Saturday, March 2, 2019

TRP! (3/1/19)

  • Frank prophesized over 30 years ago with Barry Farber that liberals wanted to control every aspect of your life!!! ...John's tremendous opening shows us to what level this has all devolved!!!
  • These are "totalitarians" like we never dreamed of!!! ...Hiding in the woodwork of democracy are "Neo-Bolsheviks!!!"  
  • "Food has always been the weapon of the Left!!! Cheaper genocide then having to build camps or gas chambers!!! ...Over 100 million killed by Mao in his "cultural revolution!!!" ...20 million dead in the Bolshevik-instilled Ukrainian famine!!! ...The list goes on and on!!!"
  • That's how cold, calculating, unemotional, & ruthless they are!!! They are for the collectivist nebulous "common good!!!" ...They desire to crush the individual for whatever they deem in their insane agenda to be more important... They will extinguish anything or anyone that stands in their way... ...Human life is secondary to their aims!!! ..."To them people are just parasites crawling on the face of their beloved & pristine planet!!!"
  • "In the end their twisted goal is to reduce America to one big concentration camp!!!"
  • "Liberals are Eco-Pagans that worship Gaia the earth goddess!!!" ..."Like the primitive Inca savages that worshiped the mountains and sacrificed human beings as offerings to them!!!"
  • TCB (that Cortez Broad... she is not a lady she is a Broad...) is the Pied Piper of the deranged Left... But, she remains "the gift that will keep on giving to the Right!!!" ..."She wants to cull the human herd to save the environment!!!"  ..."Look in her eyes and you look into the eternal pits of hell!!!" ..."TCB is a political disease!!!" ..."Results don't matter, because they mean well..." LOL..."As long as they are perpetually trying to ram through their Socialist agenda they consider themselves successful!!!!"
  • "Liberals come off as so morally & intellectually superior... But, they are nothing more than fanatical totalitarians & pure evil!!!" ..."The leadership of the Left are all vying to out insane one another!!!"
  • "Michael Cohen is a pathological & degenerate liar!!!"
  • "The cry of racism is the last bastion of a black scoundrel..."
  • "The Left going after Jared Kushner shows off their vile judeophobia!!!" ..."Turn it around on them!!!" ..."Put the Left on the defensive and let them answer for this!!!"
  • "DJT the Walk Away from a Bad Deal President!!!" is acting once again as "the Prince Peace" as he looks to rid the wurrrld of nuclear weapons!!! ...The "Stable Diplomatic Genius President" has gone to Southeast Asia to fight for World Peace and to protect American interests by lowering trade barriers and creating a true Free & Fair Market!!!
  • If Bolshevism is superior to Free Enterprise explain North Korea and every other yoke & shackle Socialist Regime!!! For, twenty-five years, the highly respected Index of Economic Freedom has measured the impact of liberty and free markets around the globe, and the 2019 Index confirms the formidable positive relationship between economic freedom and true progress!!!
  • "Every country becomes a toilet when Bolsheviks seize power!!!" ..."They own the road map to economic disaster, repression, & genocide!!!
  • "You give up your guns you give up your freedom!!!"
  • The Left always eat their own!!! ..."The Leftist leadership has created a Marxist hit list for any party member that deviates from the hierarchy and votes with the Republicans!!!"
  • The Left only supports "superficial diversity"... Anyone that really disagrees with them is to be demonized and destroyed!!! ...They never allow diversity of thought...
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