it shows you have nothing!!!"
  • "Nancy Pelosi looked like a deranged crackpot sucking on her dentures during DJT's rousing & uplifting State of the Union Speech!!!" ...The scowls on the faces of the Left and "the Black Anti-American Caucus" were appalling!!!
  • Joe Kennedy the 3rd's rebuttal was pathetic (named after the oldest whoremonger ...the Nazi loving bootlegger Joe Kennedy Sr.) ..."If that's the rising star in the Democrat party it's lights out for them and it's full steam ahead on the TRUMP TRAIN!!!"
  • DJT is "the AMERICA First President!!!" ...Obongo was "the BLAME America First President!!!" ..."We attacked Obongo because he was a failure. The Left attacks DJT because he is successful!!!"
  • PLUS a VERY SPECIAL LANDMARK SEGMENT: In hour three!!! A "cataclysmic" ... "TRP WOMEN ONLY ROUND TABLE FORUM!!" with "The Queen of Talk Radio" Cheryl from Spotswood NJ, "The Duchess" Joan of Missouri, and "Lady Jane" of West Virginia!!! moderated by John of SI!!!
  • Republi-can'ts take notice...
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