Saturday, April 28, 2018

TRP! (4/27/18)

  • Just like "the Great Reagan" that took down "an evil empire" without firing a shot... "Our Great President DJT!!!" is a true warrior for peace!!! ...A "formal end" to the "Korean conflict" is finally at hand all thanks to "the future Nobel Peace Prize winning President!!!"
  • "You try it fatso and we will obliterate you!!!" ..."Drunk, Fat, & Stupid" is crossing the DMZ --grovvvellling!! --trying to save himself!!! ...He knows he's a "marked man" in North Korea!!! ...They are on the verge of economic collapse!!! ..."Like all megalomaniacs he will do anything to stay in power!!!" ..."He is no more than a Gaius Caligula and will meet the same fate..."
  • The "chicken little pundits" in the main stream don't know their ass from their elbow... they were wrong wrong wrong!!! ..."The Trump Juggernaut" keeps plowing ahead full steam!!!
  • The "Ministry of Lies" & "the Media Criminals" ...just how many more things can they be wrong about!?!?" ..."They stabbed America in the back!!!"
  • "The Russian Chimera" has finally all but evaporated!!!
  • That "tall piece of crap Comey" makes us all long for the days of the late great J. Edgar Hoover!!! ...How could a guy who was the head of the FBI be made to look so foolish??  ..."He's on a suicidal path of self destruction!!!"
  • Why do vicious liberal hag middle aged women not believe in makeup?!? ...Frank takes on two such beauts while on line... The "facts" of France's lack of quality medical care is pointed out to them...
  • (INGSOC) the "wonders" of Britain's socialized medicine are on display once again!!! ...They won't honor the wishes of Alfie Evans' parents who are trying to save his life!!! ...So humane they are outlawing capital punishment but they allow this!?!? ....If this was a member of the "Royal Family" would they be allowed to leave!?!? ..."The State rules and the State is gawd!!! They decide who lives and who dies!!!" ...Britain doesn't even have a Constitution!!!
  • We are a nation of "individuals!!!" with "natural rights" guaranteed by our State and the Federal Constitutions!!!
  • Sarah Palin was right about "death panels!!!"  ...Called "IPAB"...
  • Has Bob Beckel croaked?!?
  • The Left deals only in "Emotion, Clichés, Slogans, Parades & Propaganda!!!"
  • Tom Brokaw joins the Left's cavalcade of sexual deviants!!
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Our "2018 Solutrean Man of the Year"

Matty of Florida!!!

He stands tall at the site of last week's 10th annual:
 "Florida State (WSD) Wurrrld Solutrean Day Festival!!!"
(Across from the ancient Southern Solutrean Canal where Matty paid his respects were just part of the record setting attendance celebrating & gathering that morning 4 hours before the festivities got ready to kick off!!!)

"Hail Solutria!!!"