Sunday, March 21, 2021

TRP! (3/19/21)

  • The "War on White People" continues... ...This twisted demented "Left-wing hatred" only grows stronger everyday!!! 
  • "Commie-la" Harris and "the Foreign Occupier" are leading this country to hell!!!
  • Frank declares DJT "the Greatest President in United States history!!!" ...He is "the Man of which the World will one day speak..."
  • The "Domestic Occupation Regime" officially abdicates to the Chi-Coms... BEWARE OF "SINO-BOLSHEVISM!!!"
  • Franks tells us again to reread The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia, the story of how many naive Americans fell for the "Media Criminal" Bolshevik propaganda here in the United States and foolishly traveled to live in the Soviet Union where they were convinced it was "the worker's paradise..." ...In short order they all were consumed by the Bolshevik nightmare...
  • The Left hates American superiority and American exceptionalism...
  • Vile Commie sympathizing simpleton Bill Maher makes a fool of himself once again... ...John plays the audio...
  • The Third Way in the United States pushed by Slick Willy was a disgraceful fraud...
  • "China is a nation of imitators... the United States is a nation of innovators!!!" ...Everything they have of value was stolen in one way or another...
  • Operation Warp Speed was the "American Medical Miracle!!!"
  • Elitist First Class Hypocrite John Kerry is spotted in First Class not wearing a mask... 
  • "The Left doesn't want to govern you... they want to rule you!!!" ..."They want you submissive, meek, docile & living at a subsistence level..."
  • "You hate the Greatest President in history... we hate you!!!"
  • Dr. Rand Paul makes a fool of Minister Fauci...
  • The Leftists that made the crap movie The Martian sold their souls to their "Chi-Com pay masters..."
  • Police in Texas wrestle an old white woman to the ground for not wearing a mask after the mask mandate was lifted...
  • John From Conn calls in and talks to his "new favorite caller" the Great Don of PA about the "Constitution of 1787" and the vast difference between the "Jeffersonian strict construction" and the Hamiltonian "living breathing document..." ...They explain that this great conflict between these two interpretations is the main reason for all the strife in American history... 
  • Americans are fighting the same arguments today that they were fighting from day one after the Constitution of 1787 was ratified... See the First Party System...
  • A SK—who lies here beneath this monument?
    L o—'tis a self created MONSTER, who
    E mbraced all vice. His arrogance was like
    X erxes, who flogg'd the disobedient sea,
    A dultery his smallest crime; when he
    N obility affected. This privilege
    D ecreed by Monarchs, was to that annext.
    E nticing and entic'd to ev'ry fraud,
    R enounced virtue, liberty and God.

    H aunted by whores—he haunted them in turn
    A ristocratic was this noble Goat
    M onster of monsters, in pollution skill'd
    I mmers'd in mischief, brothels, funds & banks
    L ewd slave to lust,—afforded consolation;
    T o mourning whores, and tory-lamentation.
    O utdid all fools, tainted with royal name;
    N one but fools, their wickedness proclaim.
  • The NY Patriot William Leggett is remembered... ...Leader of a faction of anti-slavery liberty loving Northern Jeffersonians in the 1830's... ..."Liberty for All... Favors to None!!!"
  • The Great Jeffersonian Republican writer Phillip Freneau is also remembered... ..."The Poet of the American Revolution..."
  • John From Conn then calls back and takes on his "ex-favorite caller" George the Atheist for his newfound "DJT bashing" (since contacting the CCP virus last year) and for his persnickety love of the Leftist NY "Rough Toilet Paper" TIMES... 
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