Saturday, April 7, 2018

TRP! (4/6/18)

  • "Our Great President DJT! The Man Who Protects America!!!" ..."Thank gawd we have him as President and not "that crooked ole bitch!!!" ..."There is a new sheriff in town!!!" ..."He rightly is going to send troops along our Mexican border!" ...He is guarding America and our "frontline States" from this "parasitical disease-carrying illegal-invading-vermin" that has been flooding into and overrunning our country!! ...He should take "extraordinary war time powers" because we are in fact at war!!!
  • The Lefts's enemy is not this vermin but... "our Great President DJT! The Man Who Loves America!!!" ..."He is the breakwater ...the bulwark!!!" ...Join the Federal lawsuit against "Sanctuary States!!!" ..."We are tired of the criminal activity!! We are tired of the murders!!" ...It is about time as well that something is done about the "treasonous supporters" of this vermin!!! ..."There is a 5th Column in this country!!!" ...supported by the "Ministry of Lies" and the "Media Criminals!!!" and the "slimy politicians!!!" ..."They waged war on this President!!!" ..."They want through osmosis for the vermin to enter so they can seize power!!!" ..."They want to destroy this country from within and create some monstrosity in their image!!!" ..."Arrest anyone that gives aid & comfort to the enemy!!!"
  • Frank can just barely stomach the "main stream news" anymore... He get's sick to his stomach!! All it does is get him angry and nauseous!!! 
  • "The time is coming for each and every man jack of us... for every citizen who loves this country to stand up!!!"
  • Just like Ronald Reagan who brought down one evil empire with embargos and sanctions... so too will "our Great President DJT" bring down another empire in China!!! ...And do it as the great Reagan did it... PEACEFULLY!! (you hypocritical phonies on the Left) without firing a shot!!! 
  • Just like in the great movie Back to School, DJT is a businessman that gets NO RESPECT from the LIBERAL ELITE and their fuzzy minded phrenologies!!! ...But, he is the real go-getter... a common sense businessman, he is a real man with the real world experience and a real world understanding of economics!!! ...He has actually worked for a living... ...He didn't make his money "chiseling" as a slimy politician!!! ...He didn't walk into government with nothing and walk out a multi-millionaire!!! ...He earned his money on the street!!! ...DJT knows how the system works and he knows China has been gaming the system for far too long!!! ...Once again and thankfully..."We have a NEW SHERIFF in TOWN!!!"
  • "A caravan"... LOL... It is an "illegal invasion" you Leftist scum!!!
Your phone calls and much much more!!! @1-718-761-9996!  

PLUS: A very special edition of Hello Africa! with our good friends Johann from the UK & Theuns Cloete of Boervolk Radio!!! When it's a "WHITE" minority that is being brutally oppressed... NO ONE in the Liberal Wurrrld Media cares!! BUT WE HERE on TRP and those in the TRP FAITHFUL stand up for all our brothers that yearn for FREEDOM!!!