Sunday, June 30, 2019

TRP! (6/28/19)

  • "Who won the Democrat debate??? ...DJT!!!"
  • "Anybody that watched the Demshevik debate saw a 2-night clown show!!! ...What a bunch of pathetic losers!!! ...They are all liars and hypocrites!!!" ...Fanatics and Lunatics!!! "
  • "Old Joe is quickly sliding into senility... ...Bernie is just out of his mind... Kamala only has the race card... Slime-well was nothing but hateful...  ...They got more and more insane and hateful as the night went on!!!"
  • Free medical care for illegal vermin... Open borders... Hatred for Christians... Judeophobia... Tax the middle class & push class warfare... Pander to the Parthian bastards ... Break up the armed forces... Hatred for DJT... Remove the tax cuts... Single-payer socialized-medicine with no private insurance...
  • The Democrat nominee is sure to be the biggest Trump Hater!!!
  • It's "unwed mothers"... not "single mom's"...
  • "That Cortez Broad" stages a propaganda skit about supposed "abused kids" at the border... The Left have always been "political pedophiles!!!" ...For the longest time they have gone out of their way to use children as props to advance their devilish plans...
  • The Left believes men now need "reproductive rights"...
  • Left-wing Hollywood always glamorizes the Bolshevik side of the Spanish Civil War and endlessly portrays them as heroes...
  • "Afrocentrism" is now turning out to be nonsense!!!
  • The great Mel from Saratoga Springs returns!!! ...He was the victim of a "hate crime!!!" ...He was in fact ambushed and blind-sided by sick Left-wing thugs while calling in live to TRP!!! ...Why??? Because he was an African American wearing Trump gear!!!
  • "Liberals want to keep you broke so they can control you!!!"
  • "To the Left reason is weakness!!!"
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Sunday, June 23, 2019

TRP! (6/21/19)

  • "If it wasn't so true it would be a comedy what's going on with these feeble Democrats..." ...The Left can't govern themselves but want to govern you... LOL... ..."They're going to eat Slow Joe alive..."
  • The Democrat party will eventually fragment into different factions... the Democratic Socialists, the Neo-Bolsheviks, The Pro-Abortion Democrats, the Enviro-pagans, the California Secessionists... etc...
  • "Even Fat Bastard Michael Moore said DJT will win in 2020!!! ...We don't need him to tell us that ...we know it!!!"
  • "The Cortez Broad has graduated to the Cortez Bitch..."
  • On Slow Joes's "political tombstone" it will read... "Here Lies Slow Joe... His Mouth Killed Him..."
  • "The Left always eats it's own... and the dinner bell is going to ring!!!" ..."All while they are fighting to see who is the most insane!!!"
  • "This is the first time in our lives there is a job for everyone!!!" ...And NOT BS parasitical government jobs... Free Enterprise Jobs!!!
  • "DJT is the Keeping US Out of War President!!!" ...."The Prince of Peace!!!"
  • BEWARE!!! there will be a ton of election fraud coming from the Left... BUT "DJT the Most Winning President!!!" will prevail!!!
  • "To the Left if DJT goes to war with Parthia he will be called a warmonger starting WWIII... but if he shows patience and reserve they will say he doesn't know what he's doing..."
  • "What a farce wrapped in a joke surrounded by a comedy..." ...The Left calls for reparations!!! ...Trying to keep a stranglehold on the black vote by dangling free money... 
  • The Left's current platform... "Hating DJT, the Gangrene New Deal, & Reparations..." ...Good Luck in 2020!!!
  • "Los Angeles is literally a breeding ground for disease!!!" ..."Hopefully the great plague hits Hollywood... before the great earthquake does..."
  • "Bernie Sanders is a self-hating jew!!!" ..."He admiringly went to Bolshevik Russia for his honeymoon despite their harsh record of oppression against Judaism!!!"
  • The classic movie Network was ahead of its time as it predicted the merging of entertainment with so called news ...all run by the Left... ...The Left hates the film as it took down many of their icons!!!
  • AHC is "the American Hitler Channel" as they love showing National Socialist programs morning and night...
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Sunday, June 16, 2019

TRP! (6/14/19)

  • "The Media Criminals in the Ministry of Lies are Public Enemy #1!!!"
  • "DJT the Protecting America & Triumphal President" is willing to stand strong and use or threaten tariffs where needed!!! ...This is one of the best policy mechanisms we have seen in decades!!! 
  • Happy Birthday DJT!!! & Happy Flag Day America!!!
  • "The Left is stuck in the miasma of the 1970's!!!" ..."The Jimmy Carter coffin of ideas... that America can do no right!!!" ..."Wanting America to lose at home and around the wurrrld..." ..."Every country they do support is an enemy of the United States!!!"
  • "DJT the Fighting Back President" will clean out the rat's nest in Parthia!!! ...He will flatten the filthy towels wrapped around their heads!!! ...He will destroy all Left-wing demons he comes across!!!
  • So much for the Left's old cry that "we have reached peak oil..." ...Thanks to "DJT the America First President" we now export oil!!! ..."They never counted on the greatest economic force in the history of the universe... American Technology!!!" ...Thanks to that Can-do Spirit we came up with new drilling techniques such as fracking and are now swimming in petroleum...
  • "America does not invade countries... we liberate them!!!"
  • "If Marxism is so scientific and superior how is it that they always need America to trade with!?!?"  ..."Why are they always looking to steal and are in such a need of our technology & intellectual property!?!?" 
  • "We want Free Trade as long as it is FAIR TRADE!!!"
  • Franks calls the Left-wing elites the "hypocrite tier..."
  • There will be nothing left of the ole bastard Jibber-Jabber-Dummy 1% Joe Biden when "DJT the Clear the Field President" gets through with him!!! ..."Taking on DJT is a political death sentence!!!"
  • The Left's latest silly mantra (taken again from the 1970's) is that "No one is above the law..." ...John of SI plays them spewing their new talking point... ...Imagine even the despicable Susan Rice was saying such a thing... one of the biggest leaders of deception with Benghazi!!!
  • "Food is the weapon of the Left!!!" --Frank of Queens ...Over 300 million dead by their Socialist government created famines of the past 100 years!!!
  • "Socialism is the greatest calamity to hit mankind since the fall of Rome!!!" ...These Left-wing kooks only ever talk about the "give away part" of Socialism... Never the "murder part" of it!!!
  • "There were and are no Communist citizens... just Communist slaves!!!" ..."Socialism needs to be consigned to the ash heap of history!!!"
  • David Ortiz, with his life on the line, doesn't fly the short trip to Cuba for special exploratory surgery... ...he instead for some reason chooses the long trip to Boston!!!
  • Hong Kong is a bastion of Free Enterprise which is why while Communism was strangling the people of China... Hong Kong was thriving!!! ...Watch Milton Friedman's great Free to Choose episode on the subject (below)... ..."Better to die on your feet as a free man then to die on your knees under the yoke and shackle of Communism!!!"
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Sunday, June 9, 2019

TRP! (6/7/19)

  • "DJT the Great Deal Making President" bends Mexico to his will as they quickly capitulate to his demands!!! 
  • "There is nothing that sends more shivers of fear down the yellow-bellied-jellyfish-spined backs of our foreign enemies than the sight of old glory snapping proudly in the breeze!!!"
  • Is this really all that hard to figure out??? What makes more sense to the American people??? ...Filling the U.S Treasury with tariffs on foreign crap or the being forced to eat the costs associated with all the illegal invaders entering our country!?!?
  • It's a new dawn in this country with "DJT the Reclaiming America President!!!"
  • The Mohammedans are running Londonistan!!!
  • This is the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square uprising!!! ...Of course red China is white washing it... Always remember Tank Man... George H.W. Bush let them get away with it... He won his one and only term running on the great Ronald Reagan's coat tails!!! 
  • The Bush's and the Clinton's are all part of the same hypocrisy!!!
  • John Dean is an old has-been criminal that is being dragged back out by the Left!!! 
  • The American people were liberated when "DJT the hero sitting in the White House" was elected!!! ...He gives a magnificent speech for the ages commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day invasion!!! 
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Sunday, June 2, 2019

TRP! (5/31/19)

  • "The jealous slime balls and power crazy thugs on the Left still infest the District of Columbia!!!" ...All while they continue to infect the rest of the country with their insane beliefs!!! ..."All they have is obsessive hatred and vituperative venom!!!" ..."Their last ditch impeachment balloon has lost all its air..."
  • "Our Great, Heroic, Magnificent, Beloved, DJT the Invulnerable President!!!" has a moral armor around him!!! ..."The 2020 steamrolling Trump freight train cannot be stopped!!!"
  • "Tariff the Mexicans until they stop the filthy vermin from pouring into our country!!!" ..."The Democrats don't want to fund the wall and do what is right for the American people!!!" ..."There is no enemy of America the Left will not appease!!!"
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad) goes back to her restaurant roots to relive her two favorite old jobs... One being that of a waitress and the other turning tricks in the men's bathroom for $5 a trick... She was there to push for the failed "Socialist minimum wage policy" which as we all know hurts the poor who now will not be hired because the jobs they seek are not worth the higher minimum wage... 
  • Our prayers are with the flood victims in the middle America... ...They get knocked down and pick themselves back up again... ...That's DJT country baby!!! 
  • "The Left is a virus that is infecting America... especially academia!!!"
  • Frank presents hard evidence that human evolution began in Europe rather than Africa!!!
  • DJT uses John & Frank's "Thank you!!!" in a Tweet!!!
  • Caller Mel From Saratoga pays the price to fellow blacks for wearing a MAGA hat in an inner city neighborhood while on hold with John of SI!!!
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