Saturday, March 3, 2018

TRP! (3/2/18)

  • The Left-wing stream of insidious propaganda keeps flowing out the "Ministry of Lies" & the "Media Criminals!!!" ...It's just appalling!!! ..."Their continued desperation is embarrassing!!!" ...The only thing that matters to them is the moment  -- no matter the consequences of their actions!!! ...If they could they'd "liquidate" anyone that disagrees with them!!!
  • Frank goes M.I.A. due to the storm that raged through the Northeast... John ably holds down the fort!! ...The interview with the great Kevin Gutzman!!! Author of, Thomas Jefferson - Revolutionary: A Radical's Struggle to Remake America!!! has been postponed until 3/23.
  • Both John of SI & Cheryl of NJ call in to Larry Mendte!!! ...Cheryl's "cutting comments" return!!! Find them in the Chatango Chat box on the Main Page!!! (To Chat with "Jonofsi" during the show, join Chatango at and add him to friends. Then IM him Live on Friday Nights!! To post comments anytime on the website in the TRP Chat Group, IM "johnfromconn" and you will be verified to do so!!!
  • "The Left hates individual wealth & freedom!!!" ..."They hate anything they can't control!!!" ...But, no worries, in the end..."The Left always eats their own!!!" 
  • John plays a clip of Obongo speaking out against conservative talk radio, Fox News, & social media platforms because "they have a difference of opinion and are too free!!!" ...The Left is "surely evil!!!"
  • "It's OK to raise the age to buy a firearm but not the age to vote!!!"
  • John discusses the upcoming Italian election with a caller...
  • Oakland Lefty mayor Libby Schaff...pretty on the outside...ugly on the inside!!! ...She warns "illegal invaders" that I.C.E is coming and puts law enforcement and the community in grave danger!!!
  • "Liberal policies always result in the death of innocent people!!!" ...The pathetic Left wing "Broward promise program" sadly helped lead to the Florida school massacre...
  • Political hack sheriff Scott Israel reminds John of the classic Twilight Zone episode: The Masks... 

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