Sunday, February 28, 2021

TRP! (2/26/21)

  • Clear the decks!!! ...OUR TRUE PRESIDENT "DJT THE GREAT" WILL RETURN AT CPAC!!! ..."Leader of the DJT Republican Party!!!" ...WE HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH DJT WITHDRAWAL!!! ..."WE LOVE YOU!!! ...WE LOVE YOU!!!"
  • What happened to the windmills in Texas!?!? ...Dying for the gangrene new deal!?!?
  • The Left is making war on the people!!! ...Don't think it's possible!?!? ...Think of every Bolshevik entity in history and you will find it to be true every time!!! ...They want to drive this country into the ground!!!
  • "Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul represented the triumvirate of freedom!!!"
  • "This country is now being run like it's an insane asylum!!!"
  • "Killer Cuomo" is just another angry Clintonite Democrat degenerate!!! ..."The Adolf Eichmann of America!!!" ...A Nazi is "Biden's gold standard" of a Leftist politician!?!?
  • Where is the "Woman's Bowel Movement" to condemn Killer Cuomo and his serial attacks on women!?!?
  • The Democrats are the "Nineteen Eighty-Four party!!!" ..."They want to North Koreanize this country!!!"
  • "WWII represented an ideological civil war for the supremacy of a specific form of socialism..."
  • RINOS... stop mentioning McCarthyism... and start mentioning Bolshevism!!! ...Stop talking about Nixon and start talking about Clinton!!! ..."Saint Joe McCarthy" has been vindicated by history!!! ...LEARN TO STICK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE!!!
  • Lynn Cheney is a warmongering deep state-tied piece of crap!!!
  • Caller extraordinaire George the Atheist struggles when pressed to name 5 things he likes about DJT... ...Put down the Elitist Left-wing Trash Times sir and the answers come much quicker... ...Just ask the average American!!!
PLUS RETURNING TO TRP!!! THE VERY POPULAR TELL-IT-LIKE-IT-IS Hard Hitting NJ Conservative Republican Mark Razzoli!

Mark is Republican Councilman from Old Bridge, New Jersey.
He is making political waves with his strong, loud commentary on New Jersey's current political situation.
The establishment Republicans need to make way for the new, rising defiant Republicans in order to win elections.
Mark will be discussing with us the prominent problems New Jersey currently faces regarding
  • America First
  • Law and Order
  • Schools Reopening
  • The CCP virus lockdowns
  • Infrastructure problems
  • Taxes
  • Energy Independence
  • The destruction of the suburbs because of the low income housing zoning rules
  • The effects of illegal immigration
  • New Jersey being the #1 state that people are leaving
  • and MUCH MORE!
Also, the 2020 Presidential election was mandated to be a Vote By Mail election > An outcry against this way of voting is playing a major role in how THIS YEAR'S ELECTION will be conducted!

Live Friday's 8:00 Eastern. Your Phone Calls and much much more!!! @ 1-718-761-9996!