Sunday, January 30, 2022

TRP! (1/28/22)

  • Steve Doocy is a "stupid son of a bitch!?!?" ...He should've shot back, "you're a Senile Nasty Ole Bastard!!!"
  • Increased and irrational nasty outbursts are a sure sign of senility...
  • The destruction of this country is what you get when you allow "Neo-Bolsheviks" to steal an election!!!
  • The illegal invaders are polluting the bloodstream of the American people with violence, drugs, murder & mayhem!!! ...It is a cacophony of crime!!!
  • The Biden Regime was caught red-handed secretly flying thousands of illegal invaders all around the country depositing them like filth on the doorstep of America!!!
  • Promises mean nothing Republicant's... ...We want to see results!!! ...We want there to be real investigations come November!!!
  • The Biden crime family must be stopped!!! ...The vast list of failures grows every week!!!
  • Were the families of the two murdered NY City police officers personally called by Biden!?!? ...NO!!! ...Calling Eric Adams is not enough!!!
  • NO JOE the people are not to blame for your inflation & supply chain issues!!!
  • The Biden regime has us on the brink of war in Ukraine... ...OUR BORDER INTEGRITY BEFORE UKRAINE!!!
  • China is no longer the "little yellow brothers" of Russia...
  • China is racist!!! ...NOBODY on the LEFT is calling China what they are... RACIST!!!
  • People only wake up when they realize the world for what it really is... ...Not for what the Leftist pseudo-intellectuals wish it to be!!!
  • The day of reckoning is inevitable!!! ...DJT WILL RETURN!!!
  • DJT "the Greatest President Past Present & Future" put the American people's interest before his own!!!
  • Dennis Prager listens on TRP...
  • The "Neo-Bolsheviks" force justice Breyer to retire before the red wave hits in November... ....Biden cowers to the extreme Left and vows to make an affirmative action pick!!! ...We have a feeling who the frontrunner is...
  • The great Bob of PA returns!!! ...He provides some much needed comic relief while taking on all comers including: John, Frank, John From Conn, Gino From China, & George the Atheist!!!
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Sunday, January 23, 2022

TRP! (1/21/22)

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Sunday, January 16, 2022

TRP! (1/14/22)

  • In another one of John of SI's great openings he lays out the Democrat & DEEP STATE crimes against the Republic & the American People!!!
  • The Left has an insane and unquenchable hunger for power!!!
  • The more the Democrats fearmonger the worse it gets for them... 
  • WE NEVER THOUGHT DJT's tweets were "mean..."
  • In Biden's America the people are the enemy!!!
  • Frank reminds us of the Forest Brothers... ...the Great Anti-Bolshevik freedom fighters!!!
  • The grocery stores are starting to look like that of Russo-Bolshevik U.S.S.R and the only ones prospering now are the criminals!!!
  • Biden wants a totalitarian election system...
  • Yelling and getting angry Joe doesn't make you tough!!!
  • The Supreme court strikes down Biden's private sector mandate... ...Brett Kavanaugh lets down all American Healthcare workers though as that mandate survives for now...
  • Sotomayor was "the Bronx toilet cleaner..."
  • The Cortez broad gets the China virus when she escaped tyrannical NY for Free Florida...
  • Record high inflation is crippling America!!!
  • End the Leftist Jan 6 Inquisition!!!
  • The KGB will now try to make some toothless political "sedition" charges stick after finally feeling the heat from the Left (over a year later) for not making any real public examples out of those Trump protestors... ...How did those same "trumped up" charges work for Leftist Alexander Hamilton and his Federalists!?!?
  • The great Uncle Warren of Florida triumphantly returns to discuss an array of topics...
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Saturday, January 1, 2022

TRP! (12/31/21)

  • The Misery that was 2021 made us ALL realize how much WE TRULY MISSED the Golden age of TRUMP & his DJT ECONOMIC MIRACLE!!!
  • In just one short year look what the Biden Regime has done to this once Great Republic!!! ...The "Media Criminal cover-up" has been treasonous!!! 
  • The Left is all about subversion!!! ...That's why we must always be on guard with constant vigilance!!!
  • Say it with us... with Leftist connotation, "NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!"
  • The Left want us to be a colony of China!!!
  • An Ole Bag tried to stiff Frank out of a Big Bag!!! ...Then she dared try to lecture & preach to him!!!
  • The Left are "Enviro-pagan evangelicals!!!" ...These insane Leftists can't sleep at night because of the plastic in the ocean and the polar bears blah blah but never once bat an eyelash when murdering a human baby in the womb!!!
  • Petroleum saved the whales!!! ...Before petrol people used whale oil to light their homes almost driving the creatures into extinction!!! ...Do you ever hear the Leftist demons mention this!?!?
  • Every little kid is made to feel guilty in the Leftist-run Federal indoctrination centers as they are taught that the United States is "imperialist" & that we stole the land from the Beringians & other weaker countries blah blah... But, do they ever call Bolsheviks "imperialist" when THEY steal land like they are trying to do in Georgia, Crimea, or Taiwan!?!?
  • "The Nike emblem is a symbol of slavery!!!"
  • Does the Left ever "reach across the isle" ..."do they ever compromise!?!?" ...Do they appreciate the "loyal opposition!?!?"
  • Jason Chaffetz & Lisa Campos-Duffy listen to TRP!!! ...John plays the audio...
  • The Great Bill from Chappaqua returns to TRP to wish John & Frank a very special New Year... from the coatroom of the glitzy party to which he was attending!!!
  • The assassination of Ashli Babbitt and the clear and obvious stolen election are the top story of the year!!! ...There being no justice for her or the American people is the #2 Story of the year!!!
  • Wait for it...'s coming... ...The Left will blame the Colorado fires on "climate change" instead of their failed policies!!!
  • The great TRP interview from 2014 is remembered with famous Free Enterprise economist Dr. Burton Folsom... ...He reminds us of what Frank has always said that, "NOT ALL RICH PEOPLE SHOULD BE ADORED..." ..."Some are just political swamp creatures!!!" ...Where as others are the true heroes and creators!!!! ...the Free Market/Free Enterprise "Captains of Industry!!!"

  • What has happened to the the man we knew!?!?
    Frank & John From Conn take on George the Atheist (a once towering TRP force for good) for his year of continued bashing & taking little pot-shots at DJT "the Greatest President Past Present & Future..." ...WITHOUT ONCE EVER mentioning the crimes of the Biden Regime and what the Left has been doing to destroy the Republic!!! ...How can a supposed "Objectivist" & "someone who supposedly voted for DJT" square all this!?!? ...Vince from NJ joins the fray as George calls him out too!!!
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