Saturday, July 29, 2017

TRP! (7/28/17)

  • We here on TRP are proud to be "bombastic loudmouths!!"
  • We are a nation of laws, prove it, by enforcing the laws on our borders and removing the illegal-criminal-invading-scum!! ...DJT "the knock-em-out-with-one-punch President!!" has begun a nationwide crackdown on "hide-out" cities!! ..."DJT is not playing from the D.C. playbook!! ...he's cut from a different mold!!!" ...People do the most amazing things everyday to come to this "racist country!!!"
  • DJT "the Can-Do President!" ..."The man without a Party!!" ..."Government is an illusion!! It is not organic!! It is a man-made construct!!" ..."DJT excoriates the spineless 'Republi-can'ts'...what a bunch of worthless scumbags!!" ..."The BS Party..mere parasites!!!" ..."DJT won 30 sovereign States!!! Follow his mandate!!!"
  • "Take away their pensions!!" ..."Fire them!! Arrest them!!" ..."Frogmarch them wearing orange jumpsuits in the public square!!!"
  • Mc-Lame..."Enough with his war hero he'll play the pity card on all of us..." ..."He's nothing more than a petty little turd with hatred towards our Great President DJT!!" ..."He will try to have his daughter take his seat in the Senate..."
  • "In a true Republic everyone is supposed to be equal under the law!!" ...Obongo's revenge on white people was "Obama-scam!!" ..."His plan is working...we can't pay our premiums or our deductibles!!" ..."It is so bad now...we are jumping out of windows!!!" ...As John of SI always says, "Liberal policies kill innocent people!!!" ...The slimey politicians themselves opted out of "Obama-scam!!!"
  • "Real unemployment" is at a 10 year low!!!...every sector is adding thousands upon thousands of jobs!!" ..."Ride the Trump economic miracle!!!" ..."Much more than one million jobs added since he took office!!!" (Play John of SI sound bite HERE!!)
  • The F.B.I investigates a radical Muhammadan that worked for over 2 dozen House Demsheviks!!
  • The Whig party didn't actually die... it morphed into the party of Lincoln (his scumbag version of the Republican party)...that party has nothing to do with our Republican Party....The true "Grand Ole Party"....(one of the original two)....Jefferson's Republican Party!!! ...(The Party of Reagan!!!)
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

TRP! (7/21/17)

  • All by himself, "the results oriented President" is doing all the heavy lifting!! ...The "man of action" is ready for action with his pen!! ...For 7 years the "slimy worthless cowardly" Republicans said they would repeal and replace "Obama-scam!!" ...yet the American People still wait while their premiums sky rocket!!
  • "This should be a cake walk!!" ...George Corley Wallace said it best, "Republicans & Democrats... ain't a dimes worth of difference between the two of them!!!" ...Frank points out that his shooting had all the ear marks of a conspiracy!!
  • "The fighting-back President!!" ..."The-hit-em-where-it-hurts President!!" ...has gotten rid of 840 Obamanation era regulations!!
  • "The People's President" ...speaks directly to the People and he's turned the political wurrrrlld upside down!!
  • "Mueller is clearly corrupt!! ...Get rid of him and his Hillary acolytes!!"
  • The Trump economic miracle continues!!! The housing boom continues to rise!! ..up 8.4% last month!!! ..."Thanks to DJT the productive middle class finally has optimism for the future and once again has a favorable view of the economy!!"
  • We don't give a damn what "schmuck Schumer" says!!! ..."The Democrats are in the minority because of what they did to the American people!!"

PLUS: one of the most fascinating and intriguing interviews we have ever done!! We are honored to have on Dr. Richard A. Gabriel, Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Department of History and War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada & author of a great new book, Great Generals of the Ancient World!! (Interview on the Main Page!!)

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Friday, July 14, 2017

TRP! (7/14/17)

Prime TRP example of a "Republi-can't"

  • "Focusing on the 'minority party Democrats' is for the empty-headed and the half-educated!!" ..."The cowardly Republicans won because of DJT!!" ..."He was an outsider and won without them!!" ..."They control everything now...get off your asses and get moving!!!" ..."Repeal Obama-scam!!!"
  • The Left are "psychotic paranoids!!" ...They are "Ru-SEE-ah-phobes!!" ..."There is a Ruski under every bed!!" ..."They use the old diversionary trick, accuse others of what you are guilty of!!" ..."No matter how much they try to frame DJT Jr. it will not stick!!"
  • Frank vows to stand by the 11th commandment!! "Thou shalt not criticize our Great President DJT!!" ..."the fighting President!!" ..."Let them meet the stonewall of resolve!!" ..."Let them talk themselves blue in the face...stand your ground!!"
  • "DJT is digging us out from the dung pile the 'Foreign Occupier' dropped on the American people!!" ..."His plan was to do as much damage to the country as possible..."
  • Frank famously told Rush "the entertainer" ..."that Russia is Ethiopia with missiles!!" ...they are nothing more than a "kleptocracy!!"
  • The best Jimmy Carter could come up with to combat the Ruskies?? ...Boycott the Olympics!! That'll teach them!!
  • Frank mentions the book, The World Was Going Our Way: The KGB and the Battle for the the Third World - Newly Revealed Secrets from the Mitrokhin Archive (2006) by Christopher Andrew.
  • Why isn't the Left talking about the "crisis of Chicago!!" ...because one of theirs is running the city?!? ..."Where is black lives matter?!?"
  • Bob from Stoney Point gives us his excellent Ayn Rand quote of the month, "that which you do not know is not a moral charge against you, but, that which you refuse to know is an account of infamy growing in your soul!"
  • "Our votes count and there will be reverberations next election!!"

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    Saturday, July 8, 2017

    TRP! (7/7/17)

  • Frank sat in awe, wonder, admiration, and unrestrained amazement of "our Great President DJT!" ..."the America First President!" ...during his awe inspiring speech to the Polish People yesterday!!! ..."He told the truth to the heroic Polish People!! That is something of a rarity today!!!"
  • "Every one of his speeches is memorable!!" ..."All substance minus the platitudes of the Left!!" ..."Reaganesque!!" and "pro-Western!!"
  • Frank recalls the great book, Rising 44: The Battle for Warsaw, by TRP GUEST, Norman Davies! ...Not the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943 but, the "forgotten uprising" by the Polish underground resistance Home Army in 1944!!!
  • "Putin looked nervous when he faced down a real man this week!!" 
  • "DJT the Man of Action" ..."The can-do President!!!" demands that the Republi-cant's pass the "medical care" bill!
  • The "Ministry of Lies class" ...purveyors of fantasy and propaganda have a visceral hatred for "our Great President DJT!!!" ..."the voice-of-the-People President!!!" ..."Their licenses should be pulled!!!"
  • "The Foreign Occupation Regime warned our enemies!!!" ...what a difference we have now!!!
  • "Drunk, Fat, and Stupid!!" rules by terror and his country is a toilet!! ..."But he's got money to develop missiles and a nuclear program!!...the glories of Marxist Leninism!!"
  • "Where are the modern Bertrand Russell's of the Left?!?!" protest North Korea's nuclear proliferation and their threats of nuclear war?!?! ..."Where is that scum!?!?!"
  • "Look into the votes of all those illegal criminal invading vermin!!!" ..."The only way the Left can win an election is to cheat!!!"

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    Saturday, July 1, 2017

    TRP! (6/30/17)

    "They will NOT STOP the American People!!"
    "The Media Criminals are Public Enemy #1!!
    "Mental illness masquerading behind a veneer of political engagement!"
    • DJT "the takes-no-BS President!!" ..."The results-oriented President!!!" ...The "prodigious-working President!!!" ..."It's just one list of triumphs after another!!" ..."This President just keeps winning!!" ...Thanks to DJT the Republicans are 5-0 in special elections!!! 
    • Frank emailed the White House ..."please Mr. President give me a chance to catch my breath...all you do is win!!" ..."Thank you Mr. President!!"
    • The "Terrorist Ban" is upheld by SCOTUS!!
    • "Kate Steinle's Law" will pass and it will stop illegal-vile-filthy-criminal-invading-vermin!!!
    • "Black unemployment" is at a 17 year low!! ..."The Traitor Foreign Occupier" was nothing but BS and hot air!! ..."8 years of negativity!!" ..."8 years the House Negro to the Chinese!!" ...The FO hated this country and Western Civilization!!"
    • "The Democrats are merely stumbling around bumping into the furniture at night!!" ..."Pissing in the dark!!!"
    • Thanks to our "glorious President DJT" ..."America will be completely energy independent!!!" 
    • DJT says he will sell arms to the "island fortress nation" of Taiwan!! ...saying screw you "Charlie Chop Suey!!!" to the Bolshevik behemoth on the mainland!!!"
    • Thanks to "the patriotic President" ...we can for the first time in a long time truly celebrate American Independence Day!! 
    • "The foundries and furnaces of American Steel will be churning thanks to DJT!! Nothing beats the quality of American Steel!!"
    • "The kick-ass-fighting-back President" is kicking the crap out of ISIS in Mosul!!!
    • The economy is humming along thanks to the "Trump economic miracle!"
    • "DJT is not a politician!!! He is unsullied!! He is pure!!"
    • "The slimy worthless cowardly good-for-nothing parasitical Republicans better get aboard the Trump train!!"
    • Oh too bad.... Millions of Americans may no longer be eligible for "free medical care" gosh they may now actually have to pay something...
    • "The Civil War will come from the Left!!! ...when their holy scripture Roe v. Wade is overturned!!"
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