Sunday, March 3, 2024

TRP! (3/1/24)

  • The illegal invasion created and fostered by the Biden regime consumes it's latest tragic victim!!! GA nursing student Laken Riley... SAY HER NAME!!!
  • The "Media Criminals" claim the focus of the story is: girls should not jog alone!!!
  • "If you have an infestation of lice, rats, & or any other disease carrying vermin what do you do with that vermin!?!? Do you just incarcerate!?!? Or do you exterminate!?!?"
  • The Left loves to blame the victim!!! "Their policies make them complicit in these murders!!!"
  • "They are not newcomers, undocumented workers, or migrants... they are illegal invading vermin!!!"
  • If you go against the Leftist orthodoxy you are labeled a Nazi but we all know they are the National Socialists!!!
  • The Left is at war with America!!! This is the seeds of Leftist destruction & deconstruction!!!
  • This is a "Neo-Bolshevik" coup!!!
  • Bring back Operation Wetback NOW!!!
  • "We are paying for the bullets that will kill us." --Bob Grant
  • The Left loves lawfare or a weaponized justice system!!! There now is NO JUSTICE!!!
  • DJT needs to be up by at least 5 points in order to counteract the Left's built-in and systemic cheating!!!
  • Typical corrupt Atlanta Democrat swamp creature...
  • Never Nikki and her America Last crap!
  • Notice a theme with these low IQ Leftists?!
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