Sunday, December 31, 2023

TRP! (12/29/23)

  • We remember the 10-year anniversary of the passing of Talk Radio legend and TRP inspiration, Bob Grant! We have a great "old school style phone call" with both of his sons, Jeff & Chris Grant! Some great nostalgia every true fan of  real Talk Radio must hear!!!
  • The strategy of the senile ole bastard's handlers is to destroy the Republic!!!
  • Taking DJT off any ballot is a "civil rights violation!!!" ...The Left says, "screw you American people WE are going to decide who you can and cannot vote for!!!"
  • Remember when the Left supposedly fought for the minorities right to vote... LOL!
  • The Left has inflicted maggot writhing corruption on this country!!!
  • Think of all the violations of our rights that has happened under this "criminal regime..."
  • Don't think for a second Biden is not controlled by Chiii-na!!!
  • The Left is crapping in their collective pants at the thought of DJT coming back!!!
  • This is an Americanized "Sino-Bolshevik cultural revolution!!!"
  • "Saint Joe McCarthy" was oh so right!!!
  • Secret incremental infiltration and subversion of American institutions has always been a major tactic of the Left!!!
  • The 2nd Amendment is a major stumbling block to the Left's coercive and violent plans...
  • MAGA Republicans are the new Kulaks for the modern Left...
  • This is not a democracy but a Republic!!!
  • Wake up about Robert Kennedy Jr...
  • The Colorado Supreme Court declares the 2024 election winner... So does the Maine secretary of State... Only 48 more states to rig!!!
  • It will not be the "DJT revenge tour!!!" ...IT WILL BE A JUSTICE TOUR!!! ...It is what he and the American People deserve!!!
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