Sunday, October 18, 2020

TRP! (10/16/20)

  • More evidence is revealed that proves what we already knew... ...That the S.N.O.B (Sleepy Joe) & his "corrupt crime family" should all be in jail for the treason they committed... ...As they time & again enriched themselves at the expense of the American people!!! 
  • "DJT became rich then got into politics... these Leftist vermin got into politics to become rich!!!"
  • Always differentiate between the "immoral unproductive rich" & the "moral productive rich!!!" ...Those that believe in using government to line their pockets versus those that look to produce goods & services on an open & Free Market!!!
  • "The productive middle class is the backbone of this country!!!"
  • The "Media Criminals" are "public enemy #1!!!"
  • The NBC Town Hall was a pathetic Left-wing attack session against DJT with Savannah Guthrie... DJT was spot on all night and took everything they could throw at him ...Meanwhile Sleepy Joe got the white glove treatment as he was fed continuous softballs on ABC with George Stephanopolous... ...Their audience was exposed as being plants set up by Clinton operatives!!!
  • "The Left desires an economically depressed people because they are a controllable people..."
  • Hirono, Blumenthal, Klobuchar, & Kamala disgrace themselves with their foolish questions to ACB...
  • Vile Leftist Bruce Screamsteen vows to move to Australia if DJT wins... ...THIS TIME VERMIN FOLLOW THROUGH!!!
  • The "Media Criminals" & the "Neo-Bolsheviks" try to change the meaning of what "court packing" is to suit their purposes... All while Sleepy Joe said, "that the American people do not deserve an answer" on his court packing intentions... 
  • 2005 "Alert Joe" Debates 2020 "Sleepy Joe" on Court Packing... He Thought Absolute Power Corrupted FDR Absolutely when he tried to Pack the Court!!! LOL
  • The only thing Democrats have to run on is the China virus & hatred of DJT...
  • Understanding why "the secrecy of the voting booth" is so vital to stopping "voter intimidation" in a free and fair election... ...Once in the booth "you can vote your conscience" despite any direct coercion you may face at home from family members or friends with "mail-in balloting!!!"
  • While thinking of "Joe von Hindenburg" Frank discusses the 1963 Outer Limits episode The Hundred Days of the Dragon... (During a presidential campaign in the United States, one candidate William Lyons Selby seems the probable winner. As the election draws near, the communist nation of dictator Li-Chin Sung has achieved a remarkable breakthrough: a serum that renders human flesh plastic. They have developed a technique to shape the face and the fingerprints of any man. The Communist dictator has Selby murdered and replaced by a skilled spy. Selby wins the election and the impostor becomes the U.S. President.  America has elected a spy to the highest office in that nation. Selby's daughter and his aide suspect all is not right, but have no idea what the real problem is. Li-Chin Sung plots to replace other prominent American leaders by infiltrated communist spies to take over America...)
  • John From Conn is in love!!! ...AMY CONEY BARRETT IS A JEFFERSONIAN HEROINE!!! (Some today call it being a "Constitutionalist" or..."Strict Constructionist" or..."Contextualist" or being an "Originalist..." ...But we properly know here on TRP that is was Thomas Jefferson and the Republican Party (the GOP which he & James Madison founded) that first believed & understood that to protect Liberty the Constitution should be read & followed as written and understood when ratified!!! ...As opposed to the "Founding Father of Big Government" that original Leftist Devil Alexander Hamilton and his Federalist party that believed in and pushed through the "leaving breathing document" idea.... They thought that the Constitution should be interpreted with "implied powers" and those powers can only be found by reading "between the lines" of the document... ...The Left at that time were as determined as they are today to create an overbearing "centralized government" that would control the Republic and pass on favors and power to themselves and their elitist buddies... ...In contrast... Jefferson & the Right believed in "the American people, Freedom, Individual Liberty" and in a "decentralized government..." ...The TRUE Republic that was intended at the Convention of 1787...)
PLUS A SPECIAL INTERVIEW: with "Officer Joe" a Connecticut police officer... 
Invited on to discuss the sad state of policing in America today! His heart-wrenching account takes us deep inside the mindset & the daily goings on of a police officer in a "Democrat-run" city & state...

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