Saturday, March 16, 2019

TRP! (3/15/19)

  • "TRP Republican't Tray-TOR Roll Call!!!"
  • Lamar Alexander, Tenn.
  • Roy Blunt, Mo.
  • Susan Collins, Maine
  • Mike Lee, Utah
  • Jerry Moran, Kan.
  • Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
  • Rand Paul, Ky.
  • Robert Portman, Ohio
  • Marco Rubio, Fla.
  • Pat Toomey, Pa.
  • Mitt Romney, Utah
  • Roger Wicker, Miss.
  • DJT the "I forbid!!! Keeping his Word President!!!" uses his first veto to foil the Democrats & the dirty dozen!!! ..."He's one man against an army!!!" ..."They stoked his resolve!!!" ..."But, like Horatio at the bridge he acted as a one-man wrecking crew!!!"
  • "The Hollywood scumbags & parasitical rich are back at it again!!!" ...As they looked for prestige with their children by buying their way into "elite universities..." ...DJT's Justice Department though levels the playing field!!!" ..."Money can't buy you integrity!!!" ..."They are sneaky, slimy, underhanded, and crooked!!!" ...Frank wonders if this is any worse than affirmative action!?!? ...The backdoor hypocrisy of these Liberals that tell us we have to step aside to give minorities a chance... LOL...
  • TCB (That Cortez Broad) ...Who's real world experience tops out as a restaurant hostess... is going to tell us how to run an economy...
  • Using class warfare the Left has the power to determine what is and what isn't acceptable in your life...
  • "Forget this Beto Crap... It's con artist Robert Francis O'Rourke!!!" ..."The speaker of hogwash, nonsense, & Left-wing BS..." ..."They love to compare him to Bobby Kennedy, a mere thug, that loved to bypass Congress!!!"
  • Frank reads Peggy Noonan's good article, Get Ready for the Struggle Session... A whiff of China's demonic Cultural Revolution is in the air... (A look into the true tactics of the Neo-Bolshevik Socialist Left...)
  • The Left's biggest mistake is that they continue to underestimate "our Great President DJT the Stable Genius!!!" ..."Every time they take him on it's like getting in the ring with the heavyweight champion!!!" ..."Long after DJT leaves office his judicial appointments will continue to stymie them!!!"
  • "Immediately the devils on the Left blame DJT for the horrible massacre in New Zealand!!!" ..."Hamas is firing rockets into Israel, why has that not been linked to the divisive judeophobic words of Ilhan Omar & Rashida Talib?!?!" 
  • The "Ministry of Lies" will never divulge the true evils of Socialism that have arisen in every cesspool it has been tried!!!
  • The Gangrene New Deal versus Free Enterprise... ...The minds of children versus adults!!!
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