Sunday, September 30, 2018

TRP! (9/28/18)

  • The wurrrld was held in awe & wonder by "DJT the Patriotic America First President!!!" as he gave a rousing pro America speech to the UN!!! ..."It was magnificent & refreshing!!!"  ..."He laid it on the line to Parthia and Venezuela and all the two bit tinhorn dictators around the wurrrld!!!" ..."He is a great orator and didn't need the ridiculous affectation, gesticulation, or flowery rhetoric of the "Foreign Occcupier!!!"
  • Bill "degenerate" Cosby is sent to prison where he belongs!!!
  • "Logic, reason & history mean nothing to the Left!!!" ..."They want unlimited power!!!" ..."The power not to govern... but to rule!!!"
  • The Left has a pathological hatred of white men!!! ...A white man has a target on his back and is "guilty until proven innocent!!!"
  • Feel for poor Brett Kavanaugh and his beautiful family as the Left tries to destroy them!!! ...Lindsey Graham shocks us all with a spirited defense of this great and honorable man!!! ..."He said what needed to be said!!!"
  • It is so obvious that the scurrilous accusations made against him are purely ideological!!! ...With the Left the ends justify the means!!! ...They will do anything as they drudge up this "crazy" Christine Blasey and try to convince you she is a "credible" witness... ..."She is a sick broad that was coached..." ..."She is a mere stooge, a shill, with a truly unbelievable story..." ..."A fanatical Leftist, Democrat donor, & Anti-Trump Fanatic!!!"
  • Judge Kavanaugh was heroic in his own defense and gives a spirited and emotional opening statement...
  • "Richard Blumenthal is a lying scumbag!!!" ...A degenerate liar that besmirched Vietnam Vets!!! ...Who is he to question anyone!?!?
  •  ...If Jake "the snake" Flake doesn't vote than screw him!!! ...We don't need the FBI to investigate this farce!!!
  • Vince of NJ points out that he can understand that women who are raped may not come forward because they are embarrassed or humiliated by the awful violation... But, why would you not come forward immediately and report an "attempted rape???"
  • "The Left would kill you for simply disagreeing with them!!!" ..."They aim to eliminate all opposition..."
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Saturday, September 22, 2018

TRP! (9/21/18)

  • Stand behind Brett Kavanaugh!!! ...Nothing more than scurrilous accusations from the Left! He is a great man with an impeccable reputation!! 
  • "ALWAYS REMEMBER the Left-wing media's contrived Duke Lacrosse case!!!" ...This is more poison of the same flavor...
  • "Undo the Coup!!!" ...Frank predicts the end result of the Left's cabal will be civil war!!! ..."These are traitors and this is tyranny!!!"
  • "The one thing the vermin & human garbage on the Left can't take is a loss of power!!!"
  • "Our great President DJT" ..."The America First President" has turned the Left's paradigm upside down!!! 
  • "Screw you and your act presidential talk!!! ...DJT speaks the way the American People talk!!!"
  • "DJT has resuscitated the economy!!! He is an economic genius!!!" ...He has done what the Left said couldn't be done!!!
  • "Either we are a nation of laws or we are not a nation!!!" ..."Under the Left there is no law if they don't want that law!!!" ...Just like the contradiction that was Bolshevik Russia... ..."The most Liberal constitution in history" yet "the most oppressive regime in history!!!"
  • Lenin taught civil disorder... "you don't prune the tree of liberty... you cut it down and replace it!!!"
  • John and Frank used to torment Dick Oliver when he was on radio... ...The Left's use of "ole grey white men in the Senate" was pathetic and disrespectful!!!
  • Sam From Maryland suggested on last week's show that George the Atheist watch the following and he did and breaks it down in his call:
  • George the Atheist (former teacher) then replies with a homework assignment of his own for Sam From Maryland: Article & Speech by Onkar Ghate
  • Plato versus Aristotle? George declares Aristotle the clear winner!
    Plato & Aristotle (center) of Raphael's famous "School of Athens"
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Sunday, September 16, 2018

TRP! (9/14/18)

  • The Right wants "equality of opportunity" (Free Enterprise) the Left wants "equality of outcome..." (Socialism.)
  • "The Foreign Occupier" is a "megalomaniac and a pathological liar!!!" ...That S.O.B. had the unmitigated gall to try to take credit for the "TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!"
  • You give "our great President DJT" the "Fighting President!!!" both houses and the "Foreign Occupier" will be "strangling in his own spit!!!" ..."The F.O. believed we were a nation in decline and he tried to manage it that way!!!"
  • "The Left is trying to nullify your vote by removing DJT from office..."
  • NEVER confuse "Jeffersonian Liberalism" with the "grotesque liberalism of today's Left!!!"
  • When Frank hears the word Progressive (or Progressivism) he reaches for his Browning!!! ...
  • "Obama-scam" was the Left's attempt to get rid of the "surplus population!!!"
  •  Always remember Hitler was a Socialist!!! A National Socialist!!! They wanted strong overreaching centralized government & saw everything through "the prism of race"... ...Just like the "Demsheviks" of today who are the true "Neo-National Socialists!!!" or what Frank calls "Neo-Bolsheviks!!!"
  • The battle between Bolshevism and Nazism was nothing more than a battle between two vile & virulent sects of the same disease-- Socialism!!!
  • Call us properly what we are... We are "White-decentralizers" or "White-localists"... not "White nationalists"!!!
  • The Left is supposed to be for "minority rights"... Then why aren't these hypocrites for the rights of the "white Boer minority" of South Africa?!?!
  • "Oliver Stone's JFK was an exercise in paranoia..."
  • "You have to be a moron to believe anything Alex Jones says..." 
  • Sam From Maryland, George the Atheist, & John From Conn each individually discuss the role of religion in the founding of our country... Are we really a nation "founded on" Judeo-Christian values?
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Saturday, September 8, 2018

TRP! (9/7/28)

  • DJT "Won't Back Down" to the vile Left-wing hoards trying to prevent America from being great again!!!
  • Even "the Foreign Occupier" catches on to Frank's now famous "Economic Miracle" phrase...
  • "Did you see that vermin trying to disrupt the Kavanaugh hearing!?!?" ..."Paid disruptors!!!" ..."We want an investigation into which Democrat Senators were behind this conspiracy and have them thrown out of the Senate!!!" ..."They COLLUDED..."
  • "The Handmaid's Tale is another piece of crap about Christian fanatics taking over... Why do we never see a movie or TV show about Mohammedan fanatics taking over!?!?"
  • Cory Booker thinks he is the next "Foreign Occupier!!!" ..."I am Spartacus" meant I am a slave... Spartacus was directed by Dalton Trumbo, a Communist, appropriately blacklisted by "Saint Joe" McCarthy!!! ..."He made the movie as a metaphor for the United States..." ..."Saint Joe" exposed the termites hiding in the woodwork of democracy!!!
  • "The original FO" dares to say he started the economic recovery!!! ..."There is a difference between hoping for something... and actually doing something!!!" ...The "Media Criminals" will never mention all the damage he did to the country... ...Yet they continuously attack "our Great President DJT" ..."The Getting it Done President!!!" ..."Why should we go back to the days when we were economically and psychologically depressed under the 8 year national nightmare!?!?"
  • "DJT doesn't get heart attacks!!! ...He gives heart attacks!!!" ..."He has a muscular foreign policy!!! He has a muscular economy!!!" 
  • "The Left is going to have a collective nervous breakdown when he keeps both houses!!!"
  • Jared Stevens gives us "Dino" ...Democrats in name only!!!
  • The Sins of the Father, by Ronald Kessler, was a good book that exposes the roots of the Kennedys' corruption.
  • Bob From Brooklyn calls in and discusses why Richard Nixon wasn't a conservative...
  • Somebody should tell Alexandria Cortez she is a "Hispanic Nazi!!!"
  • The constant "affectations of the Left" are an attempt to cover up their ineptitude!!!
  • Venezuela was a great country until the cancer of Socialism infected it!!!
  • The next time somebody says DJT is not presidential ask them if they voted for BJ Clinton!!!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

TRP! (8/31/18)

  • "We live in a different reality than the Left!!!" ...The "Media scum" want you to believe their reality!!! But, the facts are the facts!!! "Our Great President DJT" is the "The Promises Made Promises Kept President!!!" ...How come nobody else could do it!?!? ..."DJT is the ECONOMIC MIRACLE PRESIDENT!!!"
  • "John McCain was a petty picayune nasty little man..." ..."Just before he croaked at the bitter end he was still taking jealous pot shots at DJT..."... "He was also jealous of Sarah Palin who was more popular than him during his now infamous and failed campaign..." ..."A two time loser and a political hack..." ..."With any normal candidate maybe we could have avoided the '8 year long national nightmare' of the "Foreign Occupier!!!" ..."John McCain was an echo not a choice!!!" ..."The title of  'maverick' went to his head..."
  •  "Aretha Franklin was a screamer not a singer..." ..."You can tell the character of a person by the company they keep..." ...Those that have come out to pay their r-e-s-p-e-c-t are the Left-wing dregs of society...
  • "Sharpton appeals to the blacks that suck on the teats of government aid!!!" ..."The only jobs he has ever created were to feather his own nest..." ..."He is a rabid & virulent judeophobe of colour!!!" ...Meanwhile blacks are the recipient of the lowest unemployment rate in history thanks to DJT "The Free Enterprise President!!!"
  • "Reach across the isle for what!?!?" ...People vote for the party that best reflects their interests and beliefs... Are we simply to end debate and merge the two parties??? ...Let's just call it "The Party..."
  • "The vile Hollywood scum" are coming out with a new movie about Neil Armstrong & the Apollo mission and of course they bypass the reality of him planting of the American Flag... Buzz Aldrin tweets about it.. ...The 88-year-old posted two pictures on Twitter of the moment the flag was planted on the lunar surface, along with this message: "#proudtobeanAmerican #freedom #honor #onenation #Apollo11 #July1969 #roadtoApollo50."
  • The GDP was revised and raised up to 4.2%!!! ...While "the Foreign Occupier's" numbers were always revised down!!!"
  • "Leather Face" is a lying piece of crap!!! ...Nothing more... ..."He would be eating out of garbage cans with his brother if his father wasn't elected..."
  • "Anybody that espouses socialism is either a delusional liar, cold blooded and doesn't care about human life, or is simply a hater!!!" ..."Socialism has caused hundreds of millions of deaths..." ...A Marxian religion... ...A pseudo science that always destroys the quality of human life in the country it is tried... ...Always a devastating failure but always a promise of abundance in the next country it is tried!!!
PLUS A VERY SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with the great Larry Mendte, conservative Talk Radio Host from WABC 770 in NY!!!

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